Planet Gallifrey: Planet of the Dead trailer

Sunday, March 22

Planet of the Dead trailer

A trailer for Planet of the Dead was shown during half time at the rugby at the Millenium Stadium!
I've checked around but it seems no one managed to catch it on video

Still, The Browncoat Cat left us a nice report of what it included:

Various assorted clips of Cardiff and Dubai doubling for London and an Alien Planet and from memory:
  • Shots of Michelle Ryan doing some sort of Mission Impossible break in with wires and a harness
  • UNIT troops shooting at something after Brig. Magambo declares a "Code Red"
  • A steaming burnt corpse appearing in the tunnel
  • The Doctor asking Christina if she was ready
  • A woman saying "we're dead" over and over again
  • Lots of glorious panoramic shots of the desert
  • Christina being pursued by the Police.
  • The Doctor and Christina aboard the bus.
Hopefully this means that the trailer will be appearing on tv soon enough where we can all bask in its gloriousness!


Anonymous said...

gutted we didnt see it. Soon though i hope...

Anonymous said...

"UNIT troops shooting at something after Brig".
Am I misinterpretating that or does that mean Nicholas Courtney was in the trailer??!!!

Jess said...

I think its meant to mean Brigadier Magambo

MadeInScotland said...

My Doctor Who excitement at the weekend was meeting Matt Smith. You can see the pic and read what he told me here:

Made in Scotland: What The Doctor Said

Anonymous said...

Magambo isn't a Brigadier as far as i know. I think she's just a captain unless she's been promoted

Eduard Korhonen said...

Simply a mistake, it does refer to Magambo. The Brigadier (Courtney) is not in the special, you can put money on that.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what was Russell Tovey was doing with Matt Smith in the pic that "Made in Scotland: What The Doctor Said" links to above?

Maybe talking about becoming the companion, something he's gone down on record as saying he'd really rather like....

FanaticalWhovian said...

Been wracking my brain trying to figure what the mysterious lady Christina's affect on the doctor will be? Is it cause she is related to someone from his past? like a old companion or something else? been driving me crazy.

Tiffany said...

I wanna see it!