Planet Gallifrey: April 2009

Wednesday, April 29

Doctor Who filming, 29.04.09

Looks like this finale is shaping up to be as mental as the last one :P

Filming took place today on the upstairs floor of Tiger Tiger, so as usual there wont be any images from inside (although it was used in the Torchwood episode 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang')

And who was there? Well according to all the fantastic people who stood outside for hours on end:
  • Tennant in his brown suit
  • Barrowman in dark blue shirt
  • Jimmy Vee as a Graske
  • A slitheen
  • Monks
  • Mysterious women
  • Red & white aliens
The CGI people were there as well, so perhaps there'll be some CGI aliens?

AND apparently Russel Tovey (Midshipman Frame) was there as well in a black military-style uniform and short hair.

Photos courtesy of Scooty:

The monks also seem link they're the same ones that were filming inside the caves recently... Time Lordy perhaps?

And the red and white aliens look similar to background characters seen in New Earth (in the hospital) and in Gridlock (in separate cars)

So its all insane! Goodness knows whats going on. Theres speculation that this might be for a scene that was cut from 'The Stolen Earth' where almost all the aliens from New Who where in the Shadow Proclaimation and Midshipman Frame was a soldier for them. It was mentioned in The Writers Tale by RTD and in a commentry DT said he wanted the scene to appear in one of the specials.

You can see more amazing photos here:
Alun.vega's Flickr
Scooty's Photobucket

A HUGE thanks to Scooty, Alun.vega and everyone else who covered todays filming :)

Monday, April 27

Doctor Who filming, 27.04.09

Sorry for the lack of posts... but there hasn't been much happening in the world of Who. Until now there is!

Filming is taking place at the moment in Caerphily Castle, inside the East Gatehouse, in the Constable's Hall and Broase Gallery. According to Alun.vega, 'from the guidebook, the Hall looks grand and is newly refurbished, opening to the public in August. The gallery is apparently a narrow passageway above the Great Hall.

Constable's Hall (below)

Alun: "I saw two supporting actresses in matching white blouses, black trousers, chunky black shoes. One was blonde, one with black hair. Couldn't recognize either. I was reminded of the two who left Tredegar House with coats over their heads, white labcoats, black trousers and chunky shoes. Then again, since they're supporting artists and probably not well-known, why hide their faces?"

Apparently Danny Hargreaves is there as well as a green screen, so most likely there'll be some sort of explosion/special effects

The area they're filming in is unfortunately not open to the public today, so I have no idea if there'll be much of a set report. But at least we know where they are!

You can see more amazing pictures here:

A HUGE thanks to Mugim0e and Alun.vega :)

Monday, April 20

Doctor Who filming, past few days

Agh, sorry for the delay in posting this. I've just come back to uni from Easter holidays and keep getting distracted by seeing friends and whatnot :)

Anywhoo here's the scoop (I've always wanted to say that)
Filming has been VERY elusive recently. Methinks they're trying to hide from the intrepid set reporters. In one day they filmed in 3 places!

So, first off, Christmas decorations went up at The Hayes and the surrounding streets.

BUT at the same time as this, filming was going on in Penarth with the Doctor and TARDIS. Unfortunately the actual filming was missed, but Scooty got some great pics of the aftermath.

So a 'HM prison, Broadfell' sign and an explosion... someone's in prison? I wonder who or what was busting them out?!

After this they filming inside St. Augustine's Church in Penarth. During this a coach full of extras dressed as choirboys and people in suits arrived. Apparently Wilf and the Doctor were inside as well as an actress called Claire Bloom.

Later on the filming moved back to the Hayes and the surrounding street. As well as extras, there was a Salvation Army band which played God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

And heres an utterly brilliant report from Eeeyun:

1st Shot
They began close up on the Christmas star at the top of the tree, tilting down to take in the Salvation Army band, and then pulling out wider and panning round to see a small girl with her mummy and daddy meeting Santa Claus and other shoppers mingling and passing by… 

The shot steadily moved down towards the street, eventually picking out Wilf who was dawdling through the busy street with some Christmas shopping – he seemed very much lost in thought.

As he approached the Salvation Army band his attention seemed to be drawn to them (or something in that direction) where more thoughts seemed to fill his head (by this time the camera had gone tight in on him with just a headshot) then he muttered to himself for a moment, coming to some kind of conclusion, before walking off out the right side of frame.

There was also another camera that was filming this scene through some lights and its speculated that this might have been someones POV shot - like Wilf was being watched.

2nd Shot
This presumably continued on from the first picking up on Wilf after he’d walked out the right side of frame on the crane shot. He walked forward checking something out ahead and/or above him…

What was interesting was that after the actors had gone, they decorated a lamppost with Christmas lighting, and took some shots of that, and then wheeled the camera down the road for a bit to take some other short shots, but it was difficult to see exactly what was going on… They were probably just grabbing some establishing shots...

