Planet Gallifrey: September 2007

Friday, September 28

Rebirth - Chapter 9

The Doctor slammed the door shut and sprinted back into the living room. He grabbed Fyffe by the arm and pushed her into Madison, before forcing them both onto the floor and huddling protectively over them. There wasn’t even time for either of the females to think or argue about what he had done, because a few seconds later, the door was blown off its hinges. Recoil

Behind the blasted piece of wood, came a very loud sound: the kind of sound that would occur if a large clump of noise was rolled into a ball, and smashed into another ball of noise. Whereupon, both balls of noise would promptly explode. Basically… it was very very loud.

‘What was that!’ screamed Madison.
The Doctor sprang upwards and began pulling piles of books of the nearby bookshelf. ‘Uh…’ he said, ‘well, it sounded to me like a very loud sound.’

‘It was an explosion!’ the Doctor shouted at her, ‘I understand you’re getting a lot of them at the moment!’
‘Well… yes! We’re at war! But, what exploded?!’

The Doctor shook his head and began to open books at random, flickering through the thick, glossy pages.
Fyffe pulled herself upwards and drifted towards a nearby window that was framed with disfigured and twisted lumps of glass. As she stared out of it, she said; ‘that building next door, the one that was already on fire… it looks like a factory. It’s been hit again.’ Unseen by the other two, she narrowed her eyes at the burning building and glowered, ‘they must be trying to hit any kind of big building, anything that could be an easy target.’

Wrenching her eyes away from the frantic Doctor, Madison gave a concerned look at the back of Fyffe’s head. It was the first thing that the girl had said that hadn’t sounded insane and, like the Doctor had done, she realized that there was more depth to Fyffe than she had previously thought. She briefly wondered why the girl had a sudden hardness to her voice as she spoke about them…

From behind, there came a loud thump as the Doctor snapped shut a large book and threw it away over his shoulder, muttering to himself.
‘Hey!’ said Madison.

‘Listen, Madison,’ the Doctor said rapidly, ‘I need to find out about this place, this planet, this city, other cities… you must have books with that kind of stuff, surely?’
Madison nodded, ‘well, yeah I suppose. I don’t know where they are though.’

The Doctor shot her a pained expression. ‘Okay… fine. Just grab some books and get searching then!’
He began racing around in front of Madison with such energy, that Madison was sure he was going to have a heart-attack. She rubbed her eyes and, once again, tried to make sense of what had just happened. From somewhere behind her, a leather bound journal came happily wizzing over hear head and was smoothly caught by the Doctor. He opened it at random, ran his finger over the page and closed the book with a thwack.

‘Nope,’ he said, ‘no good,’ and he lobbed the book back through the air. Madison spun around and saw Fyffe catch the book with the same fluidity and ease as the Doctor. Both had an incessant look of determination about their faces and she wondered again if they weren’t somehow related. It dawned on her that this strange pair was still in her house, and after all the confusion they had caused, they were now littering her floor with piles of books and papers. She had spent hours filing them…!

As though the world was trying to push Madison’s patience to the limit, a large chunk of her ceiling abruptly decided to collapse onto the floor. Dusts as debris were suddenly thrown into the air and engulfed the room in a cloud of white powder. After dropping his book in surprise, the Doctor gritted his teeth and snarled at the fresh pile of rubble before glaring up through the hole in the ceiling.

'Stop trying to drop things on me!’ he shouted in the general direction of the sky.
Coming to an abrupt decision, and once again allowing her temper to snap, Madison took thee long strides forward and snatched up the book from the floor, holing it threateningly.

'Get out of my house!’ she demanded furiously.
The Doctor raised his eyebrows at her and glanced again at the pile of rubble. ‘It’s ruined your carpet,’ he commented.
‘It’s a nice carpet,’ said Fyffe.

The Doctor nodded. ‘Made from Erreep wool, is it? That’s nice, that is. Using your own recourses… no need to waste all that pollution through long distance trading and all that, who needs all that bargaining and wasted time? Nah, you just need to nip down to your local market and get some freshly grown Erreep wool. I like that: self sufficient.’

Fyffe nodded earnestly and looked down at the carpet. ‘Shame…’ she said. Madison followed her gaze and shrugged half heartedly.

‘It wasn’t a particularly expensive carpet,’ she said truthfully, ‘it’s the most simple design you can get and…’ she trailed off as she realized that both the Doctor and Fyffe were completely ignoring her. In fact, they weren’t even standing next to her anymore. Madison turned and saw them once again rooting through her book self in search of information.

She growled. Never in her life had she found a pair that was so utterly and confusingly rude! Every time she tried to get some form of understanding or control over the situation they just… they just… completely changed the subject and reverse psychology-ied her! It was even more vexing than having a conversation with Ryan’s beard!

'You, you! You…!!!!’ Madison began.
Fyffe shook her head at the older woman and nodded towards the Doctor. ‘He’s muchsmarter that you.’
‘…so he knows what he’s doing.’
Under the calm surety of the girl, Madison glowered. ‘Doing what? What’s he doing?’ she said.
Fyffe’s face suddenly beamed. ‘He’s going to save the world,’ she stated with complete conviction.

Madison frowned at the girl and fought to regain some control. ‘He can’t save the world, don’t be stupid…’ something Fyffe had said suddenly filtered back her mind. ‘Wait, how d’you know he’s smarter than me?’ she demanded. ‘You don’t even know me!’
‘Sorry,’ said the Doctor, still leafing through large books, ‘but I am.’
Madison turned and scowled at him. ‘Prove it,’ she said.
The Doctor looked up at her. ‘You what?’
‘Prove it,’ Madison said again stubbornly. ‘Prove you’re smarter than me.’

The Doctor looked bewildered and glanced at Fyffe, who shrugged at him. ‘Uh,’ he said, ‘look, can’t we just drop this?’
‘Ah,’ said the Doctor, ‘alright. I’m smarter than you because…’ he gestured wildly, as though trying to pull an idea out of the air, ‘… because I can name every planet that ever existed.’

He looked at Madison, who slowly raised her eyebrows.
‘Right…’ she said in complete disbelief. ‘And you just have that knowledge in your head do you? Or did you get given it as a Christmas present from you great auntie, the tooth fairy?’

Fyffe let out a short laugh and the Doctor shook his head in impatience. What he wanted to do, right now, was to find out as much as he could about Pericolo so he could help. Not be bombarded with stupid questions and sarcastic comments from a random person who seemed more likely to bite his knees off than to be helpful. He briefly wondered what happened to the times when he would stumble into a situation, and people would just tell him what he wanted to know without all the tedious attitude…

‘No,’ he said slowly, ‘I learnt it in school. That’s where we had to learn it; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to pass the lower-level exams.’

‘Look,’ said Madison as the Doctor returned to the books, ‘there is no way you could have learned every planet and whatever at school. You wouldn’t even be able to learn it in your life time.’ She looked the Doctor up and down. ‘And you’re… what? Thirty two? Thirty six?’
‘Nine hundred.’
He glanced up at her and saw her blink and stop, her mouth slightly open.
'I’m not human,’ explained the Doctor.

Madison gaped at him. ‘Well… obviously! After what you just said…! Course you’re not a bloody human, you think I’m that stupid! I’m not even human!’
‘You’re not?’ Fyffe smiled quizzically, ‘then what are you?’

Madison paused, suddenly thrown of her train of thought. ‘Well… my ancestors were kind of human, I suppose, but I never really counted as pure human because I’m descended from bio-genetically engineered flesh,’ she gave the Doctor a hopeful look as though wanting praise for saying something clever, but the only response she got was for him to straighten up and frown deeply.

Fyffe grimaced. ‘That doesn’t sound pleasant,’ she said.
In response, Madison shook her head and frowned. ‘Stop distracting me!’ she shouted. Fyffe shrugged and returned her attention back onto the books. The Doctor stood still, looking expectantly at Madison.

‘I was just trying to work out what you are,’ Madison continued sullenly. ‘There are no other life forms that have ever come to Tendra that have had that long a life span, or can apparently walk through smoke, or ramble on, or act as confusingly as you two,’ she shot Fyffe a quick glance, ‘or are as weird as you…’ she sighed and looked at the Doctor, ‘go on then, what are you?’

‘I’m a Time Lord.’
‘Right,’ said Madison, ‘what’s that then?’
The Doctor looked confused. ‘It’s a… lord… of time,’ he said.
Madison shrugged and turned to Fyffe. ‘And you’re a…a Time Girl?’ she asked.
Fyffe suddenly looked appalled. ‘No!’
The Doctor groaned and ran his hands roughly through his hair.

