Planet Gallifrey: December 2007

Monday, December 31

No Doctor in Doctor Who?

Apparently, the Doctor wont feature in his own program... well, only for an episode. The Sun let slip a "Spoiler" about the new Doctor-lite episode which does actually seem plausible and makes sense... here take a looky at this:

BBC bosses are so confident in Doctor Who that they are making an episode without him in it... Instead, the Time Lord’s three female assistants – Rose, Martha and Donna – take the starring roles.

The shock twist comes after the Doctor, played by David Tennant, gets lost in space.

His faithful sidekicks are left to take control of the Tardis as they battle to save the world from an alien invasion.

An insider on the show’s top-secret Cardiff set said: “The chemistry between the three assistants is electric. It is so strong that we realised the doctor could be in danger of getting in the way.

“So it is left to the girls to sort things out, having to save civilization and the Doctor himself.”

Former assistants Billie and Freema, will team up with the Doctor’s new companion Catherine, for the one-off episode towards the end of the next series. It will be screened in March.

The insider added: “It is a bit of a gamble having Doctor Who without the Doctor – it has never been done before. But everyone is so interested in the different assistants that it should be fantastic.

“Donna, Martha and Rose are all competing for his attention in different ways and all want to be the best. But the question will be, can they work together?”

Tennant’s future remains uncertain. He is expected to quit after filming this series and three more specials. He recently said bosses had yet to offer him a new contract.

So there. We must remember that this is unconfirmed by the BBC and The Sun isn't always accurate about its predictions.

From seeing the filming of the Doctor-lite, it can be confirmed that Donna and Rose are in it, and it is set in an apocalyptic Earth, where there is ruin and famine and evacuations and all that horrible stuff.

There hasn't been any sight of the Doctor filming, BUT there also hasn't been any sightings of Martha either. But this is only a fraction of the episode, Martha could have just been elsewhere for those scenes.

We shall have to see...

Voyage of the Damned - Youtube

Hey all, I've FINALLY got my hands on Voyage of the Damned and its FINALLY up on Youtube! Wanna guess how long it is before it gets taken down??

VotD Part 1 -
VotD Part 2 -
VotD Part 3 -
VotD Part 4 -
VotD Part 5 -
VotD Part 6 -
VotD Part 7 -

Thar ye go...
Enjoy the Doctor Whoness!

Voyage of the Damned

Episode Location: The S.S.S Titanic
Max Capricorn, The Hosts
New Characters: Astrid, Midshipman Frame, Mr Copper, Rickston, Foon, Morvin, Bannakaffalatta, Wilfred Mott
Gadgets Used: Sonic Screwdriver, Psychic Paper, EMP
Episode Objective: To survive the Hosts and get to floor 31 in order to stop the Titanic engines from failing, and the ship from crashing into the Earth.

