Planet Gallifrey: Series 5

Saturday, August 30

Series 5

Everything I can find out about series 5 and the World of Who being ruled by Mr Moffat!

RTD is leaving after the 2009 Specials, and leaving Moffat to take over. Apparently Moffat may be tied up to series 9 after signing a 5 year contract.

There are rough ideas being put together for series 5 "as we speak". 
Mark Gatiss has been approached but at the moment he "knows nothing", as well as Skins writer Jack Thorne, Paul Cornell is likely to and its possible that Neil Gaiman may as well.

SM started writing the first script in July '08 and its been reported that:
  • SM has a broad overarching plan for the season that he's currently refining.
  • Hes completed the first episode of the season, it was "the easy part, as I'd written it in my head many times before."
  • He has had emails from would-be DW writers, including some from "a few quite surprising names".
According to an interview wiith Steven Moffat, SM expects to write 5 or 6 episodes.
However, given RTD never managed to predict how many he would write, that could easily change.

"THEY'RE BACK"... apparently. We don't yet know what "They" are, though.

SM confirms that there will not be a series of "Blink"-type stories, "You couldn't have a whole series like that... You can't have that as the first episode. It's just too grim. So it's different contemplating it from this position, very, very different."

The series will also continue to embrace a wide range of tones and genres, Moffat said. Rather than adapting the show to his particular writing style, he looks forward to experimenting with different voices to maintain the show's variety. SM also looks forward to "getting to write episodes that I wouldn't normally write, that wouldn't be expected of me."

SM has said he thinks the Doctor works best when solving problems rather than fighting armies, that the Doctor has always been a sexy, flirty character, albeit one who doesn't pursue love interests and that any fans hoping for a reduction in comedy, soapy stuff, gay jokes or the sonic screwdriver will be disappointed (and that he did these more than RTD anyway).

RTD hints that there will be some retuning monsters though we don't know what. Someone suggested it might be the Zygons... and one of them will be in human disguise.

Moffats Series 5 Bible
Apparently only a few have seen it and its a general rundown of his ideas for series 5. Although it has to be said that Moffat apparently read the rumors circulating and didn't seem that positive about them

  • Zygons - Apparently Tennant demanded Zygons, plus theres a CGI design being made for a Skarasen.
  • Ice Warriors - It seems this is a 'yes' at the moment. The provisional title will be "Faces in the Dust" and there will be Ice Warriors, Ice Lord, and "something else from Mars."
  • Daleks - If they are to be in series 5, then it will be in a 2-part opener and wont appear again in the series. But it seems that Moffat doesn't want to do a Dalek story.
  • The enemy who will reveal themselves in the series denouement will have been in every episode of the series. 

Format & Scheduling
Moffat says he has fourteen episodes of Who to do. Since the special at Christmas 2009 will be an RTD special and Julie mentions a series return with thirteen episodes, the fourteenth episode is perhaps for Christmas 2010?

Moffat also likes 2-parters the most, but he doesn't seem to be any suggestion that he'll change the format very much. He thinks the current pattern of three 2-parters is good. 

Since Smithy commented on how he'd read the scripts for episode 1 and 4, it looks unlikely that either of those will be two-parters.

Rumoured Supporting Cast
  • Georgia Moffat (Jenny)
  • Tom Baker (unknown role) - originally reported in Comic Book Resources, and then in the Daily Star

Other rumours
Major rumours about a DW film came out of Edinburgh (23 Aug 08)
"As long as it was great and fantastic than yes, I'm not against the idea. But a film is on for 90 minutes and that is not as important as the series. But as long as it doesn't get in the way of the show we could do it."

(Much thanks to everyone who provided information from the DWF, especially Canterbury! We are indebted to you!)


dan said...

Jess wow thanks for all the new goodies and info great now are you going to give us a blog on the adventures you had those could be fun to read since we have to x-mas for new who


great again to have you back Jess

Ember said...

Jess, thank you SO much for all of this info! I'm really glad your back. You are my #1 source for Doctor Who info, and I had to live with getting next to nothing for over a month.
Needless to say, welcome back. :)

Jess said...

Thanks muchly! Its good to immerse myself back into the Whoniverse, in Costa Rica the word for "afternoon" was tarde, and it always made me think of the Doctor

Combom said...

"they" are the sea devils.

Anonymous said...

"They" are Larry and Sally.

Moffatrocks said...

Um there are rumors about Donna, Wilf and the Master being in the last two specials. Reported by the CO=ORDINATOR who has been known for reporting true facts before. Also CT said she would love to come back.

Jess said...

Yup, I've heard those rumors. But since they're about the 2009 Specials, I reported it on that page rather than this one (which is about series 5 with Moffat)

Anonymous said...