‘Okay... as much as I’m loving this conversation… I really, really need to just find out about this place.’ He turned to look at Madison. ‘None of these books are going to help are they?’

The woman shrugged and gave her head a quick shake. Fyffe lowered the book she was holding and let it drop to the floor. She watched the human and the Time Lord intensely but kept her mouth firmly shut. Through what the Doctor has said, she knew that information that she so desperately wanted, was what he was so urgently trying to find, and if she just went along with whatever happened… she would get her answers.

In front of her, the Doctor took two steps towards Madison, and spoke to her gently.
‘Look, I understand about your confusion and hostility, and I’m sorry we barged in here and started demanding things. But I’ve learned that the quicker I find out what I need to know, the faster I can help to fix problems… I just need information. I’m trying to fix this,trying to help.’

Madison sighed and fixed the Doctor with an expectant look. ‘You did save me…’ she said, as though trying to convince herself to help him. ‘But, how can you possibly think that you’re going to fix all this? We’re at war and you’re just one man, what can you do?’

The Doctor flashed her with a genuine grin of triumph. ‘I’m the Doctor,’ he said, ‘and if there’s one thing I’m good at, among my other countless thousand of talents, it’s fixing problems.’
And he sounded so certain, so sure of himself, that Madison nodded her head slowly. Other than being rude, she had seen no other bad intension from him; it was more like bad timing. She decided to look past the demons in his eyes and help the lonely, desperate man.

‘Okay,’ she said, ‘I better not regret helping you, or you’ll be sorry,’ the Doctor held up his hands in mock surrender and Madison allowed herself to smile for the first time. ‘What kind of things do you want to know?’ she asked.

The Doctor lowered his hands and buried them deep into his pockets. ‘Anything and everything,’ he said. ‘Neighboring planets, neighboring cities, exchange rate, when you were founded, list of rulers, family trees, weather patterns, the extent of your ecosystem, phosphate levels in your soil, percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, planetary anomalies, history, geography, biology, psychology… just something to get me thinking along the right lines.’

Madison gaped at him.
‘I think it would be best if I just took you to the library or something,’ she said, ‘I’m not even sure I got half of what you just said.’

There was a sudden shuddering of more explosions and the house shook again, creaking in protest. The Doctor glanced up at the ceiling and frowned.
‘As much as I love books,’ he said, ‘I don’t think we have that much time to go through a whole library.’

Madison hurried over to the door and peered outside. ‘Our library isn’t full of books,’ she said over her shoulder, ‘its all in a giant data base on a computer… the only problem,’ she whipped her head back round the door to look at the Doctor and Fyffe, ‘is that it’s on the other side of the city.’

Tuesday, September 25

The TARDIS Diaries - Part 2

Title: The TARDIS Diaries
Random diary entries from the ship we love so much... "I deserve respect! I'm a TARDIS! I have feelings! True, they may be somewhat distorted so that I get a bit giggly every time that I land in a forest, but feelings none the less!"

Part 2
From 'The Empty Child' to 'Children in Need special'

Day 5558094:
Spent the whole day carrying people around. Intensely boring.

Day 5558095:
I feel violated…
My insides are dirty – and not in the kinky, sexual way either. It feels so bad that I am considering appearing on Yeauta7 in attempt to clean myself (planet is made entirely of soap)

Anyway…Followed little flashing mauve light - Doctor appears to have some fascination in scenarios that are most likely to wound or kill. Appeared in 1941 and was mentally assaulted by small child in a gas mask.

I am a TARDIS! I am brilliant and have the largest psychic network EVER! No mere human child should be able to break my defenses…! But silly child does and rings me. And then… THEN, silly Doctor blames me for making a noise! Does he think I don’t know that my silly phone isn’t a real one?! I KNOW it isn’t!

And after that, the Doctor buggers off to places unknown, leaving me to comfort myself against shock… And after THAT someone drops a bomb on me!… All because some person was hanging 700 feet above me wearing a union jack – silly idiot.

The bomb didn’t affect me of course, but it still managed to be most vexing. Have come to the conclusion that life isn’t fair… and may end up resigning myself to absorbing room 6 back into my systems – it’s full of chocolate.

Day 5558095:
I’m so brilliant; I amaze myself on a regular basis.

Only something with my superior intellect would be able to create a temporal spatio link to a Time Agents ship whilst it was traveling through space.

Doctor took all the credit of course, will have revenge later when I compress the atoms of his bed into rock hard fossil like substance while he sleeps.

Day 5558096:
Life is not that bad.

Was briefly kicked by Doctor when he woke up with severe back ache, but it’s hardly my fault if he must be so arrogant and take credit for everything.

More importantly, there’s a new boy with us. Captain Jack. On comparing him to weasel-boy… well, there is no comparison. He gets on well with Rose and Doctor, and is clever which makes a nice change, and doesn’t go fainting every time he’s taken somewhere slightly out of him comfort zone.

The best thing is he spends a lot of time fixing me. Is like getting sensual massage from very attractive masseuse…

Day 5558097:
Landed on a weird planet full of perfectly normal looking humans, except that they’re evolved from elephants… so have white tusks.

Doctor, Rose and Jack all wander off and I’m left to my extensive Tetris game… others came back after a few hours in rather a hurry. Have discovered that Jack got friendly with one of the elephant people and mistook his tusk for… something else.

Am quite jealous, but it would make hilarious story.

Day 5558099:
Ah…I think I’m smitten…

Took some while for me to realize this as it’s difficult for a giant blue, wooden ship to get ones head around complex human emotions.




Would a Boeshannian ever go for a police box?



Not exactly the most compatible relationship, but he does appear to go for anything that moves. Still, am quite curios as to how we would… communicate. More time must be spent taking this problem into consideration.

Day 55580100:
Just got shouted at when chocolate room was discovered empty.
Stupid lousy Time Lord git. Can’t he learn to control cravings?
Now we are marooned in space while Jack tries to persuade him to get out of bathroom.

Day 5558105:
HA! I feel SO good!
I’m on the rift and I am FIRED up!!!!

Day 5558106:
Hmmm… rather an interesting day.
Okay, that’s putting it really, really lightly… it was horrible

Idiot Mickey turns up, but then he left so I was less annoyed. Silly Sletheen alien woman was hanging around again, and they brought her into me! How dare they?! I didn’t want her smelly gaseous tendencies drifting along my hallways! But no one listens to me so I amused myself by watching World War 2 again –well I can see all of time and space.

But then stupid Slitheen tried to blow things up… had a stupid Tribophysical Waveform Macro-kinetic Extrapolator, and stupid Jack attached it to me, and it opened the stupid rift, so I gained a stupidly stupid amount of power and nearly blew up… kinda put a damper on my day really…

That seems to happen a lot.

Anyway, was fine, and I bit back and made stupid Slitheen look into my vortex and reduced her to an egg. Yeah, I RULE!

Day 5558108:
……. Uhhh…. Um…uh.

Everything has changed… am uncertain weather it is good or not. Or what the consequences of what has happened will be…

Someone used a temporal scoop and took Doctor, Jack and Rose away… I was left to drift but was collected by unknown people and put in storage room. Insufficient data at this point, but next thing I know, Jack in inside me and in making calculations for a transmit devise… from reading Captains bio readings and heightened stress levels, was assumed that something had happened to Rose.

Was not happy.

Then Doctor and Jack arrive and we go to other end of the universe to get Rose back. Was a little more than intense… gathered from Doctor that Daleks were still at large. Momentarily worried that he may go and lock himself in bathroom again, but obviously situation was much more serious than that.

Ha! Silly Daleks tried to kill me…! Doesn’t sound funny, but when you have a Tribophysical Waveform Macro-kinetic Extrapolator attached to your systems, there’s nothing much that anyone can do to you. Basically, I rule… again!

Arrived on Dalek ship, ONTOP of Rose (oh yeah, I’m good) and they tried to shoot Doctor… silly, silly, silly! Did they not think I would protect him!

So Daleks have been building giant fleet… not good… is like the Time War over again and Doctor does not deserve that. Doesn’t deserve to loose those he cares about, so he sent Rose home in me…

Did not want to leave him.






Oh… and he told Rose to just let me die! How DARE he! But… at the time it did not seem important, would be hard to continue without Doctor. TARDIS and Time Lord go together like raw sewage and disease.

So was left on Earth. I knew my duty and had fulfilled it – was satisfied to just while away my days with Tetris and Solitaire, but Noooooo! Rose had to be stubborn! She went and got giant chain and big yellow truck and… well… opened me.

Not as dirty as it sounds!

But a little embarrassing.

