Planet Gallifrey: August 2007

Monday, August 27


Donna Noble may have stood out from the crowd in her Runaway Bride wedding dress, but she's determined to blend in when the TARDIS makes a date with Agatha Christie during the 1920s.

Although David Tennant's Doctor remained in his timeless pin-striped brown suit for the adventure, Donna (played by Catherine Tate) chose this classy 'flapper' style period costume for the occasion.

Doctor number 11???

THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED has released as story which includes possible spoilers for upcoming seasons of Doctor Who.

The next actor to play DOCTOR WHO on the hit British sci-fi show has been found - TV star HARRY LLOYD.

The show's boss Russell T Davies was impressed with Lloyd when the actor appeared on a recent episode as a student at a posh school.And when current Doctor Who David Tennant leaves the series, which is rumored to be in two year's time (09), Davis is convinced he has found a ready made replacement.

He says, "After his audition I sent a note to the casting director saying, 'He's not just good for Baines (his character), that's the next Doctor.Seriously. He's so brilliant."

Lloyd currently plays Will Scarlett in the British TV series Robin Hood.

Now... I'm not sure of what to make of this... it could be a complete lie, but I did really like the actor and wouldn't mind him being the next Doctor... we shall have to see.

Rebirth - Chapter 14

Madison opened her eyes very slowly.

Not that it made any difference weather her eyes were open or not, the room was so full of dust that is was near impossible to see anything… but the fact that her eyes were now open at least proved to her that she wasn’t dead, something which she found grimly comforting.

From somewhere within the thick, waxy cloud of dust, a small voice made a small sound that sounded… Madison frowned, well, small.

‘Oh,’ said the voice. It sounded very familiar.
Madison called out before inhaling a large amount of smoke and lapsing into a coughing fit.

‘Fyffe!?’ she chocked. There was no response of the child from within the powdery environment, so she fought for control over her breathing, and pulled herself up, feeling her way along to where she remembered the window to be.

It came as a bit of a shock to find that there was no window.

It came as even more of a shock to find that it had been replaced by a hole in the wall.

It came as an even larger and more horrifying shock to find that there was in fact no wall at all.

Madison stared at it, or rather, the lack of it.
'Oh, wow,’ she said glumly.

Even as she stared, the layers of heavy dust pored out of the hole like an extremely dirty waterfall, and the room behind her began to clear. Almost fearful of what she would see, Madison turned around.

Half the room was gone. If she had had a clear head at this point, Madison would have mentally corrected herself by concluding that only a quarter of the room was actually gone – that was the part that had been blown up along with the missing wall. The rest of the room was still here, it was just buried under about a tone of rubble: rubble which, if she was any judge, used to be the ceiling. She briefly wondered what the Doctor would have said about this, before the thought of him brought a pang of horror to her, and she quickly pushed him out of her mind.

Then she realized what she had been staring at for the last three minutes, as standing in front of the rubble and gazing serenely at the disarray of bricks, was Fyffe.

‘Fyffe!’ said Madison stupidly, as though she didn’t quite believe her eyes and wanted to confirm the girl’s existence verbally.

‘The moth’s dead,’ Fyffe said despondently.
Madison blinked.
‘You what?’

Fyffe turned around slowly. ‘The moth,’ she said carefully, ‘is dead.’

Madison was unsure of how to reply to this so she turned her attention the mass of rubble in front of her. It looked very heavy. From the corner of her eye she saw Fyffe shake her head sadly, and Madison realized that she actually cared about the moth… small things like that actually mattered to her.

Fyffe turned and let out another small noise of surprise.
‘Oh!’ she said.

Madison jumped in surprise and spun around quickly. ‘What? What?!’ she said.

Fyffe straightened up and turned back to Madison, her face pinched with new founded concern. ‘He dropped the stick!’ she said. Her face was so generally crushed that Madison actually pitied the girl.

‘But… it’s only a stick,’ she said gently.
‘He should have it with him,’ Fyffe murmured to herself.
Madison bit her lip. ‘Fyffe…’ she began.

Fyffe turned away and walked towards the still locked door. The giant hole in the wall had ensured that all of the smoke had cleared, but unfortunately, the only thing that it led to was a large drop to the far away street below. Despite their survival of the explosion, they were still trapped in the room. Under Madison’s pitiful gaze, Fyffe pressed her hand against the cold door as though hoping she would pass through it like the Doctor had to the wall.

‘Fyffe,’ Madison said again, ‘the Doctor… won’t need the stick.’

Fyffe pushed gently against the door, almost as if she was testing it. ‘He will need it,’ she said, ‘he can do without I suppose,’ she twirled the twig between her fingers and looked thoughtfully at the door. ‘We probably need it more,’ she said after a while.

Madison stared at her. She felt like an inexperienced parent who was trying to explain to a child where her favourite cat, Mr Tiddles, had gone after the two tonne truck had hit him. ‘Do you understand what happened after the Doctor vanished?’ she asked.

‘He didn’t vanish,’ said Fyffe. She twisted her head around and glanced at Madison, before turning her attention to the door. ‘I know where you’re going with this,’ she commented casually. ‘Stop it.’

‘But…’ Madison mouthed silently, ‘he walked through a wall!’
Fyffe let her hand slowly slip off the woodwork.
‘The bomb…’
Madison hesitated, trying to make the girl understand. ‘He blew himself up!’

‘I feel bad for the moth,’ said Fyffe, glancing back at the misshapen pile of rubble.

Madison smacked a hand to her head. ‘Fyffe, do you ever just listen to yourself when you talk?! A moth has nothing to do with anything! The Doctor’s dead!’

