Planet Gallifrey: January 2012

Friday, January 27

Trailer: The Decoy Bride

Here is the trailer for David Tennant's next on-screen outing as James Arber in The Decoy Bride. The film will hit cinemas on March 9th with a DVD released on March 12th.

The synopsis reads...

When the wedding of internationally famous film star Lara Tyler (ALICE EVE) to tweedy English author James Arber (DAVID TENNANT) is sabotaged by a paparazzo, they decide to relocate the event to the one place where the world’s press won’t find them: the sleepy Island of Hegg, as featured in James’ bestselling novel The Ornithologists Wife. But to the shock of Lara’s P.A Steve Korbitz (MICHAEL URIE), the reality of the island is different from the romanticised picture James has created (without ever visiting), and he has to transform this fantasy world before the superstar arrives.

However, dilapidated buildings and greedy islanders are the least of the problems that the wedding party and their Hollywood entourage have to deal with, as Marco (FEDERICO CASTELLUCCIO) the ingenious paparazzo tracks them down in his mission to photograph the celebrity wedding of the year.

Steve and his assistant Emma (SALLY PHILLIPS) must find a decoy bride and think that local girl Katie (KELLY MACDONALD) will be an ideal replacement. But when Katie meets James, sparks fly, dresses get ruined and love gets complicated.

Will Katie be able to fool the awaiting media and live up to being a stand-in for the world’s most famous movie star? Can an ordinary girl fill the most famous Manolos on the planet? And whatever will happen to her pledge never, under any circumstances, to fall in love again?

Watch: We'll Take Manhattan

Karen Gillan stars in a drama set in the 60s, which recounts the Vogue photoshoot which changed fashion forever... Karen plays Jean Shrimpton, an unknown model who shot to fame as a result.


Wednesday, January 25

Doctor Who bags 2 NTAs!

Congratulations to Matt Smith and Karen Gillan who won a National Television Award for Best Actor and Best Actress!

Doctor Who was nominated for Best Drama, but lost to Downton Abbey.

Tuesday, January 24

Russell T Davies is back!

The legend behind the revival of Doctor Who is back with a brand new TV show!

Russell T Davies (the T stands for nothing) is to return to TV with a new television series entitled Aliens vs. Wizards, to be shown on CBBC. Expected to air in Autumn this year, the show sees a 16-year old wizard and his friend battling to save Earth from an alien race: the Nekross.

Writing for children in the biggest challenge of all and I think CBBC stands right at the heart of broadcasting. So I'm delighted to launch this show, a true nationwide collaboration – a Salford commission from a BBC Wales team. We're joining genres too – the show's a wild, funny, thrilling and sometimes scary collision of magic and science fiction.

Davies' last venture was The Sarah Jane Adventures, which ended last year. Another Davies production is also in the works to be shown in the US.

Saturday, January 7

Karen Gillan on The Graham Norton Show

K-Gill was on it last night, watch below! She discusses Amy leaving and her new role on TV...

Friday, January 6

Poll Time!

Thursday, January 5

Sarah Jane Adventures DVD news

The BBC will be releasing two Sarah Jane Adventures DVD sets on February 6th.

The first is the Fifth (and final) Series, which will be accompanied with the special feature entitled "Goodbye Bannerman Road - Remembering Elisabeth Sladen" including contributions from Matt Smith, amongst others. The second is the complete SJA boxset, including all five series.

Both items are available for pre-order here and here.