Planet Gallifrey: August 2011

Wednesday, August 31

Watch: Monster Files #12 - The Cybermats (updated)

Here is a leak-y sneak-y preview of Episode 12, but BEWARE of mega-spoilers! This episode was put on iTunes by mistake and since has spread onto the interwaves. If you wish to remain unspoiled as to the events of later episode in the series, then do not click play!

31/Aug - Updated with a new video.

Who's Got Talent?

Here is Karen belting out the 'Confidential' theme tune, with additions by Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill. And drums by Jamie.

Night Terrors is on at 7pm this Saturday!

Dolls and Dolls

The Daily Star has supposedly leaked a very big spoiler today. It's after the cut if you are tempted!

20 Teasers for Night Terrors

Here are 20 mind boggling teasers, thanks to SFX!

  1. It's 99.9% arc plot free.
  2. It's a small-scale, intimate, claustrophobic episode. The main stars are the shadows.
  3. It's a very simple tale. Perhaps too simple for some tastes. There's little in the actual plot that hasn’t been done in telefantasy before a number of times before.
  4. On the other hand it's rich in atmosphere, and the monsters are freaky.
  5. It has the best use of sound design in the show since "Midnight".
  6. The direction and lighting make even the most mundane settings look eerie and otherworldly.
  7. The Doctor does something he hasn't done in a while.
  8. There's a twin dilemma.
  9. Amy's hair makes her easy to spot.
  10. If you listen carefully to the soundtrack, you'll discover that the episode isn't quite as contemporary as it may seem (though this could just be the production team hoping we're not sad enough to Google these things).
  11. Somebody doesn’t want to be Sherpa Tenzing.
  12. "Maybe it was junk mail?"
  13. The Doctor has a post-modern rebuttal for his real world critics.
  14. Daniel Mays is excellent — he forms a very watchable partnership with Matt Smith and delivers one of the best, "Eh!?"s in the show's history.
  15. The biscuit agenda is back!
  16. Somebody gets floored.
  17. There's a genuinely creepy transformation.
  18. Somebody can't plump for Brian like he normally does.
  19. The show does something it was criticised for back in 1964 . . . and does it big time.
  20. Listen carefully at the end.

Tuesday, August 30

'Night Terrors' US Trailer

... Boo!

Monday, August 29

Sarah Jane Adventures - Series 5

General Series News
  • The show will return in Autumn 2011 with six episode (three stories of two parts).
  • Russell T. Davies speaks of The Sarah Jane Adventures in this interview.
  • No more episode will be or have been made, following Elisabeth Sladen's tragic death.
  • Guest stars include Peter Bowles, Christine Stephen Daly and James Dreyfus.
  • The Shopkeeper from Series 4's "Lost In Time" will return.
  • A new character / 'companion' will be introduced.
  • There will be a new arrival on Bannerman Road who will "change Sarah Jane's life forever."
  • A Sontaran will appear.

1. Sky
  • Written by Phil Ford
  • Sarah Jane discovers a mystery baby on her doorstep. But with explosions, power surges and reports of a Metal man falling from the sky, Sarah Jane is convinced that there's more to the baby than there first seemed.

2. The Curse of Clyde Langer
  • Written by Phil Ford
  • According to Anjli Mohindra, "something awful happens to Clyde."

3. The Man Who Wasn't There
  • Written by Gareth Roberts
  • Includes the appearance of Tommy Knight as Luke

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

Russell T. Davies originally thought about destroying the Big Ben again in 'The Christmas Invasion'!

Daniel Mays on 'Night Terrors'

SFX have done an interview with one of the stars of the next episode, Daniel Mays. Here is a snippet:

What can you tell us about “Night Terrors”?

Mays: “‘Night Terrors’, what it’s about? It’s a stand-alone story: it’s not really connected to the bigger arc of what’s going on in Doctor Who at the moment. It’s about a young boy primarily, called George. His parents are Alex and Claire, played by Emma Cunniffe. It’s a contemporary story set in a tower block, and George is an incredibly sort of nervous young chap of about eight years old. He seems to be absolutely petrified of everything. He can’t sleep; he imagines that there are voices coming from his wardrobe and that his toys are coming to life. He’s a got a really over-active imagination and his parents really are at the end of their tether with it really, particularly Alex. And so a Doctor is brought in to help the situation. I think Alex imagines or thinks that it’s going to be somebody from social services and all of a sudden the Doctor turns up and begins to help him and find out what’s causing these night terrors as the episode unfolds. But there’s other characters within the tower block and you get introduced to them as the episode unfolds as well.”

