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Sunday, August 26



Home Planet: Unknown
Life Form: Crustacoid
Info: The original Macras were large, able to hold a human in one claw. They were stocky in build, with large eyestalks and large claws. Although they grew over the years and became hundreds of times larger, their intelligence devolved into something much more animalistic.

On one planet, the original Macra's used the Humans as slaves to mine the gases that were vital for their existence. And on New Earth a colony of Macra escaped from the zoo when the power broke down and made their way into the Motorway where they lived on the fumes.
Episodes appeared: The Macra Terror, Gridlock

Midnight Creature
Home Planet: Midnight
Life Form: Unknown
Info: A mysterious, unnamed, and unseen creature, found on the surface of a diamond planet where supposedly no life can ever survive.

It is now believed that the creature is dead, having perished while possessing Sky's body. However, since no one can ever venture out onto the planet, its true fate is unknown.
Episode appeared: Midnight


Home Planet: Nestine Homeworld
Life Form: Liquid plastic-substance, squid-like creature, or illuminating orb
Info: The Nestines were an extraterrestrial, disembodied gestalt intelligence which first arrived on Earth in hollow plastic meteorites. They're among the oldest beings in the universe, described as creatures which existed in the "Dark Times". Their most recent Earth invasion was due to their food supply running out due to a war.

The Nestine's have attempted to take over Earth several times, using their technology to animate shop window dummies (Autons) and other plastic objects and form them into weapons. This control was described as "warp shunt technology", and was formed through telepathic projection. It is believed that the Nestines were aware of the Time War, possibly loosing their planet because of it.
Episodes appeared: Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Autons, Rose


Home Planet: Ood Sphere: Horsehead Nebula
Life Form: Squid-faced humanoid
Info: In the distant future, the Ood are a slave race to humanity, performing menial tasks, and it is claimed that every human has an Ood servant.

As well as their low level psychic resonance, the Ood have also shown to be able to roughly predict the future. It appears that no Ood has a chosen name, or if they do, it is never spoken out loud. The only known Ood to be referred to by name was Ood Sigma.
Episode appeared: Impossible Planet, Satan Pit, Planet of the Ood

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Anonymous said...

You could change the Ood home planet to the "Ood Sphere" and put "Planet of the Ood" under list of appearances =)

Jess said...

Indeed I could!

Anonymous said...

That was quick!

Loving the site by the way... it must take lots of time and effort to constantly update it all the time

Very much appreciated and this has now become my number one source for any DW news :)

Anonymous said...

I realise that these are the nestenes you're speaking about, but didn't the autons or the nestenes (or both) appear in "Terror of the Autons"? (Third Doctor)

Jess said...

Good point, I'll change that now. Thanks!

Doctor who fan said...

Dude it no nestenes becuase one nestene who creates the autons to attack humans that scary dudes because humans must pass the autons to kill the auton creator nestene consciousness the creator of the autons when consciousness the creator of all autons dies the autons are dying to lie down