Planet Gallifrey: February 2008

Friday, February 29

More Moffat

So apparently the Sun has got their hands on both of the Moffat scrips (Silence in the Library and the other, un-named episode) and has therefore given away quite a bit of spoilery information.

Meh, I've added it to the "Silence in the Library" page if you want a peek. Oh! And the Finale page has been updated to.

Thursday, February 28


Just got some wonderful set reports from Scooty and PMount about the finale! (THANK YOU!) Apparently it was the last scenes of the final episode that were being filmed, and they included:

Not a lot to see filming-wise at first but then David Tennant appears at the porch of the house in his brown suit. There's Bernard Cribbins in a cardie and Catherine Tate in a mid-length light brown leather jacket and trousers. They rehearse and record a scene where Donna's on the ground, Wilf shouts "Donna!" and he and the Doctor help her to her feet. This is filmed two or three times.

Then a different scene was filmed with the Doctor and Wilf which PMount wonderfully got quite a bit of dialogue of:

[Rain is falling. the Doctor, on the porch, looks up at it.]
DOCTOR: Get a lot of this. Atmospheric disruption... Bye, Wilfred.
[The Doctor moves off. Walking back to the TARDIS in the rain, but he turns back to Wilf and calls out]
DOCTOR: You can never tell her!
WILF: What about you? All those friends of yours....who have you got?...... Next time, at night, when the stars come out....I'll look up and I'll think of you....out there on your own...on her behalf....
[The DOCTOR sadly turns away, gets out key, opens the TARDIS, and goes inside.]

So quite ominous and sad for an ending.. and doesn't it mean that the Doctor will be companionless for the Christmas special? There was no sign of Martha or Rose..

And heres a short video of the filming, but it just shows Tennant getting into the TARDIS and then getting out of the TARDIS and drying his hair with a towel... still... its Tennant!


Tuesday, February 26

They're back!

Hooray again!

Just heard from the glorious man Scooty, that a certain few well known people are returning in the finale... he got nice photos of their trailers...

SO! In the line up for the series 4 finale, we have:

The Doctor


Oh the endless joy and excitement!
(Thankee to Scooty for the pics)

Saturday, February 23

Moffat Stuff

Hey hey, theres been some new info revealed about Silence in the Library on the DWF which seemed to be very very interesting... and I reckon most of it is pretty accurate since Moffat turned up himself and told us all to stop talking about it.

Anyway, I've added it to the "Silence in the Library" section if you want to have a peek!

Monday, February 18

Bad World - Chapter 3

"Time has been manipulated - the Time War lost, and the Daleks rule supreme. Among the slaves of Earth, Rose is rebelling... but she is being haunted by strange memories. Memories of a lost life, a man in a blue box... and he's coming back to get her."

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Bad World

Chapter 3

Pete leaned back in his chair and frowned. Selby was watching him intently; expecting an explanation, but the problem he had now was… the first train of thought had been he would tell Selby everything, make him understand why Rose was… it seemed so complicated and muddled in his head but now he realized that… how could he even begin to…? There wasn’t anything to tell!

In the cramped kitchen, Selby watched Pete, unaware of the inner battle taking place. ‘Start at the beginning?’ he suggested after another minute of tortured silence.

Coming back to his senses, Pete glanced up at him. ‘There isn’t really a beginning,’ he said. ‘I… it seems so complicated in my mind, but really it’s not anything,’ he added lamely.

Selby frowned. Either Pete really didn’t know what he was talking about or… or he didn’t want him to know. But Selby wanted to know. He liked things to make sense, and out of everything that was wrong with the world, Rose made sense the least. So, in a Selby like fashion, he decided to be blunt.

‘Why does Rose sometimes seem like she’s looking through you? Why is it that, when you catch her looking at you, you think that maybe she doesn’t really believe that you’re there? How did you survive a year wandering about on this godforsaken planet without getting caught by Daleks?’

Pete scowled at Selby. All the confusion in his head, it wasn’t down to facts or actions. It was down to feelings. Just that nagging sense that Rose didn’t quite fit in, that nagging sense that there was more to all this than a planetary invasion, the sense that something was fundamentally missing from life… the sense that he shouldn’t be here. How can you explain feelings?