Watch: 'Let's Kill Hitler' Motion Comic

Kennedy was not supposed to die?!

Sunday, August 28

What we learnt from Let's Kill Hitler

Here is our list of 'stuff' which we learnt from Let's Kill Hitler...

Watch: Let's Kill Hitler

You can watch 'Let's Kill Hitler'. below:

Let's Kill Hitler storms viewing figures

A massive 6.2 million people tuned in to see last night's episode, according to unofficial overnight figures. With a share of 28.7%, it was the most watched episode on BBC One. The X Factor unfortunately stole last night's ratings with 10-odd million.

The figures are also expected to rise, when taking into account the timeshift figures.

Saturday, August 27

Hidden Website Clues!

The Doctor Who website has been hiding some clues, and here is the one put up just after the Let's Kill Hitler premiere:

“When Reason Slept

When Mothers Wept

When soldiers Crept

The Monsters came”

Thanks to Doctor Who TV.

'Night Terrors' quotes and teasers

Thanks to CultBox, we have lots of teasers and quotes for the next episode of Doctor Who!

Next Time: 'Night Terrors'

Let's Kill Hitler - Review

Well the wait was finally over! After months of twiddling our thumbs and jumping enthusiastically over episode teasers, the episode finally aired - but did it deliver?

It's today!

Let's Kill Hitler airs today on BBC One at 7.10pm and 9/8c in the US on BBC America!

Friday, August 26

Exclusive: Cybermats revealed!

The first image of the new Cybermats has been leaked!

Check it out below -

stevedvd The Sunmakers DVD Review

The Sunmakers DVD Review

I don’t think it would be unfair to say the The Sunmakers is one of the lesser regarded Tom Baker stories from perhaps the least discussed season of the Fourth Doctor’s era, Season 15.

Yes Season 15 is a funny old bird. Phillip Hinchcliffe has gone and taken his Gothic Horror era with him, although there is a noticeable hangover from his time in this season with stories such as the wonderful Horror of Fang Rock and the macabre Image of the Fendahl.  Graham Williams has now taken over and the comedy light hearted excesses he would bring to the show become evident towards the end of this run with the epic The Invasion of Time. This story would set the tone for the following two seasons where Tom Bakers over the top eccentricities would know no bounds.  

The Sunmakers is somewhat of a curate’s egg in the middle of all this shifting from one era to the other. Penned by the great Robert Holmes it is essentially one long joke at the expense of the Inland Revenue with Holmes at the time fuming from his most recent tax bill. Although his puns about hierarchy and unnecessary red tape are also thought to be believed to be a not too disguised dig at the BBC management at the time.

The story takes place on Pluto where the planet is heated by several suns, although the light can only be enjoyed by the ruling classes while the working classes dwell below the surface. The wordplay and jokes come thick and fast as the planet is run by the Company, governed by the Collector and the Gatherer, whose armed forces are called the Inner Retinue. If that is not on the nose enough then any people trying to escape this dictatorship flee down the P45 corridor. Not particularly subtle but fun nonetheless.

And that is the overall tone of this story. Nothing is taken too seriously.  Richard Leech as the Gatherer is fantastically over the top and insidious in his dealings with his boss The Collector. And Henry Woolf as The Collector himself is an excellent piece of casting as a strange little creature who barely acknowledges anyone’s presence as he is too busy calculating his wealth.

The under city dwellers are a pretty faceless bunch with only Roy Macready as Cordo garnering any true sympathy from the audience and the rebels scenes are on the whole nothing more than dull padding.

Tom Baker and Louise Jameson give their usual strong performers and Jameson has, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, stated this is her favourite story. Although the twoseome were famously not getting on well off camera this does not translate so screen for me and one of the best Tardis pairings ever are strong in this tale.

Although the Collector and The Gatherer do not impose the same threat throughout the story as say a Sutekh, Krynoid or Fendahl they are nevertheless given polemic endings which stay in the memory. The Collector eventually upsets himself so much he seems to disappear down in a hole in his own chair! Perfectly comical in the vein of the rest of the story.  

