Planet Gallifrey: October 2011

Monday, October 31

The Ballad of Russell and Julie

Here is another video from the wrap party, with David Tennant, John Barrowman and Catherine Tate saying thanks to Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner!

Sunday, October 30

I'd Walk 500 Miles!

The video from which this came from has finally been put online for public viewing!

It was originally made for the cast's eyes only and was part of Russell T Davies' farewell, but here it is!!

Torchwood stars get interviewed

Here is an interview from yesterday's MCM Expo in London with four of the stars of Torchwood - Miracle Day:

Loltor Who: Hide and Shriek

It seems to be quite a common thing for Whoniverse stars to scare their fellow cast members, isn't it?!

Still, they make quite funny stories to talk about.

Saturday, October 29

Karen Gillan on Graham Norton's radio show

Karen was recently interviewed on Graham Norton's radio show, where she talked about the Christmas special and the future of Amy Pond.

Thanks to Cameron at Blogtor Who for the upload -

Friday, October 28

Congratulations (2x)

Happy Birthday, Matt Smith!


Congratulations to Billie Piper, who is expecting another child!

Matt Smith is not leaving, apparently.

Contrary to current speculation, Matt Smith has implied that he is not leaving the show. In an interview with What's On TV, he said -

"We work very long hours every day for nine months. The schedule is pretty brutal, but I'd never complain about it. I love playing this role, and I don't want to give it up any time soon," he continued.

"I feel very lucky. In the current climate for actors, I'd never say, 'This is too much' - quite the opposite, in fact. I'd say, 'Bring it on.'"

Thursday, October 27

PG Picks: Scary Stories

It's nearly Halloween, and to celebrate the spooky festivities, we have compiled our Top 5 scary stories, perfect for watching on a cold, Hallows night!

5. The Talons of Weng-Chiang
Set in the late 1800s in Victorian England, The Talons of Weng-Chiang sent shivers down many a spine! Although a modern-day audience wouldn't care less about the giant rat in the sewers, I think it's safe to say that the contemporary audience were shocked to their boots, with ratings of around 10 million being returned for the six-part story.

4. The Waters of Mars
If the looming end of the Tenth Doctor wasn't enough, Russell and Co gave us this unpleasantly amazing story about a desolate space station on Mars in the distant future... with a problem. The Doctor can't meddle with time, or can he? One particularly frightening aspect of the story was not the gruesome infected humans, but the futile arrogance of the Doctor...

3. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances
It was one of Moffat's best and it remains to be! Set in the bleak Britz during World War Two, the Doctor and Rose (with Captain Jack) encounter the scariest creature yet... a child.

2. The Unquiet Dead
Criticism aside, if Gatiss did anything right, it was The Unquiet Dead. The story itself was captured in a true, Dickensian spirit with the haunting Christmassyness and the gaseous Gelth, who should definitely make a comeback!

1. Blink
Oh okay, maybe a teeny tiny bit too obvious to be the number one 'scary story', but Blink should be watched over and over again - do it!

BBC to air Christmas teaser during Children In Need

According to the BBC Press Office -

Newsreaders Fiona Bruce, Emily Maitlis, Sophie Raworth and Sian Williams try their hand at ballroom and face Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, Craig Revel Horwood and Alesha Dixon with their own Strictly Challenge. Nick Knowles is in the studio for DIY SOS – The Big Build to celebrate their biggest makeover to date, and there's an exclusive sneak peek at the Doctor Who Christmas special.

Where's The Doctor?

Here is a preview from the new Where's Wally? inspired book, Where's The Doctor?

Click to enlarge!

The book is out now!

Tuesday, October 25

Interview: Save Doctor Who Confidential!

With closing time for the Save Doctor Who Confidential petition coming up, we caught up with the person behind the campaign to discuss it and more...

What were your reasons behind the campaign?

My heart sank when I heard the news and not many shows that get axed have that effect on me like DWC did. I was actually surprised at how much I cared about the show. You don't know what you got till it's gone I guess. You just realise the good things it did and how sad it is to take it away from people. ALOT of people on Twitter we're complaining about the cancellation of the show on Twitter so something had to be done to amplify that annoyance, these people pay for a television licence and they have had a great show taken away from them so something needed to be done. Having seen the Script to Screen clip [below] I realised how terrible it actually was to cancel such a great show, a show like this reaching out to kids are very hard to come by. I just wish I had this show when I was a kid, I think I would have changed my view on television.

