Planet Gallifrey: October 2009

Friday, October 30

When Wall-E met Doctor Who

So, The Waters of Mars airs on Sunday 15th November.

Thanks to Ryan for these delightful images!

Meanwhile, in Sarah-Jane-world, the Trickster uttered some words which may be of foreshadowing interest to us.
"The Gate is waiting for you..."

Check out the scene here! What is the Gate? The Gates of Elysium?

Interviews and Exclusives

Lots to get through!


Tommy and Danny were on CBBC all day yesterday, answering questions and talking about the new series:

Nigel Havers was on The Alan Titchmarsh Show, promoting SJA:

Elisabeth Sladen was on The Wright Stuff this morning:

David Tennant was on This Morning... this morning: (with Waters of Mars clips! - and also confirming that Waters of Mars is on the 15th November!)


The BBC released the synopses for The Gift; the Sarah Jane Adventures finale!

Sarah Jane, Luke, Clyde and Rani face an old enemy, the green Slitheen, in the penultimate episode of this series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

When the Slitheen's latest scheme is halted, their rivals, the Blathereen, arrive. Declaring peace between the planets, they offer Sarah Jane a gift – one that might change the future of the human race forever.

When the Blathereens' gift runs riot, Sarah Jane faces the battle of her life to save her son, Luke, as The Sarah Jane Adventures concludes.

With Clyde, Rani and K9 trapped in a school under siege, and the whole of London convulsing under the alien threat, everything heads for a final showdown in the attic – and not everyone is getting out alive.

Rumour has it that


will be the one who is killed off at the end of Series Three!

Also, Digital Spy report on 10 teasers for Waters of Mars :

It's completely different from 'Planet Of The Dead', with a real sense of the foreboding about it and some hitherto-unseen sides of The Doctor revealed. Without further ado, here's ten teasers:

1. The first line of the episode: "Hello mum. Susie says hello!" Do not underestimate its relevance!

2. The Doctor (and TARDIS) land on Mars on November 21, 2059. There he happens upon Bowie Base One, the first human colony on the red planet.

3. Heading up the base is Captain Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan), recognised by The Doctor as the pioneer of humanity's colonisation of space. "The woman with starlight in her soul," he calls her.

4. Odd-Doctor behaviour part one: The Doctor instantly realises he needs to leave. "Whatever has started here, I can't see it to the end," he tells them. "I can't."

5. ... but he doesn't leave, because before too long the dreaded 'water' starts to play a part. We won't spoil exactly how it plays a part, but the previously-released preview clip offers a strong hint.

6. There are references to two season four stories, as well as the recent Easter special. There's even a (new) flashback scene to one of the aforementioned.

7. "It's taken me all these years to realise *** **** ** **** *** **** - and they **** **** **."

8. An Ood makes an appearance. Last word is key. (Ood Sigma!)

9. Did you know, the human body is 60% water?

10. Odd-Doctor behaviour part two: Towards the very end of the episode, there's a scene that sees The Doctor say things that will utterly shock you. And more than that, the way he says things will shock you too.

And, to top it all off, they gave us a sneaky peek at the episode in the form of PICTURES. Dazzle your eyes over these!

Thursday, October 29

The Eternity Trap & Exclusive Waters of Mars snippet

Ryan, (like the KING of Hi-Res Images) has kindly put up brand spankin' new promo images and stills from the episode! Here's a little teaser;

Check the rest out here!

- Stills - Promos -

You have to sign up, but it's well worth it <3

Part 1
A haunted house, with mysterious whispers and secrets in the shadows attracts Sarah Jane’s attention in the first of a new, two-part adventure, written by Phil Ford and directed by Alice Troughton. When Professor Rivers and the gang investigate an old legend, a monstrous creature appears in the night as the terrifying grasp of Erasmus Darkening reaches out from centuries past.

Part 2
Sarah Jane and the gang discover the secrets of Erasmus Darkening, in the second and concluding part of The Eternity Trap, but are they too late? As ghosts from the past rise up, and the quest to find the missing children reaches a climax, it seems that nothing can stop the ancient alchemist’s rise to victory.

Meanwhile, Russell T Davies and Elisabeth Sladen popped into the BBC Breakfast studio, where they showed exclusive clips of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and The Waters of Mars! Clips uploading soon :)

EDIT! Thanks to the wonderful Adam from GallifreyBase, we now have the interview and exclusive clips on YouTube!



Wednesday, October 28

"He is the angel..."

GMTV played an exclusive clip of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith;

Also, have a looky at a snippet of Nigel Havers' interview;

Meanwhile, Cameron posted some lovely EXCLUSIVE pictures of the wedding of the year! See them here, here & here! He also reviewed both parts. Here's a teaser!