Not just because I let a puny human get the better of me, but because I deliberately let her… I wanted to go to the Doctor just as much as her. I intentionally disobeyed his orders…

Bad Wolf was created.

The power of the time vortex, of the universe, condensed inside a tiny and insignificant female human. I granted her the power of a god, and don’t regret it for one second.

Unsure of what she did – her human consciousness was dominant within her mind as I did not want to compress her… it was inevitable, but was hoping to slow the process. Have vague memories of destroying the Dalek fleet, bringing someone to life… I know that bit went wrong…

Doctor saved Rose - was not strange being a part of him, we have been connected for over 1000 years anyway – then I was retuned to my normal state.

Had to leave Jack. He is… wrong. So, so, so wrong… like ketchup on a kitkat (trust me on that one)

Things went from bad to worse. My power damaged the Doctor to far beyond normal repair, and he was forced to regenerate… am quite used to it but it came as a bit of a shock, especially for Rose…

New Doctor was… hyper active. Time Lords all look the same to me anyway, but I could tell it was him, he had the same psychic wave length. Have learned not to judge forst impression of Doctor, he is often unstable… so we shall see what –

Oh god… why did he just press that button??
What was he think– ah, ah, wait…
Oh… ah, ah! AHHHHH!!

‘Here we go… Christmas eve…!’

Onwards to Part 3!

When in Rome...

Heres some news that the BBC decided to generously share with us about the upcoming Roman episode. Hooray!

The Doctor and his new companion Donna are set to travel back in time to the Roman Empire for the fourth series of Doctor Who.

In one of the most ambitious episodes to date, The Doctorand Donna arrive in Pompeii in AD 79, on the eve of the historic eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

The Time Lord and his companion are posed with an immediate dilemma; should they warn the residents of Pompeii of the forthcoming catastrophe or leave them to fend for themselves?

"Arriving in Pompeii marks the start of another exciting adventure for the Doctor and Donna," said Doctor Who's Executive Producer and Head Writer, Russell T Davies. "Donna is stunned to find herself in the midst of history's most famous volcanic eruption. Viewers can expect many more ambitious storylines and a whole host of guest stars in 2008."

The Thick of It actor Peter Capaldi guest stars as Caecillius. He's joined by actor Phil Davis as Lucius. Further guest stars include Actress Tracey Childs, who plays Metella.

The filming of the episode took place at Cinecitta studios in Rome, which the Doctor Who team expertly transformed into Pompeii for a week of filming in September of this year.

Monday, September 24

The TARDIS Diaries - Part 1

Title: The TARDIS Diaries
Random diary entries from the ship we love so much... "I deserve respect! I'm a TARDIS! I have feelings! True, they may be somewhat distorted so that I get a bit giggly every time that I land in a forest, but feelings none the less!"

Part 1
From 'Rose' to 'Fathers Day'

Day 5558083:
Been around 6833 days since Time War ended. Doctor still moping despite taking him on a detour to November 22 1963 to see Kennedy. Forgot it was then that he was assassinated. In hindsight, probably not a good move. Now Doctor has locked himself in bathroom 83 and refuses to come out.

Day 5558086:
Am sick of this, Doctor needs some company. Have tried on multiple occasions to engage him in conversation, yet he seems to assume its just excess gas. My wiring was fiddled with today. Not sure what he was trying to fix, but I now have an odd craving for lemon porridge.

Day 5558091:
Am bored and sick of depressed Doctor. Have decided I will find someone for the moping Time Lord, so will create a fake emergency signal and whisk him off to Earth. Seems like the obvious choice, most companions come from there.

Day 5558092:
On Earth. Doctor has wandered off somewhere. Am wondering what he’s up to, but don’t really care that much.

Day 5558094:
Doctor’s been gone for two days now. It’s endearing how he becomes so obsessed with small enigmas and aliens that I make up. Am keeping myself amused by playing Tetris, which is by far the easiest game as I can see all of time, so know which pieces are coming. Maybe it appeals as name is similar to mine.

Day 5558095:
Doctor has returned. Turns out there is a giant invasion of the Nestines. Who’d have thought it? Was assuming he spent two days following aliens, but noooo – I caught a glimpse of a blond haired girl before I disappeared. Trying hard not to let my huge expanse of imagination run off on a whim. Dirty Time Lord Minx.

Day 5558097:
Doctor told me to follow Nestine signal back on Earth, but was sulking over blond, so took him to the bow of Titanic in 1912. Didn’t know it was about to sink. My bad.

Day 5558110:
Appeared in the back alley of some random restaurant (right time and everything, but do I get any thanks?) Doctor disappears, then reappears, promptly followed by blond.

Was about to sulk – but realized is much more difficult for ship to do, as would be hard to lock myself in my own toilet… temporal nightmare… changed my mind anyway when she appeared. First thing she did was turn tail and scarper outside again. Then she started crying, before yelling at Doctor for apparently melting her boyfriends head. Will never understand humans.

Follow signal, arrive somewhere new, don’t get thanked as little love birds run off… Was contemplating beginning a new Tetris game but decided instead to eject all the hot water from my systems so that Doctor will get a shock next time he decided to wash.

I randomly got hauled off by some Autons with severe fashion sense as well. It was all sorted out in the end… but will never understand humans OR their choice of clothing.

Can not believe I ever felt threatened by her. She is like other humans. Mostly harmless. Already appears to have more sense than Doctor. Rather handy, but only when large chain is hanging from a ceiling.

Day 5558111:
Little blond girl coming along. Can’t complain if it’ll stop Doctor moping and locking self in random toilets each time something bad happens.

Wishing fervently that Doctor had thought of locating some lemons and porridge when on Earth. Craving is persistent.

Day 5558128:
Feel rather strange… large parts of my wiring have been removed by Doctor. Closest analogy would be something along the lines of eating 12 laxative tablets and spending remaining day clamped onto toilet. Hoping he knows what he is doing…

Day 5558132:
Have spent last few days ferrying Doctor and blondy around. She’s ok, seems to at least have sensitive side. If only Doctor would look into her mind, and understand poor child’s body being hormone central.

Love is so tedious.

Day 5558133:
Been to future – some cretin attempted to frazzle me. Been to past – was snowing (unsure if this was attempt to freeze me, but highly doubt it as Earth ecosystem is not that advanced) Went back to blond girls Earth home some little cretin decided to scribble on me. Am certain this was not attempt on life but is still bloody annoying. Imagine waking up after a bad night and finding huge tattoo… Don’t care much for bad wolf. Whole scenario is wearisome and below my notice. At least until it happens in a month or two.

Blond got given key, so have decided to accept her. Will install data.

file data 4.5673 located
message: delete??
++redo from start++
...::psychic residual
#~brainwaves attached]]
data received
Rose Tyler initiated
++out of cheese error++
++redo from start++

Day 5558134:
Felt some signal and presence of advance technology… possibly Fallapatorians. Either that, or Earth has a much more advanced pig race than I thought. Doctor comes back for a visit and we buggered off without Rose. Am confused. Should newly installed data be deleted?

Arrived in some storage room. Must I always remain in the role of “object to be used when needed”? Sometimes feel Doctor sees me in the same was as he may a stapler. Am also concerned that favoritism is being developed for the Sonic Screwdriver. Maybe because it is pocket accessible… feel scandalized.

I sometimes wake up at night fearing that this shape makes me look fat… if not rather square. I tell myself I am beyond paranoia. But unfortunately, I don’t trust what I say.

Arrive back from cupboard to find myself filled with Rose and family. Unhappy about mounting domestically, but was happy when Doctor told them to bugger off. All is forgiven for choosing a screwdriver over a living ship.

Everyone leaves, am left on my own to complete my extensive gave of solitaire that consists of 6 decks of cards. Is less tedious than Tetris, despite my fondness of name.

Day 5558136:
Am very unhappy.

New human is with us… immediate impression: weasel. He seems unable to comprehend present situation.

Will try to abandon him at first possible chance.

Additional: I hate Daleks.

Day 5558137:
Current mood: vexed.
Some large gelatinous blob attempted to crack Doctor and Rose to gain access to my infinite and most brilliant knowledge – Am not vain, am simply pointing out fact. Irritating weasel-boy nearly gives everything away with his silly head-hole. Was not happy.

Triumphant that he was left on Earth, am hoping he will be forced to join some form of circus where people can point and laugh at him and his hole. No sexual innuendo intended.

In other news, I recently discovered that I have a 7 acre meadow that has been steadily growing inside of me somewhere around zone 87395. Is quite nice.

