Planet Gallifrey: October 2010

Sunday, October 31

Which witch is Karen Gillan?

Gorgeous Karen Gillan may be playing Scotland's most notorious witch in a film, if the director has his way.

David Ness expressed an interest in Karen to play Isobel Gowdie, the witch, in his screenplay which highlights oppression of women in society, as well as scary elements.



The Daleks' Master Pumpkin

Check out this AMAZING pumpkin-Dalek one of our readers made for Halloween! Julian from Pennsylvania spent over seven hours making this monster.

So cute!

Saturday, October 30

Monster Mash!

I found this video, just in time for Halloween. It's hilarious!

Thursday, October 28

Russell T Davies addresses SJA regeneration line


In an interview with SFX, Russell T Davies addressed the fandom-splitting line in the recent Sarah Jane Adventures episode, Death of the Doctor, which supposedly changed the regeneration limit to... 507.

"507 – I could not resist! I was hooting. It’ll never stick, though. That 13 lives is stuck in people’s heads. It is, isn’t it funny? Yet they only said 13 once or twice."

Read the rest of the interview here, where Russell talks about writing for Matt Smith's Doctor amongst other stuff.

Torchwood stars to attend charity event

Torchwood stars Kai Owen, Ben Loyd Homes and Anthony Lewis will be attending an event at the National Space Centre to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, Medicinema and SAFFA.

The Movie Mania event, dubbed 'Torchwood Sunday' will take place on the 7th November with the 6th November being dedicated to Red Dwarf stars.

For more information, including details on how to get there, autograph prices and what to expect, visit the site here.

Wednesday, October 27

Next time... The Empty Planet

Rani and Clyde wake up to find... nobody! The street is deserted, and it looks like the whole planet is empty, leaving Rani and Clyde as the only people in the world. But they have company...

The Empty Planet airs
Monday 1st November - 5.15pm - CBBC Channel
Tuesday 2nd November - 5.15pm - CBBC Channel
Wednesday 3rd November - 4.30pm - BBC One
Thursday 4th Novermber - 4.30pm - BBC One

Tuesday, October 26

It's official! The Doctor can regenerate...

Monday, October 25

Watch: Sarah Jane Adventures S4

The Nightmare Man
Episode OnePart One / Part Two
Episode Two - Part One / Part Two

The Vault of Secrets
Episode One - Part One / Part Two
Episode Two - Part One / Part Two

Death of the Doctor
Episode One - Part One / Part Two
Episode Two - Part One / Part Two / Part Three

The Empty Planet
Episode One - Part One / Part Two
Episode Two - Part One / Part Two

Lost in Time
Episode One - Part One / Part Two
Episode Two - Part One / Part Two

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
Episode One - Part One /
Episode Two - Part One / 

Thursday, October 21

Matt and Karen to turn on Cardiff Christmas lights!

You lucky Welsh people, for this year, you'll see Matt and Karen turn on the Cardiff Christmas lights on Wednesday 10th November!

Next on SJA: 'Death of the Doctor'

Scream! Shock! Fangasm!

Monday, October 18

Mark Sheppard cast in Doctor Who

Mark Sheppard is to make a guest appearance in the next series of Doctor Who.

A press release from science-fiction convention ValleyCon 36 has announced that the actor was forced to pull out of the event due to work commitments on the show.

The statement claimed: "We had just booked Mark's airline tickets a week ago when less than 12 hours later he got the dream job of any kid who grew up in England. He [has] landed a huge role in the new Doctor Who."

Sheppard is believed to be starring in the new run's opening two-part story, which began shooting last week.

The star is known for his role as the demon Crowley on Supernatural and has also featured in episodes of 24 and Battlestar Galactica.

The sixth series of Doctor Who will air on BBC One in 2011, following a one-off special this Christmas.

Sunday, October 17

'I'd love to star in a Doctor Who film', says Matt Smith

The BBC is rumoured to be considering making a big-budget film version of the smash hit television show, although reports suggest that funding problems could scupper the project.

Smith, who was a little-known actor when he replaced David Tennant as the timelord earlier this year, believes Doctor Who has the potential to make a successful transition from small to big screen.
And he told the Daily Star Sunday the carrot of the title role in a film could be a major factor in his decision about how long he remains as the Doctor.

'I'd definitely be up for staying on if they did a film - hell yeah. I would be thrilled if there could be a movie version. I want them to do it,' he said.

'There is something brilliantly televisual about Doctor Who, but I think it could definitely work as a film.'
Two movies based on the television series were made during the 1960s, with Peter Cushing taking on the title role to battle the Daleks.

Sunday, October 10

Series 6 to start in Utah

(BBC News)

The sixth series of Doctor Who will open with a two-parter set in the US, the BBC has announced.

Scenes will be filmed in the Utah desert for a story set in the late '60s in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves on a secret summons to the Oval Office.

The episodes have been written by new series boss Steven Moffat and co-produced with BBC America.

Production starts in Cardiff this month with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

Alex Kingston will reprises her role as River Song.

Moffat said: "The Doctor has visited every weird and wonderful planet you can imagine, so he was bound get round to America eventually.

"And of course every Doctor Who fan will be jumping up and down and saying he's been in America before. But not for real, not on location - and not with a story like this one."

It has been announced previously that series six has been split into two blocks, with the first airing on BBC One in spring 2011 and the second block showing in autumn 2011.

Tuesday, October 5

More SJA: Promo Pics from 'The Nightmare Man'

Digital Spy have kindly put up some lovely promotional pictures from the series opener, The Nightmare Man. Check them out here.

This one is the most intriguing...

Monday, October 4

Question: WHO's coming back?

Answer: Hmm... not sure exactly.

Neil Gaiman, however, does. In a recent interview in New York, Gaiman, who has written an episode for the next series, gave some little details away about a certain character who could be returning.

"[Suranne Jones] may be an old friend of the Doctor's with a new face". He hinted.

The Rani? Romana? Astrid? The possibilities are endless...!

Regarding the episode, he added, "At one point, I steal a plot from an old episode called The War Games."


Another SJA Trailer (Updated)

They just keep on giving, don't they? :D

Update - and another one!

Saturday, October 2

Review: The Runaway Train

It's weird hearing Matt Smith's voice at first, but pretty soon, his vocal beauty sinks in and it becomes effortlessly entwined with the story. Fortunately for us, Matt's Texan twang is not as cheesy as one would expect. Amy's accent however... not so good. Thankfully, we don't hear her inconsistent babble as much (which is probably the best for the ears.) As Vin would say, "Docterr, that's completely insane."

All credit to composer Simon Hunt, whose wonderful work makes a delightfully creepy atmosphere to back the story. The quick, ominous thuds of thunderous thunder in tense, Western-esque scenes are very heart-jolting.

Oli Smith's masterful writing brings intrigue, as well as simplicity. The story is not overwritten and heavy, instead, it's light and easily understandable. He characterises the Doctor and Amy very well, and you can't help but just laugh at the awkward, zany comments the Doctor makes at the wrong times. Amy's feisty nature is certainly evident in this story, especially her encounter with a group of aggressive men (Eep.)

The only weakness lies during the fast-paced, action scenes (which are prevalent), where the listener would get a tad confused as to who is speaking. Again, Amy's voice comes into this example. Is she Scottish, Texas, American or Liverpudlian?

All in all, the audiobook is very pleasing and a promising start of what is to come.


Out October 7th · Pre-order here.