The denouement of the first episode is the event itself and we get fan-pleasing references to Metebelis 3, The Brigadier and Sarah Jane Adventures alumni Maria Jackson before the nuptials kick off. Rani's parents, for the first time, are gifted a number of gigglesome moments and add an appropriate degree of levity to Sarah's big day. But the levity is about to take a turn for the worst as a familiar wheezing and groaning (whoaning? grozing??) filters through the air.

Part 1 reviewed here, and Part 2 reviewed here!

Sunday, October 25

You're MINE, Sarah Jane Smith!

The trailer for The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith is here!

Friday, October 23

Marry Me Miss Smith!

Digital Spy have posted some spoilers regarding the Doctor's stint in the next episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.



1. DT is technically in both episodes, but he doesn't appear right until the end of the first one. His opening words? "Stop this wedding now!"

2. Ahh yes, the wedding. Sarah Jane is getting married! To Nigel Havers. Erm, correction: a businessman called Peter Dalton who is played by Nigel Havers.

3. Yes, their relationship moves quickly - although there is a lot of use of things like "one week later".

4. But that aside, there's definitely something untoward going on here. Who's to blame? Why, it's Sarah Jane's old friend The Trickster!

5. When The Doctor shows up, he's quickly parted from Sarah Jane (and the TARDIS). He's got the kids to help him out, though.

6. The Doctor says two of his standard catchphrases: "Allons-y" and "I'm so sorry."

7. The Doctor is referred to as "the man of ice and fire" and is told that "the gate is waiting for you".

8. One of the kids receives a massive shock. Literally.

I will be attending the advanced screening of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith this Sunday and I'll be sure to bring back some spoilers to whet your appetites. Meanwhile, I do have something which will entice you all...

The story revolves around the Doctor and Sarah Jane's lives being one second out of sync. The kids get a peek inside the TARDIS and there's even a mention of Metebelis 3!

That good enough to keep you going? :D Here's a sneaky peek at the episode ;

Wednesday, October 14

General News and Stuffs

Den of Geek has reviewed the first episode of the third series of SJA.

The BBC are holding a FREE special advanced screening of The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith (which I shall be attending), more information here. Hurry, 'cause the tickets are going fast!

The latest DWM reveals which companions we have voted as the best! SPOILERS......Sarah Jane Smith came first and Donna Noble comes second......

Monday, October 12

New Sarah Jane trailer!

I'm so excited I may just squee!

Here's the new trailer for the Sarah Jane Adventures, featuring lots of action, excitement and David Tennant!

You can watch the official (and probably better quality) trailer on the SJA site


Tennant to be in film?

If this is true, then its dead exciting!
From the Examiner

Director John Landis announced at this weekend's Spooky Empire convention in Orlando that departing Doctor Who star David Tennant has been cast alongside English actor Simon Pegg in Landis's upcoming film Burke and Hare. If the film's IMDB article is accurate, Pegg will play the role of William Burke while Tennant fills the role of William Hare.

The upcoming film, which appears to be a re-make of the 1972 film by the same name, will dramatize the fascinating and true story behind the Burke and Hare Murders. During their gruesome career the duo allegedly murdered seventeen victims in the hope of making a lucrative business by selling the bodies to the local medical school. 

Despite the dark historical subject matter, reports on Landis's interpretation suggest his film will cast the events in the black light of dark comedy. How he will achieve so remains to be seen, but with such star power as Pegg and Tennant, the effort is almost certain to sell well.

Read the full article here :)

Matchstick Dalek

I've come to a conclusion recently... Some people really are quite insane... In a good way of course :)

Dalek made entirely of matchsticks invades Bognor Regis

The extraterrestrial enemy of Doctor Who took 480,000 hand-glued matchsticks and 606 hours over the course of two years to complete. 

The Dalek, which Brian has nicknamed 'Stick', is fully operational.

It is mounted on castors enabling it to be moved around and has an mp3 player voicebox inside which plays the terrifying command – 'exterminate, exterminate'.

Brian and Hazel want to see the massive model sold to the highest bidder by Christmas, as they have no room in their house to hold on to the human-sized Dalek.

Read the full article here :)

Sunday, October 11

Totally Sarah Jane!

Lots of SJA goodness happening over the last few weeks!

First off, the SJA website has been updated with a Decide Your Destiny-esque mini-Blathereen game. The trailer also acts as a Series Three cinema trailer, which you can catch in cinemas now!

Awesome, huh?