You can see more amazing pictures here:

And thar we go!
As always a HUGE thanks to baraduim, scooty, Simon Watkins, alun.vega, 11thDoc and Eeeyun

Sunday, April 19

Doctor Who filming, 18.04.09

There was some filming that sneakily happened yesterday, but which was luckily caught by emmag892

So here's a brilliant set report and photos courtesy of her:
Whilst out and about with friends yesterday i got a call from a relative who informed me that a load of vans were parked up in WOOKEY HOLE CAVES car park... 

DT turned up about half six and went straight into his trailer... We then walked back to behind the base and stayed there for a bit but everybody seemed a bit edgy, DT was running everywhere so nobody could get a good picture, and there was a few extras dressed it what i could only describe as tunics kinda monk like.

I overheard them saying they were filming in the "witches parlour cave" bit which from visting before is quite deep in the caves. At about 7.40 pm DT then got into a car and drove away to the caves which is when we left.

You can see a 360 degree tour around the Witches Parlour here and it seems very other-worldly indeed!

And monk-like people makes me think (or maybe just hope) that its Time Lords. Then again, I'm sure it could be anyone.

A HUGE thanks to emmag892

Knock knock?

Digital Spy have posted an article that looks at who might be 'knocking four times' for the Doctor

"It is returning, it is returning through the dark ... he will knock four times." The psychic lady on the 200 bus said these darkly prophetic words to The Doctor during the conclusion of 'Planet Of The Dead', whipping up the tension ahead of David Tennant's impending departure. But who exactly wants to get in touch with The Doctor?"

Their list includes:
  • The Face of Boe
  • Ood Sigma
  • Dalek Caan
  • Grim Reaper
  • Captain Jack
  • Bad Wolf
  • Wilf
  • The Drowned Hath
  • The Master
Read the full article here

Wednesday, April 15

Doctor Who Filming, 14.04.09

Well there was some filming yesterday, but it was on the docks in an area which was very hidden. I think quite a few set reporters ventured out but didn't really see anything at all...

Hmmm, tricksy BBC

But this is a report from Martinc:
Got back a while ago - there was still filming going on in the docks at about 5. They were round the back of the docks, filming on some piles of rubble.

No idea what they were actually filming, but I did notice all the crew were wearing high-viz jackets for health and safety, and the cast weren't - which made them a bit easier to spot. I *think* I saw DT walking towards the crew (long brown coat - probably him), and I also saw someone with bleached hair in a hoody stood on top of one of the piles of rubble. I'm not certain it was john simm, but it looked like him.

So thats another vague sighting of John Simm - they're being very careful with him aren't they?!

A huge thanks to martinc and any other set reporter who took a chance to see what was going on :)

Monday, April 13

Doctor Who Filming, 13.04.09

Filming went on in Swansea today. With more Noble joy!

Scene ??
Filming inside the bank, which was re-dressed as the "London Credit Bank"

David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins were seen, along with the Sparrow Lane OAP bus. It looks like they're investigating the bank.

But whats the bus got to do with it? A fun day out for the OAPs with the Doctor turning up, or maybe the Doctor went off to do something and Wilf decided to follow him.

Bah, something along those lines.

Scene ??
A street which was dressed with Christmas decorations. Donna is walking about, looks like she's just been shopping.

A traffic warden tries to give Donna's car a ticket and she says something along the lines of "don't you touch that car!"

Now theres a photo of Wilf leaning into what looks like Donna's car.. but that might have been between takes... so maybe Wilf is actually with Donna and then catches sight of the Doctor?

Either way an actor called Karl Collins was there and it almost looked as though he was Donna's new partner... perhaps the one shes getting married to?

I just had a random thought which goes along the lines of Donna keeps cropping up in the background while the Doctor is trying to save the universe or whatever - kinda like Partners in Crime... like their lives are still intertwined.

Of course I could be way off. Lets hope Donna plays more of a part than just being there in the background!

You can see more photos here:

HUGE thanks to Ace'ssidekick, rhysy54, FanaticalWhovian & Scooty

Trek through Time part 2

Around Christmas I covered an amazing youtube video that was a crossover Trek/Who mash up. And now, to coincide with Planet of the Dead, theres a part two!

Created by Rick Kelvington and brought to my attention (again!) by Paul


Sunday, April 12

Planet of the Dead Features

Behind the scenes stuff for our pleasure and enjoyment :)

Confidential - Desert Storm

DT's Video Diary (all 5 entries)

The Big Questions with Michelle Ryan

Making the Tritovore

David Ames' Video Diary


The Waters of Mars trailer

Ooof, endless excitement!

Has anyone read or listened to Feast of the Drowned? Because this reminded me of it a little bit...

Actually, the being claustrophobically trapped somewhere with some random people while someone is possessed by evil reminded me of Midnight, but the way they're possessed reminds me of 42...

Ah well, here's a rundown:

"State your name, rank, and intention"
*Oh dear* face
Is it just me or is the standing up guy somewhat headless?
Setting: greenhouse on Mars?
Run, Forest!
"They're on the roof..."
"Water always wins!"