Planet Gallifrey: October 2007

Sunday, October 28

Series 4 - Castle fun

The Time Lord landed at Margam Castle this week and avid fans of TV show Doctor Who were there to capture the scenes. Steven Price, of Sand Lane, Briton Ferry, took pictures as David Tennant and Catherine Tate filmed at the historic site.
It's not very big... sorry

He said: "They were doing different scenes around the castle. I was there by chance. David Tennant and a girl dressed as a soldier were in one scene I saw filmed."

There was nothing which suggested what episode that they were filming, but it could possibly be a prequel to 'The Shakespeare Code' where we find out what the Doctor did to annoy Elizabeth the 1st so much. Lets just keep hoping!

Sunday, October 21

Children In Need

The Tenth Doctor meets the Fifth Doctor.

David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is set to meet Peter Davison's Fifth Doctor in a special scene commissioned for BBC One's Children in Need.

The scene, entitled Time Crash, was written by award winning Doctor Who writer Steven Moffatt, and will transmit as part of the Children in Need fund raising evening on Friday 16 November 2007.

"It is an honour for me to be able to make the connection between the Fifth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor," noted Peter Davison. "However, now is not the time for sound-bites. I can feel the hand of history on my shoulder, even if I can't do the buttons up!"

And, if it follows on chronologically (which we can assume it does otherwise it would make no sense!) then it'll either be in the TARDIS, which will have a ship stuck through the wall, or actually on the Titanic! But if it is, I doubt we shall meet Astrid just yet.

Additional: Just found this on a website. Enjoy it!
The story so far. Something happens in the vortex and the 5th Doctor and 10th Doctor's TARDISes crash. (Timewinds cause the 5th Doctor to age a bit). The 10th Doctor is extremely upset that this has happened but they somehow have to extricate the two TARDISes.

So... if it's following chronologically... is the Titanic the 5th Doctor's TARDIS?? Or was there something like a motorway crash within the vortex that includes both the TARDISes and the Titanic... which wouldn't be the actual ship but a ghost/spaceship version...? I'm a tad confused...

More photos and stuff.... (added 6th November)

Davison and tenth Doctor David Tennant will appear together in a special episode called Time Crash.
The pair teamed up for the special, which will be screened as part of the BBC's Children in Need charity night, in a programme which sees the two doctors team up to thwart an alien.

Veteran actor Davison, 56, who played the Doctor from 1981 to 1984 admitted he was tongue-tied when he first met 36-year-old Tennant on the set.

He said: "I only found out afterwards that he was a fan of my Doctor, because he sent me a very nice text saying that he was at first a bit tongue-tied.

"We were feeling the same, in a way, for different reasons.... But it was enormous fun working with him, because I go quite fast when I'm acting - it's quite energetic, and he is as well."

Davison succeeded Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor), at the age 29. He was and still is the youngest actor to assume the lead role.
(Taken from the Daily Mail)

Ahhhh.... so there's an alien involved, is there??? Hmmm... that puts a new spin on things don't it? So maybe, its nothing to do with the crash at all, but it would still have to follow chronologically, so... will there be a Titanic simply stuck through the TARDIS wall? Or will it have nothing to do with the end of 'Last of the Time Lords'?


Most of all the set reports for episode 17 and 18 can't be confirmed as being in either special... I've made the best guess I can as the where which scene fits but I could be very very wrong.

So, I figured it was time for a post for the 'goodness knows!' scenes.

Scene ???
Filming was going on in Penarth with the Doctor and TARDIS.
He seems to be wearing different clothes here though so I'm really confused about where it should belong...

There's no report for the actual scene, but here's the aftermath of it:

So a 'HM prison, Broadfell' sign and an explosion... someone's in prison? Was the Doctor busting them out?

Scene ???
Covered by a set report from Martinc:
Got back a while ago - there was still filming going on in the docks at about 5. They were round the back of the docks, filming on some piles of rubble.

No idea what they were actually filming, but I did notice all the crew were wearing high-viz jackets for health and safety, and the cast weren't - which made them a bit easier to spot. I *think* I saw DT walking towards the crew (long brown coat - probably him), and I also saw someone with bleached hair in a hoody stood on top of one of the piles of rubble. I'm not certain it was john simm, but it looked like him.

Scene ???
Filming inside St. Augustine's Church in Penarth. During this a coach full of extras dressed as choirboys and people in suits arrived. Apparently Wilf and the Doctor were inside as well as the actress Claire Bloom!

Scene ???
At a stretch I could guess this might be episode 17 since thats where I've placed all the other Donna scenes. But then I could be wrong about them as well!

Filmed in the alley behind the house, this scene was between Donna and the Master.

Although the scene wasn't witnessed, the alley was dressed with red bin bags with christmas decorations spilling out and a plastic santa face on one gateway. There were also 3 big crashmats.

According to Scooty, these two men (Bow tie & white hair) were were filming with Tate and Simm in the alleyway

Simm was also reported to be carrying a mask - a human face, with some grey hair.

Filming in Caerphily Castle, inside the East Gatehouse, in the Constable's Hall and Broase Gallery. The Hall apparently looks grand & is newly refurbished. The gallery is apparently a narrow passageway above the Great Hall.

Constable's Hall (below)

Alun: "I saw two supporting actresses in matching white blouses, black trousers, chunky black shoes. One was blonde, one with black hair. Couldn't recognize either. I was reminded of the two who left Tredegar House with coats over their heads, white labcoats, black trousers and chunky shoes. Then again, since they're supporting artists and probably not well-known, why hide their faces?"

Apparently Danny Hargreaves is there as well as a green screen, so most likely there'll be some sort of explosion/special effects

Scene ???
Covered by a brilliant set report and photos from emmag892:
Whilst out and about with friends yesterday i got a call from a relative who informed me that a load of vans were parked up in WOOKEY HOLE CAVES car park... 

DT turned up about half six and went straight into his trailer... We then walked back to behind the base and stayed there for a bit but everybody seemed a bit edgy, DT was running everywhere so nobody could get a good picture, and there was a few extras dressed it what i could only describe as tunics kinda monk like.

I overheard them saying they were filming in the "witches parlour cave" bit which from visting before is quite deep in the caves. At about 7.40 pm DT then got into a car and drove away to the caves which is when we left.

You can see a 360 degree tour around the Witches Parlour here and it seems very other-worldly indeed!

And monk-like people makes me think (or maybe just hope) that its Time Lords. Then again, I'm sure it could be anyone.

Scene ???
Filming took place today on the upstairs floor of Tiger Tiger.
And who was there? Well according to all the fantastic people who stood outside for hours on end:
  • Tennant in his brown suit
  • Barrowman in dark blue shirt
  • Jimmy Vee as a Graske
  • A slitheen
  • Monks
  • Mysterious women
  • Red & white aliens
The CGI people were there as well, so perhaps there'll be some CGI aliens?

AND apparently Russel Tovey (Midshipman Frame) was there as well in a black military-style uniform and short hair.

The monks also seem link they're the same ones that were filming inside the caves recently... Time Lordy perhaps?