Also on the site is a new Comic adventure, called Monster Hunt, complete with a narration from the lovely Anjli Mohindra herself. The episode guide has also been updated with some information of the opener to Series Three, especially, the plentiyful broadcasts of the episode!

Thu 15 Oct 2009, 16:35 BBC One
Thu 15 Oct 2009, 16:35 BBC HD
Sat 17 Oct 2009, 11:55 CBBC
Sat 17 Oct 2009, 17:15 CBBC
Sun 18 Oct 2009, 08:00 CBBC

Friday, October 9

Greame Harper on Waters of Mars

Been a long time since we had some Tennant related Who news. Yay for Tennant! We still love you! 

This interview with Greame Harper comes from SFX

Just how scary is The Waters of Mars?
“I’m not sure if it’s as scary as Blink, but it’s quite frightening – because it’s so real, I think. I hope so!”

How on Earth do you go about making water scary? And what were the challenges of shooting with that volume of water?
"I hope you think it is [scary] when you see it! It was very, very difficult. We had a difficult time trying to work out how to do the water… can you imagine, the volumes of water that we required, in a studio setting? How d’you get rid of it? If you want to do retakes, how do you get everything dry again?

“The kind of water effect we wanted was sort-of mystical, almost organic – well, it is organic, obviously! – so the difficulty was deciding with the visual FX guys which one out of the effect they were offering us was the right one. They came up with five or six different kinds of pipes, hoses and systems. And eventually there was one that we all said, ‘That’s the one.’ There was a uniform yes to one particular effect, and that was the one we used.

“Now, how do you make it creepy? It seems to be alive, the water, by the way it follows the characters in the story. Sort of – we didn’t make a big thing of it in the story, but that’s how I shot it, so it was chasing people, following them and trapping them. The best effects you can get come out of seeing the enormity of the water, the relentlessness of it. I think where it becomes really creepy and you get the fear, is when it continues draining out of characters’ mouths.

“There was a very complex system of tubes and piping that they all had to wear within the prosthetics – and water was squeezed and pressurized through the tubes to give the volume of water we required to come out of the actors’ mouths on a continuous basis.”

“Waters” is going out in November, when the evenings are darker than during the regular series run. Did you have that in the back of your mind when you were deciding on the tone of the show?
“When I first read the script, it was originally going to be put out on Christmas Day, I think! I was quite worried that this dark, deep story, which is… well, I don’t know that it’s part of a trilogy, but it certainly will lead you into the finalĂ©. You know something horrible’s going to happen after this story, involving the Doctor – but you don’t know what. I thought it was very dark – I mean, really dark, for Christmas. That’s not the reason they changed their minds to put it out in November – I think that was the controller of BBC One, deciding that maybe as we had three more to go, then one could be in the latter part of the year so that there wasn’t such a long gap between when the first special went out and Christmas. But when I knew it was going to go out earlier in the year, I was able to think about it in a much more dark way, rather than trying to keep the Christmas spirit!”

There seem to be some elements of foreshadowing in “Waters” – the stuff about the “four knocks”.
“I have to tell you, I haven’t seen, I haven’t read – in fact, I probably wasn’t allowed – to know how the next episodes, the final two-parter for David, starts and ends. I’ve no idea what it’s about! It’s going to end, obviously, with him regenerating into Matt Smith – but I’ve no idea what happens in it! So I don’t know to what extent the horror is in that two-parter. I knew about and read the previous script, I knew about the four knocks thing, so I understood what was going on, and what had been and what’s coming, and so on – in terms of the, “when four knocks happen, you know he’s going to die,” kind of thing. So I played on that, but I didn’t know quite what that meant and how it was going to happen in the last two episodes – and I still don’t!”

And the Doctor’s scared himself in this episode, which is a pretty unusual situation…
“Yes, but I think – with some exceptions, obviously – most fans of Doctor Who will know and feel sad and be hurt and worried and concerned – and wonder, is this the Doctor we’ve always known and loved, this ancient mariner traveling through the universe and helping people to help themselves, and being good and worthy and whatever, and showing them the way. And here he’s terrified. But I think that’s good, and I think most people will be interested to see how he gets out of this one. That what I think they think every time. But here, he really is in a very fearful state – and doesn’t want to die, obviously. I don’t think he wants to regenerate – I think he feels he’s got more to do, so how that gets resolved… well, I’m going to watch as well.”

You can read more of this interview in What Satellite And Digital TV issue 281, out on 29 October and the next SFX Special out on 18 November

And there we go! Interesting indeed :)

Design a TARDIS

A brand new competition from Blue Peter!