Day 5558093:
Why, of all the life forms in time and space, would the Doctor have a preference for humans? He seems to go through mood swings with them – hate them, love them – like they bring on a PMT attack. Will never understand.

Rose and Doctor moody and depressed yet seem to have closer bond than usual. Have put it down to silly humans and their emotional attachments to parents. Apparently, seeing the death of loved ones hurts. Who’d have thought it? Me and Doctor saw home planet destroyed – bit worse than lovingly saying goodbye to father who has only been in life for a few hours. Doctor does not appear to have this view. Will put it down to his selfless brilliance… and the fact that he only ever shows his true emotions when on his own and sulking in various urinals.

Was temporarily erased from existence which really put a dampener on my whole day. Resigning myself to sulking....

Onwards to Part 2!

Moi! In Dr Who!?!

Catherine Tate was “speechless” when she was approached to become a full-time companion for the fourth season of Doctor Who.

Following her appearance as Donna in ‘The Runaway Bride’ last Christmas, Tate was asked to reprise the role just months later.

The comedienne revealed in the the new edition of Doctor Who Magazine: “When I was asked to do it, I genuinely couldn’t believe they’d asked me. I was having lunch with Julie Gardner and it was the last thing I thought we were going to have a conversation about. She said it, and I nearly… well, I… even now, I just can’t believe it. I’m speechless.”

Tate also added that the experience of filming her initial one-off role played a huge part in her acceptance of the offer. “I love the show… and I love working with David, so I just thought it was a fantastic opportunity. It was a bit of a no-brainer for me, really.”

Rebirth - Chapter 10

Streams of sunlight filtered down through the dust clogged air of the city and shimmered in the heat, presenting an almost calming, magical image, if it weren’t for the raging fire, fractured buildings and occasion heart rendering scream that issued from beneath.

Since the primary shock and confusion of the bombing had begun to fade, the city streets had emptied themselves of people in their rush for sanctuary. Only an occasional flicker of life was seen as someone would hurry across a broken street and, even through the scattered bursts of noise from the bombs, Tendra had adopted an almost eerily and desolate personality: a feeling of emptiness and lost hope.

Despite the fact that there appeared to be no sign of any enemy, the Doctor, Fyffe and Madison automatically crept through the deserted streets, keeping close to the edges of the buildings as though they did not want to disturb the strange haunted atmosphere that had seemed to settle.

Pausing at a corner, Madison silently pointed down a long street, indicating the way towards the fabled computer data base. It looked the same as every other road they had come across; dirty, dusty and filled with smoldering lumps of brickwork.

On the world of Pericolo, there were no such things as birds - in fact, the closest thing to a bird upon the planet was a small, strangled looking thing known as a Leaper-Lizard, and it was one of these which was now soaring through the smoky air above Tendra. If it had had half a brain cell, it would have watched with curiosity at the three little black shapes that were winding through the streets below. The one far in the lead was moving at a steady gait, and looked to the lizard like a little golden blob. The figure behind was constantly twisting its blob if short brown hair, as though looking around. Of course, this meant nothing to the Leaper-Lizard as it now swooped lazily above the Doctor and Fyffe, just as they, far below, were oblivious to the sinewy creature in the air above them. The girl stopped in the middle of the road and turned to look at the Doctor.

‘I don’t know how old I am,’ she said spontaneously.

The Doctor paused in confusion and then ran his eyes quickly over her as she stood in front of him. ‘You look about… fourteen?’

Just as he had seen her do before, she put her head on one side and twisted her mouth in consideration. As Madison caught up with them, Fyffe shrugged one shoulder and said: ‘that means nothing to me,’ before wandering off again.

The Doctor watched her with his mouth slightly open and Madison followed her drifting movement, wondering what insane comment she had just missed. As she turned to speak to the Doctor, she realized that he was already halfway down the road, following the girl. She did a small double take and then scuttled after them. As she once again caught up with the Doctor, she began whispered to him in a never ending stream of thought.

‘…So, lets see if I can understand this, cause you didn’t give me much time to take it all in. You were in your ship, called the Tardin –’

‘– TARDIS,’ interjected the Doctor.

‘That’s what I said,’ quipped Madison, the Doctor rolled his eyes; ‘anyway, your Tardisen broke or something, so you crashed out in the woods and lost your shoe. When you woke up, part of your Tardic was missing which meant that you couldn’t fix it… because it was… dead?’

‘My TARDIS, is… was a living ship. It was alive. And the bit of it that made it alive, the heart of the TARDIS, the part that was on a parallel time flux to the vortex, is gone. So now my ship is, well, in simple terms, its dead. Got it?’

Madison face adopted a sarcastically blank expression. ‘Yeah,’ she said cynically, ‘I know. So, anyway, as well as finding out your Tardet was dead, you also discovered a blond girl who was sitting on a long and watching you. When you asked her who she was, she paused as though she didn’t know, and then told you she was called Fyffe. She then led you off through the forest, picked up a twig, stared at it for a while, and you two had a nice heart to heat talk...’

The Doctor frowned as he pressed his back into the blackened brickwork of a building. The quietness of the street was beginning to pry on his mind.

‘Then you arrived here…’ the incessant voice of Madison continued. ‘God knows how you made it through that burning gate, but I’ll put that down to your general Time Lordyness, and after that you saved my life, followed me to my house, ransacking the place while looking for food, shoes and information, and now,’ she paused for breath, ‘you’ve persuaded me to take you right to the opposite end of the city, into the most civic building we have, down into the hugely important data base, so that you can find out information about this planet and city, so that you and Fyffe can apparently stop this war single handedly.’

The Doctor peered around the corner of the building, then darted his head back round again. He glanced at Madison, ‘uh… basically… yeah.’

She shook her head, ‘and none of that strikes you as downright stupid or odd?’

In response, the Time Lord shrugged one shoulder and said, ‘you should have seen the day I had when I went to Satellite Five.’ Madison frowned in confusion and as the Doctor darted around the corner, she was just able to hear him murmur, ‘Daleks and Ann-droids and stupid naked Jack.

Once around the corner, the Doctor found Fyffe standing frozen in front of him, gazing blankly forwards as though deep in concentration. When the Doctor turned to see what she had been looking at, he found his eyes begin to itch and a strange sensation creep over the back of his head, like an icy hand running its fingers through his hair. He frowned and squinted at the giant marble building that loomed up in front of him. Of the whole city, it was the only thing that was beautifully white, clean, and completely un-bombed. A wide grin spread slowly across his face.

‘Perception filter!’ He said eagerly to Madison as she appeared around the corner, ‘Brilliant!’
‘You what?’ said Madison slowly. Fyffe said nothing, but frowned at the building.

‘Of course, you wouldn’t know anything about it, and it would effect you ‘cause you know its there, you wantto see it,’ the Doctor said, as though he was making perfect sense.
‘What filter thingy?’ asked Madison, glancing at the building in confusion.

The Doctor rubbed his eyes, growing used to seeing the looming brickwork. ‘A perception filter has been put on this building,’ he explained rapidly. ‘That means that it alters your perception so you justdon’t notice it. Its what my TARDIS has…had.’

‘And the filter doesn’t affect me because…?’
‘Because you know that building’s there, you probably saw it being built, and because of that, you want to see it.’

Madison nodded, ‘and you can see it because you’re used to it… because the Tardise had one as well?’

The Doctor beamed at Madison’s understanding, frowned at the misuse of the name of his ship, and smiled again at the fact that she was accepting things rather than trying to break his ear drum.

Fyffe stared at the building. ‘It’s a good defense mechanism, especially if it’s the key to important information. But…’ she shook her head, not wanting to go on. The Doctor glanced down at her, but when he saw she had nothing more to say, he raised his head to the splendor of the building.

‘Shall we?’ he asked, grinning widely and indicating with his arm for Madison to proceed.

After winding their way through the clean, yet deserted halls, and wandering through the maze of stairs, they found themselves in the lowest, deepest corridor of the building, standing in front of a chipped wooden door.

Madison gingerly gave it a push and it swung easily open with a spine chilling creak. The Doctor and Fyffe stepped into the room and stared blearily around.

‘This it?’ asked the Doctor.
‘Yep,’ said Madison pulling the door ajar behind them.

The room was small, square, and very white. At least, it had been small, square and very white before the years of neglect had sauntered along and kicked it in the face. Now it was just small, square, and a crumbling grey with dust and grime. But despite the smallness, it still managed to look extremely bare and empty. In fact, it put the Doctor in mind of the kind of small, square, white room that mental patients were locked into for their own apparent good. He sighed and his eye was drawn to the little pool of light in the middle of the room where, perched on a wobbly looking desk, sat an old, primitive and extremely dirty computer.