And the red and white aliens look similar to background characters seen in New Earth (in the hospital) and in Gridlock (in separate cars)

So its all insane! Goodness knows whats going on. Theres speculation that this might be for a scene that was cut from 'The Stolen Earth' where almost all the aliens from New Who where in the Shadow Proclaimation and Midshipman Frame was a soldier for them.

Scene ???
Theres been speculation that the Doctor visits all his companions and friends towards the end of his life, just to see them one last time and kinda say goodbye. So jumping to giant conclusions, this could be the Doctor doing just that for Donna, which would mean it was in ep18. But then that could be dead wrong!

Filming was at Marshfield church for Donna's wedding (yup, another one)

Wonder who she's marrying this time... apparently it may be a black actor, but this is unconfirmed. Either way, its definitely not a flashback since its a different dress.

Image courtesy of FanaticalWhovian :)

The first scene filmed was of Donna running into the church, and the second seemed to be after the wedding where the guests were having photos taken of them.

As well as this, the TARDIS was hanging around and the Doctor was also seen coming out of it.

So I guess he's either crashing the wedding because of some lurking evil... or he's merely watching Donna from afar, happy that she's finally found someone maybe?

Is that the Doctor in the corner there?

A huge thanks to Alun.vega, Ahremsee, Scooty, Brigade Leader, Simon, Dougggie, Kazters, Emma, FanaticalWhovian, Prot, mosthauntedjp & Beth

I salute you! And anyone else who reported this!

Tuesday, October 16

Rebirth - Chapter 11

The General paced up and down in front of the three intruders. It would soon be quickly established that he was the human equivalent of an excitable bulldog. Once he had something fixed into his head, he found it very hard to let it go, unless of course someone distracted him with a shiny ball or lump of wood (not literally). At this point in time, the only thing he was thinking was that these three strangers should not be in this room, and therefore, they were breaking the law - something that he had a large say in.

‘Rrrright!’ he barked, ‘I hwant to know hwat you think you were doing, and I hwant to know it now!’

The Doctor watched him as he stalked backwards and forwards.
‘Look,’ he said, ‘if you’d just–’
‘Silence!’ screamed the General.

He turned smartly on his heel and pushed his eccentric face towards the Doctor’s. ‘I am asking the questions here, understand? Hyou are trespassing on government premises, without permit or authorization I may add–’
‘Some government,’ murmured Madison.
‘Silence!’ shrieked the General again.

'Well, I’m sorry,’ she replied sarcastically, ‘but so far, all I’ve seen your soldier-boys do is run around in circles and cry for their mummies!’ there was a muffled rumble as another bomb landed somewhere far above them.
‘What are you going to do about it?’ Madison demanded.
The General looked mildly confused. ‘About hwat?’
‘The war, you stupid idiot!’ She lent backwards as the General’s quivering finger was waved threateningly in her face.

‘Now you listen to me,’ the General growled. ‘Hwe have been analyzing the enemy and are at this moment coming up with the solution to the problem,’ the room shook and some dust sprinkled down from the ceiling, ‘everything is under control!’ he screeched above the growl of explosions.

The Doctor glanced upwards at the cracked ceiling. ‘If that roof falls on us, I… I really won’t be happy,’ he said. ‘There’ve been too many roofs collapsing on me recently.’

‘Silence!’ screamed the General, thrusting his podgy finger towards the Doctor’s bemused face. There was a moment’s pause as the wide eyed man tried to stare down the Time Lord before he found he had the irresistible urge to blink. Wrenching his eyes away, the General glanced down at Fyffe, who was smiling faintly while standing with her hands clasped together behind her back. He crouched down so that he was level with her face.

‘And who are you, little girl?’ he asked, suddenly trying to sound jolly and ending up looking more like a disgruntled farmer with heavy constipation. Fyffe smiled sweetly at him, but kept her mouth firmly clamped shut.

‘She might not talk to you,’ guessed the Doctor, ‘she tends to take what you say to her very literally, and you told us to–’
The General’s head snapped up. ‘Silence!’
The Doctor nodded, ‘sorry, sorry.’

Madison glanced at the Doctor and rolled her eyes at the General, shaking her head as she vented her exasperation. ‘Look,’ she said, trying to sound calm, ‘I’m Madison Carter; I live on the east flats at the back of the Mill… the ones that are sill standing anyway. These two,’ she indicated Fyffe and the Doctor with her head, ‘they’re arrived just after the bombs–’

‘Ah Ha!’ The General shot upright with a triumphant look on his face and glowered at the Doctor, ‘Spies then are we?’
‘What? No!’

As though the General wanted to clarify his position in things, he moved away from Fyffe’s innocent smile and waved his finger in the Doctor’s face. ‘I’m asking the questions here,’ he growled.
In reply, the Doctor frowned in mock puzzlement and said: ‘are you?’
The General blinked. ‘Yes!’
‘Does it give you a sense of authority?
The General shifted, ‘…a sense of…’

‘Authority,’ prompted the Doctor. ‘Y’know, you’re standing here with your soldier boys and their big menacing guns all pointed at us. We can’t do anything, completely under your control, and then you start pacing backwards and forwards being all threatening and asking all the questions… this is you asserting your authority, don’t you think? And trust me it’s very impressive, I almost fear for my life.’

Madison watched the Doctor closely. He was staring intently at the General and had such a look of honesty and truth in his face, she could almost believe the fear he was claiming he had. But… she had seen into his eyes, and knew there was no way he could be afraid.

Madison bit her lip and tried to suppress a smirk at the oblivious face of the General. It had suddenly occurred to her that the General couldn’t see past the Doctor’s act, and the conversation between them was suddenly starting to become very funny. In response to what the Time Lord has said, the General inflated his chest in pride.

‘I have the authority to do anything I hwant,’ he said, ‘with the Mayor temporarily absent; I have complete command of the city.’
The Doctor raised his eyebrows. ‘No!’

Shaking his head in mock disbelief, the Doctor nudged Madison with his elbow. ‘Can you believe that?’ he said, ‘this man is in charge.’ Madison said nothing, unsure if she would be able to keep a straight face. The Doctor shook his head and gave the General a look of complete admiration.

‘Now that,’ he said, his voice overflowing with sarcastic approval, ‘that is something to be proud of.’ The Generals chest inflated a few inches further as the Doctor beamed at him. ‘What happened to the Mayor in order to finally promote you to this most esteemed of roles?’ he asked.

‘Oh, she’s been missing for over two weeks now,’ said the General, still glowing under the Doctors lavished awe. ‘I’ve been maintaining the city for a while now. Of course, the first thing I did was change all the old defensive strategies, pointless guards on the gates, stupid sentry duty along all the walls, that sort of thing, and I put my own in place.’

There was a sudden stillness in the room.
With a smile fixed firmly upon his face, the Doctor gave a single slow nod. ‘Yes… and that worked well, did it?’

‘Weeeeeeell,’ the General said, scratching his cheek, ‘we’re still flattening out a few bumps and all, but it seems to be working fine…’ Madison shot the Doctor a look of horror at the stupidity of the man.