Fyffe turned around slowly and gave Madison an acute stare. ‘There’s a perfectly reasonable explication to everything,’ she said carefully.

‘I know there is, Fyffe!’ Madison replied exasperatedly, ‘and I’m telling you it now! The Doctor walked through a wall with a bomb and now he’s…’ she faltered, unsure if she wanted to repeat what she has said only moments before.

Fyffe cocked her head to one side. ‘He probably just used the spatio-temporal mass converter to firstly change the molecular structure of the components atoms, and then of his bodies own atomic configuration so that they could shift through impermeable matter,’ she said.


‘It doesn’t explain the explosion,’ said Fyffe, ‘but if he were dead, it would feel different… there’s no sorrow, no feeling of remorse of grief. I like to trust my impulses, which is why there must be a perfectly good explanation for everything… Maybe his distorted composition meant that the emission of the discharge passed through his permeable state, rather that rebounding off the usual impervious one.’


Without warning, Fyffe thrust the twig into the keyhole of the door and began to twist her arm sharply. She flashed Madison a wide grin as she attacked the door viciously.

‘What?’ said Madison again.
‘What what?’ said Fyffe, her attention focused on the twig.

Madison was about to open her mouth and say ‘what’ again, when something deep inside of her sent up a rapid volley of warning sparks and she took two sharp steps towards the girl. ‘Don’t, what ever you do, start that off again!’ she said.

Fyffe shrugged but didn’t turn around. Madison watched her as she twisted and wiggled the thin sliver of tree inside the lock… there was something almost faintly depressing about the girl’s undying sense of hope.

‘Do you honestly think that you’re going to open the door with– ?’

There was a sudden sharp click that filled the room with an irritatingly smug noise.

Then a silence followed.
Very slowly,
Madison took two steps backwards, her eyes wide in disbelief.
Very slowly, Fyffe pulled the stick from the key hole and gave the door a tentative push.

Very slowly, the door swung open, accompanied by a faint creaking noise, which sounded to Madison, almost as smug as the click of the lock.

Fyffe leaned casually out of the door and glanced around at the deserted hallway beyond. It was hauntingly empty, which made perfect sense considering the building had just been savagely bombed. Within the long stretch of the dim and hollow corridor, Fyffe’s small blond head shimmered as she twisted it left and right, then, coming to a final decision, she stepped out of the room and grinned.

‘Fyffe…’ said Madison cautiously.

The girl took no notice and bounced slightly on her feet as she considered what to do next. Madison stood stock still and watched her image, framed in the doorway. She opened her mouth to say something else, but before she could speak, Fyffe flung out an arm and pointed to her left.

‘This way,’ she said, before turning smartly to her right and disappearing from Madison’s sight.

There was a moment’s pause as Madison stared unblinkingly at the snippet of hallway that she could see through the doorframe. Then Fyffe suddenly appeared again, walking in the opposite direction with her head bowed, as though in deep concentration.


But before Madison could even call out the girl’s name, Fyffe disappeared left again. She was gone slightly longer this time, before she reappeared once again in the doorframe, stopped dead, span twice on the spot, and walked off the exact same way that she had just come.

Within the room, Madison rubbed her eyes. When Fyffe briefly appeared again, this time walking towards the right, Madison called out her name quickly. The girl stopped and looked at Madison expectantly.

‘What are you doing?’ Madison finally asked.
Fyffe raised her arm and pointed to the left, ‘going,’ she explained.
Madison nodded. ‘… and are you going to go left now?’

Fyffe looked in the direction she was pointing and lowered her arm. ‘Maybe,’ she said, and tucked the twig behind her ear.

‘Okay, well just don’t move for now, got it?’ said Madison. She sighed and wondered what actually went through the head of this strange girl. ‘Look,’ she said as a thought sprang to her mind, ‘how the hell did you open a locked door with a twig?’

Fyffe blinked. ‘Did I?’
Madison gaped at her. ‘You know you did!’ she cried.

A wide smile spread across the girls face. ‘That’s right, I did,’ she said triumphantly, ‘and now we go and do whatever we have to do to make things good again.’ It sounded so simple when she said it.

Before Madison could think of anything to say in response, Fyffe turned smartly on her heel and marched off to the right. Madison found it very difficult not to sigh, before she skittered out of the room after Fyffe.

A small problem arose when, steeping into the hallway, she found it was completely devoid of anything that even remotely resembled a manically happy girl. In fact, it was completely devoid of anything at all.

‘Fyffe?’ she called cautiously.

There was no response, and Madison couldn’t see the girl at all, not even when she ran the length of the corridor and checked round each of it corners. Somehow, from desperately wanting the Doctor and Fyffe to leave her alone, she suddenly felt very small and empty without them. Even their stupid and never ending obsessions over silly, pointless things would have been welcoming to her now. But as it was… she was alone.


Within the empty city streets, a small cluster of blackened figures stalked along the winding roads. There was nothing tense or fearful about their movements, almost as if they didn’t understand the meaning of the word, instead they moved with a calm grace and perfectly calculated prowess.

There was nothing that they feared within the broken and ruined city walls… they were the hunters that were poised to strike. Whatever they were searching for, it would be found. But, for all their unflinching presence, they were unaware that they were being watched.

From a safe distance behind their footsteps, Fyffe crouched behind a blackened crate and watched as their forms steadily moved away. Her blond hair was tucked behind her ears, her mouth twisted in a calculating expression, and her crackling blue eyes held something deep and calculating.


Over half a mile below her, the sewers of the city sulked and crept in their sluggish movements. They were the first thing that had been built when Tendra has been founded and as a result, they were the most well built thing of the city, meaning that on one ever went down there.

