Planet Gallifrey: Roundup

Tuesday, December 16


I thought its been a while, so here's another collection of Whoniverse media coverage. Theres obviously a lot reporting on David Tennants injured back, so much so that I'm going to miss them out.
  • The DailyMail has an article looking at the first Cyber attack in the Xmas special.
  • And NewsoftheWorld has a similar article but with the addition of some hilarious speculation as to who Doctor 11 will be.

  • The Telegraph have an interview with Dervla Kirwan (Miss Hartigan) Its mostly about her other work but theres a small Who section.

  • Here's an interview with David Morriessy on the BBC Breakfast show. As always, he gives nothing away.

  • Finally, Dervla Kirwan (Miss Hartigan) is going to be on this fridays Paul O' Grady show. So look out for that.
Thar we go!


Doctor who fan said...

Oh dear cybershades kidnap the men and cybermen deleting the all men.

Anonymous said...

About that newsoftheworld article... Mathew Horne, seriously?
I never heard of him as a possibility before... i mean, seems like there's too much CT show in here... am i bovvered? xD

Anonymous said...

OMG ive just had a massive brain-wave! Its going to be a biggie and COMPLICATED so please have patience... Ok here goes:

David Morrisy may not be "The Next Doctor" or another TimeLord because... To be "The Next Doctor" he would have to be a past doctor ***(more theory coming up) because a future Doctor would rocognise his old self.. UNLESS he was a clever doctor (which i doubt on the fact of how BIGHEADED he is (sorry i dont mean any offence to people)) and knew that The Real Doctor wouldgo beserk if he was a future doctor (on the wierdness of him) OR he was just going along with the whole his own past thing but then he would have to have a very good memory and be clever (which i suppose is possible being a TimeLord and all)...
*** He could be The Doctor in his regeneration BEFORE william hartnell.. Because of his little knowledge (it seems) of cybermen fromthe trailers.

Its more of a Theory than Brain-Wave but im just posting my veiws...
Opinions anyone??


YummieMummy said...

If anyone has heard the Big Finish Audio story "The One Doctor" (*so* funny!), this sounds a lot like it!

In the future, a couple pretend to be the Doctor and his companion and fool planets into paying them for saving them, then accidentally wind up in real trouble and have to have Dr 6 and Mel help them. A VERY funny story.

Just a thought!

We can't see Murray Gold's video over here in NA! Help!

Doctor who fan said...

Reason 1) the doctor 11 must played by who to get role before David tennant leaving dr who show in end of 2009 and early 2010.

Anyway I should know man behind The Cyberman by Deleting him Hee haa heee haaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Spacephantom said...

According to Russel. T Davies in the latest Doctor Who Magazine - David Morrissey's Doctor is NOT a con-man, and the Christmas episode "focuses on why two incarnations of the Doctor don't recognise each other". There's also, a "quote, unquote" feature with a bit of dialogue from Tennant saying "But you're the next Doctor...or the one-after-next, a future one anyway...".

Sorry Anonymous, I'm afraid that blows both your theory, and "The One Doctor" theory, out of the water.

I still reckon the fob-watch is a major clue. Just because we haven't seen time lord markings in the recent publicity pics, doesn't mean their not there. The watches of both John Smith and Professor Yana only had markings on one side. It could be the unmarked underside that's shown in the pics.

I think the case for David Morrissey actually being the 11th Doctor is now stronger than ever. Nothing is certain though of course, and RTD's latest comments could still be a red herring. Only another week or so now until we find out though. I can't wait!

Doctor who fan2 said...

I say someone are still wait to see the 11th doctor in 2010.

Doctor who fan said...

The men had earpods to be upgraded to be Cybermen because i want to see the men Deleted who don t want to be Cybermen.I am laughing

YummieMummy said...

Spacephantom, you could be right, but RTD has a history if bending the truth (a la Rose not coming back) so I'm not believing anything he has to say in regards to plot spoilers. I'm not saying I'm right, and to tell the truth it's more fun to wait until the program to see what the plot is, but I wondered out loud if it could be a kind of "The One Doctor" type story.

whoever said...

I have to agree.

@ Spacephantom:
I think Morrissey could be a TimeLord, but that's about it... There isn't a point to announce him being 11 or 12 or another further regeneration... 1st not yet, and 2nd: I bet the BBC enjoys our speculations... they just don't like to tell us too many news about anything... especially who's going to take over David Tennant... it belongs to that kind of secrets they like to keep as long as possible. If Morrisey was a further regeneration, although I'm doubting this (as Morrissay is imitating Tennant's style too much), they won't tell us about it this Christmas...

Lewis said...

JESS, DigiSpy have their 10 hints up :D

Jess said...

Cheers Lewis :)