Planet Gallifrey: Advent 9

Wednesday, December 10

Advent 9

Sorry for the delay!
Behind door number 9 was a special Christmas Monster File, looking at all the misshaps that just seem to happen around this festive season.

For anyone from the UK, the BBC site is the place for you!
For anyone else, here ya go!



SNOWIEproductions said...

That was fantastic! Nice and creepy :-)
And a clever way to reveal a bit more footage of TND at the end ;-)

Kelsey said...

That was fun - although, we all know John Barrowman can sing much better than that. So why didn't he? Just because the point of the video wasn't to showcase his singing skills doesn't mean he can't throw them in on a whim.

Doctor who fan said...

Captain jack christmas monster file Hell

it heavenly hosts with Max Capricorn Robot santas empress of the racnoss and sycorax.

Anonymous said...

Bek (Australia)