Planet Gallifrey: August 2008

Sunday, August 31


Right, been busy today with updates and whatnot.

So far, I've only got one YT account up and running, which you can see here (episodes are being uploaded as I speak, but they're currently not added to PGtv)

And as for PG, you can find updates here:
Christmas Special
2009 Specials
Series 5
Sarah-Jane Adventures (lots of photos added)


Saturday, August 30

Series 5

Everything I can find out about series 5 and the World of Who being ruled by Mr Moffat!

RTD is leaving after the 2009 Specials, and leaving Moffat to take over. Apparently Moffat may be tied up to series 9 after signing a 5 year contract.

There are rough ideas being put together for series 5 "as we speak". 
Mark Gatiss has been approached but at the moment he "knows nothing", as well as Skins writer Jack Thorne, Paul Cornell is likely to and its possible that Neil Gaiman may as well.

SM started writing the first script in July '08 and its been reported that:
  • SM has a broad overarching plan for the season that he's currently refining.
  • Hes completed the first episode of the season, it was "the easy part, as I'd written it in my head many times before."
  • He has had emails from would-be DW writers, including some from "a few quite surprising names".
According to an interview wiith Steven Moffat, SM expects to write 5 or 6 episodes.
However, given RTD never managed to predict how many he would write, that could easily change.

"THEY'RE BACK"... apparently. We don't yet know what "They" are, though.

SM confirms that there will not be a series of "Blink"-type stories, "You couldn't have a whole series like that... You can't have that as the first episode. It's just too grim. So it's different contemplating it from this position, very, very different."

The series will also continue to embrace a wide range of tones and genres, Moffat said. Rather than adapting the show to his particular writing style, he looks forward to experimenting with different voices to maintain the show's variety. SM also looks forward to "getting to write episodes that I wouldn't normally write, that wouldn't be expected of me."

SM has said he thinks the Doctor works best when solving problems rather than fighting armies, that the Doctor has always been a sexy, flirty character, albeit one who doesn't pursue love interests and that any fans hoping for a reduction in comedy, soapy stuff, gay jokes or the sonic screwdriver will be disappointed (and that he did these more than RTD anyway).

RTD hints that there will be some retuning monsters though we don't know what. Someone suggested it might be the Zygons... and one of them will be in human disguise.

Moffats Series 5 Bible
Apparently only a few have seen it and its a general rundown of his ideas for series 5. Although it has to be said that Moffat apparently read the rumors circulating and didn't seem that positive about them

  • Zygons - Apparently Tennant demanded Zygons, plus theres a CGI design being made for a Skarasen.
  • Ice Warriors - It seems this is a 'yes' at the moment. The provisional title will be "Faces in the Dust" and there will be Ice Warriors, Ice Lord, and "something else from Mars."
  • Daleks - If they are to be in series 5, then it will be in a 2-part opener and wont appear again in the series. But it seems that Moffat doesn't want to do a Dalek story.
  • The enemy who will reveal themselves in the series denouement will have been in every episode of the series. 

Format & Scheduling
Moffat says he has fourteen episodes of Who to do. Since the special at Christmas 2009 will be an RTD special and Julie mentions a series return with thirteen episodes, the fourteenth episode is perhaps for Christmas 2010?

Moffat also likes 2-parters the most, but he doesn't seem to be any suggestion that he'll change the format very much. He thinks the current pattern of three 2-parters is good. 

Since Smithy commented on how he'd read the scripts for episode 1 and 4, it looks unlikely that either of those will be two-parters.

Rumoured Supporting Cast
  • Georgia Moffat (Jenny)
  • Tom Baker (unknown role) - originally reported in Comic Book Resources, and then in the Daily Star

Other rumours
Major rumours about a DW film came out of Edinburgh (23 Aug 08)
"As long as it was great and fantastic than yes, I'm not against the idea. But a film is on for 90 minutes and that is not as important as the series. But as long as it doesn't get in the way of the show we could do it."

(Much thanks to everyone who provided information from the DWF, especially Canterbury! We are indebted to you!)

Friday, August 29


Hello hello!
I have returned from my travels and they were very fun indeed!

Right, as you probably know all my youtube channels have been exterminated by the youtube overlords, so at the moment I'm working on getting all the episodes up again.

In terms of Who news, I haven't had the time to check it out yet. Its late in my homeland and I haven't slept for 34 hours (seriously, airplanes are impossible!)

But I promise by tomorrow, PlanetGallifrey will be up to its former strength and glory with all the news and whatnot. But for now, I'm going to bed!