Planet Gallifrey: May 2010

Sunday, May 30

Lack of updates

Hi guys. Unfortunately, it is exam season and I am not able to update the site any more  as much as I could; but I am trying!! Don't worry though, because I will return to it properly when they are over! Hurrah.

And did you see the episode yesterday?! Poor Amy.

Wednesday, May 19

Finale Title announced!!

Episode 13 is called... The Big Bang!

Tuesday, May 18

MEGA finale spoilers...

News News News!!

Episode 12 is confirmed as 'THE PANDORICA OPENS'.


Developed in association with Doctor Who’s Executive Producer and show runner, Steven Moffat, Doctor Who Live promises the same excitement, adventure and suspense that viewers have come to expect from the TV programme and will feature specially filmed new video scenes.

Opening in wartime London and concluding in an epic onstage battle, audiences should expect the unexpected as the The Doctor’s arch-enemies the Daleks are joined by some of the best-loved and most terrifying monsters from the TV series including the Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Judoon and Oods to name but a few.

With an out-of-this-world set, Doctor Who Live will feature special FX, optical illusions and spectacular pyrotechnics building to an epic finale. Specially edited video clips, drawn from the TV Programme will be shown on a massive screen and accompanied by the music of longtime Doctor Who composer Murray Gold. These iconic scores will be brought to life by a 16 piece orchestra live on stage.

Thursday, May 13

5 Pieces Of News

  1. Episode 11 has been confirmed as "The Lodger".

  2. The episode synopsis for "Cold Blood" has been revealed -

    It is the most important day in the history of Earth: the dawn of a new age of harmony or the start of its final war.
     In the latest episode of the time-travelling drama, written by Chris Chibnall, The Doctor must face his most difficult challenge yet. It is a battle in which he cannot take sides and a day when nobody must die...

  3. Check out Matt Smith interviewing Karen Gillan here, and vice versa here.

  4. Also, there are three clips from the next episode - "Amy's Choice" here, thanks to Cameron.
  5. And there have been some awesome updates on the latest filming of Sarah Jane Adventures

Tuesday, May 11

British Broadcasting Conservatism

Well then. Cameron's Prime Minister.

What do you think of his policies of possibly freezing the licence fee and dissolving the BBC Trust - should they come into action in the near future?

Leave your comments below.

Thursday, May 6

When Graham Norton got exterminated...

I bet the title got you all excited, didn't it? :D

Karen Gillan, aka, the luscious Amy Pond, was on The Graham Norton Show the other day. Check out the interview:

Here's that lovely moment again:

Fan's memorabilia estimated at £750,000

Doctor Who enthusiast, Peter Jewell of Lancaster, has had his rare, memorabilia collection estimated at around £750,000!

The 46 year old says he became a fan 40 years ago, when he was "ill with mumps and my mum bought me a Doctor Who book and that was it. I started collecting things when I was ten or 11; it started from there and it's never let me go. I grew up with it really - it's a show that people of all ages can enjoy because it works on so many different levels."

A doctor in real life, Peter owns just about everything - from the classic Dalek toys, to Doctor Who helium balloons! He has opened a stall to coincide with an exhibition of some of his memorabilia, which includes artefacts dating back to the early thirties, such as a theatre programme from what is apparently meant to be the first professional performance of Doctor Who.

Peter's most valuable item is the very first Doctor Who comic from 1978, which is worth £20,000 - and he owns six of them!

"I quite like the fact that I have created a place for people to come and sit and talk about Doctor Who. I see people aged from two to 90 who all love the show. I would have loved to find like-minded people when I was younger."

Wednesday, May 5

Hit or Miss?

The BBC received many complaints regarding the final scene of "Flesh and Stone" which was deemed inappropriate for a children's programme.

In response, a BBC spokesperson said that 43 complaints had been received but said: "Millions of Doctor Who fans watched and enjoyed last Saturday's episode, including the lighthearted and humorous scene in which Amy kissed the Doctor."

However, many critics appraised the episode, saying that it was "the greatest episode there has ever been", commenting on its "simplicity" and Moffat's ability of "evolving" the Weeping Angels; "lesser writers could have easily recycled their monsters from yesteryear and just dished up more of the same."

Even so, The Daily Telegraph criticised the last scene, which saw Amy trying to seduce the Doctor.

The next episode is set to feature vampires in Venice - lots of pics here.

Tuesday, May 4

Pratchett labels Who as 'ludicrous'

Author Terry Pratchett, famous for his Discworld series, has called Doctor Who "ludicrous."

Writing for SFX, he said, "On planet Earth it's generally taken for granted that it's a bad thing to introduce into a narrative some last-minute solution that was totally unexpected and unheralded.

"The unexpected, unadvertised solution which kisses it all better is known as a deus ex machina - literally, a god from the machine. And a god from the machine is what the Doctor is now."

"A decent detective story provides you with enough tantalising information to allow you to make a stab at a solution before the famous detective struts his stuff in the library. Doctor Who replaces this with speed, fast talking, and what appears to be that wonderful element 'makeitupasyougoalongeum'."

He also claims that the Doctor has become "an amalgam of Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ... and Tinkerbell [...] There is nothing he doesn't know and nothing he can't do... Perhaps they should start transmitting the programme on Sundays."

"After all, when you've had your moan you have to admit that it is very, very entertaining," he drones on, "I might shout at the screen again, but I will be watching on Saturday."

