Planet Gallifrey: July 2010

Saturday, July 31

Clip of the Week: Beating out a Samba!

Just for laughs - check out David's camp acting. I bet he gets embarrassed watching this back!

Tuesday, July 27

Cumberbatch refused Who role

Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the critically-acclaimed series Sherlock, revealed that he had considered the role of the Doctor, but turned it down.

The Sun reports that Cumberbatch spoke to Tennant about the opportunity but decided not to pursue the role, which was eventually given to Matt Smith.

"And anyway I didn't really like the whole package - being on school lunchboxes." He said.

Sherlock, written and created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, opened to 7.4 million viewers.

Monday, July 26

Moffat on Newsnight

Check out Moffat's appearance on Newsnight, where he discussed Sherlock and Doctor Who.

At the Proms

Check out some lovely pics from the Proms!

Did anyone go to the Proms? If so, what was it like?

Saturday, July 24

News Roundup

Friday, July 23

Banner Competition Results

Lots of people entered, and every entry was brilliant! But there had to be only one winner, and that person was...

William Moore!

Here are the other amazing entries!
Alastair Lutton

Azeem Zafar

Bernessa Day

Chris K

Jack Willet

Deborah Osborne

Eli Morgan

Tom Goss

Matthew Lloyd


Thursday, July 22

New Costume Alert!!

Yes, we have the first sneaky picture at Matt's new costume! Check out his new jacket!

Yay or nay?

D'ohctor Who?

American Doctor Who fans are campaigning for the Timelord to appear in an episode of cartoon classic The Simpsons. They have mocked up these great 'toon versions of Who actor Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, who plays his sidekick Amy Pond.

They also produced a Tardis, Dalek and a Weeping Angel from the last series of the BBC sci-fi hit.

Geeks at the Comic-Con festival in the US leaked the colourful characters as rumours circulated that The Simpsons' producers are planning a Doctor Who special.

Beeb insiders last night admitted that bosses were "impressed" by the creations.
But they stressed there were no plans at the moment for a Doctor Who Simpsons special.

One source said: "It's great that people in the US love Matt and Karen.
"Getting the two iconic shows together is a fun idea. But it's not something in the pipeline at the moment."

Doctor Who has long had a strong following in the States.

Wednesday, July 21

Clip of the Week: Hello, there!

We go Classic this week, as we take a look at one of the most praised Doctor Who serials ever. It's City of Death, written by the wonderful Douglas Adams. This particular clip perfectly shows off his witty writing... seriously, buy the DVD if you haven't already. It's iconic.

Planet Gallifrey Games

Games for the site was one thing which was requested a lot by many of you, so I have spend a lot of time putting together various Who-esque games for ye to enjoy! This page will be updated quite a lot, so keep watching!

Beat The Beast
Beat the evil Beast to win the game!

Escape The Slabs!
Defeat all the Slabs and get to your Spaceship as quick as you can!

Tuesday, July 20

Complete Fifth Series - Boxset Details

Doctor Who Complete Series 5, will be available in stunning lenticular packaging, as well as a numbered limited edition Boxset making it the perfect gift for Christmas. The DVD also features some fantastic extras including exclusively filmed scenes giving you an insight to what has happened in the TARDIS between episodes, as well as a Matt Smith video diary, and Doctor Who Confidentials for each episode and the Monster Diaries from each volume.

Thanks to Cameron at Blogtor Who, we can see a TBA version of the artwork, as well as the lenticular edition!

The Complete Fifth Series will be released on November 8th, at £69.99 on DVD and £79.99 on Blu-Ray.

Monday, July 19

What More Do You Want? - A Suggestions Box (Updated)

Because the series has now finished and we won't really get much news until later this year, something has to fill in the void which has been left. I now turn to you, the faithful readers at home, to suggest anything which you would like to see on Planet Gallifrey. Reviews? Articles? Competitions? Anything you wish to see, please comment below (nothing rude, discriminatory or vehement, 'kay? -_-) I look forward to reading your suggestions! And remember, the closing date of the banner competition is arriving very soon!