‘Of course,’ continued the General, ‘the new regime has nothing to do with the war. That was a matter of timing and chance.’

The Doctor nodded hurriedly, ‘of course, of course… but,’ he waved his hand in a vague gesture, ‘say… for example, the Mayor had gone missing because there was a planned attack, and then you go and change all the defensive strategies…?’

‘Oh… we’d have known all about that,’ said the General jovially. ‘Everything is under control now that I’m in charge.’

Once again, the Doctor was forced to give a sarcastic nod. ‘Yes, I can see…’ he said, the fake approval once more dripping off his voice, ‘and… because you’re the one who’s now in charge… that’s why you’re asking all the questions? Is that right?’

The General jerked his head downwards is a sharp nod. ‘That is affirmative,’ he said.
‘You do it very well,’ commented the Doctor.
In response, the General ripped off a smart salute. ‘Thankyousir!’

There was a faint creaking sound from the corner of the room that was completely overlooked by the General, but it was loud enough for Madison to realize that the six silent guards were trying very hard to stifle their sniggers. The Doctor’s eyes flickered to the guards then back to the General.

‘It’s just that –’
There was another loud snort that was successfully turned into a hurried cough, and from the guards came a low snuffling as they fought to swallow their laughter. Several of them were going very red in the face, and even Madison was fighting to stop the corners of her mouth from moving. In the small space, an almost silent whisper was heard running through the men:

The General just saluted the prisoner!

And then the General’s slow brain caught up with what had just happened. His mouth tightened into a thin white line, his eyed slowly widened, and his face began to glow into an almost fluorescent red.

The Doctor’s face adopted a brief manic smile before it snapped back into a neutral expression of perfect calmness. He stood still and watched a vain begin to pulse on the Generals left temple, waiting for whatever the man could throw at him. He had known what he was doing, had known the possible consequences, but knew it was worth it. Although he may have not been able to find anything he understood on the cities so called ‘data base’, at least now he had some information to go on: a missing Mayor.

In front of him, the General looked as though he was about to explode. The Doctor considered him. This man was an idiot, that much was obvious, but what was more worrying was that he was arrogant… Arrogant idiots often have very little but their pride, and if you break it, they have no wit to fall back on, only violence.

In a swift movement of scarcely controlled fury, the General took two long strides forward, and brought his fit swinging round in rage fueled violence. He punched the Doctor hard in the face, baring his teeth as though he were a wild animal. Madison gasped and Fyffe let out a curious shriek as though she herself had been wounded. The movement was sudden and horrifying and the Time Lord recoiled backwards under the blow.

At the sudden outburst of the General, the six guards rushed forward from their corners in the room. Both Fyffe and Madison were grabbed roughly by their shoulders and the final two guards rushed forward and grabbed the Doctor under his arms, half supporting him and half constraining him as he stumbled.

Once all three were secure, the General stalked forward and glared maliciously down at the Doctor. His face contorted in an ugly expression as he fought to maintain his self-control and he raised his fist threateningly, letting it stop a few inches away from the Doctor’s face.

You,’ he hissed venomously, ‘you will very seriously regret what you have done.’ The Doctor struggled upright and gazed blearily at the clenched fingers, which were quivering dangerously in front of him. The General let off a long growl. ‘You will keep your mouth shut from now on! Do you understand?!’

The Doctor said nothing, trying to pull himself upright again, but the General aimed a heavy kick into his stomach and he collapsed onto his knees on the floor. Despite his inability to get up, the two guards did not let go of his arms and held them tightly behind his back as he struggled.

From the other end of the room, came a sudden snarl.

Fyffe stood, rooted to the spot, and let her eyes fill with a slow boiling hate. In an abrupt movement, she jerked herself free of her guard and leaped forward, towards the General. The Doctor’s pain contorted face suddenly became molded with fear as he caught the girl’s movement. More than anything, he did not want Fyffe to suffer simply because of him, and he knew that the violent man that still loomed in front of him was capable of almost anything.

Fyffe reached the General and grabbed him tightly around his wrist, pulling his raised arm downwards away from the Doctor’s face. The General looked down at her with a mild surprise as she glared up at his piggy eyes, and then his mouth contorted into a smirk.

‘No,’ whispered Fyffe quietly.
The General pushed his face into hers. ‘No what, little girl?’ he patronized.
Fyffe gave a slow, hollow smile. ‘No,’ she warned again, her voice suddenly callous and cold.

Still smirking at the young girl, the red-faced, piggy man turned away and tried to jerk his arm out of Fyffe’s grip. Unexpectedly, he found that he could not move it. Instead of heaving himself away and causing the girl to lose her hold and fall, the General realized that he could not break the white-knuckled grip of the girl. He glanced down at her and gave the stormy blue eyes a bewildered look.

Fyffe glowered up at the man and let a slow hiss escape from between her teeth. For a second, the General’s eyes widened in shock, before she tensed her arms and let out an involuntary snarl. Under the shocked stare of everyone in the room, Fyffe twisted her body so that she was facing away from the General and, straining forwards, swung the man fiercely over her shoulder and hard onto the grimy floor.

As his body made thudding contact and he grunted in surprised pain, there was the sudden clicking of four different guns being cocked.

'Fyffe!’ gasped Madison.
The girl hissed again, her deep blue eyes crackling with electricity as they flitted between each gun barrel. His pride mortally wounded, the General sprang upright and pulled out his own pistol, aiming it directly between the young girl’s eyes.

The voice of the Doctor echoed within the room, commanding, assertive, but mingled with pain, fear and horror. As it faded away, it was replaced by a hideous silence, punctuated only by the heavy breathing of the General, and of Fyffe.

Still held by his arms in an awkward position on the floor, the Doctor stared up at the red faced man. ‘You don’t have to do this,’ he said.

The General glowered, bared his teeth, and cocked the gun. The small click it made echoed around the room, much like the Doctor’s voice.
‘Please!’ gasped Madison. ‘Just look at her!’

At the sound of the Doctor’s voice, Fyffe had straightened up and spun around to look at him. Her eyes were suddenly round, wide and gentle and she gazed at him with a hurt and crumpled expression on her face. The Doctor returned her gaze with a calm look on his face that did not extend to his eyes.

‘What ever you want,’ he told the General, ‘… just stop.’

Pulling himself even further upright and inflating his chest once more, the General made a curt flick of his hand and the seven guns that were pointed at Fyffe were lowered. Completely surrounded in the middle of the room, she seemed so small and vulnerable. As a guard rushed forward to grab her, her eyes flitted to the floor and she trembled slightly as she was pulled backwards.

Madison watched the red faced General as he began pacing in front of her, and felt a deep sickening feeling of horror settle in her stomach. He was going to shoot her… he was going to murder a child…

‘Riiiight!’ snapped the General, happily back in the role of pompous idiot. And just like that, the atmosphere of the room changed. As the Doctor was pulled onto his feet, he shot a sideways glance at Madison and twisted his mouth into a grimace of a grin. The fear had vanished from his eyes and he watched the General with a new expression of concentration and brooding. The General began pacing once more, suddenly looking once again like an idiotic and over enthusiastic farmer, instead of the terrifyingly manic man he had been only a second or so before.