‘That’s… it?’ he said.

Madison had a pinched expression on her face, as though she had been thinking the exact same thing as the Doctor. It wasn’t exactly the most impressive thing. In fact, it was downright unimpressive… it was downright pathetic to be truly honest.

‘Wow,’ said Fyffe blandly and she drifted over to the computer and sniffed at it.

‘You know… I would have thought it would have been more, I dunno, exciting than this,’ Madison gazed forlornly at the little grey blob of the machine. ‘Better guarded or, or cleaner or something… it does have all the information ever gathered from this planet on it.’

The Doctor shrugged. ‘Sometimes looks can be deceiving,’ he said, ‘like screwdrivers.’ Madison turned and gave him a curious look as he continued. ‘You should never doubt a screwdriver; they’ve got so much potential. And yo-yo’s. You should never mess with someone with a yo-yo… imagine the damage it could do.’

‘Have you finished?’

Turning towards her, the Doctor gave Madison a resigned look. Behind him, Fyffe lent sharply back from the grey computer and let out a loud sneeze. She wrinkled her nose and the dust from the computer ticked it, then let forward slowly with a concentrated expression on her face. She flicked the machine. To her surprise, the blank screen suddenly lit up and it began coughing and spluttering into life. Tearing his gaze away from Madison, the Doctor’s face split into a wide grin.

‘That’s more like it!’ he said, and rushed to sit at the desk. Fyffe stood behind him and gazed at the screen, her blue eyes sparkling with excitement as the Doctor’s hand began to scuttle across the keyboard. Madison stood by the doorway and watched, unsure if she wanted to join in.

‘I’ll, er… I’ll just keep watch shall I?’ she said at last, and lent out of the room. The corridor that they had come through was unsurprisingly empty, but it gave time for her to collect her thoughts and calm her mind: something which, until now, she had not been able to do. From inside, she could here the continuous clicking of the computer keys and had a brief moment of doubt as she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Then she thought about it harder and realized that she already completely trusted the strange man and even stranger child.

In the small, square, white room, the computer hummed merrily, happy to be doing something after thirty years of simply sitting. Its little screen flickered and crackled as files and lists jumped open to be viewed by two pairs of eyes, one blue and one brown. However, unknown to the little machine, it was doing something unspeakably amazing: it was giving up information that the Doctor didn’t quite understand.

‘What?’ said the Doctor quietly to himself.
Fyffe leaned over his shoulder. ‘What?’ she asked.
The Doctor gazed at the ancient computer screen, and then looked up at the girl as though he only just realized that she was there.

‘Hmmm?’ he said distractedly.
‘What was all that about then? She asked.
‘What was what?’ said the Doctor.
‘That what…’ she said, ‘what was it?’
There was a moment’s pause where the Doctor looked nonplussed.
‘You what?’
Fyffe nodded her head towards the screen. ‘What for the what,’ she explained.
The Doctor stared hard into her face. ‘What?’
Somewhere from the region of the door, Madison let out a groan and spun around before the tedious conversation could continue any further. ‘She wants to know what you were whatting!’ she said impatiently.

‘Oh,’ the Doctor glanced from Madison, to Fyffe, down at flickering screen, and then back at Madison. ‘Oh… nothing…’ he scratched his earlobe, ‘it was just a general… y’know, exclamation of confusion and disbelief.’
‘Oh, good grief,’ said Madison.
‘You like saying it don’t you?’ chimed in Fyffe.

The Time Lord shook his head distractedly and peered at the computer. After a few moments, he looked up at Fyffe, realizing that she had said something.
‘I’m sorry,’ he said, ‘I like saying what?’
‘What,’ explained Fyffe.
‘What?’ asked the Doctor.
Madison put her head in her hands.

‘Oh!’ said the Doctor as his brain caught up with his ears. ‘Oh… right, I likesaying what…that is... the word “what”, not what do I like saying… right.’ Fyffe raised her eyebrows and said nothing, while Madison peered out of the room again and wondered if she would be able to locate some form of aspirin… or a mallet.

The Doctor leant backwards in his chair and placed his feet on the table with a softthunk. For a moment he frowned, seemingly lost him his own thoughts. His five muddy toes on his single bare foot waggled experimentally in the cool air of the room while the Doctor tilted his head and stared upwards, a remote expression plastered upon his face. After scratching his cheek thoughtfully, he finally shrugged one shoulder in a half-hearted agreement.

‘It’s a good word,’ he concluded, ‘rolls of the tongue.’
‘So does the word “influenza”,’ said Fyffe absently.

Madison gritted her teeth and swung herself back into the room, shooting a quick glance at Fyffe and saving her most venomous glare for the Doctor. Surely they must be aware of how idiotic they were being? They couldn’t have that short an attention span, surely?

‘I thought you two wanted information,’ she muttered, ‘and now you’re wasting time talking about influenza, and the word what!… I don’t even know what an influneza is!’ She strided around the back of the desk and sharply slapped the Doctors bare foot. He flinched as her palm of her hand made contact and sheepishly removed both his feet from the desk. Giving him a curt nod of approval, Madison leant over him and began tapping on the keyboard.

‘Alright then,’ she said, pouring over the dusty screen. ‘So… what was the problem?’
‘What, before or after we started ‘whatting’ to much?’
‘Shut up,’ said Madison absent mindedly.
‘Good point,’ said the Doctor.

Fyffe wandered around the edges of the room and ran her hand distractedly over the grimy brickwork. From behind her, she could hear the Doctor trying to explain to Madison what he had been whatting and why. But it didn’t matter to her anymore… Not only had the Time Lord not been able to comprehend the information, but neither had she. Not that that was surprising... she was sure the letters were familiar, but she still couldn't work out how to think in the right way in order to understand them. Everything was to… confusing.

The Doctor’s voice drifted over from the computer. ‘… with my TARDIS dead, there are only so many languages I can translate. And this language,’ there was a small thunk as the Doctor tapped the screen, ‘I’ve no idea about.’

Madison shook her head at the unfamiliar blobs.

Without warning, the door to the room suddenly burst open with a shattering sound. As the three inhabitants of the room sprang upwards at the sound, they found themselves staring into the barrels of six black guns. Between the splintered doorway, came the over-enthusiastic, wide eyed General of Tendra’s army. He stopped in the centre of the room and glowered at the Doctor, Madison and Fyffe as they were ushered into a line in front of him.

‘Well well well,’ he said, in perfect imitation of a stereotypical villain, ‘what do we have here then?’

Eighth Doctor's Movie

Doctor Who (1996)

The Master's last wish, before he was sentenced to death by the Time lords, was for his old enemy, the Doctor, to bring his remains home.

But, when a snake like entity causes the TARDIS to crash and the Doctor to be killed, the Master is reborn.

In San Francisco on New Year's Eve, a trap is sprung that could mean the end of the world. Only the newly-regenerated Eight Doctor can stop the Master — if he can only remember who he is.

Episode guide - 7th Doctor

Series 24
  1. Time and the Rani - On the planet Lankertya, Rani is building a super-brain. To assist her in this enterprise, she has kidnapped a number of geniuses. The Rani and her allies the Tetraps hijack the TARDIS; the disruption and turbulence causes the Doctor to regenerate.
  2. Paradise Towers - "Paradise Towers" is not the pristine environment Mel hoped to find. And when the robotic cleaners take to killing, the Rezzies take to cannibalism and the Chief Caretaker reveals something wrong in the basement...
  3. Delta and the Banner - A group of tourists, including the Doctor & Mel and Delta, the last of the Chimeron race, set out to visit Disneyland, but become stranded in a Welsh holiday camp. Delta is fleeing for her life, with the evil Bannermen in hot pursuit.
  4. Dragonfire - The Doctor and Mel arrive at Iceworld on the planet Svartos, where they struggle to overcome the icy Kane.
Series 25
  1. Remembrance of the Daleks - The Doctor returns to London in 1963 to deal with some loose ends involving an ancient and powerful Time Lord device. Things, however, get messy very quickly when two competing factions of Daleks are also after the same thing.
  2. The Happiness Patrol - The Doctor & Ace visit a human colony on the planet Terra Alpha where unhappiness is illegal. Under the oppressive rule of Helen A there is no option but to smile - or face the wrath of the Happiness Patrol.
  3. Silver Nemesis - Time-travelers, Lady Peinforte, Neo-Nazis, Cybermen and the Doctor converge in the grounds of an English stately home seeking to control a powerful Time Lord weapon, known as the Nemesis.
  4. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - The Doctor takes Ace to the famous Psychic Circus on the planet Segonax. But, this is no ordinary circus, there is a darker side to the show. Why is the Chief Clown driving a hearse and trying to capture the local youths?