‘Have you ever had Déjà vu?’ he eventually asked.

‘Déjà vu? The feeling that you’ve already experienced something.’ Selby said.

‘Yeah, okay,’ said Pete. ‘Now take that feeling and multiply it by a hundred.’


‘That’s how Rose described it.’

‘Described what?’

But Pete didn’t seem to be listening to him. ‘Imagine doing something, seeing something, and you swear… you know that you’ve done it before. It’s something you’re just so certain about. And it’s more than just a five second feeling that the world’s repeated, it goes deep down through you, right through your bones.’

Pete looked up at Selby.

‘When the Daleks attacked, we were having dinner. Me, Jackie, Rose and Mickey had come round too. And they just… knew it all,’ he said at last.

Selby frowned, confused. ‘The Daleks?’

‘No! Rose, Mickey and Jacks.’

‘Knew what?’

‘Everything!’ said Pete. ‘We saw them. Well, actually we heard them first, shooting at things…people… Then we saw them, flying past, all over London, shrieking, and shooting, and doing god knows what, and Rose and Mickey and Jackie just… stared at them. They didn’t say anything, just stared. An’ I was yelling at them to move, or run, or something. I was trying to ring people, shouting down the phone asking what the hell the things were, and Rose just turned around and told me.’

‘Told you?’

Pete frowned. ‘She just said, “They’re Daleks. They’re going to kill us all. Exterminate us.” And she said it calmly! So matter of fact! But… she looked so scared.’

‘But how did she know?’

‘Déjà vu.’

Selby scoffed. ‘That’s stupid! There’s no way she could have known what they were. No way. No one had ever seen them before… No one on the face of the planet knew what they were! You trying to tell me Rose had seen a Dalek before?’

Pete shook his head and spoke very carefully. ‘Rose had never seen a Dalek before in her life. None of them had.’

‘Then she couldn’t have just known!’

‘But she did,’ said Pete quietly. Selby stared and him and shook his head.

‘It’s impossible,’ he said. ‘You can’t remember things that you’ve never seen.’

‘Well they did, all right?’

Selby rubbed his eyes. ‘She recognized the Daleks,’ he mused to himself. ‘Never seen them before, but just… knew about them…’ he glanced up at Pete disbelievingly, ‘Mickey and Jackie too?’

Pete pulled a face. ‘No… not really… Once Rose had said it they recognized the name, and they recognized the image. They knew that the things over London were Daleks, but nothing else. It was only Rose who knew the name off the top of her head like that. It was only Rose who knew more.’

‘Okay,’ said Selby, ‘So Rose knew things that she didn’t know how she knew and that no one else knew.’ And in the privacy of his mind, he added,nut case.

Pete nodded. ‘It was all down to Rose in the end,’ he said. ‘We’d be dead without her. When the Daleks came she… she just went all glassy eyed and started yelling at us, giving orders and stuff. And she justknew how to avoid them… knew how they moved and how they thought… and how to fight them.

‘For a year after the Daleks took over, we just wandered around… always hiding, always afraid of them,’ he sighed and rose from the table. ‘We walked all the way from London to here. It seemed like a good a place as any to hide. Jake found us shortly after.’

‘Then you started rescuing people, right? One big happy family?’ said Selby.

Pete shrugged and moved towards the door. ‘We try,’ he said.

‘But,’ said Selby, trying once more to get a grip on what he had been told. ‘You survived the Daleks because Rose just knew how to…’ it sounded so ridiculous, ‘and how did Jake survive?’

From the doorway, Pete considered this and gave a small smile.

‘He remembered the Daleks as well.’

Selby blinked. Jake too? That made even less sense! At least Rose, Jackie and Mickey lived together; they were all sort of connected so it made sense if they all thought they recognized the Daleks… but Jake didn’t have anything to do with them! He hadn’t even met them before the Daleks came!

‘So how did he…?’ Selby began.

‘Maybe that’s why he found us,’ interjected Pete. ‘Like he was drawn to us because he and the others all share these memories… Do you believe in fate?’

‘It’s hard to believe in anything anymore.’

Pete shrugged dismissively. ‘Well there you go,’ he said. ‘There’s not really anything else I can tell you, there’s nothing more to it. But don’t go asking Rose about it.’