On a small ledge that was squashed into the curve of the sewer wall, the Doctor lay unconscious. His left arm was thrust outwards and dangled off the edge of the ledge, and his face was contorted into a strained expression. The fingers of his right hand rested lightly on his stomach and were clenched together as they gripped onto a strange oval shaped lump.

Rebirth - Chapter 13

To an Alkoden, bewilderment is like second nature. It’s buried so deep into their genetic make up that, from the moment it has developed a consciousness within its mother’s womb, it will already have become confused about its position within the world. The last thing a heavily pregnant mother needs is an unborn child that is already questioning its existence despite the fact that it will sill be uncertain of what it actually is.

In fact, if an Alkonden was ever born that did not display this permanent state of mild bewilderment, it would probably end up being shunned by its fellow Alkoden, kicked out of their closely formed flocks for being different, and inevitably have to live a solitary life somewhere far away and unheard of. The remaining Alkonen within the flock would never speak of it again, and would therefore be completely unaware of its much more fulfilling life of distant travels and adventures, which would most likely end in either a long and happy existence due to its lack of stupidly, naïve bewilderment, or in said Alkoden eating his own foot.

However, none of the information that is stated above is of any use, or importance, as the Alkoden which is currently sitting upon the upturned shell of the TARDIS, is one of the most bewilderedly and confused Alkoen to date. If these fluffy koala-like creatures had the intelligence and forward evolution to arrange some form of hierarchy, within their flock, then this particular Alkoden would have already been promoted to alpha male for the simple fact that it was the most permanently bewildered out of the lot of them.

It sat bolt upright on top of the blue box and stared forward blankly. Then, very slowly and keeping the remainder of its body ridged, it extended its back leg forwards and carefully raised it until it was suspended a few inches in front of its face. Once in this position, it froze again as the seconds ticked by. After a full ten minutes of some detailed imitation of a rock, the Alkoden tilted its head forward slightly, and slyly poked the corner of its tongue out of its mouth before freezing again.

When the suspension had developed to a point that was beyond normal consumption, it let off a small purring noise and gave its extended foot a long, slow lick.

It was at this point, that voices drifted up from within the forests dense wall of trees. The Alkoden stopped in mid-lick and twisted its eye sideways to try and sense if these strange noises would present any danger to it. If the owners of these voices had appeared within the clearing, they would have been incredibly shocked to see a police box on its side in the mud, with a small, fluffy and bewildered looking creature sat atop of it, frozen the process of licking its own leg.

As it were, the owners of the voices did not appear and, if the Alkoden had been able to understand the language they were talking it, or for that matter, any language at all, it is most likely that its already bewildered face would have taken on the impression of complete bewilderment (if that were possible.)

‘To the east?’ said the first voice, which sounded like a disgruntled warthog.

‘That’s where the explosions are from,’ came the curt reply.

Still motionless as it sat on the TARDIS, the Alkoden blinked in a confused manner. Although the first voice sounded hideously forced out in a grunting, squealing manner, it sounded practically normal when compared to the second. There was something, holily wrong with the smooth harshness that clipped its response to the warthog sounding voice. The Alkoden may not have had any intelligence, and spent its life in a state of permanent disorientation, but even its fur rippled and stood on end as the harsh and callous tones drifted through the trees.

‘There have been a lot of explosions,’ said Warthog, ‘you think there will be anything left?’

There was no reply from the second voice; it appeared almost as though Warthog should not be dignified with an answer. Apparently unknown to this, Warthog plunged on, as though he was nervous of his companion, and felt the need to fill the sudden silence.

‘I mean… I know our intent is for survivors, but… what if she’s killed be mistake?’

Still more silence from the second voice.

‘I mean…’ Warthog blundered on, ‘I know she’s not supposed to be killed so, of course, she wont be… that would be to careless. But… what if there were complications.’

‘Who do you think we are?!’ the second voice suddenly spat.

‘Do you honestly have so little faith in your own people!’

‘Listen very closely,’ someone with more intelligence than an Alkonden would almost be able to visualize the owner of the voice leaning threateningly over Warthog, teeth bared and eyelids squeezed together, showing only rage infested slits of pupils. ‘Even as we draw near to the city walls, a fresh attack will be unleashed. We have been notified that the perception filter that was placed over the Library has been breeched, and that someone was in the data base.’


‘The language barriers we established are still in place, so no information was intercepted. But now that it has been discovered, the perception filter will soon fade - it was only placed there as a temporary solution after the Mayor was taken – so part of the reason for the attack is to ensure that the Library is destroyed. A special configured bomb has already been sent over to it and should go off in under seven minutes. Other than that, there is nothing more that you need to know, understand? From this point on, all doubt will cease. Otherwise I shall kill you.’

There was a long silence that followed. Then, very faintly, the noise of footsteps was heard, growing steadily quieter as they moved further away. Once the noises of rustling and crunching disappeared, the Alkoden slowly lowered its leg and blinked stupidly.

The words had meant nothing to it, so it was not troubled by what they had been discussing in such a fearful and ominous way. Completely unaware of this revelation, the creature lowered its large, fluffy head and thumped it onto the top of the TARDIS, trying to listen for any noise within. When nothing could be heard, it tried once more at giving the blue box a welcoming sniff, though this plan was somewhat thwarted by the fact that it had no idea as to which part of it was the front and which was the back.

In the end, the Alkoden gave up and sat once more on top of the lifeless ship and proceeded to eat its own toenails with intense concentration. Somewhere east from the creatures spot, a wave of missiles and bombs was suddenly unleashed upon the distant city.


The room shook.

Well… to say that would be a complete understatement, but for the narrative purposes of moving the story along, and not dwelling to much on those “heart-wrenchingly-heavy-lurches-send-the-room-jolting-sideways-with-unimaginable-force” descriptions, it could be stated simply that the room shook.

