Planet Gallifrey: Episode 17

Saturday, March 21

Episode 17

Episode Location:  Earth
Aliens/Enemies:  Unknown, the Master
New Characters:  Wilf, Sylvia, Donna, Verity, Joshua,
Gadgets Used:  TARDIS,
Episode Objective:  Unknown

Apart from the scenes which are given a number, I really have no idea which ones fit into episode 17 or 18... or what order they appear in. I'm just guessing :)

Scene 7

A young, naive Rose walks with Jackie through the Powell Estate. Its decorated with Christmas lights, graffiti, and the ground is covered in snow. From their expressions, it almost looks as if they're having a bit of a tiff...

Whether this is the case or not, they seem to make up as they hug and wish each other a 'happy new year', this is followed by Rose telling Jackie not to stay out all night, to which she replies'you try and stop me!'

While this is happening, the Doctor is standing around the corner. The TARDIS is further down the street but not near him at this time. He leans against the wall and seems momentarily convulsed with pain, staggering just as Rose walks past.

Rose: Are you alright, mate?
Doctor: What year is it?
Rose: 2005
Doctor: You know what? I bet your going to have a really great year.

This was taken between takes

Scene ???
If you look at the background of the photo, you can see its the same place that Rose and Jackie were walking down. This kinda makes me assume that this scene follows on from the last....

A very evil looking Ood Sigma...

There was speculation that this scene was merely a pick up shot from the end of Waters of Mars, however, since the Doctor is wearing his brown suit rather than his blue I'm going to assume that this is a second encounter with Sigma.

Unfortunately we don't really know anything about this second scene since the set reporters were asked to not take any photos or divulge spoilers. The only reason we have the Ood picture at all is because newspapers are apparently less honest :P

Scene 47

This scene was largely set on a minibus claiming "Sparrow Lane day outs for the over 50's".

Wilf (in his christmas antlers) hails down the minibus, does a little dance as it stops and then jumps on board.

And heres a video of it courtesy of Skarofighter2

The rest was filmed on board the minibus as it did laps around the street. But in good news June Whitfield was seen! Perhaps a little love interest for Wilf?!

Scene ???
Filming inside the bank, which was re-dressed as the "London Credit Bank"

David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins were seen, along with the Sparrow Lane OAP bus. It looks like they're investigating the bank.

But whats the bus got to do with it? A fun day out for the OAPs with the Doctor turning up, or maybe the Doctor went off to do something and Wilf decided to follow him?

Scene ???
A street which was dressed with Christmas decorations. Donna is walking about, looks like she's just been shopping.

A traffic warden tries to give Donna's car a ticket and she says something along the lines of"don't you touch that car!"

Now theres a photo of Wilf leaning into what looks like Donna's car... but that might have been between takes... so maybe Wilf is actually with Donna, rather than on the OAP bus, when he catches sight of the Doctor?

Either way an actor called Karl Collins was there and it almost looked as though he was Donna's new partner... perhaps the one shes getting married to?

Scene ???
Wilf is sitting dejected on his doorstep. The Doctor appears from the TARDIS, throws a stone at him to get his attention, and he comes over.

Wilf sees the TARDIS and says "You can't park that there, Donna will see it!"

The Doctor says something like "I lost him." 
He asks if Wilf has seen anything unusual, something to do with his life.
Wilf replies that Donna had a bit of a funny turn when she saw the Book.

Now this book they're talking about is called Fighting the Future by Joshua Naismith

And get this: The advert on the side of the bus in Planet of the Dead claims "Neon by Naismith"... so a connection there? Perhaps similar to the ATMOS advertising that cropped up in Partners in Crime?

Scene ??
I'm not sure if this is a different scene or a continuation of the last one.

The Doctor, Wilf and Sylvia leave out of the back of the house. Presumably just before they get into the TARDIS.

Here's a video of it courtesy of Ahremsee

The Doctor doesn't want Wilf to go but Wilf says "I'm not staying here with her!" indicating towards Sylvia.

As they get into the TARDIS, Sylvia follows the Doctor into the middle of the road, shouting at him to 'bring him back! Bring my father back!'

After shouting at the TARDIS until it disappears in a flurry of leaves, Sylvia turns to look back at the house just as Donna appears in the driveway. 

She doesn't appear to have seen the TARDIS or the Doctor and all she says is "Are you shouting at thin air again Mother?"

