Planet Gallifrey: Interview: Sophie Aldred

Sunday, November 20

Interview: Sophie Aldred

Now I could write a cringeworthy intro about how amazing Sophie Aldred is, but I don't need to. Because she is. And I interviewed her. Also, she has the nicest voice ever.

Mac: Have you been enjoying today's show?
Sophie: It's been a fantastic event! I arrived a little late because of the trains, but it has been so lovely to catch up with everybody again, particularly the girls - Katy Manning, Sarah Sutton and Deborah Watling. It's always so lovely to have a good old chinwag with them and get together.

Mac: So in The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sarah Jane addressed many companions and one of them was Dorothy, who supposedly ran a charity called A Charitable Earth, the initials being A.C.E. What do you think Ace would be doing in 2011?
Sophie: Well when I first heard that, I thought, Oh no, I can't imagine Ace doing charity work! And then I had another think and thought, well actually, if she was doing anything it would be like Greenpeace, direct action in space, and I actually thought that it was a really great idea that she could be behaving her normal self and using unorthodox methods but helping and giving to people who needed it.

Mac: It was reported a few months ago that you were doing a Cbeebies show with David Tennant. How's that going?
Sophie: It's going really well! We're actually having a preview next week, I think. So we're just going to be seeing a couple of episodes on the big screen. It's actually coming out in March and David and I are just starting to film a few things for publicity, so watch this space!

Mac: Great! When I was younger, I remember you on Words and Pictures and then a few years later on Zzzap! as Minnie the Magician. Would you say that your home was on children's TV?
Sophie: I guess. I suppose that's what i did a lot of. Perhaps I'll come back and do some 'grown up' TV? I did do some grown up TV, but not as much as children's. I do love working for children and it was wonderful time I had doing those things but maybe when I come back, I'll be a bit old so maybe I'll have to do some grown-up telly. We all have to grow up eventually! (chuckles)

Mac: And finally, how do you feel about Ace's fanbase running strong to this day?!
Sophie: Oh I am so delighted! Without the fans, we wouldn't get the opportunity to come here and meet up with each other and have a laugh. I really, seriously believe that there would not have been a new series if it was not for the support of the fans. So yeah, keep 'em coming! 

Thank you so much for the interview!
Sophie: Oh my pleasure!