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Friday, May 29

Who in America

Hooray for all ye overseas!
This was taken from Variety

At BBC America, the Doctor is finally in. The net has acquired the five "Doctor Who" specials that will finish showrunner Russell T. Davies' run on the venerable Brit sci-fi franchise that starred David Tennant as the Doctor.

"The Next Doctor," the series' Christmas special, will air at 9 p.m. June 27, and the next spec ("Planet of the Dead") is set for July. Dates and times for the final three shows are to be determined, but the next incarnation of the show is already in the works, with Steven Moffat (who worked on the Davies version) as showrunner and thesp Matt Smith as the Doctor.

"Doctor Who" has aired on Sci Fi for four seasons, with BBC America preeming Davies' spinoff series "Torchwood" (which will continue) and running the parent show a season late. "Torchwood" will air as a five-episode cycle this year, as well, starting in July.



Solonor Rasreth said...

And there was much rejoicing!

Sam said...

Or not since I doubt any real Who fans in America haven't seen it yet. Hell, I saw those episodes on the official site the day they aired!

cassandra_elise said...

Meh. BBCAmerica sucks. They edit out the most intregal parts of the episodes just so they can air a heap of commericals. -_-

As Sam said, is there any Who fan who wouldn't rather see it in its entirety online?

Soreye said...

Actually, the BBC blocks Non-UK computers from its iPlayer. You can't watch anything on there, even with downloading the software.
You have to go to YouTube, Megavideo, or another site and watch a *pirated* version to see it.

Anyways, not every cable/dish lets BBCAmerica avaliable to its viewers. It's the middle package on Dish Network. There's no way I'm paying that much just to see an highly-edited, commercial-filled, 6 month old episode of Doctor Who.

Joy said...

I believe we're getting it on DVD a few weeks later...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, DVD's are too expensive for me.
BBC, get with the program and let US viewers see these eps online!

India Doctors said...

Nice image in your blog!

Peter said...

They should have a deal with HULU to let People from US to see them and then HULU in return would let the U.k see them.