Now,’ he said, ‘I’m asking the questions, and I hwant to know who you are!’
In a final act of defiance, the Doctor glowered at the man and said: ‘you told me to keep my mouth shut.’

The General spun around bore down upon him like a disgruntled balloon.
‘Tell me who you are this instant!!’ he screamed.
‘Well, I –’

The Doctor rolled his eyes as the General returned to his pacing. He seemed to be thinking hard about what to do next, and it looked like a tremendous effort. Madison was still watching him with a horrified expression, and Fyffe was standing mutely, her body still shaking slightly as though in silent rage. It was only when she fleetingly looked up at the Doctor, that he saw her ashen face and wide, desolate eyes.

When the General finally stopped pacing, his large and popping eyes held an evil glint.
‘Lock them up!’ the order came out as a bark. ‘They’ll feel more like talking,’ he sneered, ‘once they go without food for a while. Now get them out of my sight!’

Madison’s mouth fell open and she moved to protest before she felt firm hand gripping her shoulders and wrists. The Doctor had been bloody trying to talk to him! Was he so stupid that he didn’t realize that he was contradicting himself every time he said “silence”? And now they were being treated as prisoners?! She came from this city! There was no way she could believethat this idiot of a man was allowed this sort of command. Couldn’t every see that he was just a moron?!? A soldier stepped forward and ripped off a smart salute.

‘Yessir!’ He grabbed the Doctor roughly by the shoulder and twisted his arm behind his back, he then paused, looking apprehensive, ‘um… where, Sir?’

The General’s final words came out as an ear splitting shriek.
‘I DON’T! CARE where you take them; just get them out of my sight this VERY INSTANT!! And if I see them again before I’m ready, then whoever is near me at the time shall be very, VERY, VERY SORRY!’


Forget Freema and Billie.... lets all kill Kyle!
Wanna guess why?????

Kylie Minogue will share a cheeky snog with Doctor Who in the show's Christmas special.

The Aussie singer, 39, plays feisty waitress Astrid Peth who helps Time Lord David Tennant, 36, battle aliens on board the Titanic.

But the tryst will be short-lived as Kylie will spin off into space in a tearjerker ending.

'Dr Who is one lucky, lucky, lucky time traveller,' a show insider tells the Sun. 'Who wouldn't want to be snogged by Kylie?'

(taken from now magazine... thanks 'now')

(and no... I don't read now magazine...)

Monday, October 15

Get voting!

Yep. Tis time again for the National Television Awards and, of course David Tennant, Freema Agyeman AND Doctor Who are all up for awards.. (would it be any other way?)

So follow this wee link here:

and dont forget to vote Best Actor for Mr Tennant, Best Actress for Mrs Freema, and Most Popular Drama Program for the Bill.

Ha! I'm just joking.... but seriously, vote for Doctor Who :P


Can you hear it?....
No... neither can I... but if I could I would be extremely happy :) :)

Wondering what the hell I am on about? Well, the details on the Series 3 soundtrack have just been released. Here is what the fabulous BBC have to say about it.

"Covering The Runaway Bride and all of the third series of Doctor Who, the 28 track CD features contributions from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, conducted by Ben Foster, and vocalist Yamit Mamo:

  1. All the Strange, Strange Creatures (The Trailer Music)
  2. Martha's Theme
  3. Drowning Dry
  4. The Carrionites Swarm
  5. Gridlocked Cassinis
  6. Boe
  7. Evolution of the Daleks
  8. My Angel put the Devil in Me (performed by Yamit Mamo)
  9. Mr Smith and Joan
  10. Only Martha Knows
  11. Smith's Choice
  12. Just Scarecrows to War
  13. Miss Joan Redfern
  14. The Dream of a Normal Death
  15. The Doctor Forever
  16. Blink
  17. The Runaway Bride
  18. After the Chase
  19. The Futurekind
  20. YANA (Excerpt)
  21. The Master Vainglorious
  22. Martha's Quest
  23. This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home
  24. Martha Triumphant
  25. Donna's Theme
  26. The Stowaway (performed by Yamit Mamo)
  27. The Master Tape
  28. Abide With Me

The Doctor Who Series 3 Original Soundtrack will be released by Silva Screen on 05 November 2007."


Who Best?

Just thought I'd put the results up of a recent poll in the Doctor Who Magazine for the best Doctor...
Up until now, its always been the enigmatic fourth Doctor, as played by Tom Baker. Bless him. But now (maybe because there are a lot more younger viewers, who have only known Nine and Ten) the sacred space atop the Doctor Who pile, has been given to David Tennant who secured 28% of the 4,000 votes. Nice.

The top five in full:
David Tennant (28.2%)
Tom Baker (26.5%)
Christopher Eccleston (11.4%)
Jon Pertwee (9.6%)
Patrick Troughton (8.8%)

Sunday, October 14

Something for the ladies...

Found this on the website for the newspaper 'The People'
I have nooooooooo idea weather this is true or not, or even if the newspaper is credible.
I don't like the article either as it makes Tennant seen cruel. But then again, I've got a thing for this happy Doctor as well :P

Now... if your one of those people that decides they want to kill Sophia cause she gets to oogle at Me Tennant aka your future husband... then this should make ya happy.

End of time for Dr Who and Sophia

Dr Who star David Tennant has dumped his girlfriend Sophia Myles, pals said last night.
Timelord Tennant, 37, is said to have broken the news to Sophia, 27, while she was filming in LA.

One friend said: "He just rang her and said it was over."

The pair met on the set of a Dr Who show two years ago. Tennant, currently filming a fourth series of the BBC sci-fi series, is said to have blamed the split on the miles between them.

Sophia, who plays Lady Penelope in the big-screen version of Thunderbirds, was "devastated" last night.

Last year she told how happy with was with Tennant and wanted to start a family.

The friend added: "Sophia didn't see it coming. No one else was involved. But she's in LA and he's in the UK.
"They were a lovely couple. It's a shame."

If anyone knows anything more about this, just let me know... hahaha, I'm so suspicious of newspapers, its not even funny. I'll read about a horrific bombing and think "How do they know?!?!" :S

Saturday, October 13

I hates "The Sun"

Well... I don't hate it, but it does have a tendency to lie a lot or to be unnecessarily cruel.
Hmmm... maybe in just saying that cause I have a fondness for Peter Davison.
Anyways, here more recent news from that crazy newspaper:

FORMER Doctor Who Peter Davison had to wear Sylvester McCoy’s TV outfit to film – as he’s too tubby to fit into his original costume.

Peter, 56 – a slim 30-something when he played the Time Lord from 1981 to 1984 – is reprising his role for a Children In Need special.
An insider said: “Peter’s not exactly a fatty, but he’s filled out a bit after 20 years.”

Fortunately the outfit worn by Sylvester fitted. Peter and current Doctor David Tennant join forces on the show on November 19.

