Planet Gallifrey: Advent 3

Wednesday, December 3

Advent 3

Whats the Doctor doing in Cardiff? Having a day off at the fair?
Nope! Tis David Tennants body double (as seen in Journeys End) and he's gonna tell us all about his time on Who

As usual, I recommend any Ukers to check out the official BBC site, because its good. But for anyone else, you can sit back and enjoy it right here!


Hollie said...

Aww he's so cute...almost as much as the real Doctor!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making these videos available for those of us not in the UK.

I love being able to watch & enjoy them!

Doctor who fan said...

Goodness me the 10th doctor regenerate into the 11th doctor.

Anonymous said...

well dr who fan, thats usually what happense, 11 does follow after 10.

Doctor who fan said...

But the 10th doctor must wait till in four special 2009 by regenerating into the 11th doctor.