Planet Gallifrey: Mini episode for Children In Need?

Monday, November 14

Mini episode for Children In Need?

It looks like we might not be getting just a Christmas special preview... but some mini episode(s) too?

According to Doctor Who's official Twitter page...

There's an extra special treat for #DoctorWho fans on Friday’s Children
in Need… Or at least there will be if things go according to plan!

Hurray! Things ARE going according to plan! Steven Moffat’s mini-script has just hit the in-boxes of a lucky few… Must look over shoulders…

Great! We can confirm that Matt Smith will be back in the bow-tie soon because the Doctor returns on Friday night in Children in Need.

We’ve seen the short script and it is NOT what you’d expect. Oh, it’s funny and fast and Doctorish and brilliant… but not what you’d expect…



george said...

I am glad :) But I hope it wasn't like the comic relief one. A whole plot line revolving around Amy's...... I do think sometimes Doctor Who has gone a little far past family fun