Bullet- Point Plot
As this was the Christmas special, I'm including a much more detailed plot which can be seen via the link below:
In depth plot (with video clips and dialog)
  • Doctor in the TARDIS
  • Titanic crashes through the wall
  • He's a bit confused
  • 'What? What? WHAT?!'
  • He jumps up
  • Fiddles with the console
  • And begins winding a lever
  • The TARDIS reverses
  • Pulling away from the Titanic
  • And the hole mends itself
  • The Doctor then presses buttons
  • And parks inside the Titanic
  • He wanders out
  • And into the middle of a party
  • Looking confused, he goes to a window
  • And sees that he's on a spaceship
  • Thats floating above Earth
  • 'Right....'
  • On the Bridge
  • The Captain dismisses the others
  • But Midshipman Frame stays behind
  • The Doctor is looking at a screen
  • 'Max Capricorn, the biggest, the fastest, the best'
  • He is now in black tie
  • And wanders round the party
  • Catching sight of Astrid
  • And of Rickston
  • He stops at a nearby Host
  • Which tell him that:
  • Its there to give information
  • The company is owned by Max
  • And then it breaks down
  • 8 more have also broken
  • And are returned to the warehouse
  • The Steward is annoyed
  • And stalks off
  • One of the Hosts watches him
  • The Doctor runs into Astrid
  • They talk about traveling
  • Astrid always wanted to travel
  • She offers the Doctor a free drink
  • The Doctor sits with Foon and Morvin
  • Who won their tickets
  • And are in fancy dress
  • They all talk and become friends
  • An announcement called 'Red Six Seven'
  • Which is Morvin & Foons number
  • They ask if its the Doctor's
  • And he says it might as well be
  • Back on the bridge
  • Frame notices some meteors
  • But the ship shields can protect them
  • The Captain's acting strange
  • Back at the party
  • The Doctor grabs Astrid
  • And uses his psychic paper
  • To get into the group
  • Mr Copper begins talking
  • As he is their guide
  • Banakafallatta arrives late
  • The Doctor says he can't go to Earth
  • There will be to many people
  • They teleport down
  • The street is deserted
  • Astrid thinks its amazing
  • She & the Doctor explore
  • They meet Wilf
  • Who's selling newspapers
  • He tells them that:
  • Everyone has run away
  • Cause of what keeps happening
  • Every single Christmas
  • The Queen is staying
  • In Buckingham Palace
  • The Doctor thinks nothing will happen
  • He & Astrid teleport away
  • Wilf looks a bit shocked
  • Mr Copper says there was a fault
  • So they were all brought back
  • A Steward walks up
  • And offers everyone free drinks
  • Astrid thanks the Doctor
  • The group separate
  • Frame checks the scanners
  • The Captain has magnetized the ship
  • Drawing the meteors closer
  • He says its for the guests
  • To 'give them a show'
  • The Doctor gets curious
  • And hacks into the computer
  • He sees the ships scanners
  • And realizes that:
  • Meteors are heading towards them
  • And the ships shields are down
  • He tries to contact the Bridge
  • Frame backs him up
  • But the Captain wont listen
  • The Doctor is arrested
  • And escorted away
  • Frame tries to raise the shields
  • The Capitan stops him
  • By pointing a gun
  • The Doctor escapes
  • And tries to tell all the guests
  • He's arrested again
  • He shouts to Rickston
  • To look out the window
  • And is lead away
  • Astrid, Foon, Movin & Bana
  • All follow him
  • Frame tries to stop the Captain
  • But the Captain shoots him
  • Rickston goes to the window
  • And sees the meteors coming
  • He runs off to find the Steward
  • Frame is still alive
  • He asks the Captain why
  • The Captain says he's dying
  • And he wanted the money
  • For his family
  • Rickston catches up to the Steward
  • And shouts 'the shields are down!'
  • The meteors hit the ship
  • Confusion everywhere
  • People screaming & running
  • The Hosts all look up
  • Seemingly possessed
  • The people who were in the corridor
  • All survive...
  • The Stewards tries to get order
  • And walks towards a door
  • He opens it
  • And is sucked outside
  • The Doctor closes the door
  • And goes to have a look around
  • Astrid follows him
  • He doesn't think it was an accident
  • And is about to go find the TARDIS
  • But he sees it floating in space
  • And heading towards Earth
  • In floor 31
  • The Hosts are acting strange
  • A man call out to them for help
  • They take of their halos
  • And kill the man
  • The Doctor talks through a telecom
  • And Frame answers
  • He says the power is down
  • And the Captain's dead
  • If the engines fail
  • The Titanic will fall
  • And destroy all of Earth
  • The others start panicking
  • The Doctor tries to calm them
  • He says they're going to the bridge
  • And will save the ship
  • They set off
  • And reach a staircase
  • Which is blocked by debris
  • They find a Host
  • Foon&Morvin start to fix it
  • So that it can help them
  • The others clear the stairs
  • Astrid&Bana go through a gap
  • That needs to be made bigger
  • Foon&Morvin talk
  • And have a heartfelt moment
  • Astrid&Bana talk
  • Bana reveals he is a cyborg
  • Astrid promises not to tell
  • Frame is contacted
  • By some survivors
  • Who are in kitchen 5
  • Frame checks the scanners
  • And sees their life signs
  • Some Hosts appear
  • And kill the kitchen staff
  • Frame contacts the Doctor
  • And tells him something is wrong
  • Something to do with the Hosts
  • Foon&Morvin fix their Host
  • It wakes up
  • And grabs Morvin
  • Beginning to choke him
  • The Doctor hurries down
  • And tries to stop it
  • It lets go of Morvin
  • And attacks the Doctor
  • He shouts at the others
  • To get through the gap
  • But Foon can't fit
  • Astrid&Mr Copper help her
  • And have to pull Morvin through
  • The Doctor follows
  • And talks to the Host
  • Asking where their orders come from
  • It tells him floor 31
  • Then it is crushed by debris
  • Frame sees some Hosts coming
  • He closes the door
  • And has to deadlock it
  • Which means no one can get in
  • So no one can save the ship
  • So they are all doomed
  • The group stop to rest
  • Astrid brings the Doctor food
  • They have a nice talk
  • And hints of flirting
  • Mr Copper joins them
  • And says how he lied
  • To get a job on the ship
  • And if he's caught...
  • He'll be put in jail
  • The Hosts come back
  • And everyone runs
  • They reach a giant chasm
  • With only a thin bridge across
  • Morvin moves to look over the edge
  • And the floor collapses
  • He falls to his death