They...better not be the Time Lords cause that would be a waste of four years of gut-wrenching drama.

Marsail said...

I Think It Would be A Good Idea To Bring Back The Timelords, As Long As They Make Them Darker, And Not Nearly As Kind And Forgiving As The Doctor Said. Also I Hope The Series 5 Finale Episode Will Be Better Than Journey's End. That Was A Real Dissapionment.

Anonymous said...

i know its the wrong page but doctor siting in sja series 2 cinema trailer !!! he's in the bit when clyde says something about luke when a picture of luke on a computer with the doctors pinstrip suit behind him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please awnser to a boy called ross [ remember me. ] please jess.

Anonymous said...

someone might hav already said this but, RTD said Russel Tove is a very likley candidate, to be the next dr after DT
see official dr who website

Melissa said...

Russell Tovey might not want the role. And Moffat might not want to cast him as the Eleventh Doctor. RTD doesn't have a say in this anymore since he is leaving.

Melissa said...

Everyone who wants Tennant to stay could write him and tell him that they want him to stay. He might be flattered by our requests for him to stay around for series 5.

Anonymous said...

You're right, actually. He might feel less selfish about staying on if he knows the fans love him too.

TheHairofTime said...

what do u mean cybermen are 'rumoured' to be in The Next Doctor?

Anonymous said...

Since when have Ice Warriors needed ice to survive ? What story was that in ? How can Jess make series 6 in 2011 ? I thought the BBC and Steven Moffat were making it.

BenB said...

the 11th doctor will be matt smith

Doctor who fan said...

Lord i must know The 11th Doctor s companions would be.

Doctor who fan said...

Eureka!!! but The rani might appear it in series 5.

Doctor who fan said...

God but hooray The Zygons should in 2009 specials or Series 5.

Anonymous said...

hmm i supose using the word "they" discounts individual like the master, the monk, the rani, or omega an would instead poit to a race such as the dalek, cybermen, zygons, sea devils, ice warriors, yetis, etc.

still, moffat says he likes the orignal cybermen and wants them back. this could be what he means. also tennant said zygons are his favourite monsters from old doctor who so if they appear its likely to be 2009.

Scorpio said...

I`m going to bet the Companion is the Rani. It would be a great twist while we were searching every episode and then we miss the fact that the doctor has a companion in every episode.

Oh and if River song is returning she needs to return before the doctor regenerates because she see`s him at the end of his life and knows he can regenerate. She also recognises the tenth doctor and is not confused about his body. This means that she never met the 11th doctor.

I predict this layout for the episodes:

1. New doctor faces an evil Fog monster creature in victorian london
2. Doctor and companion go into the year 2015 where they find a strange underground vault 1/2
3. They find a mysterious man along with an old enemy. 2/2
4. The doctor travels back in time however gets stuck in a Fictional realm with a strange magician called The Doctor
5. The Doctor and companio travel to lochness in 1934 only to discover the town is plagued by a ferocious sea monster 1/2
6. The Doctor finds out all is not what it seems as a friend is actually one of his enemies as the Zygons attack
7. The tardis returns to Victorian london finding that they have advanced along there original time track in the course of a few days as the Doctor tries to rewrite time and set it to normal a strange figure lurks in the darkness.
8. The Doctor and companion go to the year 2010 and find that a spaceshuttle has landed on mars 1/2
9. As the Ice warriors freeze the earth the Doctor finds out they are not the only threat 2/2
10. The Doctor takes his companion to her first off earth adventure to a planet that changes to suit the persons emotions 1/3
11. The Doctor is stranded with no Tardis and no help on a planet of his worst fears. As the resurection begins his companion reveals her true intentions 2/3
12. The Doctor faces his toughest challenge yet as The Rani returns and plans to alter history by changing the timewar so the Timelords and Daleks never meet. Set on Earth and Gallifrey this episode will feature alternate timelines and as one enemy fails another even more deadlier enemy waits for there moment to strike
13. Christmas on an alien world. The doctor faces a strange snow storm and an even more chilling discovery as the Yeti`s make there return

Well thats my ideas. :)
Hope you all enjoy POTD!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info brilliant, i for one will be very dissapointed if the Daleks dont come back, ok Mr Moffett does not like the Daleks but some fans do, sorry but Dr who without the daleks is like bubble without squeak, riddiculous, i hope the Moff does not stick to this, i agree we dont need them all the time but to get rid of them, thats a NO

Anonymous said...

Scorpio, your ideas sound like they've all been ripped off from really bad, adolescent fan-fiction and existing stories.

Your "idea" for episode 2 is that the Doctor and his companion land in a strange underground vault in 2015, sounds very similar to 'Dalek', with the only difference bing that Dalek was set in 2012.

Episode 4 is ver similar to The Mind Robber.