Series 26
  1. Battlefield - The Doctor and Ace face knights in armour from another dimension, and Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart returns from retirement to save the world one last time.
  2. Ghost Light - The Doctor and Ace visit a mysterious house in nineteenth century Perivale where alien forces are perverting history, and Ace faces up to her fears as Light breaks and a day of judgement dawns.
  3. The Curse of Fenric - In a remote naval base in the north of England, work proceeds on breaking Nazi ciphers, but the Doctor & Ace discover that the ULTIMA computer is being put to a more sinister use. An ancient enemy of the Doctor is playing a complex game, and anybody might be a pawn. Let the chains of Fenric shatter…
  4. Survival - The Doctor brings Ace back to her home town of Perivale. However, her old friends are being kidnapped by a race of alien hunters called the Cheetah People, who were shown the way to Earth by the Master.

Episode guide - 6th Doctor

Series 21 (continued)
  1. The Twin Dilemma - In a post-regenerative crisis, the Doctor takes Peri to the desolate asteroid Titan 3, planning to stay there as a hermit for 1000 years. However, he is soon drawn into a plot to conquer the galaxy by a race of giant Gastropods.

Series 22
  1. Attack of the Cybermen - The Doctor & Peri encounter Lytton, stranded on planet Earth and in the employ of the Cybermen. A plot is being hatched and the Doctor finds himself on an alien planet he has visited before as he tries to defeat his enemies and work out who he can trust to help him.
  2. Vengeance of Varos - The Doctor & Peri are forced to land on the planet of Varos in search of ore for the TARDIS. But the colony is a former prison and lives off entertainment from torture and execution. And the Doctor might be next on the listings…
  3. The Mark of the Rani - The Doctor finds himself facing two Time Lord enemies: his old adversary the Master, and the Rani. The local population are turning violent and unpredictable and the Doctor must work out what exactly is causing all the problems.
  4. The Two Doctors - The 2nd Doctor & Jamie are on a mission for the Time Lords that goes horribly wrong, and Jamie sees the Doctor being tortured to death. However, if the Doctor died in his second incarnation, what does that mean for the 6th Doctor & Peri?
  5. Timelash - On the planet Karfel the Doctor and Peri, together with a young man named Herbert, become entangled with the machinations of the despotic Borad.
  6. Revelation of the Daleks - The Doctor and Peri encounter the Daleks on the planet Necros, where the mercenary Orcini is on a mission to kill Davros.

Series 23 - Trial of a TimeLord

The Doctor is summoned to a Gallifreyan space station to face trial; accused of "conduct unbecoming a Time Lord". The prosecution is presented by the Valeyard and the judge and jury are all Time Lords.

The Mysterious Planet
The Valeyard's first piece of evidence against the Doctor concerns events on the planet Ravalox.

The Doctor and Peri decide to visit the planet Ravalox to fulfil the Doctor's curiosity about its apparent destruction. But very soon, they find out that Ravalox hides a secret… Not only are a group of dwellers living in what looks suspiciously like a circa 1980s London Underground Station, but there are also two rogues named Sabalom Glitz and Dibber, seemingly out to make a quick Grotzit or three, and the Tribe of the Free to deal with. And exactly what is it that the L3 Service Robot Drathro is so keen to hide?

Mindwarp - Presenting more evidence of the Doctor's crimes, the Valeyard now shows the events of Thoros Beta, where the Mentors are performing experiments that could affect the future life of all living things in the universe..

Terror of the Vervoids - It is now the Doctor's chance to provide evidnece for his defence. He produces the events on the Hyperion III to the trial, but has the Valeyard managed to corrupt the Matrix to show events in a different light?

An undercover agent working aboard the space liner Hyperion III, contacts the Doctor and asks for assistance to help crack the case of a group of scientists carrying out experiments with mixing human DNA with plant based life. The Doctor and his companion Mel respond, only to find that the Captain of the liner is an old friend and that their contact has been killed. While Mel searches for clues as to the perpetrator of the crime, the Doctor takes the opportunity to lose a little weight in the Hyperion III gym ...

The Ultimate Foe - With the arrival of the Master, events at the Trial break down into chaos. The Master reveals the true identity of the Valeyard to the Time Lords - A future incarnation of the Doctor that is evil. The Valeyard escapes into the Matrix and creates a deadly fictional world. The Doctor pursues him into this world and they battle it out for the fate of the Doctor's remaining regenerations.

Episode guide - 5th Doctor

Series 19
  1. Castrovalva - The freshly regenerated Doctor is in a vulnerable state, and with his regeneration failing, he and his companions go to the city of Castrovalva to let him recover, but a trap waits for them there.
  2. Four to Doomsday - The crew arrive on a spaceship which is headed for Earth. On board they meet three Urbankans: Monarch, Persuasion and Enlightenment. What are the aliens' intentions when they reach Earth?
  3. Kinda - Deva Loka, is not what it seems. Its inhabitants, the Kinda, are a gentle and seemingly primitive people. But the colonisation team disappearing one by one and Tegan is confronted by the true evil that threatens Deva Loka.
  4. The Visitation - The Doctor gets Tegan back to Heathrow. The Problem is that the TARDIS has arrived, over 300 years in the past. The Doctor then realises something is wrong when the Grim Reaper literally stalks the countryside.
  5. Black Orchid - The crew arrive in England 1925. At a masked ball at Cranleigh Hall a series of murders begins, and Ann Talbot, is abducted. The Doctor must uncover the secret the Cranleigh family is hiding.
  6. Earthshock - The TARDIS drops the crew in the middle of an investigation into the murder of a team of scientists in a complex of caves. Deadly androids are patrolling the tunnels, but what are they protecting... and for whom are they working?
  7. Timeflight - Missing Concordes lead the Fifth Doctor on a curious mission back in time where a deadly foe is seeking to seize control of the ancient powers of the Xeraphin.
Series 20
  1. Arc of Infinity - Shielded by a collapsed star lurks an alien consisting of pure anti-matter. Its intention? To bond with a Time Lord and so cross over into this dimension. The chosen Time Lord is the Doctor.
  2. Snakedance - The TARDIS lands on Manussa. But upon learning that it was once home of the Sumaran Empire, the Doctor knows that their arrival has been no accident. A hostile force that is rapidly gaining control of Tegan's will...
  3. Mawdryn Undead - A warp ellipse draws the TARDIS off course. The Dcotor's companions are separated from him, and he has to deal with a treacherous schoolboy named Turlough.
  4. Terminus - The TARDIS has to make an emergency landing on a space station. It is Terminus, the last stop and receiving point of the ship's cargo of lepers. And as the saying goes, nobody returns from Terminus.
  5. Enlightenment - The crew find themselves on an Edwardian sailing ship in deep space participating in a race around the planets. Turlough must finally choose sides, and at the end of the race lies the prize of Enlightenment.
  6. The King's Demons - The Doctor, Trgan and Turlough become involved with intrigue at the Court of King John.
  7. The Five Doctors - Someone is plucking all the incarnations of the Doctor out of time, and placing them in the Death Zone on Gallifrey where they will play out the deadly Game of Rassilon. But to lose is to win, and he who wins shall lose...
Series 21
  1. Warriors of the Deep - In 2084, two rivals are locked in a cold war. However, under the sea, old adversaries of the Doctor's awaken, ready to take advantage of the tension and reclaim the planet Earth.
  2. The Awakening - The Doctor must face the villagers of Little Hodcombe, who have been influenced by the Malus, and save Tegan before she is burned as the ill-fated Queen of the May.
  3. Frontios - The planet Frontios is mankind’s last colony, its inhabitants having fled a dying Earth. However, the planet itself holds hidden dangers.
  4. Resurrection of the Daleks - The TARDIS gets dragged to Earth in 1984. But a strike force plans the prison break of the man who created the ultimate evil. The Daleks are back, and they want Davros…
  5. Planet of Fire - The Fifth Doctor and Turlough are drawn to the planet Sarn by Kamelion, where they encounter the Master in one of his diabolical plans to tap the power of the Numismaton gas.
  6. The Caves of Androzani - On the planet of Androzani Minor, the Doctor & Peri get caught in the dangers of mining spectrox, the most valuable substance in the universe. Things get complicated and deadly when Peri contracts 'spectrox toxaemia', and in the caves of Androzani Minor, the shadowy Sharaz Jek plots a terrible revenge.