However The Gatherer’s ending could not be darker. His demise comes as the under city dwellers create a revolution, capture him, hoist him in the air and throw him off the roof of a very large building. And then they cheer. Quite disturbing really.

Overall this is a fun romp with some hammy characters but one of the more forgettable Tom Baker stories in all honesty.

Overall Story Score: 4/10

DVD Extra’s

The commentary itself is a pleasant enough experience with Tom Baker and Louise Jameson adding their usual value, their modern day friendship clearly shining through. They are joined by Michael Keating who played Goudry and the late Pennant Roberts who directed The Sunmakers.

Running from the Tax Man is a good documentary with reminisces and contributions from all the key players both on screen and off. Where this documentary veers slightly from the usual is the input of historian Dominic Sandbrook who takes Holmes political swipes and puts them in a cultural context as part of 1970’s Britain.

A particular favourite though among the usual Coming Soon and Photo Gallery features is the second and final part of a series looking at the work of Dudley Simpson called The Doctor’s Composer. Simpsons importance to the series should not be undervalued as his music enhances so many classic stories such as Pyramids of Mars and City of Death. He is also responsible for the musical sting that occurs every time Roger Delgado’s Master arrives in a story. Magical stuff and Simpson is simply a likeable and humble chap.

Extra’s 7/10

The Sunmakers DVD Overall Rating: 5/10 

Although personally I could watch any Tom Baker story multiple times, this particular tale for me is at the lower end of the list if you are ranking the Fourth Doctor era. Funny in places with a dark undertone, there simply is not enough threat and too much rebel based dialogue that goes nowhere for me. However it is worth a look and some of the extras are truly fascinating for Doctor Who fanatics.

Piper and Tennant for BBC drama

David T and Billie P are reuniting once again for a BBC drama entitled 'Love Life'. According to The Mirror -

DOCTOR Who duo David Tennant and Billie Piper will join forces on screen for the first time since their stint in the hit sci-fi series.
The pair are to star in five-part series Love Life, which will be unveiled by BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson at the Edinburgh TV Festival this weekend.
Love Life, also starring Jane Horrocks, David ­Morrissey and Ashley Walters, will focus on five affairs in one town
It is also a first for BBC1 with “improvised” scenes.
Mr Stephenson said: “It features some of our very best acting talent working in a way we’ve never seen on screen from them before.”
The series, which has been written by Bafta-winner Dominic Savage, hits TV screens in the New Year.
Well that should be fun!

Thursday, August 25

'SJA' Series 4 DVD news

October 31st sees the release of The Sarah Jane Adventures - Series 4 on DVD and 2|entertain have released a press synopsis:

The fourth series provides ever more thrills and spills. In two special episodes written by Russell T Davies, Sarah Jane is reunited with another of The Doctor’s former companions, Jo Grant. They’re joined by The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) in an alien-busting adventure featuring brand-new vulture aliens, the mysterious Shansheeth and a trip to an alien planet. The series also features fun with enemies old and new, including the terrors of the Nightmare Man and a dangerous journey back into history.

The DVD will also include the serial Pyramid of Mars, as a tribute to the late Elisabeth Sladen. Pyramid of Mars was originally broadcast in 1975 and starred the Fourth Doctor alongside Sarah Jane Smith.

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> Elisabeth Sladen autobiography release details

BBC releases 'The Girl Who Waited' synopsis

And here it is...

Amy is trapped in a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague – a plague that will kill the Doctor in a day – as the time-travelling drama continues.

The Doctor can use the TARDIS to smash through time and break in, but then Rory is on his own. He must find Amy and bring her back to the TARDIS before the alien doctors can administer their medicine.

Rory is about to encounter a very different side to his wife. Can he rescue Amy before she is killed by kindness?

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

The Face of Boe's secret was going to be revealed at the end of 'New Earth' but Davies decided to keep it until 'Gridlock'!

David's no Casanova!

He might have played a romantic in Casanova, but David is certainly not one in real life, or so he says.

When asked about his romances on set, he said, "Well, I mean I have had some girlfriends, and I did meet some of them at work, you know. My bedpost really has very few notches compared with other actors of my, erm, pedigree... I have never really overdone it. You know, I've never had three on the go at the same time. No, because I'm too racked with guilt in every corner of my life to even try to get away with something like that."