And heres a fantastic video of this scene captured by Prot

Scene ???
Not really sure where this fits but I put it after the others cause its night time :P
Filming was in the surrounding streets of the Hayes. As well as extras, there was a Salvation Army band which played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

And heres an utterly brilliant report from Eeeyun:
1st Shot
They began close up on the Christmas star at the top of the tree, tilting down to take in the Salvation Army band, and then pulling out wider and panning round to see a small girl with her mummy and daddy meeting Santa Claus and other shoppers mingling and passing by… 

The shot steadily moved down towards the street, eventually picking out Wilf who was dawdling through the busy street with some Christmas shopping – he seemed very much lost in thought.

As he approached the Salvation Army band his attention seemed to be drawn to them (or something in that direction) where more thoughts seemed to fill his head, then he muttered to himself for a moment, coming to some kind of conclusion, before walking off out the right side of frame.

Other scenes
There are some scenes that I simply had no idea where they could belong (ep 17 or 18) so I made a new section for them here.

And remember, I've completely guessed the order of these scenes, except the ones that are numbered, so I could be very very wrong!

You can see many brilliant photos here:
Dorkslayer's Photobucket - Here and Here

A huge thanks to Alun.vega, Ahremsee, Scooty, Brigade Leader, Simon, Dougggie, Kazters, Emma, FanaticalWhovian, Prot, mosthauntedjp & Beth

I salute you! And anyone else who reported this!


simon said...


Certainly puts yesterday's nonsense from The Sun in perspective. There was definitely no one who saw this coming!

Miss Gallifrey said...

Cool! :D

FanaticalWhovian said...

Yea. I figured the Sun thing was nonsense. Hmm I like this.. Joan's grandchild..and named Verity. Oh i can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

Umm...I still kinda think Billie is coming back and this is like another teaser... cause there was a passage in The Journal of Impossible Things about Rose "walking away" and we have yet to see her walk away from the Doctor.

I'm just hoping if Rose comes back (again!) it's Rose from earlier in her time line when she was still using the Dimension Cannon to try to find the Doctor (like maybe in between Turn Left and The Stolen Earth she appeared in Partners in Crime and then appeared in the last special) and NOT Rose after Journey's End.

The Topman Mod-Man said...

Something weird is going on here

Tiffany said...

Ooh suspision! Hope the doctor is ok, don't like the idea of him being sad x

StormWolf said...

Now, *that* is neat! I love it.

Tobias said...

anyone get the reference to verity lambert and sydney newman, also mentioned in human nature?

this already looks really exciting, really really exciting!

Sageeth said...

Well this is so obviously his journal from when he was human for a while. From the name I got the idea, then the Fob watch design, then after a quick search on who the lady was and BAM. Has to be. Could make for a really interesting situation. I can't wait to see what happens.

Friction said...

I love it!!! This is going to be absolutely awesome.

I guess the journal and the talk of fob watches could relate to the return of Martha or The Master or maybe even Rose or Donna but frankly this will be awesome regardless of who else is in it!!!

dreamy said...

Wow can't wait for this just a thought what if Donna buys a book surly she would remember everything as it mentions the doctor, tardis and rose in the journal?

TheHairofTime said...

draemy tou're probably right! bu this is soooooooooooooooooooo cool

I Don't Have An Alter Ego said...

Wow curiouser and curiouser... This is cool. Something random, is th Doctor wearing new tie?

Sageeth said...

Dreamy, that would be a real be IF... like font 10k size. I doubt Donna would even read now she's back to her old self :P. Let alone some wacky story like that, she thinks it all fake.

Anonymous said...

Well I think that who ever took these photos was not very nice. As as how would you like it if someone barged into your home and took photos of you without your permission. It is only polite to ask someone if you can take there photograph.
All very well being a Dr Who fan and finding out stuff. But think about how you would feel if you found your photos of yourself that were taken without your knowledge!

Anonymous said...

They didn't barge into someone's house, they took some photos in a book shop.

DrWhoFan10 said...

a university bookstore from what i hear. if they wanted it hush hush. BBC woulda found a way

Anonymous said...

They're famous, if they didn't want their face seen they would be wearing a paper bag over it all the time.

Scorpio said...

Okay so yet again they use something from one of the worst episodes from series 3 because it is going to get really annoying for people who missed those episodes. Personally a much better thing would be if it was that he noticed that there were selling timelord watches then he could find out that the master is there or the Rani.

I forsee:

The master returning and the Rani Hopefully daleks dont reapear till 2010 at the earliest because they had had far too man dalek episodes and its getting a bit boring.

Ramon said...