Ohhh! Why so cruel. Its what happens when you get older! I bet the person who wrote this'll gain a bit of weight after 23 years. GRRRRRR.
Sorry... I likes the fifth Doctor

Now, I can't be certain that this is proof of Peter Davison returning. I haven't heard anything official from the BBC so could still not happen.. But lets not think about it :)

Friday, October 12

Series 4 casting

This is taken from the BBC website. Thanks BBC :)

Corrie actress to guest star in Series Four premiere.

Sarah Lancashire, best known for roles in Coronation Street, Clocking Off and Rose and Maloney, is set to guest star in the fourth series of Doctor Who.

Sarah will play Miss Foster, an enigmatic and powerful businesswoman, in episode one, written by Russell T Davies.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be in Doctor Who," said Sarah. "It's a brilliant episode and I'm looking forward to taking the Time Lord on."


Oooooohhhh!!!! So So exciting!!!!


Right... now that's out of the way... check out what the Daily Star reported for an end-of-season story. Most likely not what will happen.... but, even so... :D :D :D

DOCTOR Who bosses are set to call back FOUR of the Time Lord’s favourite assistants – including Billie Piper – for a sensational showdown. The old cast members will be reunited to help the Doc fight evil Dalek creator Davros in an explosive finale to the next series.Leading the way in the line-up will be Billie (Piper) as Rose Tyler along with the rest of the Tyler family; they will hook up with the Tardis traveller’s latest assistants Martha Jones and Donna Noble. Also on hand to help out the Doc will be his old companion Sarah Jane Smith as well as Torchwood boss Captain Jack Harkness. Even the Time Lord’s dog K-9 will make an appearance. The TV source said: "This is the daddy of all shows. The writer Russell T Davies really wants to pull out all the stops for the finale next year."

WHOOOOO! Whaddya think of that then?!?!?!?!

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The Insanity Grows...

All right... are you ready for MORE insane rumors???
I was notified of this from my kind friend from Ireland. It was posted in one of the newspapers over there.


A blockbusting film version of Doctor Who has been given the green light for production. And the eagerly-awaited big screen production will star T.V faves David Tennant and Billie Piper. We can reveal that David jumped at the chance, while babe Billie exterminated the competition to bag the role as Rose Tyler. An insider said "its all been hushed up-but yes, its definitely happening."

Well, well, well.... the speculations continue don't they? Sometimes I find I can't go more than an hour before I have fallen off my chair at the discovery of some new and unheard of rumor.

It is a rumor by the way.... in case you didn't get that.... It may not be true, in fact it probably isn't.

They're back, they're back!

SPOILERS for series 4!!

Christopher Ryan, best known for playing super-cool Mike in the classic comedy series 'The Young Ones', is set for a guest-starring role in an upcoming Series Four adventure.

Ryan will play a Sontaran leader in the story, due to begin filming in the next few weeks.

"I'm absolutely delighted to be appearing in this new Doctor Who," Chris revealed. "The last time I appeared in Doctor Who was in 1986, Colin Baker was the Doctor and I was still a Young One."

If you know your Who lore, the Sontarans will need no introduction. If you're a newer viewer, however, you may not know that the Sontarans are amongst the greatest villains from the classic series of Doctor Who.

A military, warlike species, able to clone vast armies of themselves, the Sontarans are locked into an eternal struggle with their enemies the Rutans.

And they look like this:

Rebirth - Chapter 8

Recoiling, Madison flattened herself against her kitchen counter and blinked in the bright sunlight that streamed from the open doorway. Silhouetted against the white light, and smiling in an oddly contented manner, stood the blond haired girl for earlier. Madison blinked at her and let her mouth drop slowly open.

Fyffe walked into the flat, past Madison, and through the kitchen. Following behind her was the strange man who had saved her life from the falling masonry, ash and smoke. Unlike the girl though, he did not enter the flat, but paused in the doorway and gazed stonily at the burning city outside.

‘You haven’t got anything to eat, do you?’ the blond girl asked, and she began rummaging through the cupboards at the back of the flat. Madison gave her a look of complete disbelief and glanced at the man in the doorway. Since returning home, she had lost her glazed confusion and a harder look had settled upon her face.

‘I’m sorry,’ she said, without sounding it at all, ‘who the hell are you two, what are you doing in my house, and why the hell are you eating my food without even asking?’

Fyffe glanced up with her hand buried deep in a packet of flour. As if in slow motion, and with her eyes never leaving Madison’s face, she drew her hand up out of the packet, raised it to her face and gave her flour stained fingers a slow lick.

There was a long pause.

Under the shocked stare of the other woman, Fyffe shrugged delicately, before taking a secondary finger-lick and returning her attention to the packet with interest.

Once again, Madison turned to the man, assuming he was connected to this impossibly strange child, and trying, in a futile attempt, to get him to explain the situation. Still leaning against the doorway, he shoved his hands into his trouser pockets and turned around slowly, looking straight at Madison.

‘That child,’ he said slowly, ‘did you know him?’

Madison frowned. For a moment, she had seen an unsettling flicker in the man’s brown eyes which echoed what she had seen before. There was something buried deep into them, like a raging fire there; a power and an intense restlessness. This man had dark demons inside of him, and was fighting them every step of the way.

She realized that he was waiting for a response.
‘Yes, I knew him,’ she said. ‘Not very well… but his dad was a sweeper in the factory where I work.’

She wondered for a moment why she had answered the man when she had so clearly seen something in his eyes that she didn’t like. She didn’t know him, didn’t want to know him… but…

But there was something in his face that was so… desperate. Underneath the fire and demons nestled a need for companionship and understanding. Past the rage of the Time Lord, past the fury, the mercilessness... the Doctor’s infectious optimism and his unquenchable desire to help, to simply live, shone out.

‘I couldn’t save him,’ the man said quietly as the screams from the burning city rose behind him. ‘Sorry.’

Madison opened her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything, the man suddenly ran his fingers through his hair and scanned the room.
‘You don’t happen to have a shoe, do you?’

The question was so unexpected, that Madison took a step backwards out of surprise. She began to get the feeling that this man was almost as complex as the strange girl behind her. In a split second, he had taken all that rage and sorrow, all the darkness, and simply locked it away. She glanced down at her feet and, as he followed her gaze, the man smiled slightly and shook his head.

‘I meant a spare one,’ he said, ‘… no? Ah, well, never mind,’ he lifted his eyes from Madison’s face and called out to the girl. ‘Fyffe, put that down… I’m sure flour isn’t good for you.’

There was a thump as the opened flour packet landed heavily onto the floor. The Doctor face flashed a disapproving look that was so subtle it was barely noticeable, he then returned his attention back to the woman, giving her a cheery smile. She mouthed silently back at him in a way that reminded him strongly of a Langurian Human Harp fish… except that she wasn’t trying to eat her own tail.

‘ – ’ she began.
‘I’m the Doctor by the way, and this is Fyffe,’ he said and gestured towards the young girl, who was now holding a pineapple at arms length and giving it a wary look.

‘Oh…’ said Madison, ‘… um,’ she shook herself and tried to regain some control over the situation. ‘What the hell are you doing in my house?’

The Doctor paused and frowned to himself. ‘Dunno. We went to your makeshift hospital… and then I was following Fyffe. I guess she was following you.’