David was going out with Sophia Myles during Series 2, a relationship which ended in 2007. He recently had a baby with his current partner, Georgia Moffett, whom he met on set during Series 4.

Wednesday, August 24

Doctor Who is totally 10 different TV shows!

io9 has done a very insightful feature on how Doctor Who has changed since it began and how, really, it is 10 different TV shows.

This one is a particular favourite:

9. A postwar survivor's story:  When Russell T. Davies brought the show back in 2005 — and yes, we're just going to skip the TV movie — he was clever enough to create a whole new backstory. Not by rewriting the show's history, but by adding a new layer. All of a sudden, the Doctor was the last survivor of a terrible war that had wiped out his entire race. The Doctor suffered from survivor's guilt and PTSD, until a young Earth woman helped him to begin rediscovering his connection with humanity. And even though this theme was downplayed somewhat in Davies' later seasons, it still informed the Doctor's relationships and gave him a greater emotional fragility, culminating in a story where the Doctor is willing to give his own life to keep the war from starting all over again. It was probably inevitable that a resurrected Doctor Who would be more character-oriented and arc-driven than the original series, but Davies managed to reinvent the show's mythos in a way that opened up a lot of scope for new drama.

Special episode to air in October

A three-minute episode which was written by Oakley CE Junior School is going to be aired on October 1st on BBC Three.

The school won a competition which began in June, to write a short script for the show. Matt Smith was reportedly bowled over, calling it a "brilliant script" whilst Steven Moffat commended their "skill and enthusiasm."

A behind-the-scenes look at 'Death Is The Only Answer' will be shown on this Saturday's Doctor Who Confidential.

Which previous companion inspires Karen Gillan?

Well here is the answer!

Magazine roundup

The Amazing HuonTron at Combom has rounded up the news from the magazines!

The cast on Let's Kill Hitler

Here is another clip from Doctor Who Confidential where the cast talk about the new episode.

Tuesday, August 23

Let's Kill Hitler images!

Exclusive! Doctor Who to air in 2012

Moffat has confirmed that Series 7 will air in 2012, after much speculation that it wasn't going to.

First of all, we are airing in 2012. The only thing that’s happening is that we’re moving a bit later...There’s lots of reasons for that that will become clear quite soon...It is certainly not a reduced episode count. Do you think the BBC would really let that happen? With an average audience of 10 million?…Doctor Who’s international profile is huge. It’s never been more successful. You’re not going to reduce a show like this. The opposite is going to happen, in fact.

Hurrah! You can read the rest of the interview here.

Today's magazine scans

Thanks to Combom, we have lots of magazine scans for the Doctor Who issues of today's TV magazines!

From The Archive: That bin there!

It was a shocking moment and certainly a VERY clever idea by Russell T Davies, executed perfectly.

Oh to be in 2008 again (!)

Radio Times get all Whoed up

Here is today's Radio Times cover in glorious HQ!

Monday, August 22

Exclusive screencap from Let's Kill Hitler (Updated)

Thanks to dwimage2005, we have an exclusively spoiler-y screencap from Let's Kill Hitler!

Update (22/08/11) - We now also have another scene which explains it a bit more!

Radio trailer for Series 6b

The clips are pretty much all from Let's Kill Hitler, but it's epic nevertheless.

Matt Smith spills in SFX

Here are some interesting snippets from Matt Smith's interview on SFX...

“There are lots more revelations to come, as you’ll see in episode eight. Really great ones, as well. It’s quite strange, because I do find out [the revelations] quite late on in the process. I asked for that to change, this year – we’ll see! I’m just kind of excited when I find any revelation. But I think it’s a good pay-off, so I’m pleased in story terms. I didn’t go ‘Oh really? That’s really rubbish…’ I went ‘Whoa! That’s mental! Brilliant!’
 (more spoilery ones after the jump)

Ding dong, what's going on? (in Episode 13)

Well, we have a bunch of spoiler-y goodness under the cut...

Let's Kill Hitler teasers - Part IV

Digital Spy have joined the club with their 10 teasers for Let's Kill Hitler...

Hitler graces cover of Doctor Who Magazine

Television personality and modern feminist, Hitler, covers the Doctor Who Magazine this month.

Inside this month's issue, you can get the lowdown on 50 people to follow on Twitter, as well as an interview with funnyman David Walliams and various chances to win stuff.