Stumbling for balance between the heavy explosions, The Doctor fumbled frantically with the bomb in front of him. Madison pressed herself as far as she could into the solid wall behind her, feeling her heart quiver with every jolt of the room. Amidst the shuddering of the building and rumbling explosions, the rhythmic ticking down of the bomb seemed worryingly loud.

‘Do something!’ she screamed.

The snappy reply of, ‘Working on it!’ was only just audible over the thudding blasts. Much like in the TARDIS, a large lump of ceiling made a sudden bid for freedom and collapsed onto the floor sending a cloud of dust into the air. The Doctor glanced upwards nervously, and then re-focused his attention back onto the bomb as Madison pulled herself upright and attempted to stagger towards the door.

‘Come on!’ she bellowed, ‘I thought you could get me out of this! You’re a… a… Time whatever you said. Can’t you do something!?’

The Doctor glanced up from the bomb, his face full of panicked determination. ‘Of course I can do something!’ he shouted back, ‘I can stop us being blown up for a start,’ he murmured to himself.

Madison frowned disapprovingly and another explosion shook the room. Unable to find her balance quickly enough, she found herself forcibly lunched sideways and landed sprawling in the corner.

‘Hurry the hell up!’ she screamed, once the room had stopped shaking.

As she struggled, she saw the Doctor pulling himself upright and staggering back towards the bomb. After narrowly avoiding being hit by a secondary lump of ceiling, he collapsed next to the metal cylinder and took two steadying breaths, before diving back into the bomb’s complicated maze of wires.

Deciding it would be easier to stay slumped in the corner for now; Madison’s eyes darted around to room and came to rest on the figure of Fyffe. The young girl seemed completely unfazed by the surrounding blasts and stood serenely, facing away from them by the single small, cracked window.

The Doctor grimaced and ran his hand distractedly through his hair.

‘What’s the problem!?’ called Madison, snapping her head back to him.

‘I can do it…’ she heard him murmur. He glanced up at her and Fyffe. The bomb was down to two minutes. You could see it counting down… it was very much like watching the remains of your life ticking away. There was an unpleasant, gut-wrenching crunch and the room lurched again, flinging its contents violently to one side.

‘Hurry up!’ Madison shrieked.

‘I am hurrying!’
‘Hurry faster!’
‘How can you hurry faster?’

‘I don’t care,’ Madison said patiently through gritted teeth, ‘just stop it. Stop it quickly, or it’ll blow up and we will die. Now, I don’t want to die, so stop it quickly so that we won’t die. You’re a Time Lord! A Lord of bloody Time! Now STOP the bomb!

‘I’m trying!’
‘What the hell’s the problem?
‘I’m running out of time!’
Madison blinked.
‘Oh, the Irony!’

The Doctor shook his head and tried to hold two pieces of grey wire together with shaking hands. Glancing up, he saw Madison’s face contort as she tried to swallow her panicked fury and he watched as she staggered over to the door and began bombarding it with her fists once more.

He dug his hands into his jacket and trouser pockets despite the fact that he knew his sonic screwdriver was buried somewhere in the wreckage of his ship. Feeling his hands close on something small and tube like, the Doctor’s hearts momentarily leaped, that is, until he pulled out a small and disheveled looking twig from the depths of his clothing.

Feeling a slight sense of guilt of breaking his promise, which was largely overpowered by his frustration of impending doom, he flung the stick away and plunged his hand into the tangle of wires. In retaliation to his harassment of the cylinder, it proceeded to give him several electric shocks which ran up and down his arm. The Doctor let out an incomprehensible noise of surprise and pain, and yanked his arm back out of the bomb.

Okay, he thought wildly to himself, that didn’t work, so lets just calmly move on to plan two… he peered once again into the small hatch where he had been previously exploring. Okay, he thought wildly to himself, can’t think of a plan two that doesn’t involve a few extra hours or a large chainsaw, so… lets just keep doing what I was doing before and hope to what ever god, or higher entity that’s sat up there laughing at me, that I find the fuse wire.

It seemed the best he could hope for which, admittedly, wasn’t much, but the Doctor never liked to completely give up hope. Oh, sure, he could be as cynical and sarcastic as he liked about his impending doom, but he would never allow himself to admit complete defeat even from the most stupid of situations.

Pausing to push his hair away from his face and screwing up his eyes to concentrate over the shuddering of the building, the Doctor momentarily glanced upwards.

‘Fyffe!’ he called out as he spotted the girl. ‘Get away from the window!’ It seemed like a sensible thing to shout in the current circumstances, but the girl glanced towards him as though he was insane.

Madison, get Fyffe!’ the Doctor commanded, delving deeper into the cylinder.

Thrusting herself away from the door, Madison
‘There’s a moth,’ she said, pointing towards the glass.

Madison glanced over and saw a small speckle of brown that was stupidly banging itself against the glass in an attempt to get away.

‘Right!’ she responded stupidly.
‘This moth here,’ said Fyffe.
The room suddenly lurched again.
‘Fyffe! Move!’ came the Doctor’s cries from somewhere behind

‘I don’t think it’s very happy,’ commented Fyffe with a concerned look on her face.

‘For god’s sake, Fyffe!’ Madison shrieked above the blasts. ‘This building is about to collapse! That bomb is about to explode! We are about to die! Now will you please just move away from the window so you don’t get impaled on a thousand shards of glass!’

Fyffe looked up at Madison for the first time.
‘Why?’ she asked vaguely, ‘is that likely to happen?’

‘We’re about to die!’ repeated Madison in a scream, unsure if she had emphasized this fully.

