Planet Gallifrey: More News

Saturday, December 20

More News

I think I'm enjoying this influx of news. It makes everything much more exciting!

  • The Times Online has a hilarious interview with RTD
    "It’s proper Victorian. It’s got turkeys, holly, bonnets – and snow at the end, of course. Imagine how lovely it is having David Morrissey and David Tennant together. It’s a dream match.
    They’re two Doctors together, and they become a sort of team. And it’s quite sad in places. I do love a bit of Christmas sadness, and the last ten minutes are outrageous. The Cyber King comes!!! Make sure you put three exclamations marks after that, when you write it. To convey how excited I was when I said it.”

  • The Sun have an article talking about how all ten Doctor's will make an appearence in the Next Doctor.
    “It’s nice for fans to see the old doctors. And it helps kids get their heads round the fact there have been lots of them.”

  • The DailyStar has a review of the episode - with some new lines from the show

  • As does the DailyMail, with "russel revealing secrets"

  • The Sun have a small article covering the Docotr/Cyber swordfight with pictures!

And finally...


Doctor who fan said...

Unbeliveable Jess The Doctor is fight cyberman with sword.Lol