Planet Gallifrey: Exclusive Part 2 Clip

Saturday, December 26

Exclusive Part 2 Clip

On the Doctor Who website, which many have kindly uploaded onto YouTube. Don't worry, I am not embedding it.

Exclusive Part Two clip

and for awesome's sake:

Ending to Part One clip


By the way, you American fans, Part One is on TODAY on your tellyboxes, so there is no need to watch it online :) Also, it's hard to post links to videos like that because they'll, of course, be removed from YouTube etc. by the BBC.


Kevo said...

I personally understand and agree that there's no way you can post links for viewing "TEoT, P1" for people, because you could get in trouble and that would suck.

However, and I'm only posting this because I don't know if you're already aware and I'd like you to understand our predicament: the average American? Does not get BBC America. In fact about ever 'Doctor Who' fan I know does not. Even if you have, like, a super-version of cable with hundreds of channels, it's still something you need to subscribe specially to. So while you may think it's great that we're getting a 'DW' episode the next day for once, for many of us that's not the case. We have to wait another month still for it to come out on DVD if we don't find it online.

There are days when I hate American television.

Cosette said...

That's flipping awesome!