Planet Gallifrey: List of Time Lords

Tuesday, January 8

List of Time Lords

List of Time Lords
I've tried to get as much info on the individual Time Lords as I can, but some are just mentioned in passing.

The Founding Time Lords
(see Time Lord Founders)
The Other

High Council Members - Presidents
(see Time Lord Government)

Pandak III
Lord President of Gallifrey in the episode The Deadly Assassin. The Gallifreyan currency, Pandaks, are named after him.

Greyjan the Sane
Appearing in the novel The Ancestor Cell. He served only 3 days as President in the Rassilon Era, studied paradoxes, and then committed suicide. He was later recreated using a remembrance Tank and Gallifreyan biomass and his mind and memories that existed within the Matrix.

Appearing in The Deadly Assassin, The Invasion of Time, Arc of Infinity, The Five Doctors Borusa was previously a tutor of the Doctor at the Time Lord Academy. After the Doctor left Gallifrey, he became a Cardinal in the High Council.

He became Acting President when the the true President was assassinated in the Deadly Assassin. And, since the Doctor didn't want to be President and chose to leave Gallifrey, he kept this title until the Doctor's return, as well as becoming Chancellor

Borusa used his presidential powers to investigate the legacy of Rassilon, including Gallifrey's Dark Time. He hatched a plan to gain access to the Tomb of Rassilon, where he believed he would find the secret of immortality.

He reactivated the ancient Time Scoop, and revived the long forbidden war games in the Death Zone surrounding the Tomb. He summoned several of the Doctor's incarnations to the Zone, and tricked them into getting him to the tomb.

However, the promised immortality turned out to be a trap by Rassilon, set up to capture power-mongers. Borusa was condemned - like several others before him - to live his "immortal" life trapped within a sarcophagus.

Appeared in The Five Doctors

Flavia was a Chancellor in the High Council. She met the Doctor when Borusa was using him in an attempting to gain immortality. She was sympathetic towards him and, the High Council granted her the power to make the Doctor President. Just as with Borusa, the Doctor made her Acing President and once more left to travel.

In spinoff novels, Flavia later assumed the official role of President. When the Doctor was captured his companions escaped and warned her. Shortly afterwards, Ruath shot Flavia with a stunner to gain access to the Time Scoop, but she was only stunned so survived.

Appearing in The Invasion of Time and other spinoff media. Savar was presedent on Gallifrey when the Doctor was initiated as Lord President of the High Council.

At some point he went on a mission to rescue Omega, however his TARDIS became damaged and he had to escape using its escape pod. But he was rescued and following a regeneration he claimed to have seen a Gallifreyan god and fallen off the edge of the universe. These events also left him with a multiple personality disorder, leaving him with two distinct personalities. In this body he was also an accomplished

Romana was a long term companion of the fourth Doctor, but finially parted from him when she decided to remain in E-space with K9 in order to help the enslaved Tharils regain their freedom.

She would later return to N-space and assume a seat on the High Council. Having got this seat, she challenged the current president Flavia for the office of Lord President. According to spinoff media, Romana regenerated into her third incarnation which was much more ruthless. Possibly due to the events of the Time War.

Whether Romana survived the Time War or not is unknown. The Doctor at first believed that all Time Lords died, however since the Master survived, there is the belief that others could be alive as well.

High Council Members - Chancellor's
(see Time Lord Government)

Appeared in The Mind Robber, The War Games, The Deadly Assassin. Chancellor Goth was a politician, but also the occasional agent of the Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA)

He travelled to the planet Tersurus and found the dying Master there. Goth then assassinated the Lord President and lured the Doctor to Gallifrey in an attempt to frame him. Goth died battling the Doctor in The Matrix on the Master's orders.

Appeared in Arc of Infinity as Lord Chancellor in the High Council.

Appears in spinoff media as a Chancellor of the High Council.

Appears in spinoff media as a Chancellor of the High Council.

High Council Members - Castellan
(see Time Lord Government)

Appeared in The Invasion of Time
Andred was made Castellan following Spandrell, his cousin Redred was captain of the Prydonian Chapterhouse. He fell in love with Leela and she chose to stay on Gallifrey with him.


Appeared in the Deadly Assassin, and was a Chancellory guard for years.

Appears in The Invasion of Time as a Castellan of the High Council

Appears in spinoff media as a Castellan of the High Council

Appears in Arc of Infinity as a Chancellor of the High Council

He helped carry out Omega's plan to bond with the Doctor and achieve physical existence once more. When the Castellan attempted to kill the Doctor to prevent this, Hedin sacrificed his life to save the Doctor, enabling Omega to complete the bonding.