The Master will return, he always does. Also Donna will be part of that return. Donna picked up the Masters ring and if anyone noticed at the end of last season Donna was wearing it, especially during the Doctors regeneration cycle.
I also believe Davros has escaped and will release a bigger army of Daleks.
As for Rose, I think they wrapped that story up nicely so I doubt she'll be back, unless they want her back for a special.

TomIsTheDarkSatNav said...

hmmm,maybe the actual journal has been passed down through the generation of verity's family. Maybe she has kept the actual book and believes that it is real so wants to show the world the universe in a different light. or she could just be trying to sell it for money. but as it's doctor who, expect the unexpected...

Anonymous said...

well that wasnt expected! :D looks so good though, thats RTD for you though always connecting random stories together where you wouldnt expect it! It might be a major plot line or just an introduction for donna(I DON'T KNOW IF SHES COMING BACK)she might be the companion for the episode or just a cameo, we'll just have 2 torture our selves waiting!

Taylor said...

For some reason, I get the distinct impression that what will happen here, is that at the end of the episode, after the Doctor thinks he's cleared up the business with Verity Newman's book, we'll see a small clip of Donna picking up a copy....

And then, cue the end titles!

(After all, they'd want to save the actual 'Donna figuring things out, and the Doctor and her grandpa attempt to keep her from dying' for the last two specials. Probably, anyway.)


there are some more pics of filming which show caterine tate as well as bernard cribbins.

Great news. I particually like cribbins. Tho i hope the rumours of billie piper are false. 1 return to many. already felt like they ruined her departure in her last return

Chris said...

i seriously doubt that it was donna who picked up the masters ring.

1. why is she in the middle of nowhere rooting through ashes?

2. why pick up a ring found in said ashes and then start wearing it?

3. donna doesnt seem the type of person to wear red nail varnish.

4. lucy (mrs. master) did wear red nail varnish to match her dress.

5. would be very crap writing from RTD if it was donna.

i have more but thats about all i can be bothered typing

Scorpio said...

Okay we Dont know who picked up the ring it could be anyone with red nail polish.

Davros (On the daleks ship) is dead however the original Davros who escaped from the ship that exploded in the original series is alive. So the original Davros could return.

Apparently there were rumors of a Rose spin off series kind of like a mix between Torchwood and the Sarah Jane adventures which would have her battling new aliens in a parralell world.

I really hope that Donna doesnt return because that ruins all the plot and destroys the emotion from the last series.

Chris said...

Scorpio, she is returning, just look up

Taylor said...

Chris: so far though, she's just in a few scenes, mostly around Wilf, and one with Simm. We still don't know whether she'll get her memory back and suddenly have a heart attack because of it or something yet. She could just go throughout this entire episode without that happening. Or... it could happen and she could die, and everyone would be all sad, and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Scorpio,that was the original Davros who came back. By the way, RTD once said he wouldn't want to kill off Davros....

Anonymous said...

"Davros (On the daleks ship) is dead however the original Davros who escaped from the ship that exploded in the original series is alive. So the original Davros could return."

What are you on about Scorpio ?

Anonymous said...


I think I've heard, 'He is Returning' about 12 times with DT. They need NEW companions, not OLD. It's starting to get annoying.

Also, as soon as I heard the four taps, I got bored again.

- Jay-russell

Chris said...

new monsters and companions are in PotD and WoM, havin all the old companions and the master back for the finale is more of a tribute to david tennant and RTD.

when moffat takes over there are gonna be less returns but you cant rule them out all together, it happened in the classic series and it will happen in the new

Chris said...

taylor i said that shes back BECAUSE shes been in those scenes, i never said anything about whether or not shell get her memory back, why would i? i dont know anything about that

Dan said...

I dont really think that the DW team are going to give us, the viewers, a nice insight into donnas life without the Doctor so this leads me to think that donna and the master develop a partnership. However i do think that the Master will use a fake name again, he may even use Harold Saxon again because only a handfull of people will remember it (including the Doctor, Martha, Captain Jack e.t.c). Also one last thing is: the prophesy made by carmen in Planet of the Dead gave us a huge clue towards the fact that the master is returning: 'He will knock 4 times' you may remember the rythm that every one was tapping last time the master was around.

Neil E Roberts said...

Ok. so here is an idea.

Donna regains her memories. The only way she can be saved is by the Doctor giving his life for hers (similar to the ninth Doctor with Rose) Therefore what Dalek Kahn said about "one will still die" will become literally true. I am pretty sure that the four knocks refer to the Master's tapping. I don't yet have a theory of how will fit into it though.

Anonymous said...