Fyffe’s face took on a momentary image of concern.
‘You don’t think it will hurt the moth?’

The room began to shake, building and growing in force until it was impossible to stand. Madison griped the wall in an irate panic as she crumpled down to floor level. ‘You make no sense!’ she screamed at the girl.

The quaking of the building grew to such a pitch that the metal cylinder began bouncing up and down on the floor, emitting loud clangs every time it thumped down. The Doctor flinched and raised his hands too try and stop the bomb from thudding into him. It was taking bad damage and, even as he managed to grab it to stop it moving, the rhythmic bleeping noise of the countdown rose in speed and pitch.

‘Both of you shut up, right now!’ he shouted at them. ‘I need to concentrate or BANG, got it!?!’

Madison crawled towards him. ‘What do you mean shut up! How can you possibly yell at us for making noise?! This whole building is being bombed!’

‘Right!’ agreed the Doctor, his hands furiously twisting wires, ‘I can deal with stopping bombs - I just have to find the right bit of wire! How the hell am I supposed to turn you off?!’

Unable to cope with the continuous heaving and quaking of the building, Madison lay face down on the floor and groaned quietly to herself.

'Madison, seriously,’ the Doctor said, his eyes scanning the outside of the cylinder as he looked for more options on how to stop it.

‘What?’ came the answered groan.
‘Go away!’

You should have never followed meeee…’ came the low, piteous moaning of Madison, she raised her head and looked at the Time Lord. ‘It’s all over now…’ she whined, ‘you should have just left me alone, or just got rid of me once I’d showed you where the Library was…’

The Doctor allowed his head to thump against the cylinder in a complete abandonment of patience. Of all the times… His face suddenly split into a wide grin.

Madison! You’re a genius!’ he cried and began running his hands along the smooth body of the bomb.

Madison looked up, confused. ‘I am?’

There was an uncomfortably loud explosion that shook the room again and caused everyone to lurch forcibly sideways. Another chink of ceiling fell in.

‘Well… no,’ admitted the Doctor after the rumbling had died away, ‘but I thought I should say something nice, as we don’t have long until boom time, and if this is the kind of the bomb that I think it is, and I know for a fact that it is, then it should have a detachable converter…’ his searching hands located a oval shaped lump that was attached to the mettle casing, ‘and if I give it a bit of jiggery pokery…’

The wining bleeps of the bomb, that had been punctuating the background rumble of explosions, suddenly grew to an almost unbearable climax. Madison threw her arms over her head and made a terrified noise in the back of her throat. It was about to explode.

‘See ya, then!’ the Doctor called cheerily as he hefted the large bomb between his grip.

Madison looked up, confused, as the Doctor and the bomb reached the far wall of the room: a wall that, on the other side, had nothing but a large drop to the street below.

‘Doc–’ she began.
Then, before her eyes, the Doctor – who was still clutching the large bomb in an awkward embrace to his chest – walked through the wall with little less than a serene ripple of the brickwork.

The seconds ticked away in a sudden horrific silence.

And then the bomb exploded from somewhere far below.

List of Gallifreyans


These are not the same as Time Lords. In order to become a Time Lord you must first be initiated at the age of eight, by looking into the Untempered Skism, and then graduate from the Academy. Time Lords only gain their second heart after their first regeneration.

Kopyion Liall a Mahajetsu
Was an ancient Gallifreyan general who led a thousand year war against the Yssgaroth. Following the end of the war, Kopyion guarded the final opening of Yssgaroth's Universe.

He was originally a student at the Academy but although his grades were good, he was failed for his support of interfering in other worlds. Because of this he was sent to work as a TARDIS technician. One day a TARDIS he was repairing was stolen by Sillarc, but when Sillarc attempted to transport the TARDIS on board his spacecraft, Plutar and armed guards were waiting for him and he was arrested. In recognition of his initiative, Plutar was advised to reapply to the Academy.

I.M. Foreman
Foreman was a Gallifreyan monk who was driven from the monastries following Rassilon's intuitive revolution.

In the wilderness he found 12 other Gallifreyan's all of whom had no memory of who they were. They formed a travelling show which was actually a complex, 13 act show that used time travel in order to show all aspects and bodies of Foreman, one for each regeneration.

As a priest, Foreman had been given the gift of regeneration but in those days it was much less stable, meaning he tended to absorb the DNA of whatever he encountered. During an attack on the planet Dust, the 13th incarnation was released. It was the most unstable of all his regenerations which tries to eat everything and absorb it into its own structure but eventually it blends itself with the.

The other regeneration aspects are sent back through time, their travelling show exploding as it ends up back in the Dark Times just before the first I.M. Foreman finds it, then triggering a regeneration for all 12 aspects

Davros Pic

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Poll Results

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This stunning video was made by Uliamos, so all credit to them!

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"Best Gadget"
Winning Vote - The TARDIS (55% with 132 votes)

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With very little to go on (since the episodes haven't been filmed yet) I've decided to post a video that was made by OtaKing77077 that shows the brilliance of Davros, since he is the forerunner in speculation as to who will be the big bad this year.

26th January
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Note: THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO! I don't have the same skills as this person, but I had no other Rose/Doctor video to post. Credit for this video goes to Seduff

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Sixth Doctor

Former Doctor Who Colin Baker has returned to the set of the hit show after 20 years.

He met latest Doc David Tennant and co-star Kylie Minogue as they filmed the Christmas special.

Baker, 64, said: “The atmosphere was as special as I remembered it.

“I had a moment of envy seeing David surrounded by bizarre aliens.

“We chatted. And I met Kylie Minogue, who was relishing the opportunity to demonstrate her acting prowess on TV again.”

