Planet Gallifrey: A Noble End?

Saturday, November 28

A Noble End?


The latest Radio Times suggests that Donna and Wilf might be seeing the end. From the quote:

"How much you want the Doctor to triumph, how much you fear for Donna, how much you dread the Master, how much Bernard Cribbins can make you laugh one minute and cry the next. It's all about those wonderful actors, filling your screen and making you care."

"Bernard can break your heart with a look, a gesture, a smile. That's why he;s the perfect companion for the tenth Doctor;s final tale - two wise old men, fighting the good fight. But every soldier must give up the battle in the end, and
poor old Wilf has some terrible reckonings to come."

"There were a lot of last scenes for us all," explains Davies. "The
last day with poor old Wilf, Donna's final words, the last day on the TARDIS, the last time David used his sonic screwdriver. There was a lot of emotion on set. The most awful moment came with the four knocks..."

Russell also speaks of the Master:

"It's personal for the Doctor. The Master is his enemy, his opposite, and yet so tantalisingly close to being his soul mate. There's something epic about their sheer existence - the last two survivors of an ancient race. It's a clash of the titans. Both of them are heading for death, and yet both are determined to survive - at any cost!"



Cosette said...

Oh no!
PLEEEASE don't die Donna and Wilf!

Will said...

The last day with poor old Wilf, and Donna's final words are reffering to their last days of filming, and therefore probably their last appearances in doctor who, as steven moffat wont include them in series five :)

Will and Seb's Blog

Anonymous said...

i knew something horrible was going to happen to Wilf! i dont want him to die!! and maybe donna will too now...its going to be a sad Christmas....but part of me cant wait to see it!!
sarah x

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Donna doesn't die, "final words" can just mean the last thing she says in the story. Wilf is slightly more likely to die, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Um... just to posit a theory here, going out on a limb and all...

With the Immortality Gate suggesting that a person CANNOT die, and with David Tennant moving on, and John Simm unlikely to want to be The Master forever, I suggest this...

Despite The Doctor's best efforts not to trigger Donna's memories of him, something does and sends her spiralling towards death - at which point The Doctor faces a heart-wrenching choice between regeneration and saving Donna! (no choice there, then...)

Or, alternatively, it just gives you a new set of regenerations?

Either way, I doubt anyone will die because bringing popular characters back gives you a good ratings boost, and also Russell T. Davies always makes out someone is going to die and then cops out!

Series one - Jack's dead! Oh, no, wait, he isn't.

Series two - all that stuff about Rose dying... turns out the Beast meant metophorically... wtf?!

Series three - The Master is dead? Oh, no, wait a minute... What's that hand doing?

Series four - one of his companions will die? Oh, wait, once again, this was not actually literal...

Plus, factor in that they wanted to air Waters of Mars before Christmas as it was too dark... How would having Christmas and New Year celebrations kicking off with the deaths of Donna and Wilf really work?

My prediction? No deaths except the regeneration, some vague reason why The Doctor can't see Donna or Wilf again, Time Lord's show up and cause a bit of a fuss... Part of me still thinks we may end up seeing a bit of the Time War. We saw a Dalek in the last episode... don't they buy the rights for a certain length of time, and wouldn't buying them for one scene make no financial sense for the BBC? Plus, no set reports on Timothy Dalton or much that seems to fit into the final special... Could it be mostly green-screen, closed set shots? Wouldn't that suggest space, or another world? Also, wasn't it a major theme of Waters of Mars - which was said to be the first part of the finale in a thematic sense - the idea that The Doctor could now go and try and change fixed moments of time?

Also, if the Time Lords do return... who thinks they may just be a slight bit annoyed The Doctor killed them all?

So, yeh, not buying Wilf and Donna dying. Still think the Time Lords will come into play. Hate that someone would name something 'The Immortality Gate' (takes all the mystery out of it). Certain everything will be sorted by a flick of a sonic screwdriver.

On a side note, I'd like to see The Doctor regenerate and wake up in the basement of Fisher and Sons from Six Feet Under... ;-)

Anonymous said...

if we remember bernard cribbins has been seen filming wiht june whitfield, i believe she will become almost a girlfriend for Wilf and i guess he will fall in love with her but maybe theres a twist to do with her? maybe she could be lucy Saxon in disguise :o or maybe June whitefield dies and thats whats sad for Wilf,

What do you think?

Mara said...

Only way someone dies is if they're gay.

(Kidding, mostly.)

I have to admit to whimpering audibly when I read the part about Donna's "last words", so hopefully I won't spend the last fifteen minutes of the episodes sobbing like I did with the end of Series 4.

chris said...

you know, i think that the bbc have complete control over the daleks now, so is not hat expensive to have them in just one scene

Anonymous said...

hasn't anybody realised that that weird ood with the brain said it is returning and he is returning and they are returning

Anonymous said...

This Doctor's end will be sad indeed. Since the characters of Donna and Wilf have no future in SM's period we can't be sure they'll survive. That's what makes it great viewing, we don't know who will walk away and who will not.

Would I be sad if Wilf dies? Yes. Do I expect him to die? No. Would I be disappointed if he dies? Saddened but I'd accept it.

Rob M. said...

"Also, if the Time Lords do return... who thinks they may just be a slight bit annoyed The Doctor killed them all"?

They'll probably be more annoyed if he changes a fixed point in time and brings them all back again!

My money is on the Tardis getting it - hence the need to 'Borrow' the 1965 one!

Scorpio said...

Ok from that i think we can safely assume either Wilf or Donna dies.

If Wilf dies then Donna will be upset and never want to see the Doctor again.

If Donna dies then Wilf will be upset and leave the Doctor.

In my opinion the Doctor might actually kill himself by the sounds of that. "The last time David used his sonic screwdriver" That hints at a possible time war sceneraio where he had to kill both sides and regenerated in the process.

It also sounds like the Doctor may sacrifice a human life to save his. (Hinted at by the line "At any cost")

More ideas coming soon :)

Only 23 days till part 1!