‘You don’t want me to?’

‘No, it’s not that, you just won’t get anything from her. And the more you ask, the less she’ll like you. Best to leave it alone.’


The bed made a whining creak as Mickey flumped down and stared at the object in his hand. Rose sat by him and watched him carefully, occasionally glancing up at Jake to try and read their expressions.

‘All right…’ Mickey said at last. ‘I knew that, what ever it was, it had to be small enough to put in your pocket, but…’ he frowned and tossed it at Jake to examine. ‘I really wasn’t expecting that,’ he said.

Rose sighed. ‘You dunno what it is?’

‘No,’ said Mickey, and Jake shook his head, silently examining the object. ‘Why,’ Mickey added, suddenly suspicious, ‘do you know what it is?’


‘You’re a terrible liar.’

Rose glowered at him.

‘Well you are!’ said Mickey. ‘Don’t try to fool me Rose Tyler, I know you. You kept clutching at that thing when you thought no one was lookin’, its important to you isn’t it?’

‘No!’ a pause. ‘Yes…’

Jake handed it back to her. ‘What is it?’ he asked.

‘I dunno, I really don’t,’ said Rose truthfully. ‘I found it in the camp when I was looking for other stuff, it was just lying there.’

‘What other stuff?’

Rose pressed her lips together, seeming to consider her answer, before she gave a half hearted shrug. ‘About a week ago, I heard Dalek scouts talking about some new stuff that had been stored there.’

Jake raised his eyebrows. ‘So you just went off to get it? Sounds a bloody stupid thing to do.’

Rose nodded distractedly. It did sound stupid.

‘I know,’ she said, ‘but it wasn’t just that, the way they were talking about this stuff it sounded important... they said it was,’ and here she took a deep breath, ‘Gallifreyan artifacts.’

And there it was again.

That… odd sensation in the back of the mind.

Mickey blinked as he felt it settle into place, like an unpleasant bout of déjà vu. He had heard that word before… it felt so familiar to him…


He glanced over at Rose, and saw her faded expression.

‘That was that word you said before,’ said Jake.

Rose nodded mutely and Mickey knew that she must have felt it to. When she heard that word for the first time, she must have felt the same mind numbing sensation as he… that simple word that just sounded so right and so natural… But, and Mickey was positive about this, he had never, never, heard that word in his life. So how come it felt so mind-bogglingly familiar to him?

‘Gallifreyan…’ murmured Jake. He rolled the word around his mouth as he grew accustomed to it. ‘I dunno, Rose, it still seems a lot to put yourself through just because you heard a familiar word.’

Rose took a deep breath, squeezing her eyes shut as she tried to draw strength. If anyone had been watching closely, they would have seen her hand give an involuntary twitch, as though it longed to clasp at a certain pocket for comfort and assurance even though it was now empty.

‘It wasn’t just familiar,’ she tried to explain, ‘it was… it was,’ she waved her hands vaguely as she tried to recount the sensation she had felt, ‘right,’ she finished lamely.

Jake frowned.

‘Like déjà vu,’ supplied Mickey.

Rose suddenly twisted her head to look round at him, a burning look in her eyes. ‘You felt it.’ she stated.

Mickey nodded, a wistful look on his face. ‘Yeah… like I’ve heard it before, but I know I never have. It feels like a memory that I forgot… like really bad déjà vu or something. It feels…’

‘Right,’ finished Rose. Mickey nodded.

Jake looked at them both and nodded slowly in understanding. He understood in a vague way, it was the same feeling he had felt when he had seen the Daleks for the first time… that was something he shared with Rose and Mickey, but not this word.

‘All right,’ he said, ‘so yer heard about these Gallifreyan artifacts and went off to find them,’ Rose nodded. ‘And what were they?’ he asked.

‘There were loads of old boxes and crates, hundreds of ‘em. I opened a few and they were full of weird machines and wires and stuff.’

‘Useful stuff?’ asked Mickey.

‘Nope. Stuff I’d never seen before,’ Rose paused and thought about it, ‘it almost looked alien, at least some of it did.’

‘Like Dalek stuff?’

‘No. Maybe from a different planet… maybe one the Daleks took over.’