Madison spun around at the girl, ‘why were you following me?’
Fyffe looked up from her examination of the pineapple, ‘because you knew where you were going, and we did not,’ she said simply.

‘Ah, yes,’ said the Doctor scratching his earlobe nonchalantly, ‘we just arrived; been on a bit of a jungle adventure for the last day or so.’
Madison frowned at him. ‘You were in the jungle?’

The Doctor opened his mouth to reply but Madison cut across him.
‘Wait, wait,’ she said, ‘you said you were called Doctor?’ she gave him a scrutinizing glance and he shrugged, ‘and this is… who?’
‘Fyffe,’ said Fyffe.
‘And she’s, what, you’re daughter?’

Fyffe suddenly laughed so hard that she dropped the pineapple. The Doctor gave her a puzzled look as though he himself could not understand the strange child. At least, no more than Madison or any other sane person could.

‘I’ll take that as a no, then,’ said Madison, trying hard to not be offended by the girl’s sudden outburst. ‘Look, I don’t want to be rude–’
‘You haven’t told us who you are,’ said Fyffe from behind her.
‘She’s called Madison,’ said the Doctor. Madison turned and stared at him with a horrified expression. He smiled reassuringly.
‘It’s on your name-tag,’ he explained gently and nodded at her, ‘on your overalls that you’re wearing, work clothes are they?’ He shifted slightly as though in discomfort. ‘Are you sure you don’t have a spare shoe kicking about?’

Madison shook her head, ‘wait–’
Fyffe began laughing hysterically. The Doctor raised his eyebrows and shot her a glance.
‘Do you get it?’ Fyffe asked breathlessly.
‘What?’ he replied.
'But–’ began Madison.
‘You said kicking about.’
‘You were talking about a shoe…’
Madison opened her mouth as the Doctor plunged his hands back into his pockets. A slow smile was spreading over his face. ‘Yeah?’ he said coyly.
The girl looked like she was about to explode. ‘And you said kicking about!’
The Doctor grinned, ‘you’re insane, Fyffe.’
‘Hang on a moment–’ Madison interjected.

The Doctor turned to face her again and gave her an annoyingly innocent smile, as though everything was perfectly normal. ‘Sorry,’ he said, ‘you were saying?’
Madison swallowed, ‘Well,’ she began.
‘What’s this?’ said Fyffe from behind her, holding the pineapple upside-down.

‘Oy, put that down,’ said the Doctor, suddenly switching from insane, happy-go-lucky man, to stern guardian, ‘it’s not yours… and besides, I know there are some breeds of pineapple that explode if you handle them to roughly.’
Fyffe glanced suspiciously at the pineapple then carefully laid the innocent looking fruit on the floor, before taking several large steps backwards.

‘Stop!’ shouted Madison.

In one single movement, the Doctor and Fyffe stopped. They glanced at each other and then looked at Madison with interest as she pointed first at one, then at the other.
Why do you only have one shoe, and why do you have a twig behind your ear?’

The answers came back abruptly.
'I lost the other one.’
‘I don’t know.’
Something deep inside Madison’s mind creaked slightly under the extreme pressure, and then proceeded to snap.

‘Fantastic!’ she cried sarcastically. ‘No, really! That’s just brilliant, isn’t it?! Bloody BRILLIANT!’ She began pacing furiously around the room. ‘You two,’ she vented, ‘I, I don’t even know who the hell you are! And you come in here and… and eat my food and ask me about shoes?!’ She arrived at the small window and pointed venomously out of it. ‘There is a war going on outside! My city is being bombed, people are dyingwe might all die, cause there’s no way outta here, we’re just trapped like stinking rats! You’re not even from this city, for all I know, you could be the enemy! Now, you, you… you just get out of my house!’

In her fury, she began pushing the Doctor towards her door, hoping that the girl would simply follow him. The Doctor gave her a worried look that appeared to be tinged with fear. When she was angry, Madison was like a bulldog going through PMS. He didn’t resist her shoving and, as he was ushered away, he held up his hands to show his submission, gripped the door handle and swung it open.

Then he stopped.
Standing behind him, Madison tried to force his body through the doorframe, but he did not move.
‘Get out!’ she wined. ‘Seriously, I don’t even know who you are, just leave me alone!’

Fyffe drifted up behind the Doctor and gazed out through the door.
‘Oh, look,’ she said and pointed upwards.

Falling through the sky in almost a lazy manner was a long grey cylinder. If the cylinder had attended a fancy dress party, then people would have guessed it to be some kind of missile or bomb. The cylinder would have smiled and been proud, even a little smug, of how realistic its costume was… it would also have probably ended up getting so drunk that it spent the next day with its head down the toilet throwing up.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t at a fancy dress party. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in fancy dress. The Doctor stared at it with a strangely disappointed expression.

The cylinder was, in fact, a real missile and was destined to hit the city of Tendra with a large, loud and probably quite impressive explosion – at least impressive for anyone who didn’t happen to be blown up.

The Doctor blinked at the sky.
‘Ah,’ he said...

Rebirth - Chapter 7

Oh, god, thought Madison desperately, I’m going to get smooshed to death.

She blinked up at the lump of wall, and watched faintly as it grew larger and larger and came closer and closer. She realized later, that she must have looked like a paralyzed rabbit that was staring down the headlights of a car. It wasn’t a comforting thought.

Somewhere far behind her, Ryan staggered to his feet. He was still sobbing uncontrollably and, as he stumbled forward, he swung his head through the smoke searching for the face he vaguely remembered through his grief stricken state.

‘M-Mad?’ he gulped.

The ground lurched again and sent him sprawling. From somewhere buried in the depths of the smoke he heard a muffled scream and, for a fleeting moment, he thought it was Sarah…

Hardly sure why he was doing it, Ryan pulled himself upright and staggered forward again, but it was not long before he was gasping for breath and chocking as he sucked in lungfulls of hot smoke. Falling to his knees, he coughed violently and wiped away his streaming eyes with his hand. Through the dust, he could vaguely make out the flickering inferno of the fire.

Somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind he was dimly aware that through the confusion and his semi-conscious state, he must have wandered towards the burning gate. However, before he could come to any more conclusions, he saw something that made his heart race in panic.

Directly ahead of him, he could see a strange dark shape from within the smoke and, even as he squinted at it, he realized it was that of a human figure. It was standing perfectly still, head tilted upwards, and staring at the large blocks of rubble and masonry that were plunging down towards them. Ryan coughed again, even through the haze; he could recognize Madison’s proud and upright form.

‘Mad…’ Ryan croaked, but his voice was barely audible above the cackling flames. As much as he felt it was somehow wrong, he found that he could not keep his eyes upon her. He could not watch someone he knew be killed.

With a snarl of effort, he pulled himself up and screamed her name.