Baker, who was appearing at the theatre in Cardiff near to the BBC1 set, added: “It looks like it will be a superb Christmas special.”

Basic Info

Main Cast:
The Doctor - David Tennant
Donna Noble - Catherine Tate
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman
Wilfred Mott - Bernard Cribbins
Sylvia Noble - Jacqueline Kin

Russel T. Davies - 4 Episodes
Helen Raynor - 2 Episodes
Steven Moffat - 2 Episodes
Gareth Roberts - 1 Episode
Stephen Greenhorn - 1 Episode
James Moran - 1 Episode
Kieth Temple - 1 Episode

What's going on:
  • Donna Noble is the new companion
  • Martha will be reappearing
  • Rose is back for episodes 11, 12 & 13
  • Jack is returning for the finale
  • As are Gwen and Ianto
  • Jackie & Mickey are back
  • Sarah-Jane & Luke are back
  • Davros & Daleks are the main foe
We will also visit 6 alien planets next year:
  • Midnight (Midnight)
  • The Ood Sphere (Planet of the Ood)
  • Messaline (The Doctor's Daughter)
  • Pyrovillia (The Fires of Pompeii)
  • Shan Shen (Turn Left)
  • Unknown
Although the Lost moon of Posh was mentioned, it was never seen on screen, which means another planet that will be seen in series 4 it yet to be revealed...

On a podcast, RTD confirms that 10 Downing Street makes an appearance in series 4 and has something planned for series 4 revolving around Egypt.

The Arc

"There's is a slight
continuous strand that I've got in mind for Series 4. In Fact, it's mentioned fleetingly in the last couple of episodes of Series 3, tucked away in the way that 'Saxon' was in Series 2. But I'm Not going to tell you what it is. It was something that The Master Said......."

Yeah, there's always a story arc going on... weather its Bad Wolf, Torchwood or Mister Saxon.
SO, the ideas that have been passed around are:
  • The Darkness - "Its coming from across the stars and no one can stop it"

  • Rose - She just keeps popping up!

  • Bees disappearing - Probably not an arc, but since its been mentioned several times, its likely to have some connection to whatever the arc is. Global warming due to the rift being activated maybe?

  • The Doctor as a god - Referenced by the Master, "you must have felt like a god", and has been hinted at in Fires of Pompeii (he and Donna became household gods) Planet of the Ood (his name shall live in forever), and the Doctor's Daughter (where he practically created a civilization)

  • The Medusa Cascade - Its been mentioned quite a few times already. Its clearly a place since the Doctor wanted to take Donna there, but what else could it be?

  • The Shadow Proclamation - Just like the Medusa Cascade, its been mentioned quite a lot recently, and is appearing in the finale

  • Lost Planets - Several references so far to lost homewords. In the words of the Doctor (said more that once) "How do you lost a planet?"

  • The Time War/Gallifrey - "a new Time Lord empire" was uttered by the Master and both the Master and the Doctor mentioned Gallifrey and the war quite a few times. In VotD the constellation of Kasterborus was mentioned for the first time

  • Creating new life - So far we've had Adipose, Ood, Sontaran and Vespiform hints of new life being created, not to mention Jenny as well.

  • Cloning/DNA - Or something along those lines. From set reports of series 4, there are quite a few cloning ideas floating about.

  • Living or Dying - Mr Copper makes reference to how if the Doctor could choose who would live and die, then he would be a monster... The Master sings "I can't decide whether you should live or die"... and there has been speculation that at the end of series 4, the Doctor will have to make s decision like this.
But now, apparently, there is no traditional arc word in series 4. However, according to RTD 'something from every episode gets carried forward into the finale.'

Unconfirmed Rumors
  • DNA is the key to the series
  • The Fob Watch will make a reappearance
  • David Tennant is leaving
  • David Tennant is not leaving
  • David Tennant is leaving
  • David Tennant is not leaving
  • David Tennant is doing the 2009 specials
  • Apparently the Doctor will have to choose which companion he takes with him, and which one he leaves to die - This is speculated to be Donna.
  • Apparently Rose will have a new boyfriend
  • James Nesbitt is rumoured to be lined up for a part in series four?
  • RTD eats with Nigel Harmann causing immediate speculation about him appearing in a guest role on Doctor Who...
  • Simm to body-swap with DT at end of 2009 special, resulting in series 5 featuring Simm as the Tenth Doctor and DT as the Master, with the body-swap undone at the end of the series?
  • Harriet Jones is coming back and will play the new Dalek emperor.
Where do they get their ideas????


Home Planet: Mondas or Parallel Earth
Life Form: Cybernetic Organism

Physical Characteristics:

The Cybermen were seen to change with almost every encounter. The Cybermen are humanoid, but have been cybernetically augmented to the point where they have few remaining organic parts. Their appearance constantly changes almost as though they continue to 'upgrade' themselves.
Usual Cyber features include:
  • A metalic body
  • Mask like, unmovable face
  • A human brain
  • Varieties of weapons
  • A neural inhibitor - removing emotion
Although the Cybermen often claim that they have done away with human emotion, they have exhibited emotions ranging from anger to smug satisfaction in their confrontations with the Doctor.

It has been suggested thatCybermen deliberately remove their emotions as part of the conversion process to stifle the physical and emotional trauma of becoming a Cyberman. The conversion process in the parallel Earth is termed "upgrading".
During this 'upgrading' process, some of the parallel Earth Cybermen did retain some memories of their pre-conversion lives, although their emotional response was varied.
Cybermen have a number of major weaknesses:
  • Gold
  • Solvents
  • Their own guns
  • Gravity based technology
  • Excessive levels of radiation
  • Breaking of their neural inhibitors
Some Cybermen are given titles, being credited as 'Cyber Leader', 'Cyber Lieutenant', 'Cyber Scout' or the 'Cyber Controller'. The Cyber Controller in particular has appeared in multiple forms, both humanoid and as an immobile computer, and has also been referred to as the 'Cyber Planner' or 'Cyber Director'.

