Planet Gallifrey: Doctor Who filming, 06.10.09

Thursday, October 8

Doctor Who filming, 06.10.09

Woop! Filming is still going on and exciting stuff is still happening!

Scene 1
The Doctor glances behind him and then turns to Amy, saying something. Amy in response grabs him by his tie and drags him over to a black car that has just pulled up.

And here's a fantastic video from coldkittenanxiety

Dialogue goes something along the lines of:
Doctor: (...), I hate (...). As much as I would like to say goodbye, (...) .... I'm sorry.
Amy: NO!
Doctor: No--no--Amy--no, what are you doing?!

Another line that was heard (but unplaced) was:
Twenty minutes till the world ends and do you know who I am?"

Scene 2
The Doctor and Amy run towards a white screen and the Doctor turns to someone in hospital overalls. The overheard dialogue was "coma" and something about staring at a dog.

As well as this a red phone box what was part of the setting was being set up for special effects. Thoughts are that its going to go boom at some point. 

A HUGE thanks to JTimmy, Haffertee, and anyone else who braved the set reporting world!


Cosette said...

Please don't tell me Amy's leaving already!!! She sounded so cool!
What does a coma have to do with this????
Is the TARDIS going red??? Nah, it couldn't be...
Could it?
They said it was going to go "boom". Maybe it's a other Time lord TARDIS.

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures from VIncent Van Gough series even I got hold of them the site seems to be lagging behind now

Anonymous said...

NEWS HOT OFF THE PRESS: Episode 1 of the new series is called "Eleventh Hour" and is going out on 13 March 2010.