Oh, godI’m going to get smooshed to death…

Somewhere far behind her, Madison could hear Ryan shouting and shrieking. She wasn’t even aware of him staggering towards her blurry form, wasn’t even aware that she was putting others in danger. As she blinked stupidly up at the growing rubble like a constipated Alkoden, she wasn’t even aware of her own internal thought track that went something like this:

Oh, god… I’m going to get smooshed to death…
That’s a real bugger…
If I had any sense, I would try to run…
I’m not going to, am I…?
No… that would be far too intelligent…
And I apparently have the same number of brain cells as an Erreep…
Or worse, as an ameba...
Or worse, as an ameba sat on an Erreep…

Of course, this train of thought meant nothing to Madison, as all she could do was stand mutely and stare up at the large, grey lumps of distorted rock as they plummeted towards her.

It was at this point, that a pleasant and unexpected incident occurred. With a sudden, heavy force hitting her from behind, Madison felt Ryan plummet into the back of her. Both bodies jolted forward and landed heavily, entangled in the dust.

‘Get up!’ a voice shouted at her.

Madison remained sprawled in the dust slowly opening and closing her mouth. Her body was still in the midst of pointedly ignoring her brain, and she found she could not move. Though in answering aid to her shock and confusion, she felt strong hands grip under her arms, and her body being forcibly lifted.

‘Move,’ Ryan said, ‘now.’

His voice had a strange blend of urgency, and complete calm that were tightly mixed together in an authoritative tone. It penetrated through the foggy bewilderment of Madison’s head, and she began to respond. As she struggled upright, she looked up, and came face to face with someone who was very clearly, under no uncertainty, and without a single doubt not Ryan.

The Doctor’s eyes stared back at her, glassy from the smoke and ash, and screwed up in a forcible look of determination. Without waiting for a response, he gripped her arm and pulled her through the smoke. From behind, there was a loud rumble and more of the city wall began to fall.

‘Run! Run!’

Madison screwed up her eyes and stumbled after the strange man. He seemed to know where he was going and she was to bewildered to argue. But before long, the thick, heavy ash had begun to cling to the inside of her lungs and she began to choke. The Doctor puller her harder and they stumbled through the impenetrable dust-cloud.

After what seemed like an age, the man leading her stopped and allowed her to drop heavily to the ground. With her head hanging limp, and barely supported by her arms and knees, Madison coughed and swallowed huge lungfulls of fresh, sweet air. The Doctor stood above her, wiping his soot filled eyes and very slowly took a deep breath – the first one he had had in over five minutes.

On a collapsed pillar someway behind, sat Fyffe, and by her feet lay the unconscious body of Ryan. The Doctor turned to look at her, as she slumped quietly over her knees staring at the ground.

‘You okay?’ he asked.

Fyffe looked up, smiled, nodded, and replied in a slightly hoarse voice: ‘that’s the first time that I have ever had hot ash and smoke circling through my respiratory system.’

The Doctor gave her a half hearted smile and nodded towards the unconscious man at her feet. ‘You pulled him out of the smoke on your own?’

Fyffe smiled but offered no explanation as to how she managed it. Once again, the Doctor felt that irritated pang of wanting to know more about the girl, but once again, he held himself back, remembering the warning look she had given him.

‘You were in there a long time,’ she commented.
The Doctor shrugged. ‘Respiratory bypass system,’ he explained.
Fyffe looked mildly interested. ‘How long can you go without breathing, then?’
‘Oh…I, I don’t know. I never really wanted to find out.’

Fyffe said nothing more but wiped her sooty eyes as the Doctor had done, and indicated behind the Time Lord with her head. The Doctor frowned and then turned around to see what Fyffe had meant. Standing behind him, was Madison, who was disheveled and dirty and fixing them with a look of complete incomprehension.

‘Hello!’ said Fyffe and she waved calmly at the woman.

Madison blinked slowly and swayed slightly on the spot. The Doctor looked as though he was going to rush forward and help her, but just before he could do anything, another rally of explosions began shaking the city and everyone was thrown flat onto the ground.


The earth shook; the whole world seemed to shake as Madison buried her face into her hands and preyed for the tremors to stop. She was faintly aware of the unknown man lying on the floor somewhere near her, and faintly aware that he was yelling something to the blond girl.

As the onslaught of noise and shuddering seemed to dim, she risked looking up and saw the man and girl both lifting Ryan away from the rubble. The nearby building that had once been the city bank was beginning to crack and tremble at its foundations, and Madison realized that they were trying to move him away from the danger.

She pulled herself unsteadily to her feet and began stumbling after them, so temporarily confused and bewildered, that she was almost like a lost sheep that simply follows the herd. The man who had saved her was taller than she, and had quite large, untidy hair which stuck up at odd angles and was partially coated in dried mud. His pinstripe suite that he wore also had the same layer light brown mud and was topped off with a light coating of dust and ash. Momentarily stopping, and running her eyes up and down the man, Madison wondered why he only had one shoe.

A sudden, high pitched scream broke the foggy air and penetrated itself through the dust cloud, reverberating off the remaining city wall that still stood. Madison saw the Doctor lower Ryan’s feet and spin around, searching, wide-eyed, for the source of the scream.

Inside the collapsing bank, and leaning so far out of a broken window that it looked like he would fall out, stood a pale faced and desperate looking boy. His arms were flung outwards and he was shrieking hysterically as the building lurched. Already, fire was beginning to lick its way up the outside of the red brick walls and smoke was starting to pour out of the window above the child’s head.

Madison stared in horrified shock at the boy… she recognized him. There was a faint memory somewhere in her head of that same child dashing around in a small gassy garden. And now he had lost the beauty, and had only the wrath of nature to contend with.

From behind her, The Doctor took two large strides forward and spun Madison around, gripping her shoulders.

‘Listen to me very carefully,’ he said, his brown eyes glimmering with the reflected flames, ‘go home. Don’t try and be a hero, don’t try and help, just go home or find somewhere safe to be, and stay there. Got it?’

Madison blinked at him, wondering who he was. Over his shoulder, she could see the blond haired girl slowly lower Ryan to the ground and stare at her with blank interest. The Doctor gave her a slight shake and she refocused her attention back to him.

‘Did you hear me?’ he said.
Madison nodded slowly and he let her go.
‘Go,’ said the Doctor. ‘It’s not safe here. Go.’

Very slowly, she turned and began to walk away. She didn’t dare look back; there was something in the man’s eyes that had frightened her. As she began to speed up, there was another loud explosion and the ground lurched again.

‘Go on!’ came the booming echo of the man’s voice.

Madison let out a single sob of shock, as she stumbled and righted herself. Then, still without looking back, she gathered herself up, and ran.

Fyffe stood with Ryan at her feet and watched the woman sprint away. The Doctor had already dashed towards the crying boy but Fyffe could see that there was no hope for him. Amidst the dust, dirt and hollow explosions, a concentrated frown etched itself onto her face. She knew that she needed answers, specific answers, and through the Doctor and this woman, she knew she could get them.


Madison flung open the door of her flat, stormed through, and slammed it shut behind her. Once she was inside she let out a deep breath, lent back and thumped her head against the wooden panels.

All she wanted to do was forget what had just happened, try to force the image of the falling masonry out of her head, and forget the utter abandonment that had poured out of Ryan’s glassy eyes… she lifted forwards her head and let it thump backwards again. As much as she wanted to, the distorted sound of her own scream, the feeling of oncoming death, and the unfamiliar, concentrated face of that unknown man… they would not vanish from her mind.

