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Wednesday, November 12


The Daily Record has a nice interview with John Simm where he talk about an up coming role, and of course, Doctor Who!

I find some aspects of stardom quite strange, admits Doctor Who star John Simm

JOHN SIMM has been here, there and everywhere over the last couple of years and he is on the move again for his latest TV project, the hard-hitting historical drama The Devil's Whore.

Since 2006 John has been transformed from an actor with a fine reputation to a household name, courtesy of those key roles in Life On Mars and Dr Who. And while having no regrets about involving himself in either project, it's clear that the label 'star' sits heavily on his shoulders.

"It's not what I came into this business to be, it's never what I aspired to be," says John, relaxing between scenes on the set of The Devil's Whore near Cape Town.

"I'm okay with most aspects of recognition. I accept that kids are going to want my autograph when they see me in the street and clock me from Dr Who and I'm more than happy to oblige. But there are some parts of 'stardom' which I find strange. For example, when I'd finished Life On Mars and Dr Who I felt the need to disappear for a while, to step away from the spotlight.

"So I did a play, Elling, in London, and every night I came out of the theatre there'd be this same guy there, asking for my autograph. I can understand somebody wanting me to sign my name for them once, but 19 times? Very strange.

"And I never realised what impact playing The Master was going to have on my seven-year-old son, Ryan. I'd take him to school in the morning and I'd feel like the Pied Piper with this huge gaggle of kids around me in playground.

"Ryan is proud of the fact that his dad's been in Dr Who - one of the reasons I wanted to be in the programme, in the first place, is because he's such a fan of the show - but he was a bit freaked out by all the attention and I'm sorry it happened that way.

"Though I'm not, by the way," adds John, hastily, "ruling out a return to Dr Who in the future.
"It's too exciting a show to be a part offor me to do that."

Read the full article here for much Simm enjoyment!


Doctor who fan said...

Uh oh The master is not dead because he is alive and got revenge on The doctor even the master would say I m The master and you will obey me.

Anonymous said...

Eh ?!?

Anonymous said...

Add a few ,;.: and "s to it and maybe it will make more sense;)

munazza said...

gosh, even if it wont happen: simm should be the next doctor!!!!! lol...i wish

Nik Nak said...

I know what DWFan meant. But it’d be nice to see him back.

Saying that, I dont think it’ll be as the Doctor.

Doctor who fan said...

I really want john simm to stay playing the master forever but not the 11th doctor otherwise the doctor will be evil like the master the rani and the meddling monk so Let john simm to be the master