Planet Gallifrey: March 2009

Friday, March 27

Return of...?

I always wonder whether I should bother putting *SPOILER* warnings... should I? I always just read them anyway...

Was it worth it?

Anywhooo! Guess what someone just put on the DWF?
They put this:
I have some news.
There will be filming ( both inside and outside) at 'Donna's house 'on April 6th, 7th and 8th. Front windows to be dressed with Christmas decorations .

And then someone else said this:
I've heard that they're filming inside and outside Donna's house shortly. Apparently the nearby residents have been encouraged to put christmas decorations in their windows.

Although remember theres absolutely no official word on this, and could not actually happen at all... but lets be positive hey!

Planet of the Dead press release

We've got a time slot!... sorta.

The BBC Press Office has placed Planet of the Dead in their week 15 slot - which begins with Saturday 11th April. So only 2 weeks to wait!

Heres the synopsis that was given:
When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina, in this one-off seasonal special. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.

Planet Of The Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm and is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.


Sunday, March 22

Planet of the Dead trailer

A trailer for Planet of the Dead was shown during half time at the rugby at the Millenium Stadium!
I've checked around but it seems no one managed to catch it on video

Still, The Browncoat Cat left us a nice report of what it included:

Various assorted clips of Cardiff and Dubai doubling for London and an Alien Planet and from memory:
  • Shots of Michelle Ryan doing some sort of Mission Impossible break in with wires and a harness
  • UNIT troops shooting at something after Brig. Magambo declares a "Code Red"
  • A steaming burnt corpse appearing in the tunnel
  • The Doctor asking Christina if she was ready
  • A woman saying "we're dead" over and over again
  • Lots of glorious panoramic shots of the desert
  • Christina being pursued by the Police.
  • The Doctor and Christina aboard the bus.
Hopefully this means that the trailer will be appearing on tv soon enough where we can all bask in its gloriousness!

News News News

Whats going on in relation to the whoniverse?
Well with thanks to baraduim and the other people on the DWF, we can find out!

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Thar we go!

Saturday, March 21

Episode 17

Episode Location:  Earth
Aliens/Enemies:  Unknown, the Master
New Characters:  Wilf, Sylvia, Donna, Verity, Joshua,
Gadgets Used:  TARDIS,
Episode Objective:  Unknown

Apart from the scenes which are given a number, I really have no idea which ones fit into episode 17 or 18... or what order they appear in. I'm just guessing :)

Scene 7

A young, naive Rose walks with Jackie through the Powell Estate. Its decorated with Christmas lights, graffiti, and the ground is covered in snow. From their expressions, it almost looks as if they're having a bit of a tiff...

Whether this is the case or not, they seem to make up as they hug and wish each other a 'happy new year', this is followed by Rose telling Jackie not to stay out all night, to which she replies'you try and stop me!'

While this is happening, the Doctor is standing around the corner. The TARDIS is further down the street but not near him at this time. He leans against the wall and seems momentarily convulsed with pain, staggering just as Rose walks past.

Rose: Are you alright, mate?
Doctor: What year is it?
Rose: 2005
Doctor: You know what? I bet your going to have a really great year.

This was taken between takes

Scene ???
If you look at the background of the photo, you can see its the same place that Rose and Jackie were walking down. This kinda makes me assume that this scene follows on from the last....

A very evil looking Ood Sigma...

There was speculation that this scene was merely a pick up shot from the end of Waters of Mars, however, since the Doctor is wearing his brown suit rather than his blue I'm going to assume that this is a second encounter with Sigma.

Unfortunately we don't really know anything about this second scene since the set reporters were asked to not take any photos or divulge spoilers. The only reason we have the Ood picture at all is because newspapers are apparently less honest :P

Scene 47

This scene was largely set on a minibus claiming "Sparrow Lane day outs for the over 50's".

Wilf (in his christmas antlers) hails down the minibus, does a little dance as it stops and then jumps on board.