  • Foon in distraught
  • The Doctor closes the door
  • So the Hosts can't get them
  • But they start to knock it down
  • Rickston starts to cross the bridge
  • And makes it
  • The others follow
  • But the Doctor wont leave Foon
  • Who is to upset to move
  • Rickston says the need the screwdriver
  • And the Doctor has to leave Foon
  • He promises he will come back
  • And begins crossing the bridge
  • The banging stops
  • And the Hosts seem to leave
  • But then they appear
  • Flying down to the bridge
  • And surrounding the group
  • They arm themselves
  • And try to deflect the halos
  • But they are loosing
  • Astrid says she can't do it
  • Bana says he's not ashamed
  • Reveals his cyborg body
  • And creates an explosion
  • The Hosts all malfunction
  • And fall
  • But Bana runs out of power
  • And dies
  • Mr Copper takes the EMP
  • And says they can stop the Hosts
  • But it needs to be charged
  • A surviving Host appears
  • And threatens the Doctor
  • The Doctor backs away
  • And manages to override it
  • It begins answering his questions
  • It tells him its been ordered to:
  • Get rid of the witnesses
  • As its part of the plan
  • The Doctor asks what plan
  • But he was only allowed 3 questions
  • The Hosts prepares to kill him
  • But Foon appears
  • Grabbing the Host
  • And jumping off the bridge
  • The group are shocked
  • But have to move on
  • The Doctor gives out orders
  • The other are to go to reception 1
  • And send out an SOS
  • Rickston is in charge of the Sonic Screwdriver
  • And Astrid is in change of the EMP
  • They begin to charge it up
  • And begin talking
  • Astrid asks to come with the Doctor
  • And he says yes
  • The ship rumbles
  • Frame says the engines have failed
  • And that they're down
  • To their last 8 minutes
  • They then separate
  • (After they've had a kiss)
  • Astrid, Rickston & Mr Copper
  • Make their way through the ship
  • Disabling Hosts as they go
  • The Doctor retraces his footsteps
  • And runs into some Hosts
  • He overrides them again
  • And claims he is a stowaway
  • So they can't kill him
  • But should take him
  • To their highest authority
  • The Hosts agree
  • And take the Doctor away
  • The others reach reception 1
  • But the SOS wont work
  • Astrid sees the teleport bracelets
  • And asks Frame to give her power
  • Frame refuses
  • As he needs power for the engines
  • But Astrid says its for the Doctor
  • So Frame gives her power
  • And she teleports away
  • The Doctor is taken to floor 31
  • Where there is an impact chamber
  • And only one person can be inside...
  • Max emerges
  • And asks for a report
  • He's told they're still in orbit
  • And that the engines are running
  • Max says they should have stopped
  • The Doctor tires to work out
  • Whats going on
  • He realizes that:
  • Max's business has failed
  • He was kicked off the board
  • So hes crashing the ship
  • For revenge and insurance
  • And so the rest of the board
  • Are jailed for manslaughter
  • Basically a retirement plan
  • The Doctor calls him a loser
  • Saying he can't even sink the Titanic
  • Max disagrees
  • Saying he can stop the engines
  • From right here!
  • The Doctor is retrained
  • And as he struggles
  • Max gives a command
  • To kill him
  • But then Astrid appears
  • Sitting in a forklift truck
  • She drives towards Max
  • And begins pushing him
  • Her break lines are cut
  • From a Host's halo
  • But she doesn't give up
  • She looks at the Doctor
  • And he mouths 'no...'
  • She gives a determined smile
  • And lifts Max in the air
  • Before driving over the edge
  • Taking him with her
  • The Doctor looks on
  • Completely helpless
  • As she drops to her death
  • The ship is falling
  • Frame struggles to control it
  • Ricskton & Mr Copper
  • Cling to each other in fear
  • The Doctor walks through a corridor
  • Fire raging behind him
  • And his face dark
  • He stops
  • And opens his arms
  • Two Hosts appear
  • Grip his arms
  • And begin to fly
  • They smash through the ceiling
  • Which is the floor of the Bridge
  • Frame shrieks in surprise
  • As the Doctor appears
  • He begins to press buttons
  • And asks Frame's first name
  • Frame says its Alonzo
  • The Doctor looks up shocked
  • 'Allons-y Alonzo!'
  • The ship begins to fall
  • The Doctor struggles at the wheel
  • He calls Buckingham Palace
  • Warning them that he's gonna crash
  • The Queen evacuates
  • But the ship engines come online again
  • The ship just misses the palace
  • And begins flying away again
  • The Doctor laughs insanely
  • Happy that they made it
  • The ship goes back into orbit
  • The Doctor sits next to Frame
  • Frame's happy they made it
  • But the Doctor isn't as much
  • He says not everyone survived
  • And then has an idea
  • He rushes off to reception 1
  • And tries to fix the teleportation centre
  • Since Astrid died wearing a bracelet
  • Her molecules are held in stasis
  • But the machine is broken
  • And Astrid can only partly come back
  • Like a memory
  • She keeps saying 'I'm falling'
  • And asking 'Stop me falling'
  • The Doctor tries to fix the macine
  • Mr Copper says 'let her go'
  • But the Doctor wont
  • He says he can do anything
  • But eventually realizes that he can't
  • He looks at Astrid's form
  • And gives her a kiss
  • Before letting her particles
  • Fly off into space
  • So she can travel forever
  • Frame says the police are coming
  • So the survivors will be rescued
  • Mr Copper thinks he will be arrested
  • Because of his fake diploma
  • Rickston approaches the Doctor
  • Thanking him for saving his life
  • He then hugs the Doctor
  • And tells him that
  • Because he swapped his shared
  • And put them on the rival company
  • He is now rich
  • Mr Copper talks to the Doctor
  • Saying if he could choose
  • Who would live & die
  • Then he would be a monster
  • The Doctor takes a teleport bracelet
  • And gives one to Mr Copper
  • They go to Earth
  • So Mr Copper
  • Can start a new life
  • And not be jailed
  • The Doctor wishes him well
  • And they both agree
  • Not to forget Astrid
  • The Doctor looks up
  • And sees some of her molecules
  • Flying through the air
  • He enters the TARDIS
  • And travels onwards
  • Alone
  • (Until he meets Donna)
Best Bits
- Arriving at the Party
- Earthanomics??
- The crash
- Brave Midshipman
- 'I'm the Doctor...'
- Crossing the chasm
- Angel attack
- Sparring with Max
- Forklift fun
- Walking though the fire
- 'Allons-y Alonzo!'
- Buckingham Palace
- 'Your not falling...'

