Planet Gallifrey: Doctor Who Filming, 27.02.09

Friday, February 27

Doctor Who Filming, 27.02.09

Woop! Woop!
Its really getting exciting now :)

This scene kinda feels like the end of the episode to me. It has the Doctor, his new companion (Lindsay Duncan) and two other people emerging from the TARDIS in the middle of a snowy street. 

Outer-two awesome pictures are courtesy of Alun.Vega

The robot seen in earlier filming is also there (it has the word "GADGET" written on its front) and it seems friendly as it trundels forward to talk to the Doctor.

The two unknown companions run off together halfway through the scene. I don't know the relation these people have to each other but the younger woman certainly seems wary of the other two.

Ahremsee managed to beautifully capture the scene in this video.

Although you can't really hear whats being said, we know that halfway through (when the Doctor looks up) he says 'its snowing! I love snow.'

And according to Victoria Feller, the line immediately after this (said by the male companion) is something along the lines of 'its not snow...' as he holds out his hand. So more ash from some destroyed ship/planet/thing?

She also noticed that, despite the snow, there were no Christmas decorations about, and Lindsay Duncan's belt holds a small holster and handgun - which matches the guerilla/army type clothes she's wearing.

Scooty also managed to get photos of nearby street signs claiming:

Congestion charging Central Zone
Fine of 3000 yen per day

So maybe a parallel/future Earth? Or just another planet... Or just Earth...

Anywho, after that we're left with the Doctor and Lindsay together. I don't know what goes on between them but at some point the Doctor points the sonic at a house that Lyndsay then goes over to.

And then it gets REALLY interesting.

As the Doctor heads back to the TARDIS, it seems like he hears something. He looks to his left, shocked and aghast, slumping against the TARDIS and then falls to his knees. After this it seems he then gets up, rushes into the TARDIS and slams the door.

A horrified Doctor
Picture courtesy of The Gather

And now we have a video of the Doctor falling to his knees!

According to Lucky Lady, they apparently filmed two versions of this scene. One where the above events happened, and the other where the Doctor simply enters the TARDIS.

The reason he gets so freaked out? Oh, let the speculation commence... the robot? A returning villian? Or... and I'm not positive of it, but this could very well be the reason the Doctor looks to freaked out:

Oh yes, Ood Sigma is back!

So goodness knows what cliffhanger this is leading off to! According to Scooty, he doesn't interact wit the characters, but just seems to appear at the end of the scene...

Cue endless speculation about Donna, DoctorDonna, 'your song will end soon' etc etc!

You can see many many more fantastic pictures & videos here:
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A huge thanks to Alun.Vega, Scooty, Ahremsee, Victoria Feller, The Gather, Lucky Lady & Spaceygal.
I bow down to you all :)


Anonymous said...

wow wow wow wait a cotton-picking minute here. He has the blue suit on. I thought he got shot of that when ten v.2 was left with Rose. What?

Jess said...

Haha, tis true.
So either he had spare suits or its 10.5

Although I'm gonna stick with spare suits... surely he'd have more than 2 suits in the whole TARDIS.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad the suit was already pointed out. First thing I noticed when I saw the pictures...I guess he really does like blue.

Anonymous said...

He had the blue suit in Music of the Spheres.

flying girl said...

Oh, the blue suit! I love the blue suit! (trying to imitate the Doctor :)

It's a bit strange that he keeps God knows how many identical suits in the Tardis, but then he wouldn't be a Doctor if he weren't a bit strange, would he?

Hm, the presence of Ood Sigma could mean that we at least know the time line, year what was it in planet of the Ood? Then again, maybe not, maybe Ood Sigma time traveled?

And the main lady carries a gun? Hm, the Doctor is going to love her! (given all the grief he gave Martha about UNIT)

Oh, really, really exciting!

Name said...

wowzers in my trousers, that was exciting!
maybe the ood is back to tell the doc more about his future?

EtAnimo said...

Maybe the Doctor hears the Song of the Ood (I think the reaction was to something they'll add later) and sees Ood Sigma, realizing something. Maybe this is a fully colonized version of the Ood-Sphere?

After all, I'm sure Ood Operations was shut down as a result of Planet of the Ood's events. Maybe he realizes this?

Of course, those "hydrogen cars only" and "congestion" signs do look verrry interesting...

Friction said...

Maybe The Doctor has like a halucination of Ood Sigma and that signals something to him. It does lead to some speculation regarding DoctorDonna. God I would love it if Donna came back...

Sucks to think this won't air until xmas. :(

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO the Ood!!!
I'm guessing that the woman in the red shirt is Christina from POTD, so she may be the companion for all of the specials and carry on until Series 5.

Name said...

Just thought it could be based on New Earth again

sunnytyler001 said...

Do we know who's the girl in red? She looks like Christina/Michelle Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Ood Sigma will play a similar role to the Watcher in "Logooplis." As in, the Doctor is being warned of his death and doesn't want to confront the possibility.

ahremsee said...


It was a great night of filming on Friday.
I have to say my videos are spoilt by the fact that the buses were still running and cut across from where we were allowed to stand.

Loving the blog. Keep up the good work.

Jess said...

Its all thanks to you and the other reporters Ahremsee, you guys are seriously brilliant. I wish I was lucky enough to have filming near my home!


TimeLord74 said...

That Video was brilliant and the pics were cool. OMG I cant believe ood sigma's back! Id Say there on the oodsphere cos its snowing and ood sigmas there. please join my blog and to comment. its url is bye!

Anonymous said...

That little robot thing looks a little similar to the MALP's in Stargate.

Methinks they may have got the idea there...

Joshua said...

What if it's a planet of the apes type thing? A future earth where humans are slaves to the Ood...? Hence all the futuristic earth signs, and the Doctor's reaction to Ood Sigma...