‘This Gallifreyan place?’


Jake shrugged one shoulder and joined Mickey and Rose on the bed. Together, they all looked at the little object from another world.

‘It was just sat on top of one of the boxes,’ Rose said, ‘I mean, it looked like nothing–’

‘Still does.’

‘I would have walked right past it if it hadn’t….’

A thick silence suddenly filled the room as Rose trailed off, staring at the thing in her hands. Mickey and Jake exchanged glances.

‘What?’ asked Mickey cautiously.

Very slowly, Rose looked up at them and spoke her next words with care, as though she hardly believed it herself. ‘It said my name.’

Another silence.

‘You what?’

‘My name, it… it just said it.’

‘It spoke?’


Mickey screwed up his forehead and looked baffled. ‘What then?’

‘Look,’ said Rose. She opened the little leather wallet and flashed Mickey and Jake the blank paper that was secured inside.

‘Yeah, we saw that.’

‘Well it said my name!’

‘What, in writing?’



As though he was handling some precious gem, Mickey took the wallet from Rose and stared down at the perfectly white paper. ‘It doesn’t say anything on it now though,’ he said and passed it back to Rose.

‘I know,’ she said. ‘But I swear to you Mickey, it did. It said “Rose” on it and then it sort of faded away…’ she looked imploringly up at him. ‘What was I supposed to do? Just leave it? It spoke to me!’

‘It’s a piece of paper in a little wallet thingy,’ said Jake doubtfully.

‘It’s alien.’

‘You think its alien.’

Mickey grabbed the wallet and peered down at it, twisting it in his hands to look at the back of it. ‘What if it’s dangerous?’ he said suddenly. ‘If it said your name then maybe its, like, psychic or somethin’… It could be reading your mind!’

Rose stared at him. ‘Don’t be stupid,’ she said hesitantly. Something about what he was saying seemed… sort of right, but she knew in her heart that whatever the strange thing was, it was important. It was special, and she wanted it.

‘Give it back,’ she said quickly and snatched the wallet from Mickey’s grasp.

And then the world distorted.

For a fraction of a second that seemed to spread out over eons, Rose Tyler was lost… lost somewhere that was so incomprehensibly far away from home, it ached... somewhere twisted, and sharp, with echoing voices and shouting. For a fraction of a second, Rose Tyler heard the screams of the long forgotten...

Wednesday, February 13

Round Up

Hey hey, just a quick news sum up of all the little things that have been discovered:

  • Steve Pemberton is playing "Lux", a mysterious character "who meets the Doctor during an expedition to uncover the secrets of an abandoned library. And apparently Lux is a nice tie in, as its effectively a unit of measurement for light on a surface, which fits in with "Count the Shadows"

  • Some new cast for the Sontaran 2 parter - Eleanor Matsuura (Jo), Ryan Sampson (Luke Rattigan), Rupert Holiday Evans (Colonel Mace), Bridget Hodson (Captain Price), Clive Standen (Harris), Wesley Theobald (Private Steve Gray)
  • Apparently, "The actor playing Colonel Mace (The Sontaran 2 parter) is telling everybody that he is playing 'the new Brigadier'."

  • The Master will be back, and be played by John Simm - though this is speculated to be only a brief appearance, like in a flashback maybe?

  • Someone asked Noel Clarke (Mickey) if he was coming back and Noel Clarke give a non-committed, but suggestive reply.

  • Apparently DNA is the key to the series

  • Apparently the Fob Watch will make a reappearance

  • Apparently the Doctor will have to choose which companion he takes with him, and which one he leaves to die - This could be Donna? - after all CT has confirmed she's only doing one series

  • Apparently Rose WILL be in the finale but will have a new boyfriend (Not Mickey?!)

  • David Tennant is maybe doing series 5?
As of now, I think thats it... I might add some more later if I find any, but there you go. Start speculating people!

Sunday, February 10

The TARDIS Diaries - Part 3

Title: The TARDIS Diaries
Random diary entries from the ship we love so much... "I deserve respect! I'm a TARDIS! I have feelings! True, they may be somewhat distorted so that I get a bit giggly every time that I land in a forest, but feelings none the less!"