Over the years Cybermen have been shown with various forms of weaponry:
  • Large energy weapons attached to their chests
  • An electrical discharge from their hands, which stunned the target
  • A hand-held cyber-weapon shaped like a pistol - 'X-ray laser'
  • A large laser cannon
  • 'Death rays' built into the chest unit
  • Large rifles for medium distance combat
  • Weapons built into the helmet
  • Hand-held cyberguns
  • The ability to electrocute victims through touch
  • A retractable energy weapon housed within the forearm


During prehistoric times, the planet Mondas was knocked out of solar orbit and drifted into deep space. Because the Mondasians were dying out, they replaced most of their bodies with Cybernetic parts in order to survive and continue the race - much like the Toclafane. They eventually removed all emotion from their brains to prevent themselves going mad because of what they had done to themselves.
As the original race was limited in numbers and were continually being depleted, the Mondasians — now Cybermen — became a race of conquerors who reproduced by taking other organic beings and forcibly changing them into Cybermen.

The Cyber-Wars

Five centuries after the destruction of Mondas, the Cybermen had all but passed into legend. On the planet Telos, a Cyberman resting place was discovered where the Mondasians, before they had become entirely Cyber, had created large pods where they could be suspended in time. However, those hybenating within the pods were not Mondasians but full Cybermen. They were briefly revived before the Second Doctor returned them to their eternal sleep.

By the beginning of the 26th century, the Cybermen were back in force, and the galactic situation was grave enough that Earth hosted a conference in 2526 that would unite the forces of several planets in a war.

The Cybermen faced complete defeat now that humanity was united against them in the Cyber-Wars. The glittergun had been developed as a weapon against them, and the native Cryons of the planet Telos had also risen up and sabotaged their hibernation tombs. Using a captured time travel machine, a group of Cybermen travelled back to Earth in 1985 to try to prevent the destruction of Mondas, but were stopped by the Sixth Doctor.

Parallel Earth

More recently, the Tenth Doctor crashed into a parallel universe where the Cybermen are being created on modern-day Earth. These alternate Cybermen were created as an 'upgrade' to humanity, allowing the brain to survive in an ageless steel body. These Cybermen also referred to themselves as 'Human.2' and deleted all those deemed incompatible with the upgrade. They were eventually stopped by The Doctor and Mickey.

The Battle of Canary Wharf

These parallel Cybermen reappeared 'Army of Ghosts' and 'Doomsday'. They did this by discovering a breach between universes caused by the passage of an interdimensional void ship. It was revelaed however, that the void ship did not belong to the Cybermen but was in the possession of the Daleks. For the first time ever, Dalek and Cybermen met face to face.

They Cybers offered a truce and the idea that the two great races should join together. However, the Daleks refused as they still believe that every other race should be exterminated. This resulted in an all out war in the middle of London with Cybers trying to 'upgrade' all of humanity and the Daleks trying to destroy everything.

They were both stopped in the end by The Doctor who re-opened the breach, causing the Cybermen and Daleks (who had been saturated with background radiation from the Void) to be sucked back into it. The breach then sealed itself, leaving the Cybermen and Daleks seemingly trapped in the Void forever.

The Cybermen returned in the Xmas special 'The Next Doctor' where they were joined by Cybershades and a CyberKing. The Doctor used stolen Dalek technology to send the huge CyberKing into the time vortex.

In 'The Pandorica Opens', the Cybermen were one of many aliens who formed an alliance against the Doctor.

Episodes appeared: The Tenth Planet, The Moonbase, the Invasion, Revenge of the Cybermen, Earthshock, The Five Doctors, Carnival of Monsters (briefly), Silver Nemesis, Dalek (briefly), Rise of the Cybermen, the Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, The Next Doctor, The Pandorica Opens.


Home Planet: Skaro
Life Form: Cybernetic Organism

A Dalek is equipped with:
  • A single mechanical eye-stalk mounted on a rotating dome
  • A gunstalk containing a 'death ray'
  • They can also be fitted with a projectile weapon
  • A telescoping robot manipulator arm.
  • Adaptation of trays, mechanical claws, or other specialized equipment like flamethrowers and blowtorches.
Daleks have used their plunger-like manipulator arms to interface with technology, crush a man's skull, measure the intelligence of a subject, and extract the brainwaves from a man's head.

Dalek casings are made of a bonded polycarbide dubbed 'dalekanium'. The lower half of a Dalek's shell is covered with protrusions — 'Dalek bumps'. These are described as 'sense globes' or sensors and are also part of a self-destruct system. The armor has a forcefield that evaporates most bullets and absorbs most types of energy weapons.

The creature inside the mechanical casing is repulsive in appearance and vicious even without its mechanical armor. The first-ever glimpse of a Dalek mutant was a claw peeking out of the shell. The actual appearance of mutants has varied, but in most cases they are octopoid, multi-tentacled creatures, having one eye and an exposed brain.
In 'Dalek', The Doctor described the Dalek as a genius: it could run through an electronic lock's billion combinations in seconds and download all of the information on the internet into its memory, showing the union of the biological and mechanical components.
For many years, it was thought that due to their gliding motion Daleks were unable to tackle stairts. The Doctor once escaped the Daleks by climbing up a tower and characters escaping up a flight of stairs in the episode 'Dalek' made this same joke. However, the Daleks showed a new ability of being able to hover up the stairs. The various appearances of the Daleks in the new series have featured Daleks hovering and flying using an energy thruster.