Donna did pick up the masters ring because she was wearing it in Journeys end and they gave us a clue and made it shine and glimmer in the light.
Also in one of the shorter trailers for series 4 they done the same thing . and donna is returning because
they wouldn't have her on the same set as wilff for nothing

Chris said...

its just A ring, the master wasnt the only person in the world to wear rings.

if you look close at both you will see they arent the same (no timelord design on donna's)

the shimmering was just the backgound lighting and reflections

why would donna be at the Master's pyre? how would she know where it is and that there would be a ring there?


Chris said...

i am sure i already said that

Anonymous said...

now that i have had a closer look i understand what u are saying

Anonymous said...

Donna is wearing a ring it zooms in on it at the end they wouldn't do that 4 no reason

Anonymous said...

the above comment was by
jake thomason

Chris said...

the reason is most likely one of two things:

1. just a random thing to end the scene on (there are lots of things like that in every show, like zooming into a cup or a door)

2. to make us all speculate like you are so as they can hide the truth easier.
Michael Bay does that in his films, releases loads of rubbish information about them so noone knows what will really happen

Anonymous said...

Scorpio, the Davros from he original series and the Davros from the new series are THE SAME DAVROS. dont know HOW you missed that, they probably just didnt use the plot device from Rememberance of the Daleks because (a) younger viewers may not have seen Rememberance and (b) Davros would surely have had some involvement in the Time War, being the Dalek's creator of all things. Why he eeps using them i'll nver know, they kep stabbing him in the back.

Anonymous said...

They are the same davros because dalek caan said he flew into the time war and got davros thus making it the same davros

Anonymous said...

Guess what there has been strong speculation that as well as gallifrey returning so is Skaro
AND AND AND ........ Susan is said to return

Scorpio said...

Replying to all the Davros posts:

The original series had Davros`s final appearance when he was in a ship and then it exploded but he escaped in an escape pod which happened in Rembrance of the Daleks.

In this new series the daleks went back in just before he was ment to die in the timewar when his command ship crashed into another ship called the Nightmare child however he would have survived that anyway.

This means there is a whole section that is unexplained all the way from Remembrance of the Daleks to the end of the first year of the timewar. So he could easily return that way.

I was just saying if they removed Davros before his ship crashed into the Nightmare child then all of time would be changed and Gallifrey and Skaro would still be there.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Neon thing is a defence network Naismith set up. After all his book is "Fighting the Future"

SOLiTUDE said...

I have a suspicions that Wilf and Verity get together and then the doctor comes in to stop the wedding.
why else would they bring her back??
but, the master wants verity and wilf to get married.

i also have suspicions that the doctor and the master are brothers as they act like it and quarrel. the doctor acts like the older brother and the master acts like the younger one.

Davros said...

if donna dies cos she regains her memory that would be dramatic
i hope gallifrey DOES return an that the timelord sare ressurected
i want the master to be the main villian
shame marthas not returning, and mickey
im starving basically and im now doing that thing i do when im waiting for my birthday or xmas, waiting, waiting, desperately in need of something, still got a holiday to look foward to, later in the year im gonna watch all of the new series then see the new 3 episodes coming soon

Anonymous said...

this was extremely interesting to read. thanks a lot!

Rose... back, again?? I'm not such a big fan of her, 'cuz she took all the attention from the doctor. I want to see him, not her. But since they keep bringing her back an back on, there must be something special between The Doctor and her, I admit. and with the convulsing part...

i cannot wait.

Anonymous said...

If the neon by naysmith is a mobile phone company it could be linked back to arcangel and the master??

prot said...

Hiya there, the video you used of mine (prot) has moved to this address, I added it to an album, but please feel free to use again if you like. =)


Scorpio said...

Either this episode or the next episode is called The End Of Time. There is a trailer on youtube that was shown at Comic Con (?) or somewhere like that.

Confirmed cast from the trailer are:

Mickie smith
Martha Jones
The 10th Doctor
The 11th Doctor
The Master

Casa said...

im sorry but unless ive missed something (which i admit i may have) but theres no definite word on martha yet, and as for mickey, the guy in the trailer wasnt mickey, it was josh naismith

Anonymous said...

Scorpio, why are all your posts full of crap. Rose, Jackie, Micky and Martha were not in the trailer that I and everyone else saw. The 11th Doctor wasn't in the trailer either. There has been no confirmation that either special is called The End Of Time. What planet are you on ?!?

Scorpio said...

Well there is two ways i can take that comment. I choose to ignore the rudeness and just tell you facts rather than have us rant about something already confirmed!

