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Sunday, December 6

Cast List

Radio Times have a cast list for The End of Time - part 2! (No, this is Part 2, as it said in the Radio Times. The reason why Matt Smith is not listed is solely because there are quite a few people not listed due to spoiler reasons.)

David Tennant - The Doctor
John Simm - The Master
Bernard Cribbins - Wilfred Mott
Timothy Dalton - The Narrator
Catherine Tate - Donna Noble
Jacqueline King - Sylvia Noble
June Whitfield - Minnie Hooper
Claire Bloom - The Woman
David Harewood - Joshua Naismith
Tracy Ifeachor - Abigail Naismith
Lawry Lewin - Rossiter
Sinead Keenan - Addams
Alexandra Moen - Lucy Saxon
Karlo Collins - Shaun Temple
Teresa Banham - Governor
Barry Howard - Oliver Barnes
Allister Bain - Winston Katusi
Sylvia Seymour - Miss Trefusis
Pete Lee-Wilson - Tommo
Dwayne Scantlebury - Ginger
Joe Dixon - The Second
Julie Legrand - The Partisan
Brid Brennan - The Visionary
Krystal Archer - Nerys
Lachele Carl - Trinity Wells
Paul Kasey - Ood Sigma
Ruari Mears - Elder Ood
Silas Carson - voice of Ood Sigma
Brian Cox - voice of Elder Ood
Nicholas Briggs - voice of Judoon


Bill P. Godfrey said...

No Roger Bailey?

Anonymous said...

looks good, but could there be time lords in the list, if we use the same format as the known time lords, The Doctor and The Master, there are serveral others using the same format:

The narrator, the woman, the second, the partisan, the visonary.

could these be time lords as well?

The_Doctor said...

Some of those names sound quite Time Lord-y to me. Perhaps the rumors are true and RTD will bring the Time Lord and Gallifrey back before he leaves

Anonymous said...

I think (hope!) there's one very important person missing from that list...

Sam said...

At first glance this disproves that Harriet Jones, formerly-deceased Prime Minister, returns as IMDB has been trying to say. Buuuut . . . this doesn't credit Jack, Sarah Jane, or Luke, all of whom have been seen filming when they were in fact filming for End of Time . . . .

Sam said...

Well this would seem to disprove the return of Harriet Jones, formerly-deceased Prime Minister, that IMDB kept trying to pass off as fact, but it also contradicts set reports and photographs from filming with Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, and Luke. . . . unless they're in part one?

angel-of-doctor said...

I wonder, who is the WOMAN?
AND WHO'S THE SECOND? That doesn't make sense.

Sever said...

So there will be no Rose?

The Knight said...

well it is part 2... perhaps rose, sarah jane, and capt. jack only appear in part 1

Anonymous said...

Um, shouldn't Matt Smith's name be there somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps MacMachavelli made a typo and it's actually part 1. The cast list I saw somewhere else had Jack, Sarah Jane, Rose, and Jackie in part 2 and the Elder Ood only in part 1.

Gari said...

I noticed that Matt Smith wasn't mentioned, unlike Mr Tennant at the end of Ecclestone's tenure. Are we being denied a proper Regeneration so that The Moff starts completely afresh a la Pertwee?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up, MacMachavelli!

Emily DW DT fan said...

enything on John Barrowman playing jack problay what Anonymous said about the companions are missing coz i know or i think i cant acturly know seens it aint come now but i have seen pics of john as jack and billie (Rose) and camile (Jackie) and a video where Elizabeth (sarah jane) and Tommy (Luke) are in it.
ider it was a typo or they are the spoilers
just me guesing coz i know they are in it its been comfurmed

Anonymous said...

All I can say is if they're not going to show Matt Smith's Doctor at the end, then they better have a preview for Series 5 after the special to make up for it.