Planet Gallifrey: June 2011

Tuesday, June 28

Doctor vs. Doctor

Matt Smith and David Tennant are going head to head in this year's TV Choice awards, with both actors being nominated for 'Best Actor'.

Matt is of course nominated for his role as the Doctor, whilst David is nominated for his part in the series Single Father. Also in the category are Benedict Cumberbatch, for his role in the Moffat-made Sherlock, and Merlin's Colin Morgan.

>> Who should win? Vote here!

Meanwhile, the late Elisabeth Sladen is nominated for 'Best Actress', along with Karen Gillan. Doctor Who is up for 'Best Family Drama' and Sherlock and Single Father are up for 'Best New Drama'.

Check out a promotional poster for David Tennant's new movie, 'Fright Night.'

Monday, June 27

Torchwood air dates announced!

Torchwood - Miracle Day will air on July 14th in the UK and on July 8th in the US.

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Sunday, June 26

Torchwood news & Behind The Scenes!

It has been confirmed by Tom Spilsbury that different edits of Torchwood: Miracle Day will air in the UK and US, due to the different times where certain content cannot be shown.

“Interesting that US Torchwood will have bits UK won’t; UK Torchwood will have bits that US won’t”.

Meanwhile, check out a new behind the scenes video, with lots of extra footage!

Tuesday, June 21

No Doctor in Torchwood

Torchwood creator, and former Doctor Who producer, Russell T. Davies has ruled out the possibility of the Doctor appearing in the spin-off.
Russell T. Davies dismissed the possibility of the Doctor appearing in an episode of Torchwood, the more adult spin-off from Doctor Who. Speaking at the UK launch for Torchwood: Miracle Day the creator of the spin-off revealed its more adult nature ruled out the Time Lord from crossing over and appearing in it.

"No, because actually the Doctor's never gone into Torchwood, it's always been the other way round, Torchwood's gone into Doctor Who, which I think is correct because there's a big child audience for Doctor Who and I think that would demand if we took the Doctor into Torchwood it would be a clash of styles.” - Russell T. Davies
Davies has previously ruled out an appearance by the Doctor in the Torchwood spin-off from similar reasons. However, there have been crossovers with Doctor Who before; in the second series of Torchwood Law & Order: UK the character of Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) appeared in three episodes. The actress was due to appear in Torchwood: Children of Earth but this planned appearance never happened possibly because of her role in.
The season four finale of Doctor Who featured the Torchwood characters of Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) alongside Captain Jack (John Barrowman). The finale also featured a crossover with fellow spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures which aired on the CBBC Channel and starred Elisabeth Sladen.

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Sunday, June 19

The Eleven iPadoctors

Check out this amazing set of drawings someone did using the iPad:

Clickity-click for larger image

I love them! My particular favourite is the 10th Doctor one; it reminds me of the Pink Panther kind of style from the 70s/80s. You can check out his other stuff here.

(Thanks to Tom!)

Saturday, June 18

From The Archive: The Five Doctors

Check out this classic clip from Classic Who, where the five Doctors and their respective companions meet up.

Even watching this retrospectively made me excited to see the Doctors and companions meeting up! I hope they do a similar thing with the 50th Anniversary special... Grace, Rose, Donna and Amy maybe?

Thursday, June 16

More Sherlock = Less Who? (Updated)

[Update] Steven Moffat has tweeted on the matter, saying:
The scheduling of Dr Who has got NOTHING to with Sherlock. On the plus side THE BBC SPELLED MY NAME RIGHT!!!!
So could this mean it is down to budget cuts?

(Possible) Bad News Part Deux

It seems that us UK fans might not get Torchwood: Miracle Day until after it is aired in the US on 8th July.

As tweeted by Lizo Mzimba:
Doesn't appear on BBC list of TV highlights for week up till 8th July. Not definitive but imagine a show like Torchwood would be highlight.

Hmm... that's a real shame. But good news to American fans who will be the first to experience something kinda Who before the UK does!

However, Lizo did praise the first episode, saying it was "fast paced and mysterious at same time" so maybe it will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, June 14


is the question we are all asking. After rumours flying around of no series or half series, Danny Cohen has finally come clean.

It seems that Doctor Who won't be properly returning in 2012, but possibly as a half-series, which would see the second half into 2013. Also, the 50th Anniversary 2013 series will have a special (of course.) It is mainly due to budgeting problems that this is the case, however, it could mean that we get a better budget for the next series, going back to the expensive effects in Series 1 - 4.

What do you think?

The Stolen TARDIS

A poor girl in Oklohoma had a TARDIS model stolen from her backyard!

A bus shelter modelled after the Tardis seen on the television series Doctor Who has been stolen from a teenager's backyard.

The six-foot tall Tardis belonged to Kaitlyn Iadevaia in Oklahoma, who built it with her father Tom. Both are fans of Doctor Who, reportsKFOR.

"It didn't have property value," the girl said. "But it did have sentimental value. I'd just really like it back."

Kaitlyn's father called the thieves "big gonads", adding: "I can't see why anyone would take the darn thing, unless they're a big Doctor Who fan and want to put it in their bedroom."

Police are currently investigating the theft of the bus shelter, which weighs 300 pounds.

In the sci-fi show Doctor Who, the Tardis is a blue time machine that belongs to the Doctor, a time lord.
( from Digital Spy )

Well that's not very nice. I hope she gets it back!

Saturday, June 11

Let's Kill Moffat

Before I begin, this is not a post to incite any harm towards Our Moffat.

This has been doing the rounds on Tumblr:


Friday, June 10

From The Archive: Her name was Rose...

An absolutely beautiful scene between Catherine Tate and David Tennant, taken from The Runaway Bride, which set the pair up for many adventures in the future, both on screen and on stage! In a poignant ending to the chaotic episode, the Doctor addresses the loss of Rose, and holding back his tears, closes the door...

The scene also showed Catherine's wide range of talent, ranging from the screaming hyperbole to a mellow nod to the future. I absolutely love this episode for exactly that: the two emotions which played off each other throughout.

Thursday, June 9

Video: Torchwood's new character promos

Starz has released a set of videos promoting Miracle Day with a character speaking about themselves and the story in each. Check it out below!


Hot Shots: Torchwood's Miracle Day

Check out some awesome shots from the next series of Torchwood.

Find the rest here, thanks to Combom!

Wednesday, June 8

10 Things To Do When Doctor Who Is Not On

We have some time to go between half-series [READ: AGES!], but don't stress out! We have compiled the top ten things to do to keep you far away from 'Doctor Who Depression.'
  1. Join discussions on a Doctor Who forum and tell everyone your thoughts on the half-series just gone. Planet Gallifrey recommends the now spoiler-free Doctor Who Online.
  2. Raid the kitchen and make some Doctor Who food creations, then take some pictures and send them in to us. Our favourite so far is the amazing Dalek Pumpkin from last Halloween.
  3. Have a gander around Amazon and see what takes your fancy. We like James Goss' epistolary-meets-glimpses style in Dead of Winter.
  4. Rewatch the first half of Series 6 in time for 'Let's Kill Hitler.'
  5. Check out Blogtor Who's delightfully witty commentaries and then e-mail your thoughts to Cameron!
  6. Hone your video-making skills by creating a video of whatever takes your fancy and uploading it online. Planet Gallifrey likes seduff's work:
  7. Follow us on Twitter, @planetgallifrey
  8. Watch outtakes from last year and laugh your fez off.
  9. After Elisabeth Sladen unfortunately passed away from battling cancer, think of fun ways to celebrate her memory and raise money for a cancer charity. Doctor Who Brand Executive, Edward Russell, is walking from Cardiff to London to raise money for Meadow House Hospice in honour of Elisabeth. You can donate and leave a message of support here.
  10. Last but not least, collect together your Doctor Who figures (what do you mean you don't have any?!) and design some dream scenes for next year's series. Caption them and send them in, and who knows, your idea might end up inspiring Doctor Who in 16 years time!
Hmm, I think that's enough to last you until Autumn!

Tuesday, June 7

2012 (UPDATED)

Rumours are going round that Doctor Who may not be returning in 2012, but instead, there will be a few specials as there were in David Tennant's final year. The news seems to be confirmed with Matt Smith jetting off to America to look for work, and Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan also auditioning for new roles. Sources from various locations have also previously spoken of this postponing.

The latest issue of Private Eye is also adding more fuel to the fire, with details of Piers Wenger (who recently left the Doctor Who crew) stating that Tracie Simpson and Peter Bennett refused to return to Doctor Who after their dismissal.

Thanks to Kasterborous we can learn that the BBC are not yet confirming or denying anything.



We can all sigh relief! The BBC have commissioned 14 new episodes with Matt Smith next year.

Torchwood Twist + Trailer


Monday, June 6

From The Archive: Bad Wolf

Arguably one of the finest moments in Doctor Who, where Rose becomes Bad Wolf, destroys the Daleks and saves the day!

Saturday, June 4

A Good Writer Thinks Of Stuff In 1995...


So this has been doing the rounds on Twitter, revealing the origins of a part of 'A Good Man Goes To War'!

A Good Man Goes To War - A Review


What did you think? Tell us below!

Coming Soon...


Check out the 'Coming Soon' video with interview-y bits from Steven Moffat et al, as well as a scary trailer for the next half-series below...