How have you found the support so far? Has anything shocked you?

Everyday I'm surprised at the amount of support and the amount of media coverage and the fact that Steven Moffat agrees really makes me happy. What Steven said in Doctor Who Magazine really answers your first question, he's hit the nail on the head.

Out of all the 'behind the scenes' counterparts the BBC have created (Heroes Unmasked, Torchwood Declassified etc.), Doctor Who Confidential remains the most successful. Why do you think that is?

Well, Doctor Who Confidential has helped new Doctor Who fans out with understanding the show; most New Who fans I know told me that DWC helped them understand what all the fuss was about. It's also helped a lot of people decide what they want to do at college. Not many shows have an influence like this on people, it's so much more than being just about Doctor Who it's grown and developed into so much more than that and that is why it has lasted until now. But Confidential was evolving into interesting areas and reaching out to schools with the Script to Screen competition. Not many shows can say they do the same or care about people the way confidential have. This is the kind of shows that we should have on our TV screens: informative and entertaining.

If Doctor Who Confidential came back on another platform (e.g. the website only), would that suffice?

It would be great if it came back on website only, however, not everybody has the internet. A lot of people in rural areas would still lose the show so I can't help but feel it should still be on TV as it deserves that platform. I personally feel, the Red Button could be a possibility. So after Doctor Who you could press your red button and access the show that way.

And finally, out of the 80+ episodes and 6 series of DWC, what have been your favourite moments?

My favourite moments... David Tennant's Farewell, the introduction of the Eleventh Doctor, the story of River Song and finally the Script to Screen.

So many people say to us that they use Confidential to keep up if they have missed any episodes, so to lose that for those casual viewers will be concerning to me for one.


Don't forget, you can sign the petition here and follow Save DWC here.

Confidential possibly back for Christmas?

Combom have reported that Doctor Who Confidential may be back at Christmas, after a series of tweets by DWC editor Rahim Mastafa suggesting it...

Sad times. Sitting in the #DoctorWhoConfidential edit suite. Is this really for the last time?

Looking forward to working on some #DoctorWhoConfidential stuff this week. Hope it won't be the last time...
So one last outing for DWC? Hurrah!

But you can still petition to save it here.

Monday, October 24

Smith, Tennant and Baker on Elisabeth Sladen

Doctor Who Magazine writer, Benjamin Cook, has posted audio clips of Tom Baker, Matt Smith and David Tennant talking about Elisabeth Sladen from the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

You can download them below, or alternatively, listen to them on Ben's website here.

Tom Baker (DWM 440)
David Tennant (DWM 440)
Matt Smith (DWM 440)

Reminder: 'Save Doctor Who Confidential' Petition

The petition to save Doctor Who Confidential will end this Friday (28th) when it will be sent to the BBC Trust.

The petition, now at nearly 50,000 signatures, started after the BBC announced that they were axing Doctor Who Confidential due to budget cuts, saying that "our priority now is to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel."

Steven Moffat recently spoke about the axing, commenting on it being a "bad decision" because the "show was watched and loved everywhere."

What Could Have Been!

In an alternate reality, we wish the Sarah Jane Adventures was still airing. Hell, in this reality we wish that too! Watching Ultimate Sarah Jane on CBBC gave us this amazing idea... what if it was still running? What could the stories be like? Phil Ford I hope you are reading this...!

Ruby White Returns!
In Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, Ruby White swore revenge and that's exactly what she's back for. As it turns out, the ship she was trapped in did hurtle towards the sun, but who better to save her than the Trickster himself? In a dramatic turn of events, Ruby White double crosses the Trickster and does it solo!

Rani's Parents Find Out!
All the excuses suddenly come to a head when Gita and Haresh find out that Rani has been meddling with aliens! But how do they take it?

More Professor Rivers!
Seeing Floella Benjamin in SJA is such a delight and of course, she would continue to be awesome in a quirky way whilst assisting her galpal Sarah Jane to save the world!

Sarah Jane Adventures does Glee!
An alien canister from the planet Songalore falls through space and time and lands in Ealing, only to give everyone the singing bug! The gang can't resist bellowing out a few songs... yeah that's a bit ridiculous, isn't it? How about a silent episode (not to be confused with this lot) where some alien steals all the sound?

We loved Ocean and Minty, so in our fantasy SJA series, they would return and continue to be generally amazing in a mocking yet endearing way.