12 quotes from Let's Kill Hitler

Courtesy of King Cameron of Blogtor Who-land, we have 12 quotes from the latest episode of Doctor Who!

  • Now loop the loop.
  • Doctor very lost.
  • I've been hiding for hours.
  • Anyone can tell it was a clever lie!
  • Prepare for tesselation.
  • We need to go later in his time~stream.
  • You see? Time travel, never goes to plan.
  • That blue box? We've got a match.
  • Let's get married.
  • Took me years to find you two.
  • Demon's Run, remember?
  • I'm not Amelia Pond.

Finale title revealed!

The finale has been revealed as...

Series 6b - Roundup

General Series Stuff

8. Let's Kill Hitler

  • Roundup here with all the details you need to know
  • Watch it here
  • Our review

  • 9. Night Terrors

  • Synopsis
  • Interview with Daniel Mays
  • Images
  • Horror in Doctor Who comes in many forms and many places, and a cry of distress reaches the Tardis from the darkest and scariest place in the universe. But where is that exactly? This story began with Mark Gatiss and me chatting on the set of Sherlock. "I’d like to do scary," he said. ‘Do you know where the scariest place in the universe is?’ I’ve known Mark for a while. If he’s decided to tell me where the scariest place in the universe is, I’d better listen. "Where?" I quavered from behind my rapid-deployment Doctor Who fear sofa. "A child’s bedroom" he answered.
  • Teasers + quotes
  • Next Time trailer
  • Confidential clip
  • Spoilers!
  • 20 Teasers
  • New/US Trailer
  • Daniel Mays on Night Terrors
  • Daniel Mays on Night Terrors - 2
  • Our review
  • Watch it

  • 10. The Girl Who Waited
    • Information
    • Images
    • Synopsis
    • Next Time
    • A 'green anchor' is supposedly crucial in the episode.
    • Time travel is more than just an element of Doctor Who – it’s one of the main characters. I’m going to boast now and say that Tom MacRae’s stylish and moving script is one of the best uses of time travel in any story anywhere – mind-blowing and heart-breaking in every twist and turn. The Doctor has been in Amy and Rory’s life for a long while now – far longer than he ever intended. What if something were to go wrong?
      When they step from the Tardis into a strange white waiting room, they’re all about to learn just how wrong time travel can go…
    • Teasers & hints
    • Introduction (Part 1)

    11.  The God Complex

  • Trailer
  • In an impossible hotel, the Doctor, Amy and Rory find themselves checked-in but unable to check out. Walls move, corridors twist, rooms vanish and death lies in wait for every visitor. But the Doctor's time has yet to come.
  • Synopsis

  • 12. Closing Time

    13. The Wedding of River Song

    Doctor Who magazines in trouble?

    According to recent figures, the circulation for both Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures has gone down.

    The statistics from the Audit Bureau of Circulation state that Doctor Who Adventures dropped by 11.7% and Doctor Who Magazine by 8.6% in the January - June period this year. This is a stark contrast to this time last year where both were up by 19.9% and 18% respectively.

    Sunday, August 21

    Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography set for November release

    SFX have confirmed that Elisabeth Sladen's autobiography will be released posthumously on Monday 7th November.

    According to SFX:

    With the support of her husband, Brian Miller, and daughter, Sadie, Aurum will now publish Elisabeth’s memoir in November this year. The book traces Elisabeth’s story from humble beginnings in post-war Liverpool, through a joyful career in the theatre, to unexpected fame alongside Doctors Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. In the process it explores the far from glamorous realities of filming in TV’s golden age, the strange and wonderful world of Doctor Who fandom, and what it was like to return to the show over 30 years after Sarah Jane first set foot in the TARDIS.

    The autobiography originally began before Elisabeth Sladen's death, somewhere in 2009, but had many setbacks.

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    > Edward Russell to do a 'Walk for Lis'

    Who is 'Mels'?

    Mels is a name which has been popping up occasionally when discussing Let's Kill Hitler - but who is she?!

    Well, we know...

    Spoilers under the cut!

    Doctor Who Q&A at the BFI

    Thanks to lifeofwylie, we have a transcripted version of the BFI Q&A. Don't worry, it's spoiler free! Here is a large section of it, but because it's so big, you should head over to lifeofwylie to read the rest.

    bfi doctor who Pictures, Images and Photos

    Q: When you sat down to write the episodes that introduced River Song, did you know what fate had in store for her?

