Planet Gallifrey: September 2011

Thursday, September 29

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

'The Waters of Mars' was originally called 'A Midwinter's Tale' and set on a deserted Earth, with a father looking for his missing family as the Doctor's companion!

Wednesday, September 28

The Fleeting Return (Part 2)

BBC axes Confidential!
The BBC have axed Doctor Who Confidential, due to budget cuts. The last episode will be shown this Saturday.


Xmas Who Filming Pics
Here are some pictures of Matt Smith and Claire Skinner filming the Who-mas special, including Matt donning a new haircut and a space suit.

Saturday, September 24

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

One of the original storylines for 'Planet of the Dead' was a Star Trek spoof, set on Spaceship Endeavour!

Tuesday, September 20

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

'The Impossible Planet' was originally about a group of Slitheen who had been enslaved by humanity and believed that the 'Satan pit' held their god, who would free them.

Loltor Who: Lippty Tappy Too Tah

The Series 3 boxset had an easter egg with the entire 'Message to Martha' which was shown in Human Nature / The Family of Blood. Revisit it below in all its sniggering glory:

Saturday, September 17

The Fleeting Return (Part 1)

Life is ultra hectic, but by mid-October, I will be back on top of things!

Here are some (belated) tidbits to whet your appetites.

Thursday, September 15

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

Various scenes were removed from 'School Reunion', including one where the Krillitane ate the lab rats!

Saturday, September 10

Loltor Who: Q&A with Frieda Agyeman

David Tennant calls in to prank Freema on Virgin Radia. Laughter ensues!

Thursday, September 8

A Message

Hey guys!

Just a little post to say that due to educational commitments, I will not be posting much for a long while. Of course, every Saturday will have a review and stuff of the episode, but aside from that, I won't be putting much up. There will be some automated stuff like the 'Did You Know?'s and Steve will be posting his uh-mayzing Classic Who reviews so enjoy them!

Hopefully I will be able to return to the 'flow' soon, but I hope you appreciate that 'life' stuff comes first!


Tuesday, September 6

Dubstep Who

We came across this amazing dubstep version of the Doctor Who theme tune. It's amazing.

PG Picks: Passion for Fashion

Whether you like it or not, the Doctor is a bonafide fashion icon. Every Doctor has had a certain grandeur with his garb, so have a gander at Planet Gallifrey's pick of his top 5 fashion phenomenon.

5. ????????
The question marks may have been gaudy, but they certainly made an impression! It was probably also the only time the Doctor has referenced the show's name in his clothing... how very daring.

4. Fez' are cool
A relatively recent addition to the 'Who' fashion collection is the Eleventh Doctor's fez. Originally being a source of ridicule in the show, it was gracefully destroyed by River Song at the end of Series 5. I don't think anyone expected it to last long anyone, the red didn't suit him!

3. I'm wearing a vegetable!
The Fifth Doctor donning cricket attire was a marvellous decision, but what made it better was the piece of celery on his lapel. I mean, CELERY. You can't get any better than that, can you?

2. Conversely Speaking
Forget the brown pinstripe suit. Forget the coat that Janis Joplin gave him. The Converses that the Tenth Doctor wore were the 'it' thing of 2006. Not only did they perfectly sum up the Tenth Doctor, but they also became a trademark for Doctor Who fans everywhere (i.e. if you see someone wearing a Converse, they are probably a Doctor Who fan.) But leave the suit/Converse ensemble to the Doctor to pull off.

1. The Scarf
'The Scarf' and 'Doctor Who' almost go hand in hand, even to this day. The legendary knitted creation, supposedly made by Madame Nostradamus, was a personal favourite of the Fourth Doctor's with his bohemian attire. Apparently, Begonia Pope (who made the real scarf) was not told how long it was meant to be and subsequently, ended up using all the wool which was given to her. The producers loved it and it became the Fourth Doctor's trademark. There have also been many variations of the scarf popping up from time to time to cheekily reference it, including appearances in the 1996 movie and The Christmas Invasion.

Over £12,000 raised for 'Walk For Lis'

You may remember us recommending this a few months ago in our '10 Thing To Do When Doctor Who Is Not On' post, but Edward Russell's 'Walk for Lis' has now hit £12,242.85, which is an astonishing achievement and certainly a testament to the love and support of Doctor Who fans for Elisabeth Sladen.

Edward began on the 3rd September and here is his plan:

I am going to walk 160 miles from Cardiff to London!

I'm walking in order to raise money for Meadow House Hospice. This NHS-funded facility recently cared for Elisabeth Sladen, known to many of you as Sarah Jane Smith from the TV series Doctor Who.

Like many of her fans and friends, I was deeply saddened by Lis' death in April 2011 and I hope to raise as much money as possible for this wonderful cause. More details and a target sum are to follow.