Part 3
From 'The Christmas Invasion' to 'Rise of the Cybermen'

Day 55581013:

He bleeding crashed me!!

In to a bleeding wall!

And another bleeding wall!

And a bleeding car!

And some bleeding dustbins!

Can you tell that I’m a little upset?!?

Just because I am infinitely brilliant in every possible way does not mean that he can treat me as the large lump of wood I’m disguised as! I have feelings...! True… they may be somewhat distorted so that I get a bit giggly every time that I land in a forest, but feelings none the less!

Seriously, I had real doubts whether I would like this new incarnation. But then, well, then he collapsed, and I felt it. I mean, not just sensing it, I felt it. As if it was me who was suffering. Not pleasant let me tell you.

Then Rose and the other domestic Homo sapiens went and took him away. I think they were trying to help, either that or they wanted to sacrifice him to their god and then eat him, but as far as I know the human race grew out of that by 2007

They shouldn’t have taken him away though… the Doctor’s regenerative cycle means that he needs to be in close contact with me in order to help the healing process. But to silly humans know that? No, of course not.

So, once again, I’m left on my own to entertain my bottomless well of knowledge with silly trivial games of dominos (Tetris is to fantastic to be referred to as trivial) And next thing I know there’s a giant Sycorax ship over London!


Then Rose and Doctor and others come back, and sit in me and try to fiddle with my controls. If they had half a brain then I would have been able to tell them exactly what was wrong with the Doctor, and what was happening, and how to stop it all. But no one ever asks me!

And THEN, I’m teleported away up onto the ship. It really irks me that lesser beings think they can just bundle me about, I mean, I could have just overridden the teleport controls but… well, I’m just… far too lazy.

But it was all okay in the end; Doctor woke up and stopped it all. I like new Doctor; he’s like an extremely clever, excitable yet very evil little child. I see fun times ahead.

Day 55581015:


I know that the Doctor maybe needed a bit of time to recover… and Rose probably wanted to see her family for a bit, and they needed to get over the shock of the Sycorax since their puny human minds find it hard to deal with such things, but still…. I’m bored!

It’s been 2 days and I’m still sitting here in this parking lot… I want to go! Oh good god, I hope the Doctor hasn’t turned domestic…

Day 55581016:

No, its okay, crisis averted, we’re off.

…. Hey, New Earth! That’s nice… apart from the fact that I’ve been left on a hillside overlooking the city while the Doctor and Rose and off gallivanting about somewhere… probably canoodaling as well I shouldn’t think. Typical!

Oh… and HA for when they finally find out about the Face of Boe!

Day 55581017:

The Doctor’s playing that annoying song again… what is it with his odd fascination with humans and their appalling tastes in what they like to call music?? I’m so annoyed that I’m going to take him to the wrong century. Ha!

Day 55581018:

… I’m a little confused… Right, the Doctor and Rose are back but before that I got left on my own again. It doesn’t even matter if a drop them off in the wrong point in time and space, they still always manage to go off and have a good time without me!

And don’t try telling me that running away from a Lupine Wavelength Haemavoriform isn’t exactly a walk in the park… its better than sitting on a hill for a day and a half!

Anyway, I think silly human mind is affecting the Doctor. He came back giggling and laughing before starting to howl away.

Odd, odd time lord.

Day 55581019:


Day 55581020:


Day 55581021:

Bloody NO!

Day 55581022:

Okay, so I might sound like a spoiled and annoying child, but I really really don’t want to go back to Earth…I'll just get left in a car park again! It to so long for me to get outta there and now they want me to go back?? No way. And there’s no point in Rose trying to sweet talk me, or the Doctor trying to talk to me via sweets (don’t ask)

I. Don’t. Want. To. Go!

Does he even understand about the incessant boredom that creeps upon me every time I land on that wretched planet? Alright, they invented Tetris, and I will love them forever for it…. And I suppose it is a sort of new home for me and the Doctor since he went and blew up our old one, but, but… but…

Ah! Fine! I’ll bleeding take them to Earth then!

Day 55581023:

So, traced the phone call of Rose’s phone to silly human boyfriend, landed all gently and neat for them, and then was left for 3 days all on my own.

I don’t know why I bother.

