Planet Gallifrey: July 2008

Friday, July 18

Until then...

Right, I mentioned in my last post about hibernation, and its that time I'm afraid. I'm going away to Costa Rica for 5 weeks and wont be back until the end of August (29th)

But its okay, in terms of the Whoniverse, there isn't much to cover anyway:
  • There are the special Doctor Who proms on July 27th
  • The next Doctor Who episode is the Xmas one
  • Theres no filming until January
  • See here for latest "2009 specials" update
The only new things that will arise may be more rumors about the specials, and general cover on the media side of Doctor Who

So, if you want to keep up to date with all the Whoness, then I suggest these sites:
  • The Doctor Who Forum - easily the best place for whoness since it covers everything. All you need to do is register and theres everything you need.

  • Blogtor Who - Cameron does a fantastic job keeping up with all the news and whatnot, plus he has pretty picture and clever wit as well.

  • Life the Universe and Combom - Definitely a fun place to visit, got lots of random Who stuff, plus crazy speculation and general joy.

PlanetGallifreyTV will remain active!

Since its got other Admins, rather than just me, then there will continue to be updates. Its here that Mac will cover anything he hears about the Sarah-Jane Adventures as well.

In terms of classic Who episodes another great site to visit is YouWhoTube, which brilliantly archiving all the old episodes.

Other good sites:

Right, and a few final things:
I'm going to close the Cbox while I'm away, theres not much point keeping it open since theres little Who to talk about at the moment

And finally, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who ever came on this site. I never thought it would get as popular as it did and it truly does mean quite a lot to me that people continue to comment saying how useful they found it.

One last thought...

Thanks all! And until August, "Have a fantastic life"

Tuesday, July 15

Sarah-Jane Adventures

Hey hey, just a quickie for anyone who is interested in the Sarah-Jane Adventures and whats going on there. Well, Mac has wonderfully compiled all the info he can find for you on PlanetGallifreyTV, right here.

You can also peruse Life the Universe and Combom for more Sarah-Jane/Torchwood related joy.

And a quick warning, soon PlanetGallifrey will have to go into hibernation for a while, but more on that nearer the time. Anyway you don't need to worry about that, not yet.

Saturday, July 12

2009 Speicals

Thanks to the wonderful people on the DWF I present you with the most recently updated info on whats happening in the Whoniverse

2009 Specials

They're all very different. They're all very colourful. They hit the ground running... There are at least two alien planets, maybe more. [Choosing words carefully] I would say... how can I put this? Two new monsters... no, three! Yes, three. The Doctor is travelling alone. Each story will have a different companion... some great casting... and it wont always be a young girl.

It is confirmed by RTD that there are five specials to appear between the end of series 4 and the start of Steven Moffat's reign.
  • Christmas special - The Next Doctor
  • Easter special - Planet of the Dead
  • Maybe Novermber - Waters of Mars
  • Christmas special - the first of a 2-parter
  • New Year special - the second of a 2-parter

Writers & Directors
2 Specials will be written by RTD. Gareth Roberts and RTD are co-writing the Easter 2009 episode, and Phil Ford has been named as another co-writer. Graeme Harper is directing.

  • John Simm - Has been seen on set for the final 2-parter
  • Donna - Has been seen on set for the final 2-parter (interacts with John Simm!)
Possible Casting
  • Patrick Stewart - as a Timelord (Meddling monk?)
  • Georgia Moffet (Jenny) is reported to have confirmed her return in a special. Someone apparently quoted a script for the 2009 specials: Young Teen: Doctor! Where are you going? (Hears the cries of the Doctors Daughter)

4:17/4:18 - TBA
Written by RTD
Producer: Tracie Simpson

These two specials will form a 2-parter to end Tennant's reign.

RTD: ""The final special won't be shown for another YEAR, and I know exactly what happens. In fact, I had a phone call this morning about casting it, and we're after a couple of fantastic names for it, and one of those names is booked actually, but you'll discover who that is when we are filming it in May, because it will get out..."

RTD mentions that they're doing something fandom-y for the finale and that they're nervous about including because of the whole in-joke thing, but Julie thinks its fine

Rumors & Speculation
We all know that the Doctor is regenerating at the end of the specials, but at the moment we have no idea how or why. Here are the rumors.
  • He will battle the Master until one dies
  • "Regeneration is a complicated process, and never as simple as it seems"
  • The aborted regeneration in Journey's End may have consequences in the specials... perhaps each incarnation can only do it one and the 10th Doctor has already used his...

