Planet Gallifrey: Doctor Who filming, 08.10.09

Thursday, October 8

Doctor Who filming, 08.10.09

WARNING! Todays filming is spoilerish!

The scene filmed apparently takes place before the scenes filmed yesterday (with the blowing of the Sonic Screwdriver)

They were filming at Rhymney outside the Vicarage. The house wasn't easily seen so there probably wont be many photos, it was behind a large wall and a lot of trees!

Apparently, the house is being used as the young Amy's house back in the 1990's

And Woah Nelly, is that the Series 4 TARDIS!? 
Why yes, it is!

The scene wittnessed was of smoke pouring out of the TARDIS and Amy dragging the Doctor away from it, crying "Come on!". He keeps trying to get back to his beloved box, shouting in response, "I must save her!"

Amy was once again in her policewoman outfit, and the Doctor was in Ten's outfit suggesting that episode 1 really does follow straight on from Tennant's last episode.

Set reporters have told us that before this scene, the TARDIS apparently crash lands in to the garden and hits a garden shed, destroying it before skidding to where it is. There were marks on the lawn where this supposedly happens.

And there we go! MADNESS!
A HUGE thank you to Haffertee, Ahremsee and all other set reporters!


A Police Box said...

oh i'm getting far to excited! not long though till christmas or series 5 cause they say it will have a febuary start and christmas just 2 months away can't wait!

Cosette said...

No, TARDIS...don't die!!!
(Rolls on floor crying)