Episode guide - 4th Doctor

Series 12
  1. Robot - With the newly regenerated Doctor behaving erratically, Brigadier and UNIT have to contend with the theft of the plans for the new disintegrator gun by what seems to be a mechanical monster.
  2. The Ark in Space - Aboard a space station in the future, the last survivors of humanity sleep on, waiting to begin civilisation again. However, something else is on the station, something that looks on humans as dinner.
  3. The Sontaran Experiment - On a future Earth recovering from devastating solar flares the TARDIS crew discover Styre, a Sontaran warrior, conducting experiments on astronauts he has captured during their investigation of the rejuvenated Earth.
  4. Genesis of the Daleks - Intercepted while travelling between Earth & thr Ark, the Doctor and his companions are transported to the planet Skaro on a mission for the Time Lords — to prevent the creation of the Daleks
  5. Revenge of the Cybermen - Returning from Skaro by means of the Time Ring, the crew find themselves back on Space Station Nerva but millennia earlier, where a lethal infection is spreading through the crew.
Series 13
  1. Terror of the Zygons - The Doctor is summoned to Earth by an emergency signalling device he left with the Brigadier who is in Scotland investigating the mysterious loss of oil rigs.
  2. Planet of Evil - Far in the future, on Zeta Minor — the furthest planet out in the universe — the Doctor comes across what is left of a Morestran mining expedition.
  3. Pyramids of Mars - in a mansion, strange things are afoot. The master of the house, away in Egypt, has been replaced by a sinister Egyptian. Beneath a pyramid, Sutekh the Destroyer waits to be freed, to at long last bring his gift of death to all.
  4. The Android Invasion - The Doctor & Sarah find themselves in the deserted English village of Devesham near a Space Defence Station. Who are the Kraals, and what are their plans for Earth?
  5. The Brain of Morbius - Years ago, the Time Lord known as Morbius tried to lead a revolution but was executed for his ambition on the planet Karn. When the Doctor & Sarah arrive on the planet, they discover that, thanks to Dr Solon, the dead may rise.
  6. The Seeds of Doom - Explorers in the Antarctic uncover two giant seed pods from another time and place. Hearing of the find, ruthless plant-lover Harrison Chase decides he must have them for his collection of rare and beautiful flora.
Series 14
  1. The Masque of Mandragora - An encounter with the Mandragora Helix leads the TARDIS to 15th century Italy. Between a sinister cult and a rogue fragment of Helix energy, there is not much time...
  2. The Hand of Fear - When the TARDIS lands on Earth in a quarry Sarah is found clutching what appears to be a fossilised hand. Analysis shows the hand to be silicon-based, but when Sarah begins to act as if possessed, the Doctor suspects that it may still be alive...
  3. The Deadly Assassin - The Doctor answers a summons and finally returns to Gallifrey. However, when the President of the High Council is assassinated, he becomes the prime suspect, while an old enemy lurks in the shadows, pulling the strings.
  4. The Face of Evil - The Doctor arrives on a planet where two tribes, the savage Sevateem and the technically brilliant Tesh, are at war. He meets Leela, an exile from the Sevateem, and discovers that their god of evil is apparently himself.
  5. The Robots of Death - In a remote desert, an expedition, run by a crew of indolent human staff, are easily outnumbered by the elegant and efficient robots employed for varied duties. It is a happy partnership until the human crew start being murdered one by one...
  6. The Talons of Weng-Chaing - The Doctor brings Leela to Victorian London to see how her ancestors lived, but is rapidly drawn into a fiendish plot involving Chinese tongs, disappearing women, and giant rats in the sewers.
Series 15
  1. Horror of Fang Rock - The cursed island of Fang Rock is a place of rumour and tales of beasts from the sea. Three lighthouse men face their fears when something comes in from the sea which brings death to all it touches.
  2. The Invisible Enemy - A shuttle crew encounters a cloud in space that infects them with an intelligent virus. When the Doctor answers the distress call, he is infected as well. The only way to stop it is may be to enter the Doctor's body and fight the nucleus directly.
  3. Image of the Fendahl - In a laboratory, a twelve million-year-old skull is being examined as it glows with unearthly power. As death and destruction follow, the Doctor begins to think the unthinkable — a nightmare horror is about to awaken.
  4. The Sun Makers - In the far future, the planet Pluto is habitable, heated by several miniature suns. The heat is available only to the ruling classes, the working population oppressed. When the Doctor & Leela arrive, they are caught in the rebellion.
  5. Underworld - The TARDIS lands on a spaceship belonging to the last remnants of the Minyans, who have an old link to the Time Lords. The Doctor must help them to find the hidden race banks that will save their dying race.
  6. The Invasion of Time - The Doctor returns to Gallifrey. The transduction barriers around the planet are sabotaged and the Vardans allowed to invade. Is the Doctor really a traitor, or are there deeper plans at work on both sides?
Series 16
  1. The Ribos Operation - The Doctor is recruited by the White Guardian to seek the six segments of the Key to Time. The quest for the first segment takes them to Ribos, a medieval planet that con-man Garron is trying to sell off.
  2. The Pirate Planet - The Doctor & Romana find that the 2nd segment to the Key to Time. They arrive on Zanak, which has been changed so that its insane half-robot Captain can materialize it around other smaller planets and plunder their resources.
  3. The Stones of Blood - Searching for the 3rd segment to the Key to Time brings the Doctor & Romana to Earth, where the travelers have to contend with stone circles, Druidic rituals, and a not-so-mythical goddess known as the Cailleach.
  4. The Androids of Tara - Finding the 4th of the Key to Time was simple enough, but holding onto it may be another matter. The Doctor & Romana find themselves embroiled in the political games of the planet Tara.
  5. The Power of Kroll - The Doctor & Romana arrive on the marsh moon of Delta Magna, but are caught in the conflict between the native Swampies (who intend to awaken the giant god, Krol) and the crew of a chemical refinery.
  6. The Armageddon Factor - The quest for the final segment to the Key to Time brings the Doctor & Romana to Atrios, a world caught in a perpetual, stalemated war with its planetary neighbour Zeos. But the Black Guardian is closing in...
Series 17
  1. Destiny of the Daleks - The TARDIS lands on Skaro. There, they meet the android Movellans, who are locked in a war with the Daleks. In a bunker sits an enemy long thought dead — Davros, creator of the Daleks.
  2. City of Death - While taking in the sights of Paris, the Doctor & Romana sense that someone is tampering with time. Who is the mysterious Count Scarlioni? Why does he seem to have counterparts scattered through time?
  3. The Creature from the Pit - Making a forced landing on Chloris, the Doctor, Romana & K-9 find themselves caught up in a long and secret enmity between the Lady Adrasta, and the mysterious Creature she keeps in a Pit...
  4. Nightmare of Eden - The TARDIS lands at the site of a hyperspatial collision between two spacecraft. When a crewmember is found dead, his face lacerated by huge claws, it seems something deadly has been released. But how is the death linked to the fact that the killer drug Vraxoin has been smuggled aboard?
  5. The Horns of Nimon - In the great maze of the Power Complex dwells the dreaded Nimon, who demands sacrifices. The TARDIS collides with the space ship delivering the victims, and the captured Romana is condemned to be sacrificed to the Nimon.
Series 18
  1. The Leisure Hive - The Doctor & Romana take a holiday at the Leisure Hive. However, when things start going wrong with the Tachyon Recreation Generator, the Doctor fears that a war might be in the offing.
  2. Meglos - The cactoid needs the Doctor as a pawn in his struggle with the neighbouring planet of Tigella in order to recapture the lost Dodecahedron, which is the secret energy source that will make Meglos feared throughout the galaxy.
  3. Full Circle - The Doctor & Romana head to Gallifrey, but do not realize that they are now in a different universe — E-Space. Meanwhile, the planet Alzarius is in crisis.
  4. State of Decay - The Doctor and his companions arrive at a planet ruled by three Lords named Zargo, Camilla and Aukon, vampire servants to the last of the Great Vampires.
  5. Warriors' Gate - The time travelers' arrival in a white void places them in a conflict between slavers and slaves, a pattern borne out in history...
  6. The Keeper of Traken - The Doctor & Adric visit the tranquil planet of Traken which is disrupted by the arrival of a Melkur. With the death of the current Keeper, the Doctor must prevent the powers falling into the hands of an old enemy.
  7. Logopolis - The Doctor goes to Logopolis to repair the TARDIS's chameleon circuit, but his old enemy the Master has plans of his own for the planet of mathematicians, a plan that could spell doom for the universe.

