Planet Gallifrey: December 2009

Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year! (well... in a few hours!)

David Tennant's last episode is tomorrow :( I found this lovely video from the Advent Calendar which is brilliant!

More from Part Two!

More clips from Part Two, including David Tennant's interview shown on BBC Breakfast. Thanks to Cameron from Blogtor Who! :)

Tuesday, December 29

Part Two clip!

Huge news day today, eh?

Okay, so on the Who on Who radio programme, they played a little audio clip of the second part. Here is the clip for people who want it, of course, don't click play if you don't want to hear it! :D

Transcript (highlight to view):
Master: Tell me. Where's your TARDIS?
Doctor: You could be so wonderful
Master: Where is it?
Doctor: You're a genius, you're stone-cold brilliant, you are. I swear you really are, but you could be so much more, you could be beautiful, with a mind like that, we could travel the stars. It would be my honour, because you don't need to own the universe, just see it. You have the privilege to see the whole and time and space. That's ownership enough.
Master: Would it stop then? The noise in my head?
Doctor: I can help
Master: I don't know what I would be without that noise.
Doctor: Wonder what I'd be without you.
Master: Yeah

Also, we have the clip to fit with this audio, shown on Alan Carr: Chatty Man  on the 29th.
Here and Here

News Roundup

Doctor Who
The End of Time - Digital Spy's Verdict *
Doctor Who draws highest US ratings
Alexandra Moen "Matt Smith is too young"
Tennant will miss "comics"
The Telegraph's review on The End of Time *
The Huffington Post's review *
Moen "We will miss Tennant."
Tennant pays tribute to heroes
Doctor Who fails to top ratings
The End of Time recap *
 * spoilers!
Fans protest to bring back Ianto

Tennant and Tate discuss how to say '2010'
BBC apologises to David Tennant... for not mentioning him
Tennant pays tribute to his mother
Doctor Who comes third in the Best TV Shows of this decade

'Sarah Jane Adventures' recommisioned for fourth series

It is official.
Russell T Davies has confirmed that the Sarah Jane Adventures will indeed return for its fourth series! He confirmed it on the Who on Who? radio interview on BBC Radio 2 just a few minutes ago. I will get the link up soon!

Here is the radio show (link) the show should be on soon. It starts at 24:00 :)

Sunday, December 27

Part Two Trailer

EPIC. I haven't embedded it for non-spoilery reasons! :)

Saturday, December 26

The End of Time - Part One

I have had some messages from American fans saying that it's unfair on them because they can't get BBC America. Well, I have decided to put up links to the episodes on YouTube :)

These people have put The End of Time online:

Warning - Some accounts may have action taken on them so watch them while you can!

Exclusive Part 2 Clip

On the Doctor Who website, which many have kindly uploaded onto YouTube. Don't worry, I am not embedding it.

Exclusive Part Two clip

and for awesome's sake:

Ending to Part One clip


By the way, you American fans, Part One is on TODAY on your tellyboxes, so there is no need to watch it online :) Also, it's hard to post links to videos like that because they'll, of course, be removed from YouTube etc. by the BBC.

Friday, December 25

RTD Speaks

I am trying to hard not to say anything to many international fans who haven't seen it yet but that was AMAZING. Meanwhile, Russell has been talking to Digital Spy!

This section is quite interesting:
How hard is writing a regeneration scene?
"You don’t know if there’s going to be one! Nice try. Well I’ve written two already; one for Chris and a fake one for David. The whole show keeps you on your toes. I can’t promise you anything. You think you’re going to see a regeneration, but I can’t say you’re going to see anything for the reason you think you’re going to see. We get more viewers each year by playing this game with people that we don’t give away too much."


Thursday, December 24

Christmas is cancelled!

The End of Time

(For everyone's sake, we will not be posting our reaction to the episode until the second one has aired.)

Have a Merry Christmas from Jess and Mac! :)

Tuesday, December 22

Tennant and Tate at Christmas

Thank you to the BBC for putting these clips up on their YouTube channel! We have some sneak previews of Nan's Christmas Carol and Hamlet, starring Catherine Tate and David Tennant, respectively. David also pops up in Nan's Christmas Carol as the Ghost of Christmas Present!