High Council Members - Cardinols
(see Time Lord Government)

Irving Braxiatel
Appears in spinoff media as a Lord Cardinol of the High Council. He was also the maintainer of the Braxaitel Collection, considered the greatest art gallery in the Galaxy.

He became Chancellor, but mere hours later had to use his mind to contain the past and present forms of an ancient Gallifreyan evil known as Pandora. As Pandora would be able to escape if he ever connected to the Matrix or another Time Lord mind, Braxiatel exiled himself from Gallifrey.

Further incidents showed the Time Lord to be secretly more dangerous and manipulative than he was letting on — he decided to ensure the Collection would survive by finding an army to defend it. He turned to the colony of Cantus, which had been taken over long ago by the Cybermen, and had a member of the Collection turned into a Cyber Controller subordinate to his will.

There are slight rumors that Braxiatel is the Doctor's brother, although if this is the case, then he is now believed dead due to the Time War.

Appears in a spinoff novel as a Lord Chancellor of the High Council. This was during a time when the Doctor visited Gallifrey during Romana's time as President.

Appears in Arc of Infinity as a Lord Cardinal of the High Council

High Council Members - Chancellery Guards
(see Time Lord Government)

Commander Maxil
Appearing in The Arc of Infinity, Maxil was a member of the Chancellery Guard. He was cold calculating and humourless, stunning the Doctor and confining him in a cell under the Capitol to await the judgment from the Time Lords

Commander Hilred

Appearing in the Deadly Assassin, Hildred was the young commander of the guards and proceded to knock the Doctor out when he was arrested.

Appearing in the spinoff novel Sirens of Time, Raldeth was also a Commander in the Chancellery Guard, he met Co-0rdinator Vansell when he returned to Gallifrey

Other High Council Members
(see Time Lord Government)

Appearing in The Brain of Morbius, Warmonger, Sisters of the Flame, Morbius' ambition ensured he become head of the High Council, where he used his warlike nature to urge the Time Lords toward a new policy of conquest.

He formed a personal army composed of both dedicated followers and mercenaries from other species, promising them the secrets of time travel and immortality. And when the Time Lords eventually denounced him, he and his followers abandoned Gallifrey and began an assault on the cultures of the external universe.

Unsure how to respond to the campaign of conquest Morbius was waging against the universe the Time Lords eventually chose to fight against him, appointing the Doctor as 'Supreme Coordinator of the Alliance Battle Fleet' where he lead an unlikey army against Morbius (including commanding Humans, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and Sontarans)

Morbius was eventually sentenced to death, but although his body was destroyed, one of his followers, Solon, secretly removed his brain before his disintegration and went into hiding on Karn, where he began planning to build a new body for Morbius.

Later on the Doctor stumbled upon Solon's castle just as Morbius' new body neared completion. It lacked one important element, a suitable vessel for carrying the unique Time Lord brain, so Solon resorted to using an experimental braincase which was prone to developing a static charge.

Noticing this weakness, the Doctor challenged Morbius to a Mindbending contest resulting in the Doctor passing out, and Morbius' brain appearing to be damaged by static shock. This damage meant that Morbius did not speak again, and only uttered seemingly agonized sounds of anger and pain. Leaving Solon's castle, he was chased by the Sisterhood over a cliff, where he was apparently killed

Inquisitor Darkel
Appearing in Trial of a Time Lord, Darkel served in an office of the Time Lords High Council and was often referred to simply as The Inquisiter

She presided over the Doctor's trial trial and seemed to be an honest woman, presiding over a trial designed to draw attention away from the corrupt High Council. When the trial was over and a there was a demand for a new Lord President, the Doctor gave a symbolic vote of confidence for Darkel since he was unwilling to take on the job himself.

It has also been speculated that The Inquisitor may have been a regenerated Flavia.

The Valeyard
Appearing in Trial of a Time Lord, and the Ultimate Foe he was an entity created between the Doctor's "twelfth and final regenerations", perhaps the essence of the Doctor's dark side from that time.

Although he appears like any other Time Lord, something which allows him to insinuate himself into the Gallifreyan court system, the Valeyard lacks his own regeneration cycle so can not be considered a true Time Lord.

The Valeyard served as the prosecutor during the trial of the Doctor. He presented extracts from the Matrix depicting past events in the Doctor's life as evidence of the Doctor violating the non-interference policy.