Sky becomes Queen!
Of course, the finale would involve the Fleshkind coming to Earth to rescue Sky, claiming that she is the new Queen of the Fleshkind... but what do they really want with her? (hint hint - the Fleshkind are really Slitheen who want to capture her and trade her with the Fleshkind to buy their planet!)

So what do you think? Do you have any ideas? Send them in to us!

Two BAFTA nominations for SJA!

The Sarah Jane Adventures continues to succeed even after it has ended by being nominated for two BAFTA Children's Awards this year!

For the fourth year running, it is up for Best Drama, whilst SJA lead writer Phil Ford is up for Best Writer. Let's hope The Sarah Jane Adventures finally gets Best Drama this year!

Voting can be done here, and the voting will end on 25th November at 18:00. The awards will be presented on the 27th November.

(TARDIS Newsroom)

Sunday, October 23

David Tennant on 'Fry's Planet Word'

Here is David's interview, where he talks about Hamlet:

Wholoween: Games

It's nearly Halloween, or as we are calling it this year, Wholoween. This week, Planet Gallifrey will be giving you all sorts of terrifying tips and spooky site content to mark the occasion. Check out some of our favourite games below, which you can play with your friends or family!

Who Taboo
Before the party, grab some paper and cut it up into 8 rectangles. On each piece, write the name of a Doctor Who alien or character at the top and then four words associated with the alien. Fold all the pieces of paper in half and put them in a box or a hat. Get your friends to pick one and then stand up in front of everyone. The aim of the game is to describe the alien or character without using the words below! To make it even more competitive, split your friends into teams and award sweets as prizes.

To play this, make a pinata and design it to look like a Cyberman's head (grey paint galore!) Make sure you play this in a large space, like a garden. Take it in turns to smash the cyber-pinata, and the winner gets all the sweets!

Monster Mash
To make your friends scream and squirm, fill up some shoeboxes with items of different textures, like mashed up bananas or muesli. Cut a hole at the side of the box, big enough to put your hand in, but not so big that they can see everything inside it! Get your friends to guess what's in the boxes. To spice things up a bit, hide plastic spiders racnoss to creep out your friends!

Treasure Hunt
If you have lots of friends, you might want to think about making a treasure hunt for them. Cut out about 8 pieces of card and write a clue on each one, leading to where the next one is hidden. Try to make your clues as cryptic as possible to keep your friends guessing! The treasure could be anything of your choice, but we recommend a lovely box of jelly worms (we like jelly worms.)

Series 6 Boxset to include mini episodes

The Complete Sixth Series, set for release on 21st November, will include five exclusive 'mini episodes', written by Steven Moffat.
According to SFX, 
The first four episodes are all connected, and set pretty much entirely in the TARDIS. Totalling twelve minutes, they collectively address the question: what does the Doctor get up to while Rory and Amy are asleep? Well, given that he doesn’t need as much sleep as we humans, he has adventures, of course – adventures with a certain flame-haired lady friend…
You can read SFX's reviews on the episodes here.

Saturday, October 22

Beyond Who

David Tennant will be on Fry's Planet Word on BBC Two this Sunday, where he will be speaking about Hamlet.

Freema Agyeman as well as other Who stars will be attending Memorabilia London on October 29th - 30th.

Catherine Tate has joined the cast of the US version of The Office for the eighth season.

John Barrowman is currently on tour, promoting his hits album The Best of John Barrowman.

Peter Davison has revealed that he would not "turn his back" on a Who return.

Lindsay Duncan is to star in the West End production, Hay Fever.

Series 7 hints from The Brilliant Book 2012

Thanks to Doctor Who TV, we have some super exciting hints pertaining to the next series of Doctor Who...

Steven Moffat:
On the Doctor’s fame: “We’re going to explore that properly next series. The Doctor’s project is to sort of erase himself from history because there’s only so many times you can stand and boast at Stonehenge”
On the heavier story arc: “I don’t think Doctor Who will ever be as arc-driven again”

Due to the increased interest from the title ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, Moffat has told the writers to really “slut it up” and “write it like a movie poster. Let’s do big, huge, mad ideas”

On Amy, Rory and River: “I do have an end game for all of them”

On River: “You realise you’ve learned nothing. She may or may not be married to the Doctor, depending on whether that was actually a marriage ceremony, or whether it counts if he’s inside a giant robot replica of himself”

On his future as showrunner: “Even though I’m more tired than I’ve ever been, I don’t feel any impulse to leave”