According to the BBC
"Children aged between six and 12 are invited to create the new control panel which operates the time machine. The winning design, to be chosen by new Doctor Matt Smith, will appear in one episode of the sci-fi show next year."

Entries must be sent in by 2 November and more details can be found on the Blue Peter website."
Read the full article here

So then its not a permanent replacement for the TARDIS, just a one off for an episode. I wonder what happens to the TARDIS then? Maybe the Doctor just wants to change the desktop theme again...

Thursday, October 8

Doctor Who filming, 08.10.09

WARNING! Todays filming is spoilerish!

The scene filmed apparently takes place before the scenes filmed yesterday (with the blowing of the Sonic Screwdriver)

They were filming at Rhymney outside the Vicarage. The house wasn't easily seen so there probably wont be many photos, it was behind a large wall and a lot of trees!

Apparently, the house is being used as the young Amy's house back in the 1990's

And Woah Nelly, is that the Series 4 TARDIS!? 
Why yes, it is!

The scene wittnessed was of smoke pouring out of the TARDIS and Amy dragging the Doctor away from it, crying "Come on!". He keeps trying to get back to his beloved box, shouting in response, "I must save her!"

Amy was once again in her policewoman outfit, and the Doctor was in Ten's outfit suggesting that episode 1 really does follow straight on from Tennant's last episode.

Set reporters have told us that before this scene, the TARDIS apparently crash lands in to the garden and hits a garden shed, destroying it before skidding to where it is. There were marks on the lawn where this supposedly happens.

And there we go! MADNESS!
A HUGE thank you to Haffertee, Ahremsee and all other set reporters!

Doctor Who filming, 07.10.09

More and more filming :)

The scene witnessed was the Doctor, Amy and the guy in hospital overalls. There was also a man and his dog (who's been mentioned in other filming) and they were all looking up at something in the sky.

The dog barks and the Doctor goes towards the beer garden and starts talking down to something (Rumors were that it was a CGI dog but this seems very unlikely).

"Hello prisoner X"

There was also something about aliens from a Level 20 planet, and "scanning the Earth 6 billion people". At this point the Doctor has taken out his old, battered Sonic Screwdriver.

Then a nearby phone box blows up, ariels turn randomly, the fire engine's ladder goes up and down, and a toy helicopter flies out of a little boys hands.

The Doctor then says something about "Not testing all the sonics settings".... "Setting four thousand"... "Do you think they will notice?"  The other two seem a little nervous at this.

He then points it defiantly at the sky... and the poor Sonic blows up.

And heres a fantastic video of it courtesy of BillySastard

" . . .plus invisible ink; I think someone's going to notice - don't you?"

A huge thanks to Ivan111, farsighted, Chick, Alun.Vega, Billy Sastard, Mugim0e, Haffertee, Billy Sastard, and everyone else who braved the wet & cold of filming!

Doctor Who filming, 06.10.09

Woop! Filming is still going on and exciting stuff is still happening!

Scene 1
The Doctor glances behind him and then turns to Amy, saying something. Amy in response grabs him by his tie and drags him over to a black car that has just pulled up.

And here's a fantastic video from coldkittenanxiety

Dialogue goes something along the lines of:
Doctor: (...), I hate (...). As much as I would like to say goodbye, (...) .... I'm sorry.
Amy: NO!
Doctor: No--no--Amy--no, what are you doing?!

Another line that was heard (but unplaced) was:
Twenty minutes till the world ends and do you know who I am?"

Scene 2
The Doctor and Amy run towards a white screen and the Doctor turns to someone in hospital overalls. The overheard dialogue was "coma" and something about staring at a dog.

As well as this a red phone box what was part of the setting was being set up for special effects. Thoughts are that its going to go boom at some point. 

A HUGE thanks to JTimmy, Haffertee, and anyone else who braved the set reporting world!

Wednesday, October 7

Karen Gillan in "The Well"

The lovely people at Lime Pictures (who produce Hollyoaks) have sent us some hires snaps of Karen Gillan's role in the new miniseries The Well. Check 'em out below! Make sure to catch The Well, which is on BBC Two, this Saturday!

Tuesday, October 6

Doctor Who filming, 05.10.09

I'm so stupidly excited, I may just explode...

Hehe! New filming has made things very very fun!
So, its still for episode one as this lovely clapperboard tells us:
NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW THIS YET: Steven Moffat's Series 5 is called Series 1. - Mac.

And its also NOT set in Scotland as this lovely flag tells us:
An England flag

And also apparently its a time travel story. Part of being set in 1996, when Amy was 8, the other part in 2010 when she is 20. Although this is unconfirmed.

