Planet Gallifrey: September 2010

Thursday, September 30

Sarah Jane Adventures S4 Synopses

They are here! Be warned: MEGA ULTIMATE SPOILERS!

The series will air every Monday and Tuesday on the CBBC Channel at 5:15pm and on Wednesday and Thursday on BBC One at 4:30pm. The Nightmare Man, however, will be shown on BBC Two instead of BBC One due to the Commonwealth Games.

Wednesday, September 29

Xmas Teaser in BBC Drama Reel

It's a very small teaser, but at least we have something! :D

The trailer also has clips from new dramas starring Eccleston, Tennant and Smith (again!)

Saturday, September 25

Sarah Jane! Series 4!

The official trailer for the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures was released today. Check it out below:

Hmmm... nice swipe at Danny Anthony's height ;) Haha.

Thursday, September 23

SJA Series 4 details revealed

Mega spoilers!!
Thanks to Adam from Gallifrey Base for compiling these tidbits from the latest Doctor Who Magazine.

Wednesday, September 22

SJA transmission dates revealed

Ooh yeah, good news for all Sarah Jane Adventures fans as we'll get SJA four days a week!

Looking fierce.

DWM has revealed that we'll get parts one and two on Monday and Tuesday on CBBC and then repeated Thursday and Friday on BBC One.

...yay! :D

Moffat reveals details on next series cliffhanger

Warning: SPOILERS!

Friday, September 17

Death of the Doctor!

Shown today on TMi, it's a brand new clip from the third episode of Series 4 - Death of the Doctor.

Check it out, and also check out the spoilery synopsis after the jump:


Monday, September 13

Sarah Jane Adventures news!

Firstly, the lovely Cameron at Blogtor Who posted the Series 3 DVD cover!

Secondly, Katy Manning said a little something on her return in SJA!
/Digital Spy

Katy Manning has revealed that she enjoyed reprising her Doctor Who character Jo Grant for the upcoming fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In a statement posted on her official website, Manning said that she found returning to the role much easier than she ever imagined.

"I was really surprised at how it all came back, and how quickly I felt like Jo again," she said. "It was a genuine pleasure to be playing her once more."

She continued: "And to be inside the Tardis again was the icing on the cake. I love how it's been updated - or retro-dated is more accurate, I suppose."

The actress is to revive the character for a two-part serial called 'Death Of The Doctor', which will also feature an appearance by current Doctor Who star Matt Smith.

Manning acknowledged that Jo has changed dramatically since she left the third Doctor in 1973.

"You'll have to watch the programme to see what I mean, but Russell T Davies has done a wonderful job of showing how Jo has developed over the years.

"You can still see the young and awestruck girl she was, but that's been tempered by experience and maturity - not replaced, but tempered."

The two-parter will see Jo meet fellow Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane Smith for the very first time.

Sunday, September 12

News Roundup...

Sorry for the lack of updates! Blogger is being temperamental and the first week at college really takes it out on you =S Anyway, here is what's been happening in the world of Who.

Sibu Island, Johore 800x400px

Wednesday, September 8

Series 5 Boxset Cover Revealed

After two unsuccessful tries, they finally have it!

Sunday, September 5

SJA Series 4 Promo

The fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures begins on
 Monday 11th October with The Nightmare Man.


Hugo Award for 'The Waters of Mars'

The Waters of Mars has won a Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation!

The episode, which formed part of the Tenth Doctor's final story, was up against The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, Epitaph One (Dollhouse) and No More Good Days (FlashForward).

Congratulations to Russell T Davies and and Phil Ford!

Saturday, September 4

SJA Series 4 Trailer!

Ahhhh *squee*

Thanks to Adam!

Bernard Cribbins on 'Would I Lie To You?'

The lovely Bernard Cribbins was recently on the BBC One comedy panel show, Would I Lie To You? - check it out here.

Thursday, September 2

Series 6 / Season 32

Here is the All You Need To Know guide to Series 6, which will be updated a lot :)