Starting on Saturday 3 September, I will walk from the BBC's Upper Boat studios in Cardiff (where SJA was filmed), aiming to arrive at the BBC Television Centre (where Lis first filmed Doctor Who) in London the following Friday. I will largely be following the National Cycling Route No. 4 - walking the equivellent of a marathan every day!

I'll be updating my training progress and adding words from colleagues and friends on my blog

Please dig deep and donate now, in memory of this fantastic lady.

You can donate here.

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

'The Runaway Bride' was going to be the sixth episode of Series 2, but it was replaced with 'Tooth and Claw' and moved to episode 2!

Monday, September 5

15 Teasers for 'The Girl Who Waited'

Doctor Who TV have uploaded 15 teasers for the next episode of Doctor Who!

- It’s the least noticeable Doctor-lite episode there has ever been
- And it’s completely standalone
- Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are on top form throughout and it’s really their episode
- If only Amy hadn’t pushed that button
- “****** are cool, see.”
- Rory is an admirer of fine ‘art’
-“This is a kindness, do not be alarmed”

You can read the rest here.

Loltor Who: Bean Husks & A Terrorist

This is an amazingly hilarious clip from one of the video diaries circa Series Four which had me in STITCHES.


Sunday, September 4

Ratings Roundup

The final viewing figures for Let's Kill Hitler now stand at 8.1 million, after the timeshift viewers were added. The episode itself had a massive impact on iPlayer where nearly 1 million people watched it, but these were not counted.

Meanwhile, last night's Night Terrors aired with a respectable 5.5 million. These figures are dead cert to go up in the next eight days.

Saturday, September 3

Watch: Night Terrors

Thanks to Doctor Who Media for the speedy upload!

Night Terrors - Review

It was creepy, but was it any good? Well, find out what we thought below!

'The Girl Who Waited' teasers

Cult Box have uploaded some teasers and quotes for next week's installment of Who. Check them oot below:

Daniel Mays on 'Night Terrors' - Part 2

Karen Gillan and Tom McRae introduce 'The Girl Who Waited'

Part Two is out next week!

Sarah Jane Adventures - Series 5 teaser

Next Time: The Girl Who Waited

Did You Know?

Did You Know...?

'The Girl in the Fireplace' originally had the working titles 'Madame du Pompadour', 'Every Tick of my Heart', 'Reinette and the Lonely Angel' and 'Loose Connection'!

Mistletoe & Who

(c) Stez Hughes
Christmas filming may well be underway, according to some sources! A canal boat was spotted, which is set to go up in flames but after it is seen by the Doctor. (Source)

Thursday, September 1

Steven Moffat interview on AOL

AOL did a fantastic and insightful interview with The Moff, which can be read here. In the interview, Moffat reveals some of the histories of his decisions...

I'm interested in the conception of the River Song story. In 'Silence in the Library,' did you already know she was going to be the daughter of a companion?

Oh no, no. I mean, it was one possible theory. Why is it somebody who's got such connections, who would that be? Is it just a future companion? What if it's somebody's got a lifelong commitment to the Doctor or his companion? So when I introduced Amy, I kept my options open [and used the name Pond]. I thought I was doing [the name thing] in plain sight and nobody [caught] it for a long while. But I didn't know at the time Karen was going to stay long enough for that story to come off. I didn't know if Alex would keep coming back.

Doctor Who Cornfidential: 'A River Runs Wild'

Here is the US preview of the 'Confidential' counterpart to Let's Kill Hitler:

BBC releases 'The God Complex' synopsis

Here it is!

The TARDIS lands in what looks like an ordinary hotel, as the time-travelling drama continues. But the walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish. There is a room for every visitor that contains their deepest, darkest fears. Fears that will kill them. What lies in the Doctor's room? And when his turn comes, will he welcome death like all the rest?

The Doctor is played by Matt Smith, Amy by Karen Gillan, Rory by Arthur Darvill and Gibbis by David Walliams.

And here is the preview again, if you missed it:

SFX magazine: Steven's guide to Series 6

Thanks to Combom for this!

Steven's not leavin'!

The Moff has insisted that he has no plans to leave the show just yet.

Talking to AOL, he said, "I haven't got any kind of plans to leave, I take it one season at a time... I'd like to get out before it kills me. But it's not killing me at the moment. I'm loving doing it, so I have no immediate plans to leave."

Well thank goodness for that!

From The Archive: The Hand of Fear

With Elisabeth Sladen's unfortunate passing earlier this year, and the final episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures airing soon, it is only fitting to look back at some of her high points. This particular episode marked her last in the classic series (not counting her return in the special, The Five Doctors). Elisabeth portrayed Sarah Jane beautifully in this episode, which one of the reasons why it is always seen as a must-watch Classic Who episode.