Planet Gallifrey

Monday, May 28

Clever & Scottish & Pale!

The Moff won a BAFTA last night, fantasically presented by two of his best creations on screen - Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and er... The Doctor! (Matt Smith)
Well done!

Monday, April 9

BBC want Virgin advert banned?

BBC Worldwide have reportedly asked Virgin to suspend their advert which features David Tennant and Richard Branson as it apparently breaks guidelines by using the BBC brand to endorse its product.

The advert shows David Tennant selecting Doctor Who on TV and Richard Branson in a TARDIS/Lazarus Experiment type contraption which makes him younger.

In response, Virgin said their “new campaign explores some of the benefits of Virgin Media TiVo, including the ability to search for your favourite actor and discover TV programmes, films and YouTube content available live, on demand and as catch-up TV.”


Saturday, April 7

Don't Cry For Me, Amy Pond

It's nearly coming to a close for Amelia Pond and Rory Williams, but will they go out with a bang (no naughty pun intended)?

Well, there seems to be a rumour going around...

Thursday, April 5

Doctor Who... RPG!

Check out this amazing video made by CollegeHumor!

Sunday, April 1

BREAKING NEWS: Doctor Who to end in 2012

As if we couldn't have been told this any other time (Moffat does have some
perfect timing, doesn't he?) Doctor Who is set to finish completely in 2012!

Reason? The budget of course. Speaking at a press conference, Moffat stated that
it was the diminishing BBC budget which is causing a whole number of other
less-popular shows to go, such as Being Human.

"For a number of years, the BBC's budget has caused restraints on
our work, but this time it is most unfortunate to tell you that as
of this day, all work on Doctor Who will cease."

Lest we forget, the timing is bad because the new companion will probably
stay off-screen, unless the BBC gets their weight together!

(link to interview)