Favorite Quotes
'"I'm the Doctor. I'm a Time Lord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey on the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm 903 years old, and I'm the man whose going to save your lives, and all six billion people on the planet below... Have you got a problem with that?"
Astrid: So, you travel alone?
The Doctor: All the time. Just for fun... well, thats the plan, it never quite works
Mr Copper: I shall be taking you to Old London town in the country of UK, ruled over by good King Wenceleslass. Now human beings worship the great god Santa, a creature with fearsome claws and his wife Mary. And every Christmas eve, the people of UK go to war with the country of Turkey. They then eat the Turkey people for Christmas dinner... like savages.
Host: Information: You are all going to die
The Doctor: Bad name for a ship... either that or this suit is really unlucky.
The Doctor: One, we are going to climb through this ship. B... no... two we are going to reach the bridge. Three, or c, we are going to save the Titanic. And, coming in a very low four... or D... or that little 'IV' in brackets they use before notes... why.
The Doctor: Oh Rickston, I forgot, did you get that message?
Rickston: No, what message?
The Doctor: Shut up!
Astrid: So, you look good for 903
The Doctor: You should see me in the morning
Astrid: Okay
The Doctor: Brilliant. Take me to your leader.... I've always wanted to say that!
Max: No ones been funny with me for years
The Doctor: (looking him up and down) I can't see why
The Doctor: Whats your first name?
Midshipman: Alonzo
The Doctor: ......You're kidding me
Midshipman: Uh.... why
The Doctor: There's something else I've always wanted to say... Allons-y Alonzo!
The Doctor: Hello! Yes... um... could you get me Buckingham Palace?
The Doctor: Unsinkable. That's me.
The Doctor: I can do this, I can do it!
Mr Copper: Doctor... let her go...
The Doctor: I can do anything!!
[Pause... the Doctor stares at Astrid's image]
Astrid: Stop me falling
The Doctor: Astrid Peth, citizen of Sto. The woman who looked at the stars and dreamed of traveling... now you can travel forever... You're not falling Astrid, you're flying.
Mr Copper: Of all the people to survive, he's not the one you would have chosen, is he? But if you could chose, Doctor... if you could decide who lives and who dies... that would make you a monster.
The Doctor: Uh.. Where are you going?
Mr Copper: I don't know! [he skips off laughing]
The Doctor: [To himself] No... me either