Oh! And then something amazing happened… I was moved a quarter of a mile east, landed in a school basement, and then was left for 3 days all on my own.

And then (this is where it actually gets good) Sarah-Jane appeared, the Doctor followed her, she paid no attention to me and wandered off again with him! And then I was left for a further day all on my own.

That was about it really… apart from when some cretin decided to blow the school up while I was still in it.

Silly idiots…

They could’ve asked me about it all. I already KNOW the Skasis paradigm!
Heh, I could rule the universe if I wanted to! But what’s the point? I’ve already seen how it ends and it’s bleak, and depressing, and they haven’t even discovered the meaning of life… which I also know.

God, I’m just too good.

But anyway, it was nice to have Sarah back, even if it was for a bit… oh, and while the Doctor was fixing K9 (stupid, loyal dog) I absorbed all the data he had collected about Earth. Not that I needed it, but it’s useful to know about little human traits… like their obsession with money and the fact that they paint their fingernails in funny colours…

What’s all that about then?!

Ah well, goodbye to Sarah and hello to Rose’s little ape friend with the low IQ… Mickey…

I think the Doctor just wanted a new pet really.

Day 55581024:

Oh, god it’s depressing...

But before that, I was in a good mood for once! I’m so glad Mickey came… he’s like a 24hour comedy outlet! He’s so foolish in everything he does… basically, he got lost and then fell into the swimming pool!


Right… back to the depressing stuff. And I care, I really do. I know it seems I’m a tad dismissive of it all, but the Doctor was hurting. And I felt it.

Landed in this huge ship where the droids had lovingly decided to butcher the whole crew in an attempt to fix it, and then decided to to stalk a French woman. Sounds a bit creepy ey? Anyway, silly Doctor goes and gets himself involved and silly human emotions take over. Oh yep, he was smitten.

So Rose and Mickey go gallivanting off on dangerous ship where they are sure to die, Doctor goes gallivanting off into dangerous past where he could become trapped, then Doctor comes back, and goes gallivanting off on dangerous ship where he is sure to die.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Oh! And guess what! This is the best bit… I got left on my own! Hmmm, this is odd. I never used to care about being left, it is, after all my job. I think I have picked up new Doctor’s hyper activeness.


I suppose I shall just have to find a way of amusing myself. May take up emu farming. I bet there’s a room somewhere in me that the Doctor will never find… Or I could just play Tetris again.

Anyway, back on topic, the Doctor nearly went and got trapped in France, all because of a silly crush. That’s the thing, he gets love. Easy. No problem. But its these new human emotions that he’s getting trouble with… can’t differentiate between a crush and love. I blame the Time War.

Stupid Time War.

But its okay, Doctor came back. But he was sad, so sad, since he missed seeing his French friend again before she died. And of course he wont just hop in me and go to her. Noooo that would be a paradox and we don’t want that.

Honestly, in the old days he would have done it anyway, but I suppose… no Time Lords no stable reality anymore. Can just keep crossing time lines willy nilly.

Jeez. Why am I being so remorse and reflective? Oh, right. I’m picking up on the Doctor’s emotions. Wow. Thanks Doctor, now not only am I bored silly cause of you hyper activeness, I’m now also pensive and depressed. Great.

Day 55581026:

Ha! Okay, I’m much happier now! Silly silly Mickey! He’s been holding down that button for 29.7843 minutes! It only needed to be pressed for 7/8th of a second!

And yes, I find things much more amusing when there’s high amounts of physics or complicated numbers involved.

So anyway…



Systems failing…

Systems failing…

Systems failing…

Systems failing…

Systems failing…

Systems failing…

Systems failing…

Systems failing…





Monday, February 4

Daddy Dearest

Oh God! Insanity!
From the Daily Star:
Time Lord stunned as 'daughter' is revealed


DOCTOR Who gets a massive shock when discovers he has a daughter. The Time Lord is stunned after he lands back on Earth and meets a girl who claims he is her dad.

But all is not what it seems and the Doc eventually finds out his "daughter" has been created by aliens. They hatched a sinister plot to nick his DNA without him knowing. And, using his genes, they made the young woman themselves.

