Planet Gallifrey: Alien Armies Competition Winner

Tuesday, December 15

Alien Armies Competition Winner

Very very sorry about the delay - school and exams have been taking up much of the time!

Congratulations to
Sean Olding
for his delightful entry for the competition!

What does Doctor Who mean to me?

To me, Doctor Who is everything the human race can do, can’t do, could do, will do, will never do. It is everything we dream. It is the opportunity to enjoy something so amazing, that given the chance, no matter what anyone says about the show, any human would take, in just forty-five indescribable minutes. Every adventure is another dream, every enemy is another nightmare, and every dramatic finale is the chance to glimpse what the soul of a God is really like. It is the most famous modern day British icon, next only to Winston Churchill, in my opinion, and it is gazed upon as cool, geeky, pathetic, awesome, funny - but to me, it is ALL of those things, because you can’t have a show without any of that. When I watched the return of the Master in Utopia, I was shivering because the story arc was so brilliant, and only an amazingly awesome show could grip me like that. Doctor Who is a chance to tell my family to shut up at Christmas because I want to watch it. To me, Doctor Who is the only story we’ll ever tell if we get out alive!

Your entry was descriptive and really enjoyable to read! Well done Sean! Check your email quickly :)


angel-of-doctor said...

That was amazing.
Thanks Sean! You give understanding to what "Doctor Who" really is!