History within the show
When the Daleks first appeared, they were presented as the descendants of the Dals, mutated after a brief nuclear war between the Dal and Thal races. However, in a later episode, the Dals were now called Kaleds, and the Dalek design was attributed to one man, the crippled Kaled chief scientist and evil genius, Davros.
Instead of a short nuclear exchange, the Kaled-Thal war was portrayed as a thousand-year-long war fought with nuclear, Biological and chemical weapons causing widespread mutations among the Kaled race. Davros experimented on living Kaled cells to find the ultimate mutated form of the Kaled species and placed the subjects in tank-like 'travel machines'.
The Daleks were thought to have been destroyed by The Doctor in the Time War, along with the race of the Time Lords. However, a single Dalek made an reappearance appearing to be the sole survivor. And later on, The Dalek Emperor returned, having rebuilt the Dalek race with human subjects. These Daleks and their fleet were reduced to subatomic particles in 'The Parting of the Ways'.
Later, the Cult of Skaro were introduced. These was a group of four Daleks: Dalek Sec, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast, Dalek Thay, who were the only Daleks is existence to be given an imagination so that they could create battle strategies and plans. They had survived the Time War by escaping into the Void between dimensions.
After trying and failing to repopulate the Dalek race and destroy Earth, the Cult of Skaro began experiments that were attempting to force a Dalek evolution by crossing their DNA with humans. Dalek Sec volunteered and became the first human/dalek hybrid, however the three remaining Daleks rebelled and destroyed him. The Cult also attempted to create humans with Dalek personalities but this attempt failed after the Doctor interfered, Jast ahd Thay were destroyed and Caan escaped via another temporal shift. It is believe that Cann is the last remaining Dalek.

The Daleks returned again with Davros, in a bid to conquer the universe. They were defeated in their plan when Donna, as the DoctorDonna destroyed the Daleks and Davros presumably died in the flames.

Broken Dalek saucers were seen outside the smashed Citadel in The End of Time, where it was revealed that the Time Lords planned to have an armistice with the Daleks.

The Daleks returned once again with a new design in 'Victory of the Daleks'.

Episodes appeared: The Daleks, the Chase, the Daleks Master Plan, The Five Doctors (briefly), Genesis of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks, Ressurection of the Daleks, Frontier in Space, Planet of the Daleks, Destiny of the Doctors the Dalek Invasion of Earth, Death to the Daleks, Day of the Daleks, Dalek, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, The End of Time (briefly) Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang

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Vashta Nerada
Home Planet: Unknown
Life Form: Carnivorous swarm
Info: Vashta Nerada (literally: the shadows that melt the flesh) are microscopic swarm creatures which, when present in a high enough concentration, are totally indistinguishable from shadows.

Despite being microscopic as individuals, Vashta Nerada swarms are sentient, developing the ability to communicate if there is some sort of communications devise nearby. The last heard of the Vashta Nerada, they are inhabiting The Library, where the remains of their home forest now exists as books.
Episode appeared: Silence in the Library, Forest of the Dead

Home Planet: Unknown, Silfrax Galaxy
Life Form: Morphing insectoids
Info: The Vespiform are a species resembling giant wasps, born in hives in the Silfrax Galaxy. Each possesses the ability to morph into other species and can breed with other species - including humans - to produce offspring.

Vespiform have a telepathic connection to objects called firestones, which contain part of their mind and, like Earth's wasps, they are vulnerable to water.
Episode appeared: The Unicorn and the Wasp


Weeping Angels

Home Planet: Unknown
Life Form: Stone humanoid
Info: The Weeping Angels evolved near the beginning of the universe and are described as "creatures of the abstract" and "the lonely assassins". One touch from an Angel sends their victims into the past to live out their lives before they were even born; the Angels then feed on the "potential energy" of the lives their victims would have lived in the present.

They also had a unique and nearly-perfect defence mechanism, quantum-locking, which caused them to turn into stone when being observed. When not being observed, they move incredibly fast to catch their victims. While in their locked state they appear as stone statues, often covering their eyes so that they will not see themselves, and lock themselves forever.
Episodes appeared: Blink

Home Planet: Unknown
Life Form: Lupine wavelength haemovarioform
Info: Werewolfs have appeared several times throughout the Doctor's adventures. However, the most recent encounter explained how the werewolf was an alien entity that fell to Earth in 1540. Upon impact, only a single cell survived.

The wolf cell was cultivated in young boys kidnapped by the monks of the monastery, the Brethren, who turned away from worshipping God and began to worship the wolf instead. The werewolf showed an aversion to mistletoe, although whether this was a physical allergy or a conditioned reflex was not established. The werewolf was eventually dispelled through a dose of pure moonlight, although a single cell may have survived by infecting Queen Victoria.
Episode appeared: Tooth and Claw

The Wire
Home Planet: Unknown (possible Hermethica)
Life Form: Plasmic energy (possibly Hermethican)
Info: The Wire was originally the leader of a gang of criminals who could convert themselves into plasmic energy, and use this ability to take over cities on their homeworld. Eventually their reign of terror came to an end, and the Wire was executed, however it managed to preserve itself as an energy being that eventually escaped to Earth in 1953.

On Earth, it concealed itself in television signals, hiding under the disguise of a television presenter. Here is would transfer itself from set to set and feed on the electrical activity of the brains of those watching it. Its victims would be drained of neural energy, and their faces completely erased, making them mindless.

However, the Doctor was able to trap the Wire on a Betamax tape using a makeshift video recorder. The Wire's victims were restored to normality.
Episodes appeared: Idiots Lantern