Planet Gallifrey: VotD Press Release

Wednesday, December 19

VotD Press Release

So, it was the Voyage of the Damned press release yesterday, which means new news and what not.

It also means that there are people out there who have seen it, and I'm not one of them!!! *sob* Meh, I'll get over it. Here be all the new stuff that I can find about it including a video with some new scenes!


"The Doctor's on his own. That is until he meets a waitress aboard the ship called Astrid - played by pop star Kylie Minogue. And it's a good job The Doctor's on board, because things are starting to go wrong on the ship. People are acting strangely, and the robots who are there to help passengers are malfunctioning."

Ohh.... also, it can now be confirmed that the Doctor and Astrid have a bit of a smooch together, as these pictures show:

Who's a lucky fella ... Doctor with Kylie

And, as The Sun says,

The telly Timelord locks lips with Kylie’s character Astrid Peth on the spaceship Titanic, just as it bursts into flames.
Who's a lucky fella ... Doctor with Kylie

And he can’t resist having a cheeky grope of her BUM.

Honestly.... who wouldn't?


Dot said...


cookiehammy said...

I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO SNOG. It appears that the Doctor is having a snog a series. Can't deny him that. (And him groping her bum is hysterical.)

DWfan said...

Oh nice the doctor is kiss astrid peth