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Thursday, December 4

Much media

Got another round of Who related media for you all!
And in an interview with Penelope Wilton (Telegraph) there is an interesting Doctor Who reference...

"When Russell T Davies, the driving force behind Doctor Who, wrote a role especially for Ms Wilton – she played a meek backbench MP who, after helping to defeat an alien invasion, goes on to become prime minister – she said yes immediately. 

However, in a recent episode, her character was "exterminated" by the Daleks. "It was fabulous fun," she says. "And I got to sacrifice myself to save the world. Though when you are exterminated on Doctor Who, chances are that you are not dead at all. I could simply have gone to another galaxy.

"You never know – I might make a return."

Plus a Radio Times article (that for the life of me I can't find!) has said this about The Next Doctor:

"DM and DT deal with a temporal paradox"
"Regeneration is a complex process - and never as easy as it seems"
"my Doctor wants to ask about himself and his past"
"Well the ultimate character, really. But a tragic character,too. Something terrible has happened to him"



Anonymous said...

Should be "never as simple as it seems." I think there's a subtle difference there. And the full sentence for that third quotation is "But all those questions my Doctor wants to ask about himself and his past have to be put aside to save London from destruction."

It's actually implied that the existence of Morissey's Next Doctor may not be fully explained by the end of the episode. After your fourth quotation: "Over the course of the episode, bits of what happened are revealed..."

Doctor who fan said...

The brigeader is joining sarah jane in SJA.

I still don t want to Any women to the 11th doctor that will be worse but man with their skin white can play the 11th doctor that will be better.

Doctorwhomaniac1511 said...

I think that Morrisey is not the eleventh doctor, but a 'future' doctor.

The Medusa Cascade

White Guardian said...

What about the guardian article? When it says that another mystery man might come in to save the day with the Brig? Could they be planning to slip the Doctor in for the finale? I hope so!!! You'll hear the 'squeeeee' from space if they do!

Anonymous said...

I don't know, the point of the SJA is that they don't need the Doctor to have adventures and save the world. I'd like it if the Doctor came to help, but they'd already solved the problem without him.