Planet Gallifrey: Doctor Who Filming, 06.04.09

Monday, April 6

Doctor Who Filming, 06.04.09

First day of filming at Nant-Fawr Road (aka the Nobles house) and OMGness guess who was on set?!


Right... seems there were a few random Wilf/Doctor scenes that I can't really work out an order to, but I'll do my best. First off we've got a short one with Wilf walking towards the TARDIS wearing some reindeer antlers:

Next there's a scene with Wilf sitting dejected on his doorstep. The Doctor appears from the TARDIS, throws a stone at him to get his attention, and he comes over.

Wilf says "You can't park that (TARDIS) there, Donna will see it!"

The Doctor says something like "I lost him." 
He asks if Wilf has seen anything unusual, something to do with his life.
Wilf replies that Donna had a bit of a funny turn when she saw the Book.

Now this book they're talking about is called Fighting the Future and is by Joshua Naismith, who we've seen in the Tredegar House filming (the one who fell to his knees)

At some point in this scene there was apparently some 'sonic action' as well.

There was also a few scenes where Wilf accuses the Doctor of "being a chicken". It seems the Doctor was afraid of something or someone... Wilf was also apparently on a military radio talking to UNIT as though he was on an operation.

Bit more Dialogue and they both get in the Tardis. The doc doesn't want Wilf to go but Wilf says "I'm not staying here with her!" indicating towards Sylvia. He then gets in the TARDIS.

As he gets in the TARDIS, Sylvia follows the Doctor into the middle of the road, shouting at him to 'bring him back! Bring my father back!'

After shouting at the TARDIS until it disappears in a flurry of leaves, Sylvia turns to look back at the house just as Donna appears in the driveway. She doesn't appear to have seen the TARDIS or the Doctor and all she says is "Are you shouting at thin air again Mother?"

And heres a fantastic video of this scene captured by Prot

Later on, there were more scenes filmed with Wilf and the Doctor running into, and coming out of the TARDIS. There was mention of the Doctor possibly wearing a different tie in some scenes so perhaps he and Wilf went off to find something out, and then returned?

The last scene shot was of Wilf and the Doctor outside the TARDIS, in the rain. Just before leaving, the doctor says to Wilf something like "This is not the end, we will meet again." and Wilf asks him where hes going.

The Doctor's reply was very quiet, so theres no garuntee that this is what he said, but apparently it sounded like: "I am off to have my revenge".

The Doctor then leaves in the TARDIS.

As well as this, theres apparently a character called Davis (or Davies) who will be appearing in the specials... hes in his 20's and looks very sinister. Seems like he's working for the bad guy and is happy with it.

Oh, and for those who are still debating the Master return, and think the picture is of one of the crew... hopefully this will help clear it up:

You can see many many more fantastic pictures here:
Dorkslayer's Photobucket - Here and Here
Brigade_Leader's Photobucket
Scooty's Photobucket

A huge huge thank you to Dorkslayer, PMount, riche606, The_Drivad, 6135Liam, davidshaw, Simon Watkins, Cornish Andy, Brigade_Leader, Scooty.
I bow down to you all!


Anonymous said...

That still doesn't look like that man. Still looks like Simm to me. And if that's the only thing Donna does in the specials, my heart will be broken.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I am pretty sure they are saying they are not the same person. They don't look at all alike to me. And yes I also believe that the person on the right is Simm.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Return of Donna! yay!

SNOWIEproductions said...

Glad that Donna's back, even for that fleeting moment. It would be rather daft to make it impossible for her to be in the Doc's life again then just find some flimsy way to bring her back three ep.s after that.

flying girl said...

I also very much hope that Donna does more than just shout at her Mom!

Please, please more Donna! :)

flying girl said...

Oh, and interesting that the book is NOT 'Journal of impossible things'. You'd think that one would bring lots of Donna's memories back

And Wilf in the Tardis! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I hope Donna gets her memories back

Anonymous said...

Russel. T Davies stated on BBC breakfast that Wif is going to be the Doctors companion for the christmas special.

podge said...

the man on the boo is the same man as the person at tredgar house

Anonymous said...

David Harewood?

Anonymous said...

yay donna is back and Wilf in the Tardis!! its going to be good!!

Chloe said...

that guy looks more like Jamie Oliver than John Simm.
Comparing the pics makes the one on the right look even more like Simm to me!

..wishful thinking probablt

Spacephantom said...

OK - good pic comparison.

Looks like I was wrong about Tim Barter then. His chin seems to protrude a bit more than the guy in the right hand pic, and different bone structure isn't something that can be explained away. Still an uncanny similarity in the look and clothes though, although I do admit I was wrong.

I still don't think that looks like John Simm in the right hand pic though. Yes, there's a resemblance, but no more than that. I hope I'm wrong since I would love to see the Master return, but I seriously don't think it's him. Even if it is him, it doesn't necessarily mean he's in the cast. He could just have been visiting the set, since he is friendly with David Tennant.

Looks like I was too quick to jump to conclusions about Donna as well. From the pics and description it looks like she might just have a short cameo appearance, and that Wilf will be the main guest companion in the story (backed up by what RTD said in his "Breakfast" interview).

So apologies for being so insistant about Tim Barter, and for jumping to conclusions about Donna.

FanaticalWhovian said...

I had seen the pic's of Tim Barter and figured it wasn't him but I too am not convinced its Simm. But RTD hints a bit in this article

but it could also be him playing mind games *shrugs* in all honesty. I don't know what to think.. But it all looks so interesting that it doesn't matter.