The 11th Doctor (Matt smith) will be seen in the third 2009 special however it will be similar to him going into the tardis and regenerating according to a script leak.

Sorry about Rose, Jackie and Micky but they were confirmed by photo`s of them on set. The end of the comic con trailer clearly says "The End Of Time" and has been taken as the official name on most websites.

You can check out the trailer for "The End Of Time" by using the link below

lordthree said...

So much bad info from newer fans...

The Doctor and The Master ARE NOT, and never will be 'Brothers'. They're designed to emulate Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. That's about the extent of their relationship. Although the Master has saved the Doctor on SEVERAL occasions ("A universe without The Doctor isn't worth living in") they are still arch rivals.

As for the Ring. - I'm not sure that RTD is clever enough, but it would be EASY to connect the ring with the Masters return with this simple plot device...

-Master had months on Earth to set up for the Doctors return. He built a "Laser Screwdriver" and had it coded to the Doctors genetic structure (or whatever the wording was)
-The Master is a genius, AND he had a fob watch. He had PLENTY of time to set up a "Fob Ring" (which, while turning him human, might not be required to wipe his memories) while the Doctor was away.
-Just suppose for a moment, that the Master, anticipated that there was a possibility that the Doctor would gain the upper hand. He could have used the Fob ring, PRIOR to the Doctors arrival, and instructed Lucy what to do in the scenario that he was likely to be beaten... After all, it was HER that shot him in the end...
-So, all she would need is the ring and any kinda matching biological agent (or whatever) and she could theoretically revive him that way. Very simple :D

As for Davros, Skaro, and Gallifrey...

As I recall, Skaro was ALREADY DESTROYED by the time the Time War took place. It's destruction is possibly the REASON the Daleks attacked Gallifrey "head-on" and began the Time War in the first place.

I haven't seen it for a few years, but as I recall Skaro is DESTROYED by the Hand of Omega in Rembrance of the Daleks. That was the Doctors Master plan the whole while.

Davros escaped, but all this means is that we still have a unexplained gap of time for him between the events of Rembrance of the Daleks and the Time War.

The Daleks in the new series DID NOT rescue him from the events of Rembrance of the Daleks.

As for the "Return of Gallifrey" I really don't see and reason why RTD would do this. The entire reason that Gallifrey was written out of the revived series, was because it made recreating the show a lot simpler (doesn't have to explain the entire history/hierarchy of the Time Lords) and easier for new/younger fans to understand.

The ONLY reason I can think he would do this is by request of Steven Moffat himself. Supposing Steven was interested in going back and exploring/rewriting the ORIGINAL Origin story that was scripted but never filmed (Lungbarrow. Great book. Look it up).

Lungbarrow is just dark and twisted and complicated enough... and Moffat is just ambitious enough to attempt it... MAYBE.

Thanks for posting the spoilers! I didn't want to wait till x-mas to get a taste of this either.

If anyone has any questions or wants a plethora of online resources for the classic series, but tell me and I'll put up/send you links.

Vil said...

Good god, not Lungbarrow! We then go back to Gallifreyans being loom born and not being children. This contradicts the new series entirely. It also explains FAR TOO MUCH about the Doctor.

Anonymous said...

I always thought the Loom was made up to please the sad fan-boys with no love life.

Anonymous said...

I think the master somehow erases the doctor from time, explaning why Rose dosent notice the Doctor as she used to. She just thinks hes some bloke

Anonymous said...

"I think the master somehow erases the doctor from time, explaning why Rose dosent notice the Doctor as she used to. She just thinks hes some bloke"

That's just nonsensical. It's obvious that he meets her at a point in time before she first met him.

Anonymous said...

Well, right now through the pictures and text i've seen a few things which is probably puzzling everyone:

Rose and Jackie, from a different time.

Evil Ood Sigma.
Santa's and the band thingy.

Well, in my opinion, he's travelled to a different time, when Rose never met him. Captain Jack said he done that before, and the Doctor might aswell.

Evil Ood Sigma's a tricky one. I'm pretty sure Ood Sigma didn't turn 'Red Eyed'. And the Doctor could be seeing things. Maybe he's going mad :) lol.

It's ironic how there's always some santa's in an episode. Lol.

Aaron said...

I've just watched "Midnight" on iplayer (the episode where the monster is not seen or named) and I realised what it did when it encountered the Doctor was knock.

And it kept knocking. Then the Doctor knocked. He knocked FOUR times.

Maybe this is somehow related to what Carmen said in PoTD "He will knock 4 times."

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

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