Nan's Christmas Carol


Shh... Spoilers!

There have been many spoilers floating around the internet and many of them have been leaked versions of what happens in The End of Time. One particular one, many of you may know this as the Virgin Media one, actually described most of what happened in the first episode, bar the ending.

Now, as this is going to be the best 2+ hours of this year for nearly everyone, I will not be putting up any spoilers as such. If you want to read them at your own will, you may do so but I will not be directing you to them. Obviously, as the days draw closer to Part 1, more information will be released about the episode(s). 

I would also ask you to refrain from posting links and speaking about those spoilers in the cbox. Failure to comply will lead to banning and removal of posts. Sorry, but that is the action which should be taken as this is a Doctor Who press site and we should not be glorifying any leaked information as such.

Thanks :)

Monday, December 21

More from the Press Screening

Den of Geek's report is generally spoiler-free but they do say that if you want to watch the episode cold, look away now... Here is a snip:

The bringing back of The Master, and the episode gets down to business very quickly, isn’t quite so impressively done, although it's done quite swiftly. It’s also utterly fair to say that he’s even more insane than he was in The Last Of The Time Lords. This is not a quiet and reserved Master at all, and we suspect he'll remain as divisive as the last time we saw him. We've always liked The Master a lot though, so were pleased to see him, and he does get some quite scary moments. He comes across as frenetic, random, hungry and very, very dangerous.

Total SciFi Online also have a report, which is more spoiler-y than the above! As ever, if you want to know nothing, then don't read :)

Along with Cribbins, Simm is the driving force of this episode, utterly different from his Harold Saxon persona from two years back, yet totally the same character in his wild-eyed, evil genius. Several Master moments in the episode are genuinely scary, and yet wonderfully funny at the same time. It’s a perfect combination for a man who reviles yet revels in his own lunacy, and makes for unforgettable telly. The fact that the Master seems to have no distinct plan until late in the episode makes it all the more breathtaking when it finally kicks in – and reminds us how terrifying a Time Lord can be, if you don’t have him on your side.

Annnnd we have some videos too!

(And a better quality version of the video I posted the other day...)

Sunday, December 20

Tate: I'm the new Jordan! (Spoilers)

Video contains spoiler clips!

Friday, December 18

Super News Conglomeration

(Watch out for more links added in the next few days!)
Updated 19/Dec

Reportageness on the End of Time screening

SFX were there to see part 1: Here is a niggle...

Best of all, the episode was amazing. Stunning. Brilliant. The best Christmas Day Doctor Who special yet. Not perfect, but hugely entertaining. But we’re not going to give too much away. We may have unwrapped this particular present early, but we're only going to let you shake it a bit. Trust us, this review is not going to spoil your fun; we had the pleasure of sitting there through so many, “Oooohhhhh!" moments it'd be a shame if you were robbed of them. In fact, try to avoid as many previews as possible in the papers and magazines, in case – by design or accident – they give away the last few minutes leading up the cliffhanger. It’s a doozy – one of Doctor Who's all time classic "out-there" concepts – and you really don't want to know it before Christmas Day. If you think that the masses of preview footage that has been released so far means that you’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect from this episode, then you’re wrong. There are plenty of surprises in store.

You'll also get to meet the Master unlike you’ve ever seen him before, physically and in terms of his character. You get to see a LOT of the Master and he’s magnificent throughout. If anything John Simm steals the show, but you get the feeling Tennant is going to steal it back big time in part two.

And talking of Wilf, Bernard Cribbins is just magnificent. He seems to hold a universe of sadness in his eyes and yet still cracks you up. Cribbins certainly deserves his name in the opening credits alongside Tennant and Simm.

Wednesday, December 16

Can you hear it?

Shown after Buzzcocks today!

Tuesday, December 15

Don't blink (again!)

The Moff has revealed that the Weeping Angels are returning, on his Radio 3 interview. This is well exciting! Does this mean we get Sally Sparrow back?