    Steven Moffat: “No. At that point I was just thinking it was kind of a one-off character and she could have been involved in some way or another, who knows, with the 58th Doctor. But Alex (Kingston) was so good that it just seemed such a fun thing to bring her back. By the time I was thinking of Amy Pond – I thought that was pretty bloody obvious, actually – I was thinking, ‘Yes, the reveal could probably be she was the daughter.’ Obviously I needed other get outs – Karen might have left. But from a fairly early point, yeah.

    “The great thing about writing the River Song story is, it looks much cleverer than it is in a way because it’s backwards. From her point of view, of course, it isn’t. But you are telling that story, you are revealing it stage by stage backwards. So like all magic tricks it looks cleverer than it is.”

    Q: To what extent are you (Karen and Arthur) always in on the secret of River Song?

    Karen Gillan: “We did not know for a long time who she was. Not until we got to the readthrough of episode seven. And then we didn’t even find out at the readthrough, we found out in the corridor afterwards – it was a dummy ending, right?”

    Arthur Darvill: “We’re constantly speculating and coming up with things that weren’t as good as what Steven had written.”

    Q: Is it not confusing as an acting experience?

    Karen Gillan: “We know what we need to know.”

    Steven Moffat: “I didn’t tell Matt either. Only Alex knew. But then within the story only Alex knows. And, to be honest, it’s just an awful lot more fun. Especially as Alex took it so seriously that every time she walked up to me on set she’d clutch her hand to her bosom as if she was just a little bit excited talking to me, to cover her radio mic. And I’d stand there watching the three of them standing on the Tardis set going, ‘We’re the leads!’

    “There is a kind of serious side to it. If you tell people what’s coming up in a script, their ability to respond to that script is absolutely diminished. They only have one shot at doing it – they should read the script as the audience will experience, so they can reproduce that feeling. If you tell them everything in advance then you rob that from them.”

    Arthur Darvill: “There’s nothing more exciting than turning up to work and seeing new scripts.”

    Matt Smith on Doctor Who

    Canada's The Chronicle Herald has done an interview with Matt Smith which is worth reading.

    "It was incredible I shall remember it forever," Smith says about Comic-Con. "I’ve never experienced that type of passion and enthusiasm from a group of fans." (His favorite show growing up was The Simpsons and currently he loves True Blood.) As for the Hitler episode, neither Moffatt nor Smith thinks it is as controversial as some fans tried to make it sound.

    Doctor Who bags 5th Hugo Award

    The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang have scooped Doctor Who's fifth Hugo Award, in the 'Best Dramatic Presentation - Short Form' category.

    Also nominated in the same category were A Christmas Carol and Vincent and the Doctor.

    Previous winners include The Waters of Mars in 2010, Blink in 2008, The Girl In The Fireplace in 2007 and The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances in 2006.

    Well done to Steven and the team for a deserved win!

    Watch The Pandorica Opens below!

    'The Girl Who Waited' information

    Thanks to Cameron at Blogtor Who, we have lots of information on 'The Girl Who Waited'- episode ten of the second half of the series.

    Saturday, August 20

    Mime Time with Karen & Arthur

    Taken from the recent Doctor Who screening, here are Arthur and Karen miming upcoming scenes from Doctor Who, and being very secretive about what they are miming!

    Torchwood - Episode 8 trailer

    It looks good!

    From The Archive: Are you my mummy?

    Steven Moffat's d├ębut episode in NuWho was, without doubt, one of the best and scariest ever. It won a Hugo Award in 2006 and also ended up being ranked as the 5th best Doctor Who episode ever in Doctor Who Magazine's recent mega-poll.

    This particular clip still gives us chills!

    Birthday Celebrations!

    Sylvestor McCoy and Sophie Aldred both celebrate their birthdays today, turning 68 and 49 respectively. They were both known for their roles as the 7th Doctor and Ace from 1987 - 1989.

    Watch their first episode together, Dragonfire, below!

    Episode 12 revealed!

    The name of Episode 12 has been revealed as...

    Closing Time!

    In line with the traditional 'onimous' series ending names, I think it works well. Episode 13 is rumoured to be called The Wedding, although this is yet to be confirmed or denied.

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