But the Valeyard had secretly tampered with the Matrix in order to show the Doctor in the worst possible light, making him seem guilty. The Valeyard was acting on behalf of the corrupted High Council, and was offered the Doctor's remaining incarnations as payment.

It was actually the Master who stepped in and revealed that the Valeyard was actually the Doctor himself, ending trial. Although the Valeyard attempted to escape into the Matrix, using the Key of Rassilon, the Doctor defeated him by feeding an explosion back into the Matrix.

(see Time Lord Government) The CIA only exists in spinoff media.

Was head of the CIA for a long time. However, when she discovered how many people she had sent to their death in the Oubliette of Eternaty (a device which was supposed to remove people from history) she threw herself into it in dispaire.

Co-ordinator Vansell

Was head of the CIA during Romana's presidency. His full name was Vansellostophossius, and he was a determined person who did his utmost to keep Gallifrey in its position of power.

At the Academy the Doctor knew him, and his nickname was supposedly 'Nosebung'. In an altered timeline he attempted to kill the Doctor on multiple occasions.

Vansell lead an expedition into the world of Anti-Time to find what he believed to be Rassilon's body, however he become possessed by the anti-time energy, but overcame it. He was killed when he was trapped within the Time Stations temporal reactors, and was vaporised as a result.

Co-ordinator Narvin
Narven replaced Vansell as head of the CIA after his death. He was orginally against Romana as president, but following events ended up changing her mind. He was also associated with Leela, partially through the status Leela held due to her husband (Andred) and through her friendship with Romana.

Wwas assigned by the CIA to work with the Doctor in preventing the Players (a group of immortal beings) from changing history

An agent of the CIA, Gandar (full name Gandaroththetledrax) was recruited from the Patrexes College. Completely loyal to Romana, and dressed like the Master, he was sent to find a new type of TARDIS as an aid to the oncoming Time War

An agent of the CIA, Cavis (full name Cavisadoratrelundar) had been on over 30 missions without regenerating and therefore only had one heart. She also had messy blond hair, and died when she was decapitated and failed to regenerate

Lord Ferain
Ferain was part of the CIA and kept a book called An Alternative History of Skaro: The Daleks without Davros.

Gallifreyan Teachers
(For information on the Academy, see here)

Appearing in spinoff media, Lady Genniploritreludar taught Stellar Engineering to the Doctor at the Academy.

K'anpo Rimpoche
Appeared in Planet of the Spiders and spinoff media.

As a youth, the Doctor knew K'anpo Rimpoche as the Hermit, a wise Time Lord who lived on the side of a mountain near the Prydonian Academy. He acted, as the Doctor would later say, as his guru, showing him hope in the time of his greatest despair in a simple yellow flower called a sarlain

K'anpo Rimpoche

The Doctor next encountered him when he was as the abbot of a Buddhist meditation centre with his assistant Cho Je. It seems that Cho Je existed as a future projection of K'anpo Rimpoche, and when K'anpo was struck down, Cho Je faded into nothingness and then re-appeared taking the place of K'anpo.

Cho Je

After the Doctor began to die as a result of the radiation in a cave, he returned to UNIT where K'anpo teleported to him, in order to give the Doctor "a little push" to help him regenerate.

The Deca
(see the Deca For information on these Time Lords )
The Doctor

The Rani (Ushas)
The Master (Koschei)
The War Chief (Magnus)
The Meddling Monk (Mortimus)

The Doctor's Family
(For more info, see The Doctor: Just the facts)

Was nanny to Susan

Susan Foreman
(see First Doctor Companions)
She was the grand-daughter of the Doctor, and traveled with him during his first incarnation. Although it has sometimes been stated that Susan was not a Time Lord, but merely a Gallifreyan, she has shown signs of telepathy before. Her mother died as a result of Pythia cursing Gallifrey

(see The Doctor's Daughter)
Jenny was the artificially-created "daughter" of the Doctor created from an extract of his genes.

She showed a lot of the brilliance, lust for life and determination typical of her father. Though programming had made her military-minded and goal-oriented, she soon adopted the Doctor's values and principles, though she could also challenge him.

Like her father, Jenny has two hearts. She also had reflexes, precision timing and acrobatic ability far beyond that of almost any Human. After her death, she shortly returned to life, expelling a "breath" of pure energy, though this "regeneration" could be due to the terraforming gas in the air rather than any Time Lord ability.

Apparently the name of the Doctor's wife, although this information seems to be wildly unknown, and therefore possibly not true.

