Planet Gallifrey: Sixth Doctor

Monday, August 27

Sixth Doctor

Former Doctor Who Colin Baker has returned to the set of the hit show after 20 years.

He met latest Doc David Tennant and co-star Kylie Minogue as they filmed the Christmas special.

Baker, 64, said: “The atmosphere was as special as I remembered it.

“I had a moment of envy seeing David surrounded by bizarre aliens.

“We chatted. And I met Kylie Minogue, who was relishing the opportunity to demonstrate her acting prowess on TV again.”

Baker, who was appearing at the theatre in Cardiff near to the BBC1 set, added: “It looks like it will be a superb Christmas special.”


Doctor who fan said...

actually the 5th doctor return in tardis(but not the 6th doctor he could return one day when it the 11th doctors) that the 10th doctor is in tardis try to go somewhere in space and time.