Planet Gallifrey: 'The Man Who Never Was' synopses

Wednesday, October 12

'The Man Who Never Was' synopses

Check out the synopses for the last two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, set to air next Monday and Tuesday (sob):

Joseph Serf has launched his new SerfBoard, the must-have computer that no one can resist owning. Intrigued, Sarah Jane takes Luke and Sky to investigate what's so compelling about Serf and his business.

Clyde and Rani take a SerfBoard to pieces, suspecting alien technology may be the answer...

The truth behind Joseph Serf's company is out – alien Light Sculptors, slaves kept beneath his office building.

As Luke and Sky try to find a way to free them and get them home safely, Sarah Jane needs Clyde and Rani to come and help her – and get married along the way...