Planet Gallifrey: Daleks

Monday, August 27


Home Planet: Skaro
Life Form: Cybernetic Organism

A Dalek is equipped with:
  • A single mechanical eye-stalk mounted on a rotating dome
  • A gunstalk containing a 'death ray'
  • They can also be fitted with a projectile weapon
  • A telescoping robot manipulator arm.
  • Adaptation of trays, mechanical claws, or other specialized equipment like flamethrowers and blowtorches.
Daleks have used their plunger-like manipulator arms to interface with technology, crush a man's skull, measure the intelligence of a subject, and extract the brainwaves from a man's head.

Dalek casings are made of a bonded polycarbide dubbed 'dalekanium'. The lower half of a Dalek's shell is covered with protrusions — 'Dalek bumps'. These are described as 'sense globes' or sensors and are also part of a self-destruct system. The armor has a forcefield that evaporates most bullets and absorbs most types of energy weapons.

The creature inside the mechanical casing is repulsive in appearance and vicious even without its mechanical armor. The first-ever glimpse of a Dalek mutant was a claw peeking out of the shell. The actual appearance of mutants has varied, but in most cases they are octopoid, multi-tentacled creatures, having one eye and an exposed brain.
In 'Dalek', The Doctor described the Dalek as a genius: it could run through an electronic lock's billion combinations in seconds and download all of the information on the internet into its memory, showing the union of the biological and mechanical components.
For many years, it was thought that due to their gliding motion Daleks were unable to tackle stairts. The Doctor once escaped the Daleks by climbing up a tower and characters escaping up a flight of stairs in the episode 'Dalek' made this same joke. However, the Daleks showed a new ability of being able to hover up the stairs. The various appearances of the Daleks in the new series have featured Daleks hovering and flying using an energy thruster.

History within the show
When the Daleks first appeared, they were presented as the descendants of the Dals, mutated after a brief nuclear war between the Dal and Thal races. However, in a later episode, the Dals were now called Kaleds, and the Dalek design was attributed to one man, the crippled Kaled chief scientist and evil genius, Davros.
Instead of a short nuclear exchange, the Kaled-Thal war was portrayed as a thousand-year-long war fought with nuclear, Biological and chemical weapons causing widespread mutations among the Kaled race. Davros experimented on living Kaled cells to find the ultimate mutated form of the Kaled species and placed the subjects in tank-like 'travel machines'.
The Daleks were thought to have been destroyed by The Doctor in the Time War, along with the race of the Time Lords. However, a single Dalek made an reappearance appearing to be the sole survivor. And later on, The Dalek Emperor returned, having rebuilt the Dalek race with human subjects. These Daleks and their fleet were reduced to subatomic particles in 'The Parting of the Ways'.
Later, the Cult of Skaro were introduced. These was a group of four Daleks: Dalek Sec, Dalek Caan, Dalek Jast, Dalek Thay, who were the only Daleks is existence to be given an imagination so that they could create battle strategies and plans. They had survived the Time War by escaping into the Void between dimensions.
After trying and failing to repopulate the Dalek race and destroy Earth, the Cult of Skaro began experiments that were attempting to force a Dalek evolution by crossing their DNA with humans. Dalek Sec volunteered and became the first human/dalek hybrid, however the three remaining Daleks rebelled and destroyed him. The Cult also attempted to create humans with Dalek personalities but this attempt failed after the Doctor interfered, Jast ahd Thay were destroyed and Caan escaped via another temporal shift. It is believe that Cann is the last remaining Dalek.

The Daleks returned again with Davros, in a bid to conquer the universe. They were defeated in their plan when Donna, as the DoctorDonna destroyed the Daleks and Davros presumably died in the flames.

Broken Dalek saucers were seen outside the smashed Citadel in The End of Time, where it was revealed that the Time Lords planned to have an armistice with the Daleks.

The Daleks returned once again with a new design in 'Victory of the Daleks'.