Another faint explosion echoed through the city, but it was to far away to be properly registered. Madison groaned. The accumulation of everything that had happened to her weighed her down and left her feeling sick and exhausted.

She stumbled over to her sink and plunged her face into the cold water that streamed out of the tap. When she straightened up and turned around, her already twitchy senses were pushed into overdrive as a sharp, and sudden bang shot through her flat. Spinning around and nearly dieing of a heart attack, Madison stared as her front door was violently flung open.

Sunday, October 7

Voyage of the Damned

I thought I would post what ever pictures/info/and other stuff I could find about Voyage of the Damned. Enjoy :)
Written by Russell T Davies
Directed by James Strong
Length: 71 minutes

Kylie Minogue - Astrid
David Tennant - The Doctor
Geoffrey Palmer - Captain Edward J. Smith


New lines
- (talking to a 'Host') Titanic... um... who thought of the name?
- Check your scanners Captain, you've got meteors coming in and no shielding!
- (struggling under guards) Look out the windows!
- Bad name for a ship
- I don't think it was an accident
- I will get you out of here Astrid, I promise.
- We're gonna save the Titanic

Information: You're all going to die

I've got life signs all over the ship but they're going out one by one!

Astrid: It's gonna fall!
Doctor: Keep going!


"It’s a spaceship that’s full of aliens and is hovering above Earth so... yes, it’s their Christmas cruise and they’re celebrating an earth Christmas. It’s a theme cruise.”

Voyage of the Damned Extract

The Doctor: There we go
Astrid: Thank you sir, I can manage
The Doctor: I never said you couldn't, I'm The Doctor by the way
Astrid: Astrid, sir, Astrid Peth
The Doctor: Nice to meet you Astrid, Merry Christmas
Astrid: Merry Christmas sir
The Doctor: Just Doctor, not sir
Astrid: You enjoying the cruise?
The Doctor: Erm .. yeah, I suppose, I don't know, it doesn't quite work, a cruise on your own
Astrid: You're not with anyone?
The Doctor: No, no, just me , just err used to be but er no
Astrid: So you travel a lot?
The Doctor: All the time, just for fun, well that's the plan it never quite works
Astrid: I see your rich though
The Doctor: Haven't got a penny (whispers) Stowaway...
Astrid: I should report you
The Doctor: Go on then
Astrid: I'll get you a drink.


Mr Copper: Red Six Seven, this way, if you could convene, fast as you can, Red Six Seven departing shortly.
(Morvin and Foon hurry towards him, The Doctor following - Astrid just passing by)
Astrid: I got you that drink-
The Doctor:
And I got you a treat! C'mon -

(He takes the tray, slams it down, pulls her across, fast-)
(To join Mr Copper, the Doctor shows his psychic paper)

The Doctor:
Red Six Seven, plus one.


Astrid: Oh, i think Bannakaffalata and I just got engaged


(Taken from Newsround)

Astrid: Its a different planet! I'm standing on a different planet! There's like... concrete! and shops! Alien shops! Real, alien shops! Look you can see the stars! And it smells! It stinks! This is amazing. Thank you.

The episode is set on board the Titanic, "which has become a spaceship run by arch-baddie Max Capricorn." Astrid and the Doctor team up to save the earth from Max's scheme... (something about an insurance scam??) THESE angels, known as "The Hosts" are some form of servant droid that goes a tad evil... I say tad...

Some words that are included in the episode are: "Host", "Lifeboats", "Trapped" and the sentence "They think we should be in steerage".
RTD says that his favorite lines in VotD are the Doctor's "A, B, 1, 2" speech. DT comments that it was "a nightmare to learn".

Here are nine things I can tell you about the Doctor Who Christmas special, 'Voyage of the Damned':

1. This isn't the regular sunk-in-1912 Titanic. It's a vessel named Titanic from the planet Stow, which is taking a tourist excursion to Earth. The purpose is for its passengers to observe "primitive lifeforms".

2. The theme tune has undergone a bit of a revamp for the Christmas special. It's rockier!

3. Legendary actor Clive Swift (Keeping Up Appearances) plays Mr. Copper, a tour guide who claims to have a degree in "Earthonomics".

4. As we all know, Kylie plays 'Astrid Peth', a waitress on board the ship who strikes up an immediate friendship with the Doctor. She's actually rather good! Don't read as much into her name as some of you have been doing, though.

5. Mr. Copper's degree in Earthonomics may not have been from the most reputable establishment. Among some of the facts he tells his tour party: humans worship Santa and his wife Mary, and every Christmas the UK goes to war with Turkey and eats its people.

6. Will Kylie be the new assistant? "Can I come with you?" she asks. The Doc's reply: "Yeah, I'd like that." But surely there can't be another assistant...?

7. Like its namesake, the spaceship Titanic has a doomed future. Gabriel would not be proud.

8. There is a special homage to one of the nation's greatest Christmas Day traditions.

9. Some random quotes:

"That's eight of them now on the blink"
"My name is Max."
"Any day now they start boxing."
"Information: You are all going to die."
"I don't half love you."
"She's ****d***"
"I travel alone. It's best that way."

Phil Collison has been seen talking about a new set that is being build for the Voyage of the Damned, and he mentions how it is "two ends of a bridge that the characters have to cross... that spans across a big chasm. The whole thing is surrounded by green screen so that then The Mill (special effects & computer graphics people) can paint in all the chasm that surrounds them and the big dangerous drop thats underneath them... very dangerous"
Hence the photos above...

Considering that, in the trailer above you can see this wee, red, spiky alien have a nice old dance, and wearing a posh tux, kind of suggests that hes a guest on board the ship, rather than an evil monster who is causing whatever trouble. He's been named "Bannakaffalatta", and is apparent;y from the species of "The Porg"

The Sun claims that the special ends with a stunning scene in which the Titanic falls from the sky and looks like crashing on said palace... (RTD has confirmed that Buckingham will be appearing at some point)

  • Kylie Minogue's character, named Astrid Peth
  • She's a waitress on board the Titanic.
  • At the end of the episode she tells the Doctor: 'You need someone to look after you -- can I come with you?' He agrees.

The award for Strangest Story Of The Day (so far) goes to…Kylie Minogue being named as Doctor Who’s TARDIS.
(Ah but apparently shes not anymore!!)
The pop princess, 39, is reportedly going to be revealed as the living organism of the Time Lord’s time machine. Kylie plays waitress Astrid Perth on the doomed Titanic and her name is an anagram of TARDIS.
(But they said don't look to far into that!)
Fueling the speculation, Kylie’s character is said to leave the show by spinning into space just as the TARDIS does. ‘Viewers have often been told the TARDIS is a living organism,’ a BBC insider tells the Sun.
(That doesn't mean its a person from Stow)
‘But mystery has always surrounded what it is and what gives it its powers. The elements we know about Kylie’s appearance all point towards her being the TARDIS.
‘The fact Kylie had a hit called Spinning Around is an added irony.’