Matt Smith:
On the first two episodes: “Steven told me the pitch for episodes 1 and 2 and it’s so brilliant. I got really excited. It’s got lots of things I like. There are some extraordinary times ahead”

On his 2012 and beyond: “I get to go into the 50th anniversary which is really cool. That’s incredibly exciting”

On the Series 7 break: “It’s a risk, I guess. But a good one”

Karen Gillan:
Karen says she is very happy about her role in Series 7 but adds: “When I leave properly, that’s it. I don’t want Amy to pop up again every so often, because for me it would take away from the big, emotional goodbye. I’m definite on that”
On whether Amy could be killed off: “I think it could be done, if you tackled it right. Not that I wouldn’t love to pop back every so often. But just in terms of how it’s remembered…once she’s gone, she’s gone. So death could be an option”

Friday, October 21

Is Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who?

Matt Smith's recent interview with VH1 has sparked rumours that he may quit Doctor Who after the next series.

When are we (America) going to have you?
Well, hopefully soon, you know. I've got another year of Doctor Who, but then I'm certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA... as you say, people like Andy [Garfield] have come over, and he's a mate of mine. I'm very proud to see him doing Spider-Man, 'cause we did a play together, and, you know, Spider-Man now. It's incredible. And he'll be brilliant, he'll be so brilliant.

So what do you think? Is he leaving? Should he leave?

The Wonderful Book 1965

Based on The Brilliant Book, whovian Paul Smith has made a older counterpart, entitled The Wonderful Book 1965. Although it is entirely fictitious, it is still a great read!

The book can be viewed here or you can check it out below.

Thursday, October 20

Moffat speaks out on Confidential axing

Showrunner Steven Moffat has been talking to Doctor Who Magazine about the axing of Doctor Who Confidential, and he had this to say:

“It seems hard to grasp. All shows have their time, and all shows end, but not, in all sanity, while people still watch and love them,” he says in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine. “And going by the numbers and the outcry, this show was watched and loved everywhere.”

He adds: “I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m going to anyway: bad day, bad decision. I know these are straitened times. I know we’re all at sea and the night is colder – but you don’t start burning the lifeboats to keep warm.

“Or to put it another way, you might want to think about the future if you’re planning to live there.”
Meanwhile, the petition to save Doctor Who Confidential is currently at over 45,000 signatures and you can do your bit by signing it here. The petition will be sent to the BBC Trust on October 28th.

(Thanks to Doctor Who TV)

'Doctor Who Experience' gets ready for Halloween

The notoriously creepy Peg Dolls from Night Terrors made a visit to the Brook Green Children's Playground in London last night on their way to the pant-wetting Doctor Who Experience, set to scare during Half-Term and Halloween!

And especially for Friday 28th October, any child in a Doctor Who costume will be granted free entry! Doctor Who choreographer Alisa Berk will also be holding a class on that day to teach kids how to impersonate Who monsters and villains.

Sunday 30th October is set to be the scariest night yet, with live monsters entering the arena for the first time, with visitors having the rare opportunity to meet the monsters up close.

Find out more and book tickets for the Doctor Who Experience, here!

Catherine Tate goes Orange!

Slow news day, so here's a bit of gossip for you.

Doctor Who alumni Catherine Tate is now reportedly going out with Take That member Jason Orange... but the weird thing is, they hit it off when Catherine Tate played Jason Orange in the Comic Relief parody act, Fake That!

Well then!

The Doctor in 20mb

This mahoosive TWENTY MEGABITE picture is made of up lots of scenes from the past two series to make up the Doctor. Check it out, if you dare test your browser's capabilities!

Wednesday, October 19

Matt Smith on Craig Ferguson

Here is Matt Smith's interview on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson from a few days ago.

Tuesday, October 18

PG Picks: Best of SJA

After 5 series, 54 episodes and a whole lot of fun, Sarah Jane Adventures ended today. To celebrate the wonderful TV show that left us giggling, crying and screaming with joy, we look back at out top 5 episodes.

5. The Mark of the Berserker
By removing the focus on Sarah Jane, this story was amazing in capturing Clyde and Rani at their best, as well as going deeper into Clyde's family and exploring their relationship. The fabulous acting from Daniel Anthony, Joceyln Jee Esien and Gary Beadle was the icing on the haunting cake. And we got to see Rani meet Maria!

4. Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
Although scary, the Trickster proved to the perfect nemesis for Sarah Jane Smith in being the total opposite to her. Not only did we get to see, for the first time ever, Sarah Jane's background, but we also saw Elisabeth and Sarah Jane at one of their finest points, both in acting and in character.