Episodes appeared: The Daleks, the Chase, the Daleks Master Plan, The Five Doctors (briefly), Genesis of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks, Ressurection of the Daleks, Frontier in Space, Planet of the Daleks, Destiny of the Doctors the Dalek Invasion of Earth, Death to the Daleks, Day of the Daleks, Dalek, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways, Army of Ghosts, Doomsday, Daleks in Manhattan, Evolution of the Daleks, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, The End of Time (briefly) Victory of the Daleks, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang


Anonymous said...

this is a great dalek info page ty mate i am a huge fan of doctor who

from ashley .s age 13

Anonymous said...

this is a great dalek info page ty mate i am a huge fan of doctor who

from ashley .s age 13

Anonymous said...

By any chance do you think that Dalek Cann is the Dalek that appears in the 1st season's "Dalek" it took place in 2012 and the one Dalek Cann was in "Evolution of the Dalek", was in the 1950's, so it could work. Do you agree?

Jess said...

It could be, there's every possibility...


The Dalek in "Dalek" was a soldier from the Time War and I don't think Cann ever fought in the war. He was a part of the Cult of Skaro who thought up battle plans because they had imaginations.

Also, if it was Cann, he would have recognized Rose from Doomsday.

Anonymous said...

whilst most of your dalek info page is correct, part of it is not, the part regarding the flying up the stairs, you are stating that it is new to the newer series when in fact in revealation of the daleks, a dalek being created flew around and exterminated the grave robbers.In rememberance of the daleks, sylvester mccoy got the shock of his life in the school cellar when the dalek flew up the stairs after him shouting 'exterminate', hence making this ability considerably older than what people give credit for.

Anonymous said...

does the doctor ever say exactly what he did to end the timewar, like how he destroyed both races?

Anonymous said...

in answer to your question!

He used the crucible a giant planet destroyer (kind of like the thing in parting of the ways) it kills everything in a radius that covers skaro and gallifrey

reasons why series 4 has to have the time war:
1. tons of companions

2. Daleks, cybermen, master and others have been introduced

3. in episode 13 the crucible will be seen

4. An old villain (enemy D) D - Davros

Anonymous said...

I think that they got the name wrong, it isn't Crucible it's CRUCIFORM, from the episode Last of the Time Lords

Jess said...

No, set reports say very clearly that the Daleks mention a crucible, or the crucible, or a crucible of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Dalek JAST (Rose's mum's initials- Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler) - one of the many coincidental things RTD chucks in to whip up speculative comment online. And no one's mentioned it...

timeagent922 said...

Good idea but you do realise your suggesting Jackie Tyler's a dalek but that's highly unlikely since Jackie Tyler was human in doomsday and the dalek Jast was a dalek. So that's not really concidental.

Scorpio said...

Wait that is a good point Jackie Tyler may become a dalek in episode 11,12 or 13 of this series and then fall through time with no memory of any human thoughts!

Anonymous said...

"Good idea but you do realise you're suggesting Jackie Tyler's a dalek but that's highly unlikely since Jackie Tyler was human in doomsday and dalek Jast was a dalek. So that's not really coincidental."

No, I'm not suggesting she's a dalek. I'm saying her initials are JAST, which of course is a coincidence which I presumed RTD had put in to make people think. I was just wondering if anyone else had noticed.

Will said...

The Crucible is Davros' ship. All of the stolen planets i.e. Pyrovillia, Adipose 3, Lost Moon of Poosh, are placed around the Crucible for something. Just a theory, but presumably, Davros wants to destroy reality as all of the planets mentioned have strong magnetic fields and they rearange into the optimum pattern. Also, The Medusa Cascade is an Interuniversal rift and the Crucible is right in the middle of it.
Any Questions, just send me an email.

Doctor who fan said...

how pity because davros is sppouse to be dead he using a escape pod or Emenrcy temapoal shift to hide to create more daleks to destroy all life forms

Doctor who fan said...

Hee haa!!!!in 2010 If steven moffat don t want daleks with davros in specials 2009 and series 5 and beyond even series 6 or steven moffat want daleks with davros in specials 2009and series 5 and beyond even series 6 that he s choice beside davros had escape may he using Emenrcy temapoal shift or he using escape pod for last second that mean davros with his daleks will appear in specials 2009 and series 5 and beyond even series 6 don t arguing with me because I got things to do and see in planet gallifrey so goodbye good luck and had fun remember who s with me

Maddy said...

Simply fabulous. Just what I was looking for.

Anonymous said...

I Luv the daleks, they are fantastic.