Rory speaks!

Here is Digital Spy's interview with Arthur Darvill a.k.a Rory!

Monday, May 3

Ten Teasers for 'Vampires of Venice'

1. Rory is halfway through his stag do when The Doctor arrives to collect him. And it's quite an entrance.

2. On entering the TARDIS, Rory doesn't really say what The Doctor wants him to.
It's bigger on the inside?
3. The First Doctor makes an appearance.
Flashback? - Nope, it's the 'library card moment' - Thanks readers! :D
4. The 'vampires' like Amy. Who can blame them? She's delicious!

5. "Where are you from? Did you **** ******* the *****?"

6. Ever wanted to see The Doctor get electrocuted? Luck's in.

7. "Some tiny. Some were as big as the sky."
Pods/ships in which Vampires came in?
8. What's 10,000 in number and waiting in the water?

9. Amy enjoys a massive snog with either Rory or The Doctor. Right in front of the other.

10. "All I can **** is... *******."

The Two Doctors?


Sarah Jane Adventures - Series 4 Set Reports & Spoilers

The basics:
  • Russell T Davies will remain involved in the two series as an executive producer. He will also pen one story, starring Matt Smith and Katy Manning as the Doctor and Jo Grant.
  • Despite leaving her role as head of drama at BBC Wales, Julie Gardner will continue as an executive producer, alongside Piers Wenger, new head of drama for BBC Wales.
  • Nikki Wilson, producer on series 3, has been promoted to executive producer.
  • The role of producer is now in the hands of Brian Minchin.
  • Writers for the series are Phil Ford, Joseph Lidster, Rupert Laight, Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman and Russell T Davies.
  • The role of series composer will once again be with Sam Watts and his brother, Dan Watts.
  • This year they are filming series four as well as half of series five immediately after. a total of 18 episodes.
  • Filming began week beginning 29th March 2010 and is scheduled to end week beginning Monday 26th July 2010
  • Series four will air in Autumn 2010 and series five will air in Autumn 2011, so a similar format to previous years.
  • Androvax will  return, as will the Slitheen/Blathereen race.
  • New enemies called the "Shansheeth" will be voiced by Harry Potter's David Bradley. 
  • Series 4 will see them go "back in time" and onto another planet.
  • Luke Smith will depart from the first story, although there will be a "companion of the week", similar to when Professor Rivers filled in for Luke in "The Eternity Trap."
  • Matt Smith and Katy Manning will appear as the 11th Doctor and Jo Grant. 

4.1/4.2: The Nightmare Man
Written by Joseph Lidster
Directed by Joss Agnew
Guest starring Julian Bleach as the Nightmare Man

4.3/4.4: The Vault of Secrets
Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Joss Agnew
Guest starring Cheryl Campbell as Ocean Waters

4.5/4.6: Death of the Doctor
Written by Russell T Davies
Directed by Ashley Way
Guest starring Matt Smith as the Doctor and Katy Manning as former Third Doctor companion Jo Grant

4.7/4.8: The Empty Planet
Written by Gareth Roberts
Directed by Ashley Way
Guest starring Joe Mason as Gavin

4.9/4.10: Lost in Time
Written by Rupert Laight
Directed by Joss Agnew
Guest starring Cyril Nri as the Mysterious Shopkeeper.

4.11/4.12: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
Written by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman
Directed by Joss Agnew
Guest starring Julie Graham as Ruby White.

Story One - "The Nightmare Man"
 - Written by Joe Lidster 
 "The Nightmare Man is part of a really big emotional journey for Luke which involves him facing his fears and excitement about the future. "

Luke's departure scene - Luke and K9 say goodbye:

Later on in the episode:
The 'Nightmare Man' visits Bannerman Road and taunts Luke:
"Evil" Rani and Clyde 'taunt' Luke. "Evil" Sarah Jane burns his books in a fire. (This is set in Luke's nightmare, which the Nightmare Man is taking control of).

Episode Status: Filmed.

Story Two - TBA

Yellow and black monster spotted on set, along with men in black suits and shades emerging from a 1960s Hummer. Identified as the same men from Phil Ford’s animated Doctor Who story “Dreamland”. As previous elements from Dreamland have appeared in Phil Ford’s Sarah Jane Adventures scripts (the spaceship from 3.1&3.2) the logical assumption is that Phil Ford is the writer of this story.

Status: Filmed!

Story Three (??) - TBA

Paul Kasey seen in an Iron Man/Transformers-esque robot costume and blowing up shop windows.


  • Elvis was said to be sighted at the set
  • The new companion may not be a regular
  • She may go by the name of 'J...'
  • It is possible that she is a Victorian girl
  • Trailers were seen with the labels HARESH, SAM and METALKIND, which could be the yellow and red robots, blowing up shop windows.

Thanks to Timeboy for the information and set reports 

Sunday, May 2


Do you think this site needs a revamp in terms of colours and stuff or do you like it the way it is? I was thinking of making the post area bigger so that I can post bigger videos in it and so it can hold bigger pictures too. Also, because of a new colour scheme in Doctor Who, the banner might require a change too. Please leave your comments below and I'll see what I can do because this site might be getting some special stuff on it in the near future ;)


Vampires of Venice trailer

Vampires! Venice! Fangs! Eep!