Episodes 5 and 6 rip off 'Terror Of The Zygons'.

Every 2nd episode seems to have a main enemy while the real threat is waiting in the darkness, or whatever cliched rubbish you dredged up.

Aaron said...

I would just like to point out with River Song she knows him from when he is older. As she puts it;

"You're younger than i've ever seen you!"

I think she knew what the 10th Doctor looked like because of some device the Doctor has. Maybe the Cybermen info stamp from "The Next Doctor"

That could be how she knows the Doctor but doesn't appear in the specials.

I also like the idea which someone suggested about the companion being the main enemy. As SM says they will appear in every episode. What do all episodes have?? A companion (except Series 2 - Love and Monster, Series 3 - Blink and Series 4 - Midnight - although the first two were Doctor-lite aswell.)

omegaman said...

I would like to suggest that the predicted enemy at the end of planet of the dead who will knock 4 times is none other than OMEGA. Perhaps that would help to explain the rumoured cameo of Tom Baker as in the past the doctor has required help from previous doctors to defeat him. Plus it would be nice to have another time lord other than the Master around. And since Omega is in the anti matter universe he would not have been affected by the time war. And so won't need to be explained as hiding with a fob watch.

Lucy said...

Yes, we need more Jenny.

And a companion called Lucy would just be AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

guess what there has been strong speculation that as well as gallifrey returning so is skaro!!!!
And AND that susan is to return

DalekCaan888 said...

The amount of speculation is astounding... I think we should give Matt Smith a chance, we tend to not like change, I myself loved having DT being the Doctor, but the Doctor has to regenerate at some point...

Anonymous said...

I have news from a source close to Stephen Moffatt. The final episodes of series 5 due in 2010 will be a "5 doctors" type story.
Doctors 7 to 11 will be involved although not all signed up yet!
SM, DT and obviously MS have said yes. PM and CE thinking about it.
Please, please, please let this be true!

Anonymous said...

if i had my own way for doctor who it wud be brilliant if moffatt keeps 2 2 parters stories and the last 3 episodes as 1 3 parter. the 1st 2 parter bring back the sea devils but have them in the future e.g 23rd centuary earth set in brighton or blackpool, the 2nd 2 parter have a new alien race that touches humans to lose their hair for the aliens to have the victims hair set in the present day and for the 3 parter finale have the rani manipulate the earth to turn on the doctor and savour the rani as a goddess.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you're not getting your own way, as your ideas sound like a load of juvenile, crap fan-fiction.

Anonymous said...

I lol'd at that.

OMG how can we beat these aliens doctor! they're making us bald. Hahahahaha

Alex said...

It would be cool to end up with these companions - River Song, Amy Pond and Jenny.

I think the 'THEY'RE BACK' refers to the time lords as last series we found the Time War may not be timelocked.

Aaron said...

Apparently series 5 will not be advertised as Series 5, but rather as Series 1. This is just going to be confusing for everyone. What does everyone else think?

Jason said...

Amy Pond = Melanie Bush?

Let's hope the new landscaping-themed companion doesn't suck like last time. Really, what's with that?

Scorpio said...

Replying to Anonymous at 20:29 on 07/04/09

No need to be so rude i was just suggesting stuff.

I have never heard of or seen the Mind Robber

I have also never heard of Terror of the Zygons however i believe that the only way to introduce them again would be revolving around either Global warming and the polar ice caps or the lochs in scotland.

Doesnt almost every episode for the new series have some enemy hiding in the shadows. Take the Witches or the Daleks for instance every time the Daleks appear they are always hiding somewhere.


As for the rest of the plot of Series 5 i make a few new predictions.

1. The companion will become the villain or one of the companions the doctor meets as it would be hard to conceal the same person appearing in every episode unless they are meant to be there.

2. The Doctor will have to kill off someone. This would set a darker tone and he would need to do it in order to save the earth. Imagine the Children of earth ending but the doctor making the decision.

3. Will be a more deadly doctor with darker humor and tone. Contrasted by bouts of jokes.

Twelth Doctor predictions:

1. Needs to be ginger. The tenth doctor mentioned it so it has to happen eventually.

2. Will suffer from lonelyness.

3. Will not have a companion for a few episodes. He will decide he needs a companion after he is almost killed.

Hope you enjoy the ideas.

Anonymous said...

If you've never heard of Terror Of The Zygons, how come you've come up with an 'idea' that sounds like it's been mostly ripped off from the plot of that story ?

Anonymous said...

"They" are the Sleeper Cells from Torchwood. The only way thee enemy could be in every episode is if they are a regular character, i.e. the companion. The companion is a sleeper agent.

Thats just my opinion, and I am likely to be wrong, but if I turn out to be right then YAY!

Make of it what you will...