Planet Gallifrey: A chat with Velile

Wednesday, December 17

A chat with Velile

Thanks to Last Broadcast, we've got a nice interview with Velile Tshabalala who is to play Rosita!

Can you tell us a bit about Rosita, the character you play in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special?
Well, the Doctor arrives in Victorian London in 1851 and meets this other Doctor (David Morrissey) and his companion, Rosita – me! She’s a feisty East London girl, fast-talking, bit of a gob on her – just a little bit like me really! They investigate these mysterious deaths. There’s Cybermen involved and a new creature called the Cybershade.

Is there any link between your character’s name and Billie Piper’s character, Rose?
No, there’s no connection between the characters. Aaagh, I have to be so careful! They’ll kick me out if I say too much!

When did you find out you had the part in the Christmas special?
I found out in March, about a week after my birthday, so that was a nice little present! I had to rush down from Manchester to London for the audition. Doctor Who is such a big show so I was sure there would be callbacks, but they phoned a week later and told me I had the part! In the audition I had to pretend to react to things that weren’t there, as there’s lots of green screen involved.

What was it like working with David Morrissey and David Tennant?
I met them briefly at the read through. I walked into the room and it was so scary, literally everyone from Doctor Who was there – the producers, the crew, the magazine people… Dervla was so sweet though, she came over and was like “stick with me, we’ll be fine”. The first time I met them properly was on set, they both came to welcome me and were so great. The first day they were both up in the air in harnesses being dragged and pulled about. Those harnesses did not look too comfortable for men!

Were you a fan of the show before you got the role?
The fourth series was on TV so I watched that to see what I was up against, yeah! And I’d seen all the Christmas specials, with Billie Piper and Catherine Tate and Kylie. It’s such an honour to take on a role in a Christmas special following such big stars.

Did you get to do any stunts?
There’s a nice scene where the two Doctors are trapped and I have to save them, but I probably can’t say much more! I almost had an accident doing one scene actually. I had to peg it from one side of a warehouse to the other, with an axe – a fake axe, don’t worry – and after they shouted ‘cut’ I skidded and kept on going until I managed to grab hold of a pillar! I’m a tomboy at heart though so I love all that stuff – it is hard work doing it all in a corset though!

Have you seen the finished episode with the music and special effects added?
No, I’ve just seen little snippets when I was doing ADR. There’s a press launch next month so they might show it there, but as far as I know I’m watching it on Christmas day with everyone else, I’m so excited! My aunt has cancelled her holiday as she doesn’t want to miss it! I think we’re all going to go to my sister’s place as she’s got a big plasma TV.

If they asked you, would you like to become a full time companion on the show?
Ah, well that depends if Rosita survives the Christmas special, wouldn’t it? If I had the chance I definitely would, yeah – I can’t imagine many actresses saying no!

Read the full interview right here!


Anonymous said...

Great interview! Thanks for bringing it to us.

Doctor who fan said...

Chat with vile is over jess because it was shown at channel 4 yesterday the paul gradey show so Thanks Jess.