The Master
We know that the Master is going to return. Apparently this was supposed to happen in Journey's End as a short cameo, but then plans were changed to bring him back later, in a much bigger way.

But we don't know what he's up to really, other that talking to Donna at one point.

There are all sorts of rumors about this flying about, so heres a list of them:
  • The Master is allied with Harriet Jones... who isn't dead, who's been in league with the Master since The Stolen Earth, who may have even been the one who picked up his ring.
  • Hes trying to be the saviour of the Time Lords. 
  • He'll be in the Christmas 09 special. 
  • He'll be returning with the Monk (another Time Lord) in the last special
  • He appears, creates a new world and shows it to the Doctor, who responds in horror "but what about all the people!?"
  • The Doctor and The Master both regenerate at the same time - neither wins, neither loses - but the how and why are a closely guarded secret.

The End??
Apparently, although Tennant will have finished filming the specials, he will be sticking around a little longer... There are two things. One caused a squee, and the other is fairly exciting, depends how it comes out.

(Much thanks to everyone who provided information from the DWF. We are indebted to you!)

Saturday, July 5

This is it!

I've never before made such a strange high pitched noise when we had the Bad Wolf Bay scene... madness! This may well be considered the ultimate in Doctor Who episode thats been so far... Journey's End has come and gone!

And everythings was pretty much resolved: Regenerations, double Doctors, Davros, Daleks, Caan, the Darkness, Rose's world hopping, who or what the hell Donna really is, a companions death, reinstalling the Earth, saving the universe.

There were no real explanations for Bad Wolf though... and there wasn't really a death, was there? Would the fate of Donna be considered a death? I suppose in a way...

View episode:
From youtube you can see it here, here, and here
From Surf the Channel you can see it here

Oh, and heres a German translation for you (straight from the BBC site I might add, blame them for any bad translations)

DALEKS: Exterminieren! Exterminieren! Halt! Sonst werden wir Sie exterminieren! Sie sind jetzt ein Gefangener der Daleks! Exterminieren! Exterminieren!
Exterminate! Exterminate! Stop! Or you will be exterminated. You are a prisoner of the Daleks. Exterminate! Exterminate!

OLD WOMAN: Hier ist niemand. Was immer Sie wollen, gehen Sie fort. Lassen Sie mich in Ruhe.
There's no one here. Whatever you want, just go away. Leave me alone.

MARTHA: Ich heisse Martha Jones. Ich komme von UNIT. Agentin fuenf sechs sechs sieben eins, von der medizinishen Abteilung.
I'm called Martha Jones. I come from UNIT. Agent 5, 6, 6, 7, 1. Medical officer.

OLD WOMAN: Es hiess Sie kaemen vorbei.
They said you might come.


OLD WOMAN: Sie sind der Albtraum. Nicht die anderen, Sie! Ich sollte Sie umbringen, am besten gleich jetzt!
You are the nightmare. It's not them, it's you! I should kill you right now!

MARTHA: Then do it.

OLD WOMAN: Marta. Zur Hoelle mit Dir.
Martha. You're going straight to Hell.

And what now? Its a long wait until Christmas...
Jingle Bells...
Jingle Bells...

Friday, July 4


Catherine Tate was on the Graham Norton show last night in preparation for Journey's End and whatnot.

I haven't found the whole episode yet, but for now heres a mini segment of it for you. They be talking about regenerations and whatnot.

I don't think there was any new preview clips and such, but I'll still try and get the whole thing up for you Tate lovers.

Wednesday, July 2

The last BBC update!

Are we getting a little teary eyed? Meh, maybe not then, but this time it really is the end, the time really is nigh! Anywho, yes, BBC site update... UK people can view it here

And other people can just stay here, hello!
Well, unfortunately, they're STILL not giving much away at all really. The preview clip is basically the same as the Blue Peter one, and theres no Fear Factor...

Ah well, still got the jigsaw

And this script extract:

FRANCINE: What are all those numbers?
MARTHA stands, starts hoisting the Indigo Project
MARTHA: Grid reference. Now Jack's explained the base code, I know how this teleport works. I think. But you stay indoors, theres no Daleks on this street, you should be alright, just keep quiet.

Here's the preview clip:

The Journey's End page has now been updated with all the new info.

Tuesday, July 1

More Radio Times

The Radio Times was released today, but unfortunately, although theres about 8 pages on Davros and how they make the masks for DW, there aren't that many spoilers.

They really are keeping Journey's End a secret aren't they?

Anywho, if you want a peek, then I suggest you head over to Cameron's fantastic blog, Blogtor Who, where you will be showered with pictures and articles and whatnot.

Thanks Cameron!