Other Time Lords


Appearing in Shada, and other spinoff media, Salyavin was a Time Lord who was sentenced to be held on the Time Lord's prison.

He had amazing mental powers, and was able to "move his mind into another's", and was also able to make the Time Lords forget about the prison, Shada, allowing him to steal The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey (the book that was the Key to Shada) and escape.

Salyavin hid for a great many years on Earth, living in his TARDI, but when he began approaching his 13th life, he sent a message to the Doctor to come and see him, so he could return The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey.

He died when Skagra attacked him, searching for The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, however due to a mistake with Salyavin's TARDIS he was brought back into existence.

Appeared in the Deadly Assassin, Runcible was essentially a Gallifreyan equivalent of a TV news reporter. His rather pompous personality earned him the nickname Runcible the Fatuous.

Runcible's recording of the assassination of the Lord President could have cleared the Doctor and revealed the identity of the actual killer, so the Master stole the tapes and murdered both Runcible and his cameraman. Runcible was stabbed in the back.

Appearing in The Invasion of Time, Rodan is Leela's friend who was sent on a cross-cultural liaison course.

Chancellor Goth's brother

Appeared/named in The Invasion of Time:

Appeared/named in The Arc of Infinity

Appeared/named in The Deadly Assassin

There are also several Time Lords that I can't find any information on at the moment:
Lady Serena
The Minister of Chance

House of Lungbarrow
The House of Lungbarrow was one of the Prydonian Houses and family home of the Doctor. It only even appeared in the spinoff novel Lungbarrow.

Lived for 7,00 years and was head of the household. He served as Ordinal-General of the Brotherhood of Kithriarchs

Had the title of Epicurla Overseer to the Dromeian Chapterhouse

Was described as old and senile

Was described as multi-chinned

In his fourth regeneration, is 1,711 years old.

Got stuck in the East chimney of the House of Lungbarrow

Has developed telekinesis and telepathy, and was also in love with the Doctor despite their distant relation.

He is 675 years old and was originally loomed to replace the Doctor when he left Gallifrey. However, he doesn't match the Doctor's intelligence and is quite stupid. He also killed Cousin Arkew

At only 302 years old, the hermit Sattaltrope was housekeeper to Lungbarrow. However, he was dismissed as he was considered to expensive

Only talked about as he was killed by Owis

Only talked about as he had died 200 years ago.

Other members of Lungbarrow:

Appearing only in Spinoff Media

Iris Wildthyme
Appears in spinoff media, and is a renegade Time Lady who has encounters the Doctor on a number of occasions.

Her TARDIS is in the shape of a red double decker bus (Number 22 to Putney Common) and is slightly smaller inside than out, simply including a console, a kitchenette, a small shower and a wardrobe upstairs.

Iris was part of the Sisterhood of Karn (related to the remaining Cult of Pythia) for a couple of years and was one of those present crying 'Death!' when the Doctor paid Karn a visit.

She exists as a parody of the Doctor, so many of her adventures are very similar to the Doctors, even to the point of identical conversations. And she has the ability to find the soft places where the barriers between realities are weaker. Because of this rare ability to steer her TARDIS through the multiverse, she has become a target for unnamed 'Higher Powers'.

Appearing in spinoff media, he was a from a point in Gallifreys future in which it was involved in the war with The Enemy.

He was charged with finding the Relic and spent much time searching through Earth's history, before finally attending an auction, where his TARDIS, Marie, was injured. Homunculette also went under the alias of Professor Nathaniel Hume while he was investigating.

Appearing in the spinoff novel Tragedy Day, Pandora developed a theory that if the psychic reduplication processes were ever used on the fringe of normal space, the process would suffer a severe dysfunction. The Doctor found this theory in the TARDIS databanks and used it to defeat the Friars.

The Magician
Appearing in a spinoff novel, the mysterious Time Lord formerly also known as Magus or Pagad aided Turlough after his return to his home planet of Trion. The Magician appeared as a young man in his twenties and had a strikingly whimsical personality.


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Jess - this is amazing, well done. Your typing fingers must be aching.

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this is lot of the time lords but they are dead in time war not the doctor and the master

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I heard somewhere that Marnal was the renegade Time Lord that had previously piloted the doctor's TARDIS.Don't know much more than that.

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Absolutely AMAZING work, Jess!! As a fan of the series for over 30 years, I have never seen anyone compile this much information on individual Time Lords. Many of these names I had forgotten about until I read them in your list and then memories of them came flooding back to me. Well done! Well done!

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