Episode guide - 3rd Doctor

Series 7
  1. Spearhead from Space - The newly regenerated Doctor has barely enough time to adjust before he gets involved in an alien invasion of Earth. The Autons are here to make the planet their own, and only the Doctor and UNIT can stop them.
  2. Doctor Who and the Silurians - A nuclear research centre is suffering a series of mysterious malfunctions, and the Doctor and UNIT are called in to investigate. After millions of years of slumber, the Silurians have awakened — and they want their planet back.
  3. The Ambassadors of Death - Two manned astronaut missions to Mars have gone awry and the Doctor becomes suspicious. It seems that nothing is simple as he attempt to piece together the mystery surrounding mankind's contact with an alien species.
  4. Inferno - The government are drilling into the Earth's crust, but a toxic green slime oozes from the drill head, infecting those who touch it. Meanwhile, the Doctor gets flung into a parallel world, with Primords on the loose.
Series 8
  1. Terror of the Autons - The Doctor is warned that the Master has arrived on Earth. The Master has allied himself with the Nestene Consciousness in its latest bid for world conquest.
  2. The Mind of Evil - The Doctor & Jo are sent to investigate the Keller Machine, a device that treats hardened criminals, created by Professor Kettering. However, neither the Keller Machine nor the Professor are what they seem...
  3. The Claws of Axos - An organic spaceship lands in England, and the crew, a group of gold-skinned humanoids, claim their homeworld was destroyed by a solar flare. They show the humans their gift, "Axonite", and it seems innocent, until it turns out Axons.
  4. Colony in Space - The Doctor is sent to the planet Uxarieus, where colonists are being intimidated by the Interplanetry Mining Corporation (the IMC). An Adjudicator is called from Earth but it is actually the Master.
  5. The Dæmons - Near the village of Devil's End, an archeological dig is set to break into an ancient tomb. Gargoyles are coming to life, a coven is performing occult rituals, and what they are about to awaken might just signal the end of the human race.
Series 9
  1. Day of the Daleks - Rebels from a future Earth conquered by the Daleks travel to the 20th Century to prevent that from happening. But will their actions prevent that future, or make it inevitable?
  2. The Curse of Peladon - The Doctor & Jo land on the planet Peladon, where they become embroiled in the politics of its admission to the Galactic Federation, and have to contend with an ancient royal curse.
  3. The Sea Devils - The Doctor and Jo visit the Master in his island prison and encounter the Sea Devils, the aquatic cousins of the Silurians.
  4. The Mutants - It is the 30th century, near the end of the Earth Empire. On the colony world of Solos, something is transforming the human population, turning them into hideous mutants. But as the Doctor & Jo find out, that is only the beginning.
  5. The Time Monster - The Doctor & Jo investigate the workings of the TOMTIT machine, a wondrous device created by Professor Thascales. Neither are what they seem, and what secret power is locked within the crystal of Kronos?
Series 10
  1. The Three Doctors - Gallifrey is under siege, by an unknown force that by all accounts should not even exist. The only person who can help them is the Doctor, but even he will need assistance — from his previous selves.
  2. The Carnival of Monsters - The Doctor and Jo arrive on the SS Bernice, a cargo ship which disappeared without trace in 1926. However, it becomes apparent that they are being watched…
  3. Frontier in Space - Materialising on a cargo ship in the 26th century, there are tensions between the Earth and Draconian Empires. With both sides accusing each other of aggression, the Doctor suspects a third party might be involved. But who would benefit from the devastation of an interplanetary war?
  4. Planet of the Daleks - The Doctor brings the TARDIS to the planet Spiridon, which hides deadly secrets: carnivorous plants, a planetary core of molten ice, invisible inhabitants, and most frightening of all, an army of Daleks.
  5. The Green Death - A death at an abandoned coal pit brings UNIT & the Doctor to the town of Llanfairfach when the body is found glowing bright green. Are pollutants from Global Chemicals responsible? And who is the mysterious BOSS?
Series 11
  1. The Time Warrior - A Sontaran named Linx, trapped in the Middle Ages, uses crude time travel technology to kidnap scientists from the 20th Century to help repair his spacecraft.
  2. Invasion of the Dinosaurs - The the Doctor and Sarah-Jane crew arrive in 1970s London to find that it has been evacuated, due to the mysterious appearance of dinosaurs.
  3. Death to the Daleks - The Doctor & Sarah are drawn to the planet Exxilon, where they must outwit the native savage Exxilons and a crew of stranded and desperate Daleks in order to survive.
  4. The Monster of Peladon - The Doctor returns, this time with Sarah, to the planet Peladon, where once again the sacred beast Aggedor casts its shadow. Also present are the Ice Warriors, but whose side are they really on?
  5. Planet of the Spiders - Mysterious goings-on at a meditation retreat run by monks are linked to the blue planet Metebelis III, and a colony of monstrous, evolved spiders. The Doctor must reflect on his past and reconcile with his present to defeat a deadly and possibly fatal challenge...

Episode guide - 2nd Doctor

Series 4 (continued)
  1. The Power of the Daleks - Ben & Polly are still suspicious of the newly regenerated Doctor, who brings the TARDIS to the colony of Vulcan. There, the Doctor learns, to his horror, that a scientist has recovered three inert Dalek bodies from a crash.
  2. The Highlanders - The TARDIS drops the crew into the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. A crooked solicitor and a vicious sea captain plan to use the misfortune of the Highlanders as the basis for an unscrupulous scheme.
  3. The Underwater Menace - The Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie discover the mythical continent of Atlantis, where the mad scientist Zaroff is planning to take over the world.
  4. The Moonbase - The TARDIS lands in 2070 on the Moon, where a weather control station is in the grip of a plague — in reality the result of an alien poison planted by the Cybermen.
  5. The Macra Terror - The crew visit what appears to be a holiday camp. However, all is not quite right and the Doctor soon discovers that the apparent happiness of the colony is just a front for the schemes of the hideous Macra…
  6. The Faceless Ones - On Earth in the 1960s, the Doctor, Ben, Polly and Jamie investigate the mysterious Chameleon Tours.
  7. The Evil of the Daleks - The Doctor & Jamie investigate an antique shop where they succumb to a booby trap that gasses them. They wake up in 1866, with the Daleks are hot on their trails.
Series 5
  1. The Tomb of the Cybermen - An archeological expedition to the planet Telos discovers the final resting place of the Cybermen, frozen in tombs for eternity. The Doctor would like it to remain that way, but some members of the expedition seem to have other ideas.
  2. The Abominable Snowman - Mysterious forces are at work in 1920s Tibet. The once gentle Yeti have turned savage and the crew arrive expecting a friendly welcome. But they soon become ensnared in the plans the Great Intelligence.
  3. The Ice Warriors - In the far distant future, the Earth is in the grip of a new ice age. A spaceship is discovered buried in the ice – whose crew soon awakens and threatens the very future of human civilisation.
  4. The Enemy of the World - The crew arrive in Australia and find themselves in the middle of an international conspiracy. A group of rebels is stunned to find that the Doctor is the physical double of Salamander, a power hungry dictator they suspect of trying to take over the world.
  5. The Web of Fear - Some forty years after their first encounter, the crew discover that Yeti have invaded the London Underground. Help is at hand from an old friend - and a man who will become one.
  6. Fury from the Deep - On a refinery just off the eastern coast of England, the crew discover a malevolent seaweed creature which is imperiling a vast rigging operation capturing gas from the North Sea.
  7. The Wheel in Space - The Doctor and Jamie arrive on the Wheel space station which is soon to be a target for the Cybermen, and meet Zoe Heriot, a new companion.
Series 6
  1. The Dominators - The Doctor and his companions, Jamie & Zoe arrive on the planet Dulkis for a holiday, only to encounter the invading Dominators and their robotic servants, the Quarks.
  2. The Mind Robber - The crew are taken out of normal time and space and transported via a white void where the TARDIS is seemingly destroyed, to the Land of Fiction, where literary characters come alive.
  3. The Invasion - The TARDIS crew arrive in London and encounter strange goings-on at the IE corporation. UNIT is also involved and its baptism of fire will be against an invasion that has already begun…
  4. The Krotons - The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit the planet of the Gonds where the crystalline Krotons have sinister plans for the natives.
  5. The Seeds of Death - The crew discover a deadly alien threat trying to invade Earth from the Moon. An old enemy has plans for invasion that involve turning the peak of human technology against its creators.
  6. The Space Pirates - The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe encounter pirates pillaging the space lanes for rare ores in a space opera set in the far future.
  7. The War Games - The TARDIS's arrival in what appears to be a battlefield begins an intriguing problem for the Doctor as he pieces together a complex galactic plan: but the truth of the War Games is a challenge that forces the Doctor to contact his own people.