  • There will definitely be another competition soon - with proper prizes like books and audiobooks.
  • I am thinking of allowing fan-made entries such as short stories and articles. If you wish, you can send them to me (usual email address!)

Sunday, July 18

Karen Gillan confirms Matt's continuation

From The Guardian -

Karen Gillan, who plays Amy Pond, the assistant to Matt Smith's Doctor Who, has reassuring news for his fans. The actor isn't about to decamp to Los Angeles.
"Matt will be sticking around," she told me at the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Final at Cowdray Park Polo Club yesterday. "I think those rumours were made up."

Karen also added that she and Smith have started filming the Doctor Who Christmas special, and adds that the atmosphere on the set is "great."

That's a relief!

Saturday, July 17

Bits & Bobs

Doctor Who:

Friday, July 16

Obligatory Rumour of the Month... Bye Bye Matt?

Another rumour has begun circulating over Matt Smith's tenure on Doctor Who. The Sun has reported his apparent decision to leave the show at the end of Series 6 - "to crack Hollywood."

'He is eager to try new things and thinks Hollywood beckons,' says a source.

The BBC have also, apparently, admitted that Matt is only contracted to make one more series.

'He is filming the Christmas special and then goes on to film the second series,' a spokesperson tells The Sun.

Your thoughts? Personally, I wouldn't dwell too much on it, considering it's from The Sun, but it could be true.

Thursday, July 15

Doctor Who Prom 2010

The BBC have released details regarding the broadcast of the Doctor Who Prom this year!

The Doctor is back. Two years ago, he appeared at the BBC Proms via video link. This year, he's here in person. Thrills, spills, adventures, monsters and special guests are all guaranteed along the way in this Proms spectacular. Petroc Trelawny has the unenviable task of keeping everything in order for BBC Radio 3 – though, sadly, without the help of a sonic screwdriver.

Doctor Who (Matt Smith) and his assistant, Amy Pond (Karen Gillan), join the BBC National Orchestra of Wales and the London Philharmonic Choir for an action-packed evening. Monsters from the current run of the hugely successful BBC series threaten to disrupt proceedings. Only the Doctor – ably assisted by conductors Ben Foster and Grant Llewellyn – can save the day.

The press release also says that classics such as "Mars" from Holst's Planets Suite and John Adams's "Short Ride In A Fast Machine" will also be performed.

The prom will be played on Saturday 24th July on BBC Radio 3, from 7.30 to 9.45pm.

On the same vein, you may also want to take part in the Doctor Who website's Greatest Moments... in music! Check it out here.

Wednesday, July 14

Clip of the Week: Whoopsie, David!

David Tennant manages to put the papers back on the stand perfectly, whilst filming Music of the Spheres. Yeah, right :D

Torchwood 4 'casting call' revealed

We have, apparently, information regarding three new characters in the fourth series of Torchwood, according to THIS source.

However, there has been much speculation as to whether or not this casting call is true. Many claim that this has been copied from the US version of Shameless.

The fourth series of Torchwood was confirmed this year, being filmed in conjunction with the American company, Starz.

Monday, July 12

Xmas Details Revealed

The BBC has teased viewers about the plot of Steven Moffat's upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.

Controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephenson revealed that the episode, which guest stars Michael Gambon and Katherine Jenkins, will be based on Charles Dickens's 1843 novel A Christmas Carol.

Stephenson said: "Matt Smith and Karen Gillan captivated audiences in their debut series and Doctor Who's clever twist on the much loved A Christmas Carol will thrill BBC One viewers this year with special guest stars Sir Michael Gambon and singing sensation Katherine Jenkins joining Amy and the Doctor for an unforgettable present!"

Dickens appeared as a character in the Series One episode 'The Unquiet Dead' in 2005, with Simon Callow playing the Victorian author.

Writer and executive producer Steven Moffat also revealed that the episode will include a "honeymoon" and be like "all your favourite Christmas movies at once".

Speaking on her first day on set, Jenkins said: "I'm over the moon to be involved in the Doctor Who Christmas special.