And heres a video of it courtesy of Skarofighter2

The rest was filmed on board the minibus as it did laps around the street. But in good news June Whitfield was seen! Perhaps a little love interest for Wilf?!

Scene ???
Filming inside the bank, which was re-dressed as the "London Credit Bank"

David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins were seen, along with the Sparrow Lane OAP bus. It looks like they're investigating the bank.

But whats the bus got to do with it? A fun day out for the OAPs with the Doctor turning up, or maybe the Doctor went off to do something and Wilf decided to follow him?

Scene ???
A street which was dressed with Christmas decorations. Donna is walking about, looks like she's just been shopping.

A traffic warden tries to give Donna's car a ticket and she says something along the lines of"don't you touch that car!"

Now theres a photo of Wilf leaning into what looks like Donna's car... but that might have been between takes... so maybe Wilf is actually with Donna, rather than on the OAP bus, when he catches sight of the Doctor?

Either way an actor called Karl Collins was there and it almost looked as though he was Donna's new partner... perhaps the one shes getting married to?

Scene ???
Wilf is sitting dejected on his doorstep. The Doctor appears from the TARDIS, throws a stone at him to get his attention, and he comes over.

Wilf sees the TARDIS and says "You can't park that there, Donna will see it!"

The Doctor says something like "I lost him." 
He asks if Wilf has seen anything unusual, something to do with his life.
Wilf replies that Donna had a bit of a funny turn when she saw the Book.

Now this book they're talking about is called Fighting the Future by Joshua Naismith

And get this: The advert on the side of the bus in Planet of the Dead claims "Neon by Naismith"... so a connection there? Perhaps similar to the ATMOS advertising that cropped up in Partners in Crime?

Scene ??
I'm not sure if this is a different scene or a continuation of the last one.

The Doctor, Wilf and Sylvia leave out of the back of the house. Presumably just before they get into the TARDIS.

Here's a video of it courtesy of Ahremsee

The Doctor doesn't want Wilf to go but Wilf says "I'm not staying here with her!" indicating towards Sylvia.

As they get into the TARDIS, Sylvia follows the Doctor into the middle of the road, shouting at him to 'bring him back! Bring my father back!'

After shouting at the TARDIS until it disappears in a flurry of leaves, Sylvia turns to look back at the house just as Donna appears in the driveway. 

She doesn't appear to have seen the TARDIS or the Doctor and all she says is "Are you shouting at thin air again Mother?"

And heres a fantastic video of this scene captured by Prot

Scene ???
Not really sure where this fits but I put it after the others cause its night time :P
Filming was in the surrounding streets of the Hayes. As well as extras, there was a Salvation Army band which played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

And heres an utterly brilliant report from Eeeyun:
1st Shot
They began close up on the Christmas star at the top of the tree, tilting down to take in the Salvation Army band, and then pulling out wider and panning round to see a small girl with her mummy and daddy meeting Santa Claus and other shoppers mingling and passing by… 

The shot steadily moved down towards the street, eventually picking out Wilf who was dawdling through the busy street with some Christmas shopping – he seemed very much lost in thought.

As he approached the Salvation Army band his attention seemed to be drawn to them (or something in that direction) where more thoughts seemed to fill his head, then he muttered to himself for a moment, coming to some kind of conclusion, before walking off out the right side of frame.

Other scenes
There are some scenes that I simply had no idea where they could belong (ep 17 or 18) so I made a new section for them here.

And remember, I've completely guessed the order of these scenes, except the ones that are numbered, so I could be very very wrong!

You can see many brilliant photos here:
Dorkslayer's Photobucket - Here and Here

A huge thanks to Alun.vega, Ahremsee, Scooty, Brigade Leader, Simon, Dougggie, Kazters, Emma, FanaticalWhovian, Prot, mosthauntedjp & Beth

I salute you! And anyone else who reported this!

Pictures Galore!

I've only just realized that its Easter quite soon...!
And with Planet of the Dead coming closer, here are many many new glorious pictures from it:

You can find much bigger and better versions here: