Planet Gallifrey: Fires of Pompeii pictures

Friday, April 4

Fires of Pompeii pictures

Here be some promo pictures for Fires of Pompeii, to get you all heated up for tomorrow! (Oooh, did I really do such a terrible joke? Yes I did.)


The ancient art of engaging in conversation



More shocked!

Really Shocked!

Some form of heated discuassion

REALLY Shocked!

Running Doctor...

Running Doctor...
(I love the random chicken)


The kind of picture that makes fangirls go
"SQUEEEEEE!!!" *flail*, *pass out...*

There we go, enjoy them!


Lord Prydon said...

I thought this was a serious fan site until I saw the update oday....please Doctor Who is much more than a fangirls squad that is unable to see beyond the mere physical. Squeeing does not make you REAL WHo fans. The Doctor is centuries old but none of you see beyond a so-called handsome actor playing him. Some even want slash with Jack or the Master...please grow up. I dare say Hartnell or Pertwee would get such a response. But then they were REAL Doctors who didn't need fangirls to get ratings. You disgust me. This is the last time I access your pitiful site for news.


Jess said...

Theres no need to take that sort of offense, I was merely making a joke. I wouldn't consider myself in the category of fan girl and I certainly didn't write that as a personal view.

If you don't wish to view my site again then thats your own personal choice and I have noting against that, but please don't make rude remarks that not only offend me, but could offend other readers.

Anonymous said...

Lord Prydon, thats such an utterly horrible and disgraceful thing to say. This is clearly more than a "Lets all love David Tennant" site other wise it would only be about him and not Doctor Who. But no, Jess has written about all sorts - Gallifrey, monsters, aliens, and the other Doctors. You have no wight to say the things you did and, frankly, if you never return to this site, I'll be happy to see the back of you.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jess.Lordy lordy lordy..Best off else where mate!

Ryan's Blog said...

I dig the random chicken too. And I agree that "Lord Prydon" is a jerk. So who cares, if people like the physical aspects of a Doctor? As long as they enjoy the show, why does some one else have to try and ruin it for evryone else with their "better than thou" comments.

Anonymous said...


Polo said...

Good god, I hope Lord Prydon doesn't ever come back, he shouldn't have said that... I hope you don't take it to heart Jess, I love your site!

reinette said...

Not a REAL doctor? Relying on his so-called good looks?! How offensive.

Mr Tennant is the most gifted, charismatic, versatile actor I know who can switch from drama to comedy and even Shakespeare with ease. Others must agree, he’s been nominated for enough awards.

Jess, you do a brilliant job with this site and have many, many supporters throughout the world. Don’t let it get you down :)

Jess said...

Thanks very much Reinette, and all of you

deamack said...

Well said Reinette! I second that! Jess, you are a star and long may you shine! This is a brilliant site !

Combom said...

Lord Prydon - get a sense of humour
jess - keep it up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

Your site is amazing and one of the best around. Thanks for doing what you do :)

N. T. said...

Lord Prydon... bitter much?

Jess, if you find a copy of the Jonathan Ross appearance from Friday, I'd be very happy if you'd post it on this brilliant site. Thanks

N. T. said...

Er... on second thought, I could have just checked youtube.

Lou said...

Hi Jess.
I'm new here, though I've been on your site a few times but I've never left a comment until the airing of tonights episode. I love what you've done here so take no notice of one so-called fan with a bad attitude. In my opinion, a REAL fan not only loves the show, they love the actors too, all of them. And if we want to squeee at one of them, then we damn well will!
(If that was a bit OTT then I'm sorry, I'm still hyper from seeing Ep1!)

Jess said...

Thanks Lou! Welcome to the world of leaving comments :)

I think that all the actors are utterly amazing for what they do, and thoroughly deserve a squeee if the desire takes you.

But, I'm led to wonder if Lord Prydon actually read the comment I made as I was not actually squeeing myself, but simply stating that some people might.

Ah well, its all in the past now.

Doctor who fan said...