"I can't quite believe it as it's a part of the family tradition at the Jenkins household. I heard the news that I got the role on my 30th birthday and it was the best birthday present ever!"

Filming will continue until August. It has been suggested that the working title for the episode is 'Father Who?'.

Sunday, July 11

New Figures

Thanks to FishCustard, over at the Gallifrey Base forum, we have some lurvely pictures of the latest figures.
The new TARDIS

The 11th Doctor in his costume with Amy (and Raggedy Doctor for comparison)


David Tennant's departure costs him... how much?!

Actor David Tennant's bank balance took a hit when he gave up Doctor Who - the decision cost him £1 million, according to new figures.

The Brit's fortune plummeted from £2.5 million to £1.5 million in the first nine months after he gave up his title role in the cult sci-fi series after four years as the Time Lord.

Profits for the star's Sandyboy firm, into which he channels his earnings, also fell by £500,000, according to accounts filed at the official government register of companies.

Tennant filmed his last four episodes as the Time Lord in January 2009 and followed up his Doctor Who stint with a lead role in a Royal Shakespeare Company's production of Hamlet.

Saturday, July 10

The Brilliant Book 2011

BBC Books have started a new Annual-esque book range, labelled 'The Brilliant Book' designed to look back at Series 5, but with interviews and other, interactive stuff.

Explore Amy Pond’s home village, Leadworth, read a lost section from Churchill's memoirs that covers his adventures with the Doctor, and learn all about the legend of the Weeping Angels. See how the Doctor's costume evolved, how the monsters are made and discover the trade secrets of writing a thrilling Doctor Who script. Plus exclusive interviews with all of the key players and a few secret celebrity guests, and new fiction by Brian Aldiss…

Including contributions from executive producer Steven Moffat, stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and scriptwriters Mark Gatiss and Gareth Roberts, among others, and packed with beautiful original illustrations and never-before-seen pictures, The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who is the ultimate companion to the world's most successful science fiction series.

The Brilliant Book 2011 will be released on September 30th for £12.99.

Saturday, July 3

Lots Of Fingers - a Series 5 review


The prospect of a new Doctor was exciting. Then came the news of a new companion. New head writer. New executive producers. New TARDIS. New Sonic Screwdriver. New titles. New theme tune. Eh, aren't we getting carried away here?

Unfortunately, they did. If 'Everybody's Favourite Doctor' leaving wasn't bad enough, Moffat went ahead and revamped the entire show - literally. Doctor Who now became a darker show, with a different atmosphere. Long gone were the days when the Doctor could tow the Earth with his friends. And many fans were not happy.

The series opened magnificently: The Eleventh Hour, also praised by critics, boasted an intriguing storyline and a very unusual encounter with the future companion. A week later, the edge-of-your-seat stuff we had seen was replaced by a depressing 45 minutes, in which we see a chav-monarch (she's the bloody Queen!) and a Space Whale. 'nuff said.

As weeks progressed, the pattern continued as the story quality fluctuated. Whereas Victory of the Daleks polarised fans, The Time of Angels fuelled applauses across the country. Amy Pond was also a cause of controversy amongst Whovians; is she still a cold, silhouetted figure whom nobody really knows, or is she a fantastically shaped character? Truthfully, we still don't know who she is. Those cringing moments coupled with the odd emotional scene made her a really incoherent character. Whether that was intentional remains to be unknown.

But the most irritating matter, is that Doctor Who needed no strong, well-thought climax... because the Doctor is famous. He's now a universal celebrity who can simply declare his name and make aliens tremble at their knees.  What good is that, apart from depreciating the essence of Doctor Who? Moffat should not rely on the Doctor's popularity as a solution, because that does not make him the strong and morally brave character he is meant to be.

Ultimately, the series lacked that something: whether it was the special ingredient which was used by Mr. T Davies, or if it was the emotional strength of the companion... it made the series seem hollow and not living up to its generous expectations. There were many gems in the series which definitely shaped Matt's Doctor, namely The Eleventh Hour and Flesh & Stone but by placing them with apathetic stories, they were brought down to a point where nobody could truly appreciate their brilliance.