A newspaper heading from the 90's

And what we have is Smithy and Karen on set, Smithy wearing Ten's clothes (which are ripped) and Karen wearing a very sexy police outfit. And shes definitely a policewoman and not a stripper or going to a hen night... apparently... (according to people who were at the filming)

There was also an icecream van and a Fire Engine too.

Now to put the scenes into some sort of coherent order. Remember, this is all just guesswork!

Scene 1
Here we have what looks like a very early on meeting of Amy and the Doctor. Here's an amazing video from Skarofighter:

Dialogue goes something along the lines of:

The Doctor: Why aren't there any ducks?
Amy: (Waves hand dismissively) Oh, you know...
The Doctor: Then how do you know the Ducks talk!
Amy: ... Is it important if it's a duck pond?
The Doctor: Ungh...The method's not done yet. I'm not ready for all this! I'm not done!

So it looks like he's only just regenerated very recently.

Scene 2
The scene involved the Doctor and Amy hurrying up a lane, and running across to the icecream van. Then the Doctor ran off, jumped over the flowerbed at the side of the White House, and ran inside. Amy ran after him, but took the more conventional route through the front gate.

As they came up the lane, the Doctor shouted something about a "cricket bat" and someone thought Amy said something about "12 years of therapy". Someone else reckoned they thought the Doctor said he was having food cravings.

Another line that was heard but unplaced was:
I've got 20 minuets to save the world and the Post Office is closed!

Scene 3
Apparently a scene was filmed where the the sun disappears. Amy was heard to be saying: "What's happening, why's it going dark?"

As well as this scenes were recorded of transfixed extras gazing skyward and pointing their mobile phones.

And it looks like this superb video from Ahremsee fits into this scene:

Doctor: Welcome to the end of life on earth.
Amy: Are you just going to sit there?
Doctor: Why shouldn't I just sit here? Oh, here they come, the human race ... down a video phone ... I saw it and I missed it!
Amy: You told me you had a time machine.

Scene 4
Towards the end of the shoot, the crew changed the local clock to 11.30

The new scene they were filming (although a short one) has been reveled to be scene 43

They filmed a zoom close up of Matt. The camera was on a track and they pushed it towards Matt quite quickly. It stopped just short of him and after a few minutes he put on a shocked/panicked face and jumped to one side out of camera shot:

And thats it!
Another interesting point noticed was that there was also an unknown doctor in scrubs and a fireman with a large dog (called 'Bolsey') who weren't ferried away like normal extras. So perhaps they have a larger part in the episode.

You can see more AMAZING photos here:
Alun.Vega's Flickr account
Mugim0e's Flickr account
Scooty's Photobucket account

A HUGE thanks to Alun.Vega, Scooty, ahremsee, Eeeyun, ParadoxMachine, Thal Footsoldier, PMount, JTimmy and everyone else who reported. I salute you!

New Logo

As revealed at 8am today, the brand new logo for Series 5...

New Logo for the New Series!

The "DW" bit is the insignia and the actual words are the logo. Cool, huh?

Friday, October 2

Doctor Who filming, 02.10.09

Filming has been very secretive recently! Clearly the Moff doesn't wish anything to get out about the new series and Smithy.

But we've at least been given something thanks to the fantastic people at OG!

Thurs 1st Oct
Filming took place in a village called Rhymney, in the cemetry of the old vicarage. Not much could be seen but they filmed a scene with Karen at night.

Friday 2nd Oct
There was crew setting up at Cathedral Green today. A big pond was created in the centre and Newspaper signs indicate its set in the 1990s, and apparently in a place called Leadworth.

Photo courtesy of 76 TOTTERS LANE

A huge thanks to GSSWales, baraduim, Scooty, Lucky Lady and anyone else who has braved the world of set reporting :)

Thursday, October 1

She Drives Us Crazy

Auntie Beeb has given us some lovely information on the new new new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures... in particular, a Rani-centric episode...

The Mad Woman in the Attic
Part 1 (Thursday 22nd October)

Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside. What she finds there, however, is far more alarming than that and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about...

Far in the future, in 2059, an old Rani remembers the day when her whole life went wrong. As her younger self investigates mysterious disappearances at an abandoned funfair, she sets into motion a chain of events which unleash the terrible powers of the alien Eve.

There's more!

Part 2 (Friday 23rd October)
Alien Eve's powers grow out of control, with everyone caught in her sinister and endless games. As the echoes of an ancient war threaten the modern world, the danger extends all the way to the year 2059. If Rani fails to change her own destiny, then everyone is doomed.

The SJA website has also put up some lavish new promo pictures, as well as a new Artists of the Future feature, allowing fans to send in their drawings...