Planet Gallifrey: Don't Cry For Me, Amy Pond

Saturday, April 7

Don't Cry For Me, Amy Pond

It's nearly coming to a close for Amelia Pond and Rory Williams, but will they go out with a bang (no naughty pun intended)?

Well, there seems to be a rumour going around...

... saying that they will get divorced (eek!) after an argument (eek!) that was captured on video (aaah.)

And here are a couple of snaps:

Thanks to @PreachrsPodcast!

And here are the supposed papers (photo thanks to @masterrhys17)


liminalD said...

I think we'll find that the potential divorce will be set-up, that things aren't going well in the Pond household at the START of a story - perhaps something happens to Rory's dad because of the Doctor, so Rory wants nothing more to do with adventures in time and space, or the Doctor himself? - and he resents Amy's continued waiting for the Time Lord, or some such thing. I expect he probably issues her an ultimatum, and she has to choose. And she'll choose Rory. THEN the Doctor shows up and it's all awkward, something happens with the Weeping Angels and either Rory or Amy will die - I'm picking Rory, based on River's reaction to seeing him in AGMGTW - and the surviving Pond will tell the Doctor they never want to see him again.

Or something ;)

Maurice Mitchell said...

Interesting. Considering how much they've been through together I find it hard to believe they would get divorced. What could be so bad that they'd leave each other?

Colleen Beaty said...

I don't know, those supposed papers look more like a script to me.

Gimli said...

I hope they don't get divorced...but they do seem to love to do that on TV...

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Anonymous said...

The one thing that I think could make Rory angry enough to leave Amy would be fooling around with the doctor...

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