3. The Lost Boy
Nobody expected it, but Mr Smith turning evil is a classic SJA moment and one of the finest to come out of Doctor Who. The scene was made even better with the return of the good old new K9! Kudos on the writers for tricking us, and Sarah Jane, into believing that Mr Smith was good!

2. Death of the Doctor
It was every fanboy's dream come true... Sarah Jane Smith and Jo Grant - in one episode? With the Doctor?! Written by RUSSELL T DAVIES? (Need I say more?)

1. The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
Truly amazing acting from Elisabeth, especially in the final scene where she has to say goodbye to her love... Even though the Doctor wasn't the reason the episode was amazing, the cast really gelled well and the hauntingly beautiful storyline makes this Planet Gallifrey's number one Sarah Jane Adventures story!

And the story goes on... forever.

We'll miss you, Sarah Jane.

Doctor Who continues to storm iPlayer

According to the latest figures, Doctor Who's popularity has certainly not decreased, with iPlayer racking up 153 million requests in September.

Digital Spy reported that 'The Girl Who Waited' came at number one with 1.16m requests, and 'Night Terrors' at number two with 1.12m. 'The God Complex' and 'Closing Time' came fourth and fifth respectively with 1.01m and 965,000.

Monday, October 17

Sarah Jane Adventures for complete Audiobook Collection

The BBC will release the entire collection of the Sarah Jane Adventures audiobooks on November 24th. This collection marks the end of a successful series of SJA audiobooks, which began in 2007 and were read by Elisabeth Sladen, until 2011, where the final two are read by Anjli Mohindra and Daniel Anthony.

Loltor Who: From Raxacorricofallapotorious with Love

Did I spell that correctly?

Anyway, to celebrate the end to such an amazing television show, as well as paying tribute to the wonderful Elisabeth Sladen, it's only fitting that this week's Loltor Who takes a look back at Sarah Jane Adventures at Red Nose Day 2009... starring Ronnie Corbett!

Cue the height jokes, farts and all-round cheesy ridiculousness!

Time up for Doctor Who?

 The Guardian have posted an interesting article on Doctor Who, check it out here!

God love the BBC, but they do make some baffling decisions. In Doctor Who, they have more than a TV show, they have a national institution. So what do they do? Monkey around with its scheduling – a split series this year, and the next 13 episodes to be spread across 2012 and 2013 in some unspecified way, like it's some failed American import that no one knows what to do with. Even worse, BBC1's controller, Danny Cohen, put the blame on the showrunner, Steven Moffat, who also executive produces Sherlock. Moffat took to Twitter to respond: "The scheduling of Dr Who has got NOTHING to do with Sherlock", so I'm guessing there was a frosty atmosphere the next time the pair met.

Then there's the penny-pinching: I can't quite believe they scored the coup of getting Neil Gaiman to write an episode, then told him he couldn't have a new monster and would have to make do with a recycled Ood.

Friday, October 14

Elisabeth Sladen's Autobiography cover released

It's so nice.

Wednesday, October 12

'The Man Who Never Was' synopses

Check out the synopses for the last two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, set to air next Monday and Tuesday (sob):

Joseph Serf has launched his new SerfBoard, the must-have computer that no one can resist owning. Intrigued, Sarah Jane takes Luke and Sky to investigate what's so compelling about Serf and his business.

Clyde and Rani take a SerfBoard to pieces, suspecting alien technology may be the answer...

The truth behind Joseph Serf's company is out – alien Light Sculptors, slaves kept beneath his office building.

As Luke and Sky try to find a way to free them and get them home safely, Sarah Jane needs Clyde and Rani to come and help her – and get married along the way...

Tuesday, October 11

SJA Next Time: The Man Who Never Was

It's the last episode of SJA ever!

The Brilliant Book snippets

Thanks to Den of Geek, we have some info to share from The Brilliant Book 2012. Some spoilers below the cut!

Thursday, October 6

Series 6: Loved or Loathed?

Series 6 had critics swinging back and forth from praise to criticisms, but what did you think? Were the Cybermen your cup of tea? Was Dorium as dull as a dead Dalek?

Tuesday, October 4

SJA Next Time: 'The Curse of Clyde Langer'

Sunday, October 2

Watch: Death Is The Only Answer

Saturday, October 1

Watch: The Wedding of River Song

Today's The Day

Doctor Who comes to an exciting climax today at 7.05pm on BBC One!