A massive thank you to Cameron over at Blogtor Who who recorded it for us!

Alien Armies Competition Winner

Very very sorry about the delay - school and exams have been taking up much of the time!

Congratulations to
Sean Olding
for his delightful entry for the competition!

What does Doctor Who mean to me?

To me, Doctor Who is everything the human race can do, can’t do, could do, will do, will never do. It is everything we dream. It is the opportunity to enjoy something so amazing, that given the chance, no matter what anyone says about the show, any human would take, in just forty-five indescribable minutes. Every adventure is another dream, every enemy is another nightmare, and every dramatic finale is the chance to glimpse what the soul of a God is really like. It is the most famous modern day British icon, next only to Winston Churchill, in my opinion, and it is gazed upon as cool, geeky, pathetic, awesome, funny - but to me, it is ALL of those things, because you can’t have a show without any of that. When I watched the return of the Master in Utopia, I was shivering because the story arc was so brilliant, and only an amazingly awesome show could grip me like that. Doctor Who is a chance to tell my family to shut up at Christmas because I want to watch it. To me, Doctor Who is the only story we’ll ever tell if we get out alive!

Your entry was descriptive and really enjoyable to read! Well done Sean! Check your email quickly :)

Christmas at the BBC!

Thanks to the marvellous Gallifrey Base News, who have complied this treasure; it contains every DW-related show over the Xmas period so you don't miss anything! 

As well as the fantastic idents over Christmas, the BBC have also released these two lovely things!

And, we have previews of Catherine Tate, David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, to be shown TOMORROW on BBC TWO!

BEWARE: It has Jo Whiley's man voice, David Tennant's average performing and Catherine Tate's lack of knowledge! Haha! :P


Monday, December 14

Holy Mother Of God!

Scottish TV played this immense clip of The End of Time today... 100 billion thanks to Cameron K McEwan for uploading this!!

And if you're wondering what's up with the side of the website, well it went a bit awry but I am working on it :)

EDIT: This is, of course, not the end of the Tenth Doctor... but what Russell may be doing in these final two episodes, is hurting the Doctor in many ways to make us think he's dead, and when we finally give up and say 'Oh he's gonna be alive after this...' he regenerates...! :O

Sunday, December 13

Minnie the Minx!

Monday, December 7

End of Time Teaser!

Bernard (Wilf) was on Loose Women today, and they showed a clip of Wilf's reaction in the TARDIS!

Sunday, December 6

Cast List

Radio Times have a cast list for The End of Time - part 2! (No, this is Part 2, as it said in the Radio Times. The reason why Matt Smith is not listed is solely because there are quite a few people not listed due to spoiler reasons.)

David Tennant - The Doctor
John Simm - The Master
Bernard Cribbins - Wilfred Mott
Timothy Dalton - The Narrator
Catherine Tate - Donna Noble
Jacqueline King - Sylvia Noble
June Whitfield - Minnie Hooper
Claire Bloom - The Woman
David Harewood - Joshua Naismith
Tracy Ifeachor - Abigail Naismith
Lawry Lewin - Rossiter
Sinead Keenan - Addams
Alexandra Moen - Lucy Saxon
Karlo Collins - Shaun Temple
Teresa Banham - Governor
Barry Howard - Oliver Barnes
Allister Bain - Winston Katusi
Sylvia Seymour - Miss Trefusis
Pete Lee-Wilson - Tommo
Dwayne Scantlebury - Ginger
Joe Dixon - The Second
Julie Legrand - The Partisan
Brid Brennan - The Visionary
Krystal Archer - Nerys
Lachele Carl - Trinity Wells
Paul Kasey - Ood Sigma
Ruari Mears - Elder Ood
Silas Carson - voice of Ood Sigma
Brian Cox - voice of Elder Ood
Nicholas Briggs - voice of Judoon

Thursday, December 3

All We Want For Christmas (Is Doctor Who!)

The BBC have a showaddywaddyness of trailers for Christmas, including Doctor Who!

Drama Trailer

AND the official ident! With the Doctor!