In a clever bit of casting, sexy Georgia Moffett, 23, will play the Time Lord's girl. She just happens to be the real life daughter of former Doctor Who Peter Davison, 56. A source said "It's an amazing signing."

Show bosses are lining up some sensational storylines for the BBC sci fi show - back this spring. They include a showdown with the Daleks and their evil creator Davros.


Right. There were rumors last year that the Doctor's son was going to appear, so this could all indeed be a big pile of steaming excrement... And Emperor Fabulous on the DWF had this to say about it:

"My source indicates that is indeed the case; it's highly likely we're going to cliffhang/end oddly on ep10, then hit the revelation of Rose in ep11 and then bounce along into ep12 and 13; I'm just not hearing ANYTHING about ep9, 10 or 11 being linked to the finale episodes in any way.

P.S I have personally been assured that Georgia is not The Rani or Romana or any other pre-existing member of Time Lord society; but thats not to say she isn't playing a fake daughter used to lure him into a trap as the paper claims..."

So whats it all about then? The Doctor's hand? IT being stolen? Donna giving it away? Did the Master create this supposed daughter? Was it the hand with the red nail polish?

Oh confusion!

Friday, February 1


Yay! Someone has wonderfully recorded the cinematic trailer for the forth series of Doctor Who! Hooray!

Its not the best quality, but its still new, and shiny, and exciting, and thats good enough for me!
Here we go:

So... from all this, we have:

Partners in Crime

What you doing sweetheart?
Donna: I'm Wandering... waiting.
Wilf: What for?
Donna: The right man... I've seen him, I've met him just once! And then... I let him fly away... If you ever see a little blue box high up there in the sky, you shout for me Gramps. Call me, just shout... I mean, he's still out there... somewhere... and I'll find him Gramps... I'll find him.

Shots of the Doctor alone in the TARDIS, wearing his lovely glasses and looking a tad lonely.

A street at night time, the Doctor runs past and then doubles back into shot holding out a small tracker devise in front of him.

Donna in a building, standing on one side of a round window, she turns and sees the Doctor outside. In excitement, she mouths 'Doctor!' and the Doctor stares at her surprised and points to himself in confusion... To help clear the matter up, Donna points to herself with both hands and mouths 'Its me!'

Pompeii Episode

The Doctor and Donna walking through a Roman market, everything is sandy and Romanesque.

The Doctor and Donna staring at something off camera (maybe the volcano?) Donna doesn't look to happy and the Doctor is wearing his 'oh crap' face.

More shots of the ritualistic women being creepy and ritualistic like

The Doctor staring out at the camera, shocked, with a strange, haunted expression on his face.

Planet of the Ood

Shot of giant, snow covered mountains with a mini TARDIS.

Same black clad soldiers as before, pointing a gun down at something on the ground, something that turns out to be in Ood, who turns sharply round to look at them, its eyes glowing and making a strange strangling noise.

The Doctor and Donna spinning around to look at something behind them, shocked and scared.

Sontaran Stratagem

Shot of helmeted Sontarans marching in a line with guns.

A mysterious hand rising out of green water and a shot of Martha, hair tied back and covered in slime, staring blackly forwards. (Put those together and we maybe have Martha clones?)

Donna kneeling in a dark room, there is the shadow of cell bars on one wall and she looks up in horror.

The Doctor, running through the warehouse, and rolling violently across the floor as he falls.

A strange machine claw thing that is attached to the ceiling. It strikes down towards the Doctor as he runs past.

The Unicorn and the Wasp

Shot of inside the TARDIS, the Doctor pulls a lever and he and Donna look up at the central column. The Doctor's grinning like a loon and Donna is wearing her dress from the episode.

A giant wasp flying towards the camera and then swooping over towards Donna.

Episode 11

Rose, turning slowly and staring... a shocked and almost pained expression on her face.

Unknown episode shots

The Doctor putting on his glasses, he is in black tie and peering over a machine.

Someone (the Doctor?) getting a facefull of a white powdery substance that doesn't seem to behave that much like powder (possibly the ''bubbles" that the Haff blow??)

Donna staring out from a cage, there appears to be a green feather in her hair though I'm not positive about this...
A car drives into a river, the headlights are on and its smoking.

There we